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    Hallo everybody,

    I'm sorry, I don't speak german languaje...

    After more than a year, I have finished the website dedicate to my dear friend Clara; to me she's one of the most lovely persons I ever met and she deserves the best, that's my gift. You must know that I started to made it from the MUSIC BOX section and I have happened for lot of difficulties, specially in the sound quality of the songs, I re-made more than 100 songs until three times for a good streaming by Internet. I wanted to make the best music player for the best singer, finally works and sounds good, unfortunately it doesn't works in FIREFOX so I'm trying to find a good JukeBox script made in Flash thechnology

    I suggest you start to listen to it:

    (From my friend Laurent dedicated to me ..there's the explanation in the biography section)

    I gave the best of me in every section; in the biography you'll find a lot of surprises, I had the idea to contact with producers, artists and friends and I compiled his opinion, ..don't misst to read it!!! The discography is a detailed process to discover where she sung, ..your suggestions are welcome!

    System requirements:

    1] Microsoft Internet Explorer installed
    2] Windows Media Player installed
    3] Macromedia Flash installed
    4] A monitor of 17" is recommended

    Remember to switch on the computer speakers!

    We'll, I hope you like it...


    Alles guten!