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    hier die neuste liste ....
    viel spass , wer interesse hat bitte melden .

    ihr könnt mir auch eure suchlisten schicken ....

    ich suche übrigens moscow - come back please help ...

    Ago Computer Power Rec. Italy
    Ago For you/ Trying over Ariola No sleeve
    Aki Tokio´s Time 1020 Italy
    Al Musci Love tonight Jonathan France mint
    Alan Barcklay Girl Asia 1099 Italy
    Alan Barry Gimme gimme Eurobeat 1300 Italy mint
    Alan Barry Hie hie hie Technology 1226 Italy mint
    Alan Barry Come on Time 1022 Italy
    Alan Barry Victim of love Time 1106 Italy mint
    Alan Clayn Joint Lombardoni 027 Italy no Sleeve
    Alan Cook Do you want to stay Zyx
    Alan Ross Ciao Memory 093 Italy
    Albert One Heart on fire Baby 54055 Italy
    Albert One Lover boy Time 1122 Italy mint
    Albert One Hopes and dreams One 003 Italy mint
    Albert One Everybody Zyx 5811 "wavy cover"
    Albert One Everybody Zyx 5811
    Albert One Hopes & dreams One 003 Italy Blue Vinyl
    Albert One Everybody LP ZYX 20103 near mint
    Aleph Fly to me Blanco Y Negro Spain
    Aleph Fly to me Time Records Italy Aside no label
    Aleph Check it up Time 1085 Italy
    Aleph I´m in danger Ramshorn NL
    Aleph Big brother Time 1061 Italy
    Aleph Big brother Zyx 5826
    Aleph Fly to me (Special remix) Time 1023 Italy
    Alexis Do you really want me Arrow Rare Euro!
    Alexis First night of love/ Feel it Idee Records
    Alita Heart Love me tonight United Music Germany
    Alphaville Jet Set (Jellybean Mix) Wea
    Alphaville Sounds like a melody Wea
    Alter Ego Just like a star Phaex 001 Italy
    Amandras Another lover Zyx 5642 great Euro!
    Amin - Peck Girl on me Zyx 5018
    Andrea Macho man Ariola
    Andrea 00 Seven Baby Ariola
    Andy Laazar Don´t go Sensation 8074 Italy mint
    Angel Follow me Akkropolis Records great Euro!
    Angel I need you because Five 13813 Italy
    Angela Fantasy EMI
    Angela Paris & Co Wherever forever Full Time 31582 Italy
    Angie Longing for you Chic
    Angie Gold Applause Passion UK
    Angie St. John Hot nights in Ibiza Zyx 5633
    Anglia REMIX Vol.1 Flirtations/M.Raven/Eastbound Express High Fashion NL
    Anneclaire I want Flarenash France
    Answering Service Call me Mr. Telephone Zyx 5156
    Anthony´ s Games Sunshine love Flarenash France
    Anthony´s Games Sunshine love Hispavox Spain
    Anthony´s Games Let´s go On the Road 102 Italy mint
    Anthony´s Games Silent smiles RAM 00885 Italy mint
    Anthony´s Games Sunshine love RAM 00485 Italy
    Antonella Mamma mia Ra.Ra 89.09 Italy comp.sleeve
    Antonella El Diabolo Radiorama 8705 Italy Comp.Sleeve
    April Boys come and go Record Shack
    Argentina Baby don´t you break my heart Key Rec. Spain
    ARM Number One Teldec
    ARM Number One Ra Re. 00286 Italy cut off sleeve
    Astaire Fire in my heart Passion Comp.Sleeve
    Atrium Midnight dancer Time 1091 Italy mint
    Atrium Over & over Time 1057 Italy
    Atrium Funny dancer Time 1001 Italy
    Attack Crazy for your love Hotsound NL
    Authokino Raszmatazz Digital 8601 Italy no Sleeve
    Authokino Cernobyl Digital 86010 Italy D.Rodgers!
    Avant de Sortier I love America Meet 021 Italy
    Avis Davis Back to me/ Can you dance Zyx 5849
    Axodry Feel it right (Part Two) Westside
    Axodry The time is right Westside
    Azra Our world Virgin
    Azra Can you come Intercord color.Vinyl
    B. Project War/ Theme from Rocky IV Italoheat
    Back Bag, The Dial my number Transparent Germany clear Vinyl
    Bad Boys Blue Don´t walk away Suzanne Coconut
    Bad Boys Blue I wanna hear your heartbeat Coconut
    Bad Boys Blue Lovers in the sand Coconut
    Bad Boys Blue Come back and stay Coconut
    Bad Boys Blue How I need you Coconut
    Ballroom Runnin´ DJ Promo
    Baltimora Call me in the heart of the .... EMI Italy
    Baltimora Living in the background EMI Italy
    Baltimora Survivor in love EMI Italy
    Baltimora Tarzan boy Emi Germany
    Bamboo Industry Hypnotized Wea
    Band of Jocks We love radio Di-Gei 105 Italy
    Barby Young Dance dance dance Radio.Ra. 9003 Italy
    Barry Lane Take a chance Repertoire Germany
    Barry Lane Young girl/ See my need Zyx
    Belen Thomas Panama Ariola
    Belle Belle Take me Discomagic 279 Italy
    Bellen Thomas Survivor (duet M.Francis) Smash One Italy
    Beth Nagie Made in Germany Intercord
    Betty Doy Paradise Italian Comp. 09 Italy Comp.Sleeve
    Betty Miranda Take me to the top Il Discotto Italy
    Betty Miranda Dance Zyx 5254
    Betty Wright Sinderella Bellaphon
    Biba Close to you Delirium 392 Italy no PS
    Big Ben Tribe Heroes Zanza 120 Italy
    Big Brother LA Time A Beat C Italy D.Rodgers!
    Big Brother Red fire A Beat 1011 Italy D.Rodgers!
    Big Brother Wild reputation A Beat C Italy D.Rodgers!
    Big Daddy Little Sally Mix Totale 3001 Italy
    Bill Goins Lone rider Market 001 Italy
    Billie Jean I need you DR 15002 Italy No sleeve
    Bizzy & Co Take a chance Deejay 584 Italy no Sleeve
    Black Rose Don´t stop Out 3121 Italy
    Blue Camera Golden war Radiohit 1000 Italy
    Blue Feather Let it out Mr. Disc 58509 Italy No PS
    Blue Sunbeam Before the night is gone Flea 8440 Italy
    Blue System My bed is too big Hansa sealed!
    Blue System Silent water Hansa
    Blue System Magic Symphony Hansa
    Blue Vanity Her name is just Madonna Bellaphon/ Hot G.Miller!
    Bob Salton Starknight Blood Rec. 001 Italy
    Bobo Zero Fire and ice Ariola
    Body Power It´s a life Out 3130 Italy no sleeve
    Bogart Call me up Teldec
    Bomb the beach Bomb the beach Skyhigh Germany A.Breitung
    Boys from Brazil Hot stuff Westside/Ariola
    Boys from Brazil We don´t need no world war III Westside 22008 Cut out
    Boytronic I will survive BCM Germany
    Brando Rainy day Memory 012 Italy sol
    Brian & the Eden Sonsy girl Blanco Y Negro Spain
    Brian Davis Changin´ Boys Zanza 0139 Italy
    Brian Ice Talking to the night Zyx Memix no sleeve
    Brian Ice Talking to the night Memix/Zyx 032
    Brut Give me the night Jump&Shout France
    Bu Bu Band Moliendo Cafe Sire Mix 006 Italy
    Bu Bu Band Tico Tico Sire Mix 008 Italy
    Caesar Pretty lover RaRe 01887 Italy
    Caesar´s Dancers You/ Chinese bang Flea 8325 Italy
    California Cosi come sei T-Age Records Germany mint
    California Volerei Pasch Records Germany no Sleeve
    Call it Heaven Feeling like a stranger Wea
    Cam Talk to me Viva 001 Italy mint/ no PS
    Camaro´s Gang Ali shuffle Break Records NL comp.Sleeve
    Camomilla Buenas Noches (Robyx-Prod.!) Discomagic 200 Italy no PS
    Camomilla Body Moonlight 10832 Italy
    Candy Belle Rackety ride Zyx 5662
    Canton Please don´t stay Ariston 16034 Italy
    Captain Hook Cannibal isle (vox:M.Farina--super!) Academy Italy mint
    Caraibi Dance Various Artists Mix (Dalmini, F.Ventura..) Caraibi 8601 Swiss
    Careen Connection Psychodelic terror Rush Records
    Carlo Conti Radio Durium 13086 Italy
    Caron Out of the night United Muisc rare Euro!
    Carrara Welcome to the sunshine Keep on Music Italy
    Carrara Shine on dance Ariola
    Carrara Shine on dance Keep on Music Italy No sleeve
    Carrara Shine on dance Keep on Music Italy
    Casablanca Angel of night DA Records
    Casablanca Hot nights in Ibiza DA Records
    Casablanca Wonderful train Crash 011 Italy
    Casanova I don´t waste your time Sensation 8062 Italy no sleeve
    Casco Son of my father Esseci 12003 Italy Comp.Sleeve
    Catrin Maintain Champagne Rec. Swiss
    C-Band Midnight man Merak 900 Italy
    CC Catch I can loose my heart tonight Hansa
    CC Catch Heaven and hell Hansa
    CC Catch Strangers by night Hansa
    CC Catch Backseat of your Cadillac Hansa
    CC Catch Heartbreak Hotel Hansa
    CC Catch Cause you´re young Hansa
    CC Catch Soul survivor Hansa
    Celeste Hey boy Bellaphon
    Celeste Italy Five 13826 Italy
    Celeste Hey boy Ramshorn NL Comp.Sleeve
    Centerfold Dictator Injection Records NL
    Charlie G. Llama l´amour/ Love plays tricks Zyx 5602 Fancy!
    Check Up Twins Working in the factory Digital 8607 Italy
    Cherry Take a moment DDD 28555 Italy
    Cherry Magic holiday Meet 081 Italy
    Chiara Around Sire 001 Italy no Sleeve
    Chip Chip Never say goodbye BMS 314 Italy
    Chip Chip No more tears Zyx 6001
    Chris Lucky boy Asia 1032 Italy
    Chris / Laurie Megamix Asia 10012 Italy
    Chris Luis The heart of the city Zyx 5112
    Chris Norman Midnight Lady Hansa
    Chris Taylor It´s very difficult Match Music Swiss
    Ciao Ciao Forever in my heart Asia 1037 Italy
    Classix Nouveux Never again... Liberty UK
    Claudia D´Abo Dancer in the dark DA Records
    Claudio Cecchetto Ska chou chou Dee Jay´s Gang Italy no Sleeve
    Claudio Cechetto Gioca jouer Ariola
    Claudio Mingardi Star Best 12027 Italy
    Claudio Simonetti I love the piano Emergent 103 Italy No sleeve
    Cliff Matthews With a knife Sakkaris Greece
    Cliff Turner I need your love Zyx 5699
    Cliff Turner I need your love Zyx 5699 Comp.Sleeve
    Cliff Turner Burning love Zyx 5419
    Club House Do it again medley Many 501 Italy used Sleeve
    Colin Newman Jail bait Flea Italy
    Colors Lonley nights Discomagic 272 Italy mint
    Colour Code Dance with the times Polydor
    Comancero Comanchero RMX Discoclub Rec. Italy
    Company B. Perfect lover Zyx 5790
    Coo Coo Easy lovers (vocals:Ken Laszlo) Flea Italy comp.sleeve
    Coo Coo You can set me free Zyx 6012
    Coo Coo Upside down Zyx 5845
    Copy Right You can win if you want Metronome
    Cretu & Thiers When love is the missing word Virgin
    Cruisin Gang America Cruisin Rec. Italy no sleeve
    Cruisin Gang Chinatown Zyx 5178
    Cube Two heads are better than one Casablanca Germany
    Cyber People Polaris Zyx Memix
    Cyber People Void Vision Zyx Memix
    Cyber People Polaris Memix/Zyx 015
    D.F. & Pam On the beat Crash/ W.O.M. 004 Italy
    D.F. & Pam Flash into my life Thick 011 Italy
    D.Light Scratch your face Zyx 5067
    Daco Mighty quinn Time 1024 Italy near mint
    Dandy I´ll be there Flea 8400 Italy No sleeve
    Dandy I´ll be there DA Records
    Danielle Deneuve The rising sun Profile USA no PS/mint
    Danielle Deneuve The rising sun Sound-T 26 Italy mint
    Danny Keith Keep on music Time 1002 Italy
    David Lyme I don´t wanna lose you Max Music Spain
    David R. Jones More than a dream Time 1183 Italy no Sleeve
    David R. Jones Lover´s island Time 1237 Italy
    Daydream Crazy Blanco Y Negro Spain
    Daydream In the night Blanco Y Negro Spain
    DD Sound Cafe/ She´s not a Disco Lady Decca Germany
    De Gama 5exual fever Lim. Edition 004 Italy comp.sleeve
    De Sign Nathalie Hansa
    Dead or Alive Youthquake (LP) Epic mint/sealed!
    Deborah Kinley Surprise Zyx 5184
    Deborah Kinley All for you Atlantide 5007
    Decadance On and on Proto Records Italy
    Den Harrow Bad Boy Baby Italy
    Den Harrow Overpower/ Bad boy RMX Baby 54064 Italy
    Den Harrow Day by day LP Baby Ariola
    Den Harrow Tell me why Baby Ariola
    Den Harrow You and the sunshine JDM 1000 Italy
    Den Harrow Don´t break my heart Baby 54082 Italy
    Den Harrow Mad desire (Remix) Gong 013 Italy
    Den Harrow Mad desire Teldec/ Tycoon green Vinyl
    Den Harrow Mad desire Gong 010 Italy
    Den Harrow Charleston Baby Ariola
    Den Harrow You have a way Baby Germany
    Den Harrow Tell me why Baby Germany
    Den Harrow Day by day (rmx) Baby Germany
    Den Harrow Catch the fox Baby Germany
    Den Harrow You have a way Baby Ariola
    Den Harrow Born to love Baby Ariola
    Den Harrow Day by day (LP) Baby Ariola
    Depro Art Young world dreaming Zyx
    Dharma Plastic doll Zyx
    Dhuo Walkin´ CGD 15125 Italy mint
    Dhuo Walkin´ CGD Germany
    Di Matteo Diavolo Bellaphon
    Di Matteo Diavolo Polydor no Sleeve
    Diana Barton Tango Intercord
    Digital Ram Do it Zyx
    Disco Connection Born to be alive Zyx 5045 used Sleeve
    Divine First Album Break Records NL
    DJ Arch Bertini Surf dance S.S.S Records Italy
    DJ Bobo I love you Fresh 1011 Swiss
    DJ´s Project Birthday girl Night´n Day Records
    DJFT Band In America Master Deejay 33004 Italy no Sleeve
    D-Light, The Scratch your face Discomagic 150 Italy
    Doctor´s Cat Feel the drive Zyx 5044
    Doctor´s Cat Gee Wiz LP Zyx
    Dollar It´s nature´s way London Germany
    Dollar It´s nature´s way London UK Promo Copy
    Donna Laser Orchestra Vega Synthauri FDT 002 Italy
    Dorine Hollier Tonight ...crazy night Tycoon Germany
    Dr. Groove Freak it out Mr.DJ Break Records NL
    Dr. Money Time after time Time Records Italy M.Farina!
    Dr. Togo Be free (near mint) DBR 15062 Italy No PS
    Dr.Felix&NM Band Self control Spy 7 31593 Italy No sleeve
    Duke Lake Do you Memory 009 Italy
    Duke Lake Do you Memory 009 Italy no sleeve
    Durango Stars are lonely Sixx/ Koch Rec. Austria
    Eddie Huntington Up & down Esquire 87506 Italy
    Eddy Huntington USSR Esquire Italy
    Eddy Huntington USSR Zyx 5487
    Edyta Be slave of my heart High Energy 126 Italy
    Ego Theme from E.T Zanza 0114 colored Vinyl
    Einstein Dr. D.J Elektro woman Zyx No sleeve
    Ekstasy I need sincerity Out Rec. Italy no sleeve
    Electric Theatre Two hearts together Mercury
    Electric Theatre Killer Mercury
    Electric Theatre Ballet dancer Mercury
    Electric Theatre Ballet dancer (Toy Boy Remix) BCM
    Elly Brown Don´t hang up Bellaphon
    Enchantment Feel like dancing Bellaphon Germany
    Eric Boy or girl Break NL Bobby O.!
    Eric´s Friends Kiss me in the night Cocaine 00118 Italy
    Eskimo Eskimo kiss Asia 1022 Italy
    ETMS Sounds of humonoid Musix 11004 Italy no Sleeve
    Eugene Free your life Thick 026 Italy mint
    Eurasia Chinatown Galactica Germany Rare Euro!
    Europe Uni5exappeal Tanga 003 Italy
    Evada Ohh my love Zyx 5382
    Evelyn Barry Take it as a game Mr. Disc 31555 Italy
    Evelyn Barry Living in the sun Mr. Disc 31569 Italy
    Fake Frogs in Spain Zyx 5159
    Fake Right (remix) DID 8412 Italy
    Fake Arabian toys Public France
    Falco Vienna Calling Gig Records
    Fancy Chinese eyes Metronome
    Fancy Slice me nice Metronome
    Fancy Get lost tonight Metronome
    Fancy Bolero Metronome
    Fancy No tears Metronome
    Fancy Contact LP Metronome
    Fancy Lady O. Metronome
    Fancy Check it out/ Colder than ice Metronome
    Fancy Lady of Ice Metronome
    Fashion T. I won´t forget Teldec
    Faxe Time for changes Memory 006 Italy
    FCF Black mother Asia 1041 Italy
    FCF Hot girl Asia Rec. Italy
    Federico Banana Ultraphone
    Fesh Scandal eyes Italoheat
    Finzy Kontini Cha cha cha Carrere
    Firefly Stay (no time) Mr. Disc 31558 Italy
    Firefly 5 Prince of the day USA Records 8601 mint
    First Cut Tell me, tell me Chic soc
    First Cut There´s something in your... RCA
    First Vision Revelation day Il Discotto 1012 Italy Comp.Sleeve
    Flashsystem Five miles out H.O.P. 002 Italy
    Flexicowboys Domination Zyx 5282
    Flirts, The Jukebox (spec. Remix) Ramshorn Comp.Sleeve
    Flirts, The Miss you Ariola
    Florence Trading love BCM Germany
    Florence I´ll be with you Expanded 50y Italy mint
    Franca Ricci I need your love Viteka
    Frankel Cold as ice Teldec red Vinyl
    Frankie Nocenti Workin´ man Summit Studio 001 Italy
    Fred Ventura Imagine Time 1060 Italy
    Fred Ventura Night´n day Time Records Italy
    Fred Ventura The years/ Wind of change Remixes Time 1095 Italy
    Fred Ventura Imagine Zyx
    Fred Ventura Night and day Zyx 5737
    Fred Ventura Wind of change Time 1028 Italy
    Fred Ventura It´s my time Time 1125 Italy mint
    Fresh The wolf Max Music Spain
    Fresh Color DJ Track Vol.1/ Modern Zyx 5453
    Fun Fun Double fun LP Beat Box Sweden
    Fun Fun Living in Japan High Fashion NL
    Fun Fun Could this be love (House Mix) Chic
    Fun Fun "Have Fun" LP X-Energy 33001 Italy
    Fun Fun Colour my love Teldec
    Fun Fun Give me your love Teldec red Vinyl
    Fun Fun Bailo bolero High Fashion used Sleeve
    Fun Fun Living in Japan (RMX) Teldec red Vinyl
    Funkmeister War dance Streetheat
    Funky Sisters How could this go wrong Radio.Ra. 13 Italy
    G.J. Lunghi Acapulco night Meomory 024 Italy
    GANG Incantations Discomagic 121 Italy mint
    Garage Sun song reggae Sensation 8056 Italy no Sleeve
    Gary Chandler Dancing in heaven CBS
    Gary Cooper Never change my mind Asia 1015 Italy D.Rodgers!
    Gary Cooper You´re the only one Asia 1036 Italy
    Gary Low Forever tonight and all my... Cat 71501 Italy
    Gary Low I want you Cat 2006 Italy
    Gary Low I want you Hispavox Spain
    Gary Low You are a danger Baby Germany
    Gay Men I´m a man (US Mix) Elite Germany
    Gaz Nevada I.C. love affair Zyx
    Gazebo I like chopin Baby Ariola
    Gazebo Lunatic CBS Spain
    Gazebo Gazebo LP Baby 56050 Italy
    Gazebo I like chopin Baby Germany
    Gazebo Sun goes down on Milky way Discomagic 306 Italy
    Gazebo Trotsky burger Discomagic 291 Italy
    Gazebo Lunatic Emi Germany mint
    Gazuzu Go go Gorilla Discomagic 119 Italy
    Geoff Deane Holiday - In Soho Germany
    George and Partner Stay Zyx 5065
    George Martin Back Gammon Polydor
    Giannina Facio One two three four Virgin
    Gina Let me free! Zyx 5953
    Gino Soccio Closer (LP) Atlantic Germany
    Gino Soccio Human Nature (remix) Cel 307 Germany
    Gino Soccio Magic Zyx 5559
    Giorgia Tell me why CGD Germany
    Gipsy & Queen Love Time Records Italy
    Gipsy & Queen Gipsy queen (Re-Edit) Max Music Spain
    Goucho Dance forever System Music Italy no Sleeve
    Grant Miller Doctor for my heart Zyx 5512
    Green Ice Gigolo Blanco Y Negro Spain
    Green Olives Jive into the night Zyx 5940
    Green Olives Life is a bitch X-Energy 12042 Italy
    Guy Dalton Night people Metrovynil
    Hananas Don´t take my coconut Zanza Records Italy
    Harem Waiting ARS Belgium
    Havana Drive in the night Hanguria Rec. 3301 Italy
    Hazell Dean Whatever I do Proto/Bellaphon
    Hazzard, Mike You Asia 1033 Italy
    Heartbeat You can make my heart beat CBS
    Helen Tunis Tunis/ Zanzibar Discomagic Oldies Italy
    Helena Queen for one day Downtown 1005 Italy
    Helicon You..see Crash 007 Italy
    Herbie Goins Scrap Rap Cat 2008 Italy Comp.Sleeve
    Hilarie Inside of you Green Prod. Italy
    Hildegard De nuevo tu tambore Zyx 5939
    Hipnosis Pulstar Memory 002 Italy no Sleeve
    Hipnosis Oxygene Break NL
    Hipnosis Pulstar Zyx 5036
    Hipnosis Oxygne Break Records NL
    Hipnosis Droid Memix Zyx
    Hipnosis Argonauts Zyx 5170
    Hivoh To be together Zyx 5284
    Hohokam Harlequin tears Numan 8 UK
    Hot Cold Just gotta tell her Lombardoni Publ. Italy
    Hot Cold I can hear your voice Zyx Memix 8043
    Housequake We wanna dance Time 1114 Italy
    Hugh Bullen Alisand Zyx 5255
    I.M.S Run away Bellaphon
    Images Love emotion Wea
    Implantation Choose your lover Many 511 Italy
    Interface Plastic age Zyx 5649
    Italian Boys Gigolo Zyx 5494
    Italian Boys Forever lovers (Remix) BMS 321 Italy
    Italian Boys Gigolo BMS 303 Italy
    Italian Boys Forever lovers Zyx 5665
    Ivan Baila CBS NL
    Ivan Hey Mademoisselle CBS NL
    Ivan Baila (LP) CBS mint/sealed!
    Ivan O´Ryan High Society Max Music Spain
    J.D Allen Monkey Sensation 8029 Italy
    J.D. Allen Monkey Polydor
    J.D. Jaber Don´t wake me up Memory 046 Italy
    J.W.B. Hits the Beat Body on body/ One day in.. Spv Germany
    Jacky Dean Foundation Caravan of love Zyx
    Jacqueline Every beat of my heart Hi-Tech 00112 NL
    Jakie Quartz Emotion CBS NL great track!
    James D. Senor Lombardoni Publ. Italy
    James Kahn One million stars Musix 9402 Italy
    Jasmine My love High Energy 155 Italy
    Jay Rolandi Rise (Remixed Version) CBS
    Jayne Collins Madonna´s eyes Hansa
    Jean Pierre Mader Macumba Flarenash France
    Jeanny Mas Into the night EMI
    Jennifer Joyce It´s a new sensation Match 029 Swiss No sleeve
    Jerome Live it up Zyx 5520
    Jessica Brown Revelation Superdance 3801 Italy
    Jessita Mabye this night Havana 3302 Italy
    Jock Hattle Crazy family Market 20126 Italy
    Jock Hattle Band To be or not to be Time 1031 Italy no sleeve
    Joe Lettieri You´ll be mine Zyx Memix
    Joe Yellow Wild boy Discomagic Italy
    Joe Yellow Love at first Power Rec. Italy mint
    Joe Yellow Lover to lover Baby Germany
    Joe Yellow I´m your lover Power 006 Italy
    Joe Yellow I´m your lover Zyx 5472
    Joe Yellow Runner Discomagic 334 Italy
    Joey Dance to dance CBS
    Joey Tempest Love chaser Technology 12.02 Italy mint
    John Carpenter Die Klapperschlange Zyx 5058
    John Carpenter Christine Zyx 5108
    John Carpenter The end Zyx 5025
    John Christian Ebony eyes Hansa
    Johnny & The Mausers Strangers eyes Sensation 8023 Italy no Sleeve
    Jonathan Gable Central park Zyx
    Jovannoti Walking Intercord
    Joy Touch by touch OK
    Joy She and I Carrere
    Jules Tropicana Jane remembers Blanco Y Negro 104 Spain
    Julie M. Call me Zyx
    Junior Byron Woman Zyx 5029
    Justine Johns Reach out Teldec green Vinyl
    K.B. Kabs Do you really need me (remix) Zyx 5516 R
    K.S.B. Misaluba Empire 301 Italy no PS
    Kam Joyce Fantasy Time 1025 Italy
    Kamillo Buenas noches (Robyx Prod.!) Discomagic 125 Italy mint
    Kano Another life LP Teldec
    Kano Another life Teldec
    Kasso The Walkman (Dutch RMX) Ramshorn Comp.Sleeve
    Kay Franzes Shadow in the night Polydor
    Kayjay Shanghai Hero Time 1006 Italy
    Ka-Zan Give me your heart Peecker 128605 Italy mint
    Kazino Sahara woman Carrere
    Kee Ram Chaned by mind Teldec mint
    Ken Laszlo Tonight Memory 035 Italy
    Ken Laszlo Tonight Zyx Memix
    Ken Laszlo Glasses man Zyx Memix
    Ken Laszlo Tonight Zyx Memix
    Ken Laszlo Hey hey guy Zyx Memix 016
    Ken Laszlo Don´t cry Zyx Memix 045
    Ken Laszlo Zyx Memix 061
    Ken Laszlo Don´t cry Zyx Memix
    Ken Laszlo Ken Laszlo LP Zyx Memix
    Kenny Masters Touch of magic Hansa
    Kevin Johnson Video night/ Child of tomorrow Speed 12010 Italy
    Kevin Johnson Video night/ Child of tomorrow Speed 12010 Italy no sleeve
    Kex Go, go, go Zyx 5049
    Kex Go go go System Music Italy mint
    Key of Dreams Africa Baby UK No sleeve
    King Kong Bad man (vocals: Dave Rodgers) Flea 8512 Italy Comp.Sleeve
    King Kong Love & American dollars Flea 8475 Italy No sleeve
    Kinky Go I´m a winner Zyx 5572
    Kirlian Camera Todesengel - The fall of life Limited Pic.-Disc No.LXII
    Kirlian Camera Ocean Virgin used Sleeve
    Kissing the Kiss Run stop Out 3102 Italy
    Klapto Mister game Teldec
    Klapto Mister game Durium 13013 Italy
    Klapto Queen of the night Durium 13054 Italy
    Koma Band Cavrones Crash/WOM 002 Italy
    Kongo Band African man Polydor
    Kongo Band Afrikan man RAM 00685 Italy No sleeve
    Koola News Don´t let go Hansa
    Koto Japanese War game Memory 008 Italy
    Koto Chinese revenge (Version 89) Memory 082 Italy
    Koto Dragon´s Legend Zyx Memix 074
    Koto Chinese revenge (incl. Remix) High Fashion NL
    Koto Visitors (Vocal Remix/ Tess) Zyx Memix
    Koto Jabdah Memory 047 Italy
    Koto Visitors Zyx Memix
    Koto Chinese Revenge Zyx
    Koto Japanese war game Zyx
    Koxo Shake it up Interstate 53P01 Italy no PS
    Koxo Shake it up Zafiro Spain
    Kristian Conde Dolce Vita DA Records
    L.A. Message Don´t go Zyx 5298
    L.A. Message Dead or alive Baby 54066 Italy
    L.U.S.T. Take me to nowhere Zyx 5312
    La Bionda Bandido Baby 10 Italy No sleeve
    La Grotta The world at your disposal Urtos 989 Italy
    La Troupe Play Musicolor
    Laban Caught by surprise Ariola
    Lama Nineteen ninety three/ Love on the rocks Numero Uno 7325 Italy no Sleeve
    Larabell I can´t stop Bellaphon
    Larabell Stop (when you do) Discomagic 297 Italy
    Larabell You´ve got the power Zyx 5958
    Laser Cowboys Radioactivity/ Killer machine Italoheat Germany lim.Edition
    Laser Cowboys Ultrawarp (Death Mix) Zyx 5193
    Laser Cowboys Ultrawarp Italoheat 001
    Laser Cowboys Ultra warp (rmx) Zyx 5195
    Laser Cowboys Killer machine Italoheat Germany
    Laser Dance Shotgun into the night Zyx 5911
    Laserdance Humanoid invasion Zyx 5448
    Laserdance Cosmo tron Zyx
    Laserdance Megamix vol. 2 Zyx
    Latin Summer Waste my time Carrere/ Teldec
    Laura Branigan Self Control Atlantic Italy
    Lauren Grey Saturday night Bellaphon
    Laurie Somebody Asia 1082 Italy
    Laurie Sweet lover Asia 1038 Italy
    Lee Carson Baby Lou DA Records white vinyl
    Lee Marrow Shanghai Discomagic Italy no sleeve
    Lee Marrow Shanghai Discomagic 227 Italy
    Lee Marrow Mr. Fantasy Discomagic Italy
    Lee Marrow Don´t stop the music Discomagic Italy
    Lee Marrow Sayonara Teldec
    Lee Marrow To go crazy Zyx
    Lee Marrow Sayonara Chic red Vinyl
    Lee Marrow Cannibals Chic
    Legend Nobody´s land Flea 8526 Italy Comp.Sleeve
    Legend Keep on dancin´ RaRe 03188 Italy
    Lenroy Ciao ciao Gigolo Don Disco 024 Spain used Sleeve
    Les Mc Keown She´s a lady Hansa
    Les Montes Dreams of Rio Zyx 5975
    Lexx The real Amadeus High Fashion
    Lian Ross Say you´ll never Zyx 5355
    Lian Ross Do you wanna funk (Disco remix) Chic
    Lian Ross Fantasy Zyx 5279
    Lian Ross Fantasy Constant
    Lian Ross Say say say Polydor Germany
    Lilac Jump to the music Flea 8339 Italy
    Lili & Sussie Oh Mama Intercord/Sonet color.Vinyl
    Lili Marlen Ole ole Emi Germany
    Lime Take the love LP Zyx 20065
    Lime Gold digger Zyx 5614
    Lime Unexpected lovers Polydor Germany
    Linda Jo Rizzo You´re my first, you´re my last Zyx 5432
    Linda San Martino Night time Fellow Music Germany no Sleeve
    Linda San Martino Night time Fellow Music
    Lisa Love is like a itching in my heart Zyx 5251
    Lisa Boray Tonight Barclay NL
    Lisa Lee Don´t give up Flea 8525 Italy No sleeve
    Local boy Midnight hour Many 540 Italy
    Lola Weekend holiday Blond Rec. 103 Italy
    Lucas Small talk Polydor
    Lucia Project 2 La isla Bonita No Label Italy
    Luisa Fernandez Lay love on you 87 Zyx 5713
    L-Vira Talkin´bout Rambo Polydor Germany
    Lyz Killer Lyz 469 Italy
    M. Claude Shivers Out 3117 no PS/ mint
    M. Fobert & Folie Club Rapfolie Zyx 5119
    M. Fortunati Giochi di fortuna Now Disc Belgium
    Mac JR Elephant song Discomagic 178 Italy
    Macho Gang Dancer medley Try out Macho 12.02 Italy
    Macho Gang Macho & Lions LP Macho 12.10 Italy
    Macho Gang Naughty boy Macho 12.07 Italy No sleeve
    Macho Gang When somebody loves me Macho 12.11 Italy
    Macho Gang My lion Macho 12.09 Italy
    Macho Gang Naughty boy Zyx 5828
    Mad Matrix Men alone Koka France
    Madame Claude Wait Many 557 Italy
    Madame X Infatuation High Energy 117 Italy mint
    Madigan Ice cold love On the Road 100 Italy
    Madman Jack Wakk digge Dugge Baba... Zyx 5183
    Magazine 60 Don Quichotte (US RMX) Ariola
    Magic Men Popcorn Out 3003 Italy
    Magyka I know magica Time 1004 Italy
    Magnifique Magnifique Ariola A.Monn!
    Malcolm & Leo Living in the dark Discomagic 256 Italy
    Malcolm & The Bad Girls Shoot me Hiss 008 Italy
    Malcolm J. Hill Come back and do it Flea 8415 Italy Comp.Sleeve
    Malcolm J. Hill Take a chance Flea 8401 Italy
    Malcom J. Hill Run to me (vocals: Ken Laszlo) Flea 8458 Italy
    Man Arabian go go Intercord
    Man Arabian go go Intercord
    Man to Man Who knows what evil? Zyx 5637
    Manuel del Leo Hasta la vista Il Disc 1042
    Manzerata Baby baby I hear your heart... DA Records
    Marc B. Won´t you be my lover tonite Time 1241 Italy
    Marc Reed One body Zyx
    Marco Martina Venture in my heart Carrere/ Teldec mint
    Marco von Schoenberg Love warriors Out 3277 Italy Comp.Sleeve
    Marilytz She´s a bad girl Thick 025 Italy
    Marimba Tree Hush (vocals: Jimmy Mc Foy) Hiss 012 Italy no sleeve
    Marion Eickriede ...just for you Lava
    Mark Farina Easy life Many 552 Italy
    Mark Jay Wacha gonna do Out 3054 Italy
    Mark Shreeve Legion Jive
    Mark Spiro For you one for me Ariola
    Mark Tower You aren´t fall in love Discomagic 144 Italy
    Marko Nika Okay (Onofri!) Master Prog. 204 Italy mint
    Marsha Raven Catch me Passion UK comp.Sleeve
    Marsha Raven False alarm Passion UK
    Martinelli Cenerentola Chic red Vinyl!
    Martinelli Orient express Moonray 709 Italy near mint
    Martinelli Orient express Chic
    Martinelli Cenerentola Chic red Vinyl
    Martinelli Cenerentola Chic yellow Vinyl
    Martini Bank Rhumba Missing 600 Italy no Sleeve
    Marx & Spencer Stay Discomagic Italy
    Marx & Spencer Follow you follow me Discomagic 209 Italy
    Marylin Cara Yes I want you Eyes Rec. Italy Comp.Sleeve
    Marzio Dance DJ Rap-o-Hush Xenon 002 Italy
    Massara Margherita Derby 15027 Italy
    Massimo Vita With a little help from my friend C&C 001 Italy
    Matia Bazar Ti sento Intercord
    Matterhorn Project Yo-lollo-Diuh Blow UP Germany
    Max Day by day (vocals: Brian Ice!) Out Rec. Italy
    Max and Company Midnight radio Radio.Ra. 39 Italy
    Max Coo&Steve Coo Boogie dancer (Promo) Asia 1097 Italy No sleeve
    Max Coveri Merry go round CGD 15385 Italy No Sleeve
    Max Coveri One more time FDT 025 Italy
    Max Coveri In the night Time 1048 Italy
    Max Coveri Bye bye baby Rad.Rama 8708 Italy
    Max Him Just a love affair Cruisin Rec. Italy
    Max Him Japanese girl Zyx 5350
    Max Him Lady fantasy (Remix) Zyx 5290 R
    Max Him Lady fantasy Zyx 5229
    Max Him Danger danger Zyx 5459
    Max Him No escape (special remix) Ariola
    Max Him Danger danger Cruisin 743 Italy No sleeve
    Max Him Danger danger Zyx 5459
    Max Him Japanese girl Zyx 5350
    Max Him Just a love affair Ariola
    Max Him No escape Cruisin 708 Italy
    MCL Communicate Westside 22001
    Meccano Activate my heart Ariola
    Mega You got a Bausparvertrag? Wea Remixes!!!
    Mela Help me Asia 1025 Italy
    Mela I want your love Asia 1040 Italy
    Michael Bedford Tonight Zyx 5621 Comp.Sleeve
    Michael Fortunati Let me down/Abc/Don´´t let me go Alfa Rec. Japan
    Michael Heart One way ticket to the sky Chic red Vinyl!
    Michael Maltese It isn´t changed Discomagic 183 Italy
    Midnight Passion Infatuation IDD/Cruisin Italy
    Mike Best Lady Duck Zyx 5106
    Mike Francis Mike Francis (LP) Concorde Rec. Italy
    Mike Francis Features of love Concorde 2014 Italy
    Mike Francis Dreams of a lifetime Concorde Italy
    Mike Francis Survivor RCA Germany
    Mike Hammer Hot love Time Records Italy
    Mike Hammer Hey man Time 1137 Italy
    Mike Hazzard You Asia 1033 Italy
    Mike Hazzard Stop me baby Zyx 5951
    Mike Mareen Love spy Night´n Day Records
    Mike Mareen Dancing in the dark RMX Night´n Day Records
    Mike Mareen Cecilia Night´n Day Records
    Mike Mareen Love spy Zyx 5515
    Mike Mareen Agent of Liberty Zyx 5567
    Mike Mareen Love spy night Mix Zyx 5515 R
    Mike Rogers Happy moon Out 3058 Italy
    Mike Taiwan If I had a dream High Fashion 0010
    Miko Mission Two for love Zyx 5348
    Miko Mission The world is you Blow Up 0039 Italy
    Miko Mission How old are you Zyx 5145 used
    Miko Mission Toc toc toc Blow Up 0064 Italy cut off/Sleeve
    Miko Mission Two for love High Fashion
    Miko Mission The world is you Zyx 5198 used Sleeve
    Miko Mission Rock me around the world Discomagic Italy
    Miko Misson Toc toc toc Zyx 5694
    Mikron Polynesia Il Discotto 1059 Italy
    Mikron Polynesia Rush Records
    Mikrons Vision Blow UP 0060 Italy
    Milou One more time KBC Records
    Mirage Get down Metronome
    Mirage No more no war Metronome
    Mister X It´s ok Discos Games Spain used
    Mistery You have the way Radiorama 8921 Italy mint
    Mito Droid Zanza 0111 Italy no PS
    Mito Droid (1987 Remix) BCM Records
    Mito Droid RMX ´87 BCM Germany
    Mixed Emotions Bring back EMI Germany
    Moby Move GFB 057 Italy No sleeve
    Modern Talking you´re my heart, you´re my soul Hansa
    Modern Talking Atlantis is calling Hansa
    Modern Talking In the middle of nowhere LP Hansa
    Mohammed Downtown girl Tanga Rec. Italy no sleeve
    Mon Bijou Just a lover Fuzz Dance Italy blue Vinyl!
    Mona Mur Bastard RCA
    Monica Zanda Give up Upstart 0032 Italy mint
    Monte Kristo The girl of Lucifer In The Mix France
    Moonray Viva Moonray 702 Italy
    Morgana Come back to me Many 586 Italy
    Moses Our revolution High Fashion NL
    Moskwa TV Generator 7/8 Westside
    Moti Special Cold days hot nights Teldec red Vinyl
    Moti Special Motivation (LP) Teldec mint/sealed!
    Moulin Rouge Boys don´t cry Expanded 49y Italy
    Mozzart Money Zyx 5629 used sleeve
    Mozzart Malice & Vice/ Devils rendevous Metronome
    Mr. Flagio Take a chance Zyx 5031
    Muriel Daco Tropique tropique Carrere France
    Music Service Another song Peecker 128401 Italy No sleeve
    My Favourite Toys Just one kiss Virgin
    My Mine Hypnotic tango Intercord
    My Mine Zorro Mercury Italy
    My Mine Hypnotic tango Intercord
    My Mine Cupid girl Intercord color.Vinyl
    My Mine Hypnotic tango (RMX´87) Ramshorn NL Comp.Sleeve
    Myriam Breton Message Magic Cube
    Mysterious Art The Omen (vogue mix) CBS
    Natasha King AM-FM Break Records NL
    Nemesy I wanna dance Bootlegs Rec. Italy No sleeve
    Nemesy Arabian sacrifice Bootlegs 84507 Italy
    New Order Blue Monday Factory Rec. Germany
    Nick John Planet Nine Megatone Records USA
    Nick Letizia Hold me Eichhorn
    Nick Robin Sarah Teldec
    Night Society Hold me tight Metronome
    Nilla Backman New day Downtown Rec. Italy
    Nite-Beat Don´t walk away 21st Century Italy no sleeve
    Nobody´s Perfect Celebration Merak 230 Italy
    Noia Do you wanna dance? Italian Rec. 522 Italy
    Noia The rule to survive Italian Rec. 509 Italy no sleeve
    Noia Stranger in a strange land Zyx 5130
    Nora Questa notte Constant
    Norman Let´s go to the beach Zyx 5530
    North Valley North Valley LP Hiara 004/86 Italy
    Novecento Leaving now (LP) Discomagic 531 Italy sealed!
    Novecento Movin´on Wea Italy
    Novecento Day and night (D.Morales Mix) Baby NL
    Novecento Day and night Baby Ariola
    O´Gar New rider Five Rec. 13804 Italy
    Off Electrica Salsa Zyx 5548
    Off Step by step Zyx 5655
    Off Limits No soul Speed 12017 Italy
    One Way Let me feel your body Third 500 Italy
    One2One Forward your emotion Ariola
    Orlando Johnson No change Bellaphon Germany
    Oscar It´s my life Ra.Ra. 8807 Italy mint
    Oscar Gimme your body Rad.Rama 31/91 Italy
    Otto Mix Sahara sand Zyx 5208
    Ottomix Sahara sand Zyx 5208
    P. Lion Happy Children (Remix 88) Discomagic 325 Italy
    P. Lion Under the moon Zyx 5433
    P.Lion Happy children Carrere
    P.Lion Dream Carrere
    P4F Notorious with Le freak Zyx 5612
    P4F Winner Ibiza 436 Italy
    P4F P.Machinery med. Relax Zyx 5451
    P4F Diamond Zyx 5564
    Pastry Lover boy Blow Up 00052 Italy
    Patricia Burns Where did our love go? Indisc
    Patricia Llloyd To the beat Power Rec. Italy
    Patrick Hoolley Catching your time A Beat C Italy no sleeve
    Patrick Mandane My precious friends Teldec
    Patto Black and white Teldec
    Patto Black and white Teldec white vinyl
    Patty Forbes Love is just a heartbeat away Carrere France
    Patty Ryan You´re my love, you´re my life Zyx 5455
    Patty Ryan Love is the name of the game (LP) Polydor Japan mint
    Patty&Orlando Johnson Woman is light Full Time 31574 Italy
    Paul Diamond Enjoy the life GDR 2001 Italy
    Paul Lekakis Boom boom Zyx 5571
    Paul Lekakis Boom boom Zyx 5571 Comp.Sleeve
    Paul Mc Douglas Geil (The Zyx Version) Zyx 5422
    Paul Mc Douglas Geil Zyx 5422
    Paul Mc Douglas Turbo - Geil Zyx 5442
    Paul Parker Desire Bellaphon Germany
    Paul Parker One look Bellaphon Germany
    Paul Paul Good times Discomagic 147 Italy
    Paul Rein Stop (give it up) Injection Records NL
    Paul Sharada Boxers Zyx
    Paul Sharada Boxers Il Discotto Italy no sleeve
    Paul Sharada Florida Zyx 5157
    Paul Sharada Dancing all the night RMX Zyx
    Paul Sharada Dancing all the night Zyx
    Paul Sharada Boxers Il Disc 1070 mint/ PS!
    People like Us Restless hearts Ramshorn
    Performance All in a weekend Performance 86001 Italy
    Persuader So decide Renaissance 12015 Italy
    Peter Jaques Band Going dancing down the streets Polydor
    Peter Richard For you for only you Full Time 31512 Italy no sleeve
    Peter Richard Walking in the neon Zyx 5378
    Phaex Talk about CGD 15092 Italy no Sleeve
    Phil & Stan Perfect lover Time 1413 Italy mint
    Phoebus Frankenstein X-Energy 12018 Italy
    Piano Fantasia Song for Denise High Fashion NL
    Piccionaia Chariots of fire Zyx 5346
    Pierrot´s Gang Mexico Crash 013 Italy
    Pino D´Angio E´Libero scusi Zyx 5469
    Pino D´Angio Una notte da Impazzire Bellaphon
    Pino Daniele Keep on movin Bagaria Italy
    PJ Marcus For your sweet information Cruisin 735 Italy No sleeve
    PJ Marcus For your sweet information Zyx
    Pleasure & Pain Magic and joy Time 1240 Italy F.Ventura!
    Pleasure & Pain Higher Time 1147 Italy F.Ventura!
    Pluton & the Humonoids World invaders / B Side: Margueritas Unclassics USA Comp.Sleeve
    Premio Nobel Baby Doll Rush Records
    Presence Help me mama Chic red Vinyl!
    Primadonna Flashing on the floor Many 530 Italy
    Private Garage Social climber Sensation 8013 Italy no sleeve
    Proxyon Space Hopper Ramshorn NL
    Q-matic Take it to the top Zyx 5765
    Queen Martin Shock Academy 8508 Italy mint
    R.Bais Dial my number Many 554 Italy
    R.Bais Dial my number Many Records Italy
    Radar China darling Matra No sleeve
    Radiators I am sure Xenox 102 Italy
    Radio Movie Do what you want & Remix/ Risky Global Records
    Radio Movie Let´s move together Promo Label Italy
    Radio Movie Do what you want Global Rec. Germany
    Radiorama The 2nd Album Rad.Ram. Rec. Italy
    Radiorama Desires and Vampires LP Ariola
    Radiorama Hey hey/ Desire (remix) Out 3062 Italy
    Radiorama For years after (LP) Ra.Ra. 89.02 Italy mint
    Radiorama The Album (LP) Ra.Ra. 89.01 Italy mint
    Radiorama Vampires Out 3067 Italy
    Radiorama Desire Ariola
    Radiorama Bad girls Ariola
    Radiorama Desire/ Chance to desire Discomagic Oldies Italy
    Radiorama Fire Rad.Rama 8707 Italy
    Radiorama Desires and Vampires LP Out 3066 Italy
    Raf I don´t want to lose you Carrere Italy mint
    Raf Giusti Don´t waste your time Out 3246 Italy No Sleeve
    Raff Self control Carrere
    Raff Hard Carrere
    Raggio di Luna Comanchero (Remix) Ariola
    Raggio Di Luna Comanchero Ariola
    Ran Nightcrash Ariola A.Monn!
    Rankati Jane CBS Italy
    Ray Cooper Breakdown Many 528 Italy
    Ray Foster Run to me Many Records Italy
    Ray Foster Be my girl CBS Italy
    Ray Foster Be my girl CBS NL
    Ray Foster Run to me Polydor
    Rebel Go back to Georgia Zyx 5404
    Reeds In your eyes Il Discotto Italy
    Reeds Marines Il Discotto Italy
    Reeds In your eyes Polydor Germany
    Reflectors You drive me crazy High Energy 122 Italy no PS/ mint
    Rendez-Vous Let´s get in touch Bebe 1302 Swiss
    Rex Gimmick It´s a shame Teldec mint
    Ric Fellini Welcome to Rimini Best Records Italy
    Riccardo Cioni Darkness inside Master Deejay 9320 Italy
    Righeira Vamos a la playa Hispa Vox Spain
    Righera Bambini forever LP Teldec
    Righera Vamos a la playa CGD Italy (Sleeve Spain)
    Rik de Lisle Radio waves Metrovinyl
    Ringo & Finzy Kontini Save a dream Americ.Disco 023 Italy
    Risen from the Rank INRI Media 501 Italy
    Risen from the Rank Aids EP 01 Italy
    Rita Look in the Mirror High Fashion
    Rita Hart Pardon me, Mister DA Records
    Robert Bravo Love me like I do Teldec
    Robert Grace A dream Transparent clear Vinyl
    Roberto Camero Love games Lombardoni Publ. Italy
    Robey One night in Bangkok (red Vinyl) Joy 107 Italy no Sleeve
    Robin Leigh Cold as ice Polydor
    Robotman Supercar Flea 8515 Italy Comp.Sleeve
    Roby Benvenuto Gringo Discomagic 323 Italy
    Rockbottom Give me give some love On the Road 105 Italy
    Rockets Atomic LP Rockland 20323 Italy
    Rocky M Fly with me to wonderland Idee Records
    Rocky M Rokkoko/ Shoot Koch Records
    Rocky M The Hits (LP) Titan mint
    Rofo The Album LP BCM Germany
    Rofo You´ve got to move it on Polydor
    Roger Meno I find the way Zyx
    Roman Gray Shake down FFT 16033 Italy
    Rose Magic Carillon (Re-Pressing!) Discomagic 153 Italy mint/ PS!
    Rose Fairy tale Lombardoni 005 Italy No sleeve
    Rosko Love her forever Raton Rec.
    Rosko You can go away Polydor
    Ross Love is on my mind Flea 8452 Italy
    Ross Can´t take my eyes off you BMS 313 Italy
    Ross Chains of love Blanco Y Negro Spain
    Ross Coming up Zyx 5541
    Round One In Zaire Italoheat
    Roxana In your eyes/ Fragile Cruisin 53504 Italy No sleeve
    Roxana In your eyes Zyx 5293
    Roxanne Charlene Coconut
    Roxanne Give a little love Coconut
    Roy Destiny time Blanco Y Negro Spain
    Roy Destiny time Memory 036 Italy
    Rudy Africana Fiorella 003 Italy no sleeve
    Rudy & Co Play the game Zafiro Rec. Spain
    Rudy & Co Play the game Zyx
    Ryan Paris Dolce Vita (re-press) Discomagic 117 Italy No sleeve
    Ryan Paris Dolce Vita Carrere
    Ryan Simmons The night is yours, .... Hansa
    Rygar Star tracks Zyx
    S 50 Input Zyx 5715
    S.C.F. Connection Otto..find ich gut Zyx 5716 Cay Hume!
    S-50 Input (Remix) Zyx 5715
    S-50 Input (Remix) Zyx 5715
    Sabrina Boys Chic
    Sabrina Sabrina LP High Fashion
    Sabrina 5exy girl Ibiza 427 Italy
    Sabrina 5exy girl Zyx
    Sabrina All of me Metronome
    Sabrina Hot girl Chic
    Sabrina 5exy girl (RMX) Zyx 5739
    Sabrina Boys RMX Chic
    Sally Harmony High Energy Italy
    Samoa Park Monkey latino Zyx 5073
    Sandy Marton White storm in the jungle CBS Germany
    Sandy Marton Love synchronicity SM Rec. 1001 Italy used Sleeve
    Sandy Marton Exotic and erotic CBS Germany
    Sandy Marton Camel by camel Teldec
    Sandy Marton Camel by camel Ariola NL
    Sandy Wilson Gimme your love tonight EMI Rare Euro!
    Saphir Shot in the night EMI
    Saphir I am alive EMI
    Saphir The Witch Queen of New Oreleans EMI
    Sara Dash Lucky tonight Injection Records NL Comp.Sleeve
    Sarah Jeen Honey honey Pink Records
    Savage A love again RMX/ Fugitive Zyx 5209
    Savage Don´t cry tonight Zyx
    Savage Tonight LP Discomagic 213 Italy
    Savage Greatest Hits LP Euroenergy 2807 Italy mint
    Savage I just died in your arms Euroenergy 2806 Italy
    Savage Don´t cry tonight Zyx no Sleeve
    Savage Radio/ A love again Discomagic 215 Italy
    Savini Holiday Sensation 8067 Italy No sleeve
    Saxophone Souvenir FDT 009 Italy
    Scala Roma Roma Epic
    Scala Macchina nera Epic
    Scoop Say you go White Dog 0002 Italy no PS
    Scoop Say you go White Dog 0002 Italy mint
    Scooter Minute by minute Bellaphon 1984
    Scotch Disco band American Disco Italy
    Scotch Delirio mind (Remix) Zyx 6342
    Scotch Delirio mind Zyx 5188
    Scotch Money runner American Disco 025 Italy mint
    Scotch Disco band Zyx 5132
    Scotch Delirio mind Zyx 5188
    Scotch Pictures (The power mix) Zyx 5658
    Scotch Take me up (Long Remix) Zyx 5243
    Scraptown Viva Sahara Delta 782 Italy no PS
    Secession Touch (coloured Vinyl) Intercord
    Selena Timebomb EMI
    Selena So far away Emi Germany
    Sensus Sensus RCA
    Sesto Senso Lay your hands on love Missing 100 Italy mint
    Sesto Senso Lay your hands on love Merak/EMI Italy
    Sesto Senso Lay your hands on love Zyx 5413
    Shady Get right next to you Boystown UK
    Shae Harrison A good man KBC Records
    Shamall My dream Eichhorn
    Sharon Todos calientes Discomagic 193 Italy
    Sheik Sphere Deep freeze Zyx 5110
    Silence 2 The beast in me Flarenash France
    Silent Circle Touch in the night Intercord
    Silent Circle I´m your believer Coconut
    Silent Circle Love is just a word Intercord
    Silent Circle What a shame Coconut
    Silicon Dream Time Machine LP Intercord
    Silicon Dream Marcello the Mastroianni Intercord
    Silver Pozzoli Around my dream Many Records Italy
    Silver Pozzoli Around my dream Max Music Spain
    Silver Pozzoli From you to me Many 562 Italy
    Silver Pozzoli Step by step Many Records Italy
    Silver Pozzoli Chica boom Many 577 Italy
    Silver Pozzoli Pretty baby Zyx 5604
    Silver Pozzoli Around my dream RMX Teldec
    Simon Benett My sweet dream CGD 23008 Italy
    Simona Sierra Muchacho Chorus 1502 Italy
    Simoncioni Hello Out 3090 Italy
    Simonetti Where are you Unidisc Canada Comp.Sleeve
    Sinery Don´t you know Zyx 5580 Cay Hume!
    Sir J Sunny Discomagic 155 Italy
    Sissy Kelling Do you feel the motion EMI
    Sly Hidden stories Thick 027 Italy no Sleeve
    Smiles Magnetic dance Zyx 5047
    Solid Strangers My delight Zyx mint
    Solid Strangers Music´s in the night Zyx
    Sophie Tell me why Time 1162 Italy
    Sound Movement Easy game Many 570 Italy near mint
    Spagna Easy lady (Club Remix) CBS
    Spagna Call me CBS
    Spagna Call me (RMX) CBS Germany
    Spagna Easy lady CBS Germany
    Spagna This generation CBS
    Spagna Love at first sight Epic Italy Comp.Sleeve
    Spellbound I love you baby Intercord
    Splashdance Maniac alive Il Discotto 1027 Italy No sleeve
    Spooky Voice Killing myself Night´n Day Records
    Squash Gang I want an illusion Indalo Spain
    Stacey Q Two of hearts Atlantic
    Stage Ocean of crime Bellaphon
    Stage Dancing days IRS
    Stage Voodoo dance Bellaphon
    Stage Ocean of crime Full Time 31570 Italy
    Star Sisters Looking for love Downtown Rec. Italy
    Star Sisters, The He´s the one Metronome
    Stargo Sunshine dance Elephant 8701 Italy mint
    State of the Art Love will keep us together Mercury
    Stefano Pulga Take me higher Baby Ariola
    Stephanie One love to give Carrere
    Stephany Don´t let me down Industry 86002 Italy mint
    Stephany Broken heart Zig Zag 20005 Italy
    Steve Allen Letter from my heart Polydor Germany
    Steve Braun Love could be so good Numa Rec. 15
    Steve Clark No more love Max Music Spain
    Steve Hall Heartbeat Jupiter Records
    Steve Martin Roxide Don´t Rec. Italy no sleeve
    Stig Wollek Night driver Crash 031 Italy
    Stop Limit Line Colonel Time 1036 Italy
    Strangelove On the day the earth stand... Zyx 5274
    Style Telephone (green Vinyl) Chic Comp.Sleeve
    Styloo Why Time 1039 Italy
    Subtle Pride Arianne Labyrinth 8601 Italy
    Sue Sadlow My man Blow UP 0038 Italy
    Sue Sadlow My man Zyx 5205
    Susannah Teach me love RCA
    Susanne Give me love Out 3092 Italy no PS/ mint
    Susy B. I can´t get enough High Energy 103 Italy
    Swan Don´t talk about it Zyx Memix
    Swan General Custer Memory 052 Italy
    Swan Don´t talk about it Plexy Glass 002 Italy
    Sweet Connection Need your passion Intercord col.Vinyl!
    Sylvie Foster Hookey Zyx 5066
    Sylvie Sanders I know I know Chic nice Euro!
    System Band You must dance Carrere
    T.V.M Magnetic dance On the Road 108 Italy no Sleeve
    Tabu D´Apache Colours Cruisin 740 Italy
    Taffy White and black Phoenix 310 Italy No sleeve
    Taffy I love my radio (remix) Ibiza 415 Italy
    Taffy Once more Ibiza 422 Italy
    Taffy I love my radio Ariola Germany
    Tago Mago Shoobeeda Crash 038 Italy
    Tamir I´m a fool Hansa
    Tasha You only you ARS 3701 Belgium
    Tatjana Chica Cubana Metronome
    TC Mirage Talking eyes Transparent Germany
    Teen Rock Make up your mind Zyx
    Thango Fashion love Esquire 87512 Italy
    The Creatures Solar eclipse Zig Zag Italy
    The Creatures ILLUSION LP Zig Zag Italy
    The Creatures Maybe one day (rmx 94) Uffa Rec. Italy
    The Real Deal Salesman Zyx 5332
    Thierry Pastor Le coup de folie Mr.Disc 58565 Italy comp.Sleeve
    Thomas & Schubert Lost in paradise Flea 8482 Italy D.Rodgers!
    Thomas & Schubert Crank it up Flea 8338 Italy
    Thomas & Schubert Little flower Flea 8418 Italy
    Thomas & Schubert Ice of ice Flea 8442 Italy
    Thoty Love is... Concorde 2013 Italy
    Tibor Leavy Gipsy boobie Baby 54057 Italy
    Time Shaker shake Fly Records Italy
    Time Holding on to love RaRe 01386 Italy mint
    Time Love is the reason RAM 00585 Italy
    Time Shaker shake Blow UP Intercord col.Vinyl!
    Time Can´t you feel it Fly Records Italy No sleeve
    Time Bandits Dancing on a string CBS NL
    Timecode Everything that I need Bellaphon white vinyl
    Timerider Cocoon Zyx 5371 Tess Prod.!
    Timerider II Rock and Roll Zyx 5707
    Tina Crazy for your love Metronome
    Ti-Tho Love can be pain Polydor
    TMF Eye to eye Teldec
    Tokio You can´t stop this game Mastered Mexico
    Tom Cat Black Jack Canyon Rec. Japan mint
    Tom Hooker Only one (PICTURE DISC) Heaven 0186 Italy
    Tom Hooker Looking for love Baby Ariola
    Tom Hooker Atlantis Baby Ariola
    Tom Hooker Only one Zyx 5517
    Tom Hooker Looking for love Baby Records Italy
    Tom Hooker Feeling okay Baby Ariola
    Tom Hooker Atlantis Baby Ariola
    Tommy Being together/ B: Love beach/ One night Academy Italy
    Tommy One night Academy 8517 Italy no sleeve
    Tony Baron Dream in black Carrere
    Tony Beverly Into the night Vogue France
    Tootoo Let´s all party CBS
    Topo & Roby Under the ice Il Discotto 1044 Italy
    Topo & Roby Under the ice Zyx 5172
    Torcida Gaba Gaba Pierrot Lunaire Italy
    Torrevado Living in the shuttle American Disco 018 Italy
    Tozzo Shankle Lombardoni Publ. Italy no PS/ mint
    Tracy Spencer Love is like a game Ibiza 434 Italy
    Tracy Spencer Run to me CBS Germany
    Traks You can feel it Best Int. 12002 Italy Comp.Sleeve
    Traks Get ready Polydor
    Trans X Living on Video CGD 15101 Italy No sleeve
    Trans X Living on Video Polydor
    Trillion Canta con Migo Channel Rec. Belgium
    Tullio de Piscopo Andamente lento EMI Italy
    Twenty Colors Up in flames Metronome
    Twilight Electronic friend Cat Rec. 2007 Italy
    Twins, The Not the loving kind Hansa
    Twins, The Ballet dancer Hansa
    Two Nations This love Zyx 5429
    Two of Us LA News Promo Copy
    Unknown Art Blackmail you Zyx 5408
    Until December Live alone in shame CBS
    Valentino Tonight Zyx
    Valerie Claire I´m a Model CBS Spain
    Valerie Claire Shoot me Gino/I´m a model Intercord Remixes!!!
    Valerie Dore Lancelot EMI Italy
    Valerie Dore It´s so easy Zyx 5261
    Valerie Dore The night Merak 100 Italy
    Valerie Dore Lancelot Emi Germany
    Valerie Dore Get closer Zyx 5187
    Valerie Krystal Jailbait/ Cut the crap Ramshorn
    Vanessa Paradies Joe le Taxi Polydor
    Vanilla Paradise mi amor Metronome
    Various Artists MASTERPIECE MIX 2 (Rare Pic.Disc!) Il Discotto Italy sealed!
    Various Artists Coca Mix Many LP 1001 Italy
    Various Artists Italo Beat Vol.1 Ramshorn NL
    Various Artists Italo Beat Vol. 2 Ramshorn NL
    Various Artists Italo Beat Vol. 3 Ramshorn NL
    Various Artists Full Time Show (Kano, Keepers, Carola) Full Time 31727 Italy
    Various Artists Dance to the time (Time Mix) Time 1063 Italy no PS
    Various Artists Magic Deejay Mix Discomagic 160 Italy
    Various Artists It´s in the Mix Italoheat Germany
    Various Artists Best of Italo-Disco III Zyx 2-Lp´s
    Various Artists Bolero Mix Blanco Y Negro Spain
    Various Artists Raul Mix Blanco Y Negro Spain
    Various Artists Hitalo Beat Mix vol.1 Flea 8413 Italy
    Various Artists Joker Compilation Time 1141 Italy
    Various Artists Mixtime 3 EMI Italy
    Various Artists Best of Italo Disco Vol. 2 Zyx 70002 3 LP´s
    Various Artists New York Boot Mix. Vol. 2 Zyx 5583
    Various Artists Zyx Disco Club vol. 2 Zyx 20069
    Various Artists Max Mix Vol. 3 Max Music 185 Spain
    Various Artists Max Mix Vol. 4 Max Music 210 Spain
    Various Artists Max Mix Vol. 5 Max Music 275 Spain
    Various Artists Italo Boot Mix Vol. 6 Zyx 5491
    Various Artists Italo Boot Mix Vol. 8 Zyx 5620
    Various Artists Italo Boot Mix Vol. 9 Zyx 5710
    Various Artists Bolero Mix Vol. 2 Blanco Y Negro Spain
    Various Artists Zyx Hyper Mix Vol. 2 Zyx 55001
    Various Artists Zyx Disco Club vol. 3 Zyx 20084
    Various Artists Zyx Disco Club vol. 1 Zyx 20055
    Various Artists Max Mix 4 Max Music 210 Spain
    Vendetta Somewhere in the night Bellaphon
    Vendetta Got you in my sight tonight Bellaphon
    Venise Roissy Superradio 7018 Italy mint
    Venus Night of the demons Mach2 Music
    Veronique Dream on violin Zyx 5200
    Via Verdi Diamond Wea
    Video Somebody Fly 003 Italy
    Vinci Don´t get me wrong EMI
    Virgin Only you Time 1101 Italy
    Vivieen Vee Eve of destrucion Banana 7351 Italy
    Vivien Vee Heartbeat X-Energy 12021 Italy
    Vivien Vee Americano Polydor
    Watching the News Strange talk Night´n Day Records
    Webo Shaking lovers Zyx
    Whab Bap Arabian love affair Champagne Swiss A.Monn!
    Wishkey Easy way Discomagic 189 Italy mint
    Wishkey Orient express (RMX) Ra.Re. 01686 Italy no sleeve
    Wishkey Life Discomagic 246 Italy mint
    Wishkey Uno LP RaRe 02187 Italy
    Wishkey The one you love RaRe 02586 Italy mint
    Wolfsheim Thunderheart (3-Track Maxi) Strange Ways Germany
    Wolvo Heartbeats Moonlight 10831 Italy sealed!
    Xalan I only move for money Metrovinyl
    Xeya Erotic Play Di-Gei Italy
    X-Ray Connection Get ready Break Records NL
    X-Ray Connection Replay Polydor
    Yasar State of emergency Chic mint
    Zahra B. With anticipation Royal
    Zanna Oh what a night Zyx
    Zara Thustra Magic nights Weryton
    Zener New Generation Durium 13065 Italy


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