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Best of 80's

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    Best of 80's

    Hallo, ich lege am Freitag auf einer Party auf und brauche noch ein paar Lieder aus den 80ern Höre sie selbst gerne, kenn mich mit den Titeln aber leider nich so gut aus, da ich nur R'n'B und Black auflege

    Vielleicht könnt ihr ja mal nen paar Lieder oder Liste machen mit den besten Liedern aus den 80ern

    Wäre echt super.

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    Vielleicht könnt ihr ja mal nen paar Lieder oder Liste machen mit den besten Liedern aus den 80ern

    Wäre echt super.

    Ist das jetzt ein Fake ?

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    Vielleicht könnt ihr ja mal nen paar Lieder oder Liste machen mit den besten Liedern aus den 80ern
    Liste brauchts nicht.

    Lies einfach den Thread hier: http://best-of-80s.de/vbforum/showthread.php?t=11433 und du hast fast alles beisammen.

    Oder bemüh die Suche und gib Sampler ein .

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    ... mmh ... ich glaube ja nicht, daß Du so von Null auf 100 Deine persönlichen Favoriten zum auflegen finden wirst ...


    Ein paar Classics
    Soft Cell "Tainted love"
    Visage "Fade to Grey"
    Yazoo "Don´t go"
    Rick Springfield "Celebrate Youth"
    The Weather Girls "It´s raining Men"
    Yes "Owner of a lonely Heart"
    Alphaville "Sounds like a Melody"
    Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams (are made of this)"
    Lionel Richie "All Night long"
    Bruce Springsteen "Born in the USA"
    Bryan Adams "Run to you"
    Imagination "Just an Illusion"
    Kool & The Gang "Fresh"
    Rufus & Chaka Khan "Ain´t Nobody"
    Cindy Lauper "Girls just want to have Fun"
    Tears for Fears "Shout"
    The Human League "Being Boiled"
    Depeche Mode "Just can´t get enough"
    Klaus Lage Band "1000 und 1 Nacht"
    Herbert Grönemeyer "Männer"
    Markus "Ich will Spaß"
    Hubert Kah "Sternenhimmel"
    Pink Floyd "Another brick in the Wall"
    Nick Straker Band "A walk in the Park"
    Gibson Brothers "Que sera mi vida (If you should go)"
    Lipps Inc. "Funkytown"
    Electric Light Orchestra "Hold on Tight"
    Tight Fit "The Lion sleeps tonight"
    Mike Batt "Love makes you crazy"
    Tone Band "Germany Calling"
    Roni Griffith "Desire"
    Secret Service "Jo-Anne, Jo-Anne"
    Helen Schneider "Rock´n´Roll Gypsy"
    Joan Jett & The Blackhearts "I love Rock´n´Roll"
    The Police "Every Breath you take"
    Men at Work "Down under"
    Men without Hats "The Safety Dance"
    Kano "Another life"
    Ryan Paris "Dolce Vita"
    The Flirts "Passion"
    Rofo "Rofo´s Theme"
    Hot Chocolate "You 5exy Thing"
    OMD "Forever (Live and Die)"
    Queen & David Bowie "Under Pressure"
    Queen "Another one bites the Dust"
    Simple Minds "Don´t you (forget about me)"
    Scorpions "Still loving you"
    Grauzone "Eisbär"
    Irene Cara "Flashdance ... What a Feeling"
    Michael Sembello "Flashdance ... Maniac"
    Kenny Loggins "Footloose"
    Glenn Frey "The Heat is on"
    Styx "Mr. Roboto"
    Robin Gibb "Juliet"
    Laura Branigan "Self Control"
    Frankie goes to Hollywood "Relax"
    Talk Talk "Such a Shame"
    Evelyn Thomas "High Energy"
    The Catch "25 Years"
    Slade "Run runaway"
    Bronski Beat "Smalltown Boy"
    Frank Stallone "Far from over"
    Kim Wilde "Cambodia"
    Huey Lewis & The News "I want a new Drug"
    ZZ Top "Sleeping Bag"
    Lake "In the Midnight"
    David Bowie "Let´s Dance"
    Prince "Purple Rain"
    The Cure "Boys don´t cry"
    The Cure "Why can´t I be you"
    Harold Faltermeyer "Axel F"
    Duran Duran "The Wild Boys"
    Dead or Alive "You spin me Round (Like a Record)"
    Foreigner "Urgent"
    Level 42 "Lessons in Love"
    Animotion "I engineer"
    Mike Oldfield "Five Miles out"
    Lake "More than a Feeling"
    1 Plus 1 My Girl
    Alba Only Music survives
    Scott Allen Papa oom mow mow
    Steve Allen Letter from my Heart
    Andy Anderson Golden Hits of Soulful Dynamics
    Anthony´s Games Sunshine love
    Anthony´s Games Silent Smiles
    T. Ark Count on me
    T. Ark Under Cover Lover
    Astaire The Power of love
    Atlantis Star The Loving Kind
    Atrium Week-end
    Attack Can´t stop
    Azul y Negro The Night
    Baby´s Gang Happy Song
    Baby´s Gang Challenger
    Bad Boys Blue L.O.V.E. in my Car
    Bad Boys Blue You´re a Woman
    Bad Boys Blue Pretty Young Girl
    Bad Boys Blue Kisses and Tears (My one and only)
    R. Bais Dial my Number
    Baltimora Tarzan Boy
    Baltimora Woody Boogie
    Cat Bassy Tonight
    Cat Bassy I know (Oh no, no, no)
    B.B. and Band Simple Song
    Beautiful Ballet Energy
    Michael Bedford More than a Kiss
    Michael Bedford Tonight
    Ellen Bernfeld Tidal Wave (Tsunami)
    Tony Beverly Into the Night
    Blind Date Your Heart keeps burning
    Blue Vision Visions
    Bolero I wish
    Miquel Brown So many Men, so little Time
    Call it Heaven Boys Boys Boys
    Camaro´s Gang Fuerza Major
    Mike Cannon Voices in the Dark
    Kid Capony Hey Hey
    K.B. Caps Do you really need me
    K.B. Caps Julia
    Angie Care Your mind
    Caron Out of the Night (The First Step)
    Carrara Shine on Dance
    Carrara Welcome to the Sunshine
    Carrara S.O.S. Bandido
    Casablanca Hot Nigts in Ibiza
    Casablanca Angel of Night
    C.C. Catch ´Cause you are young
    Chriss Sweets for my Sweet
    Chriss With a Boy like you
    John Christian Ebony Eyes
    Valerie Claire Shoot me Gino
    Clio Faces
    Clio Eyes
    Coccobello Cocco Bello
    Patrick Colby Mandrill
    Carol Cooper Tunnel of love
    Patrick Cowley feat. Paul Parker Tech-no-logical World
    Cruisin´Gang On the Beach tonight
    Cruisin´Gang Chinatown
    Curacao Yiasou
    Cyber People Void Vision
    Cyber People Polaris
    E.G. Daily Love in the Shadows
    Dance Department Paradise
    Hazell Dean Whatever I do (wherever I go)
    Camino de Lobo Carmen
    Debut de Soiree Nuit de Folie
    D.I.A. Passion play
    Digital Emotion Get up! Do you wanna Funk
    Digital Emotion Go Go Yellow Screen
    Divine Shoot your Shot
    Divine Shake it up
    Divine Love Reaction
    Divine You think you´re a Man
    Divine I´m so beautiful
    Divine Walk like a Man & Man talk
    DJ´s Factory A view to a kill
    DJ´s Factory Work
    DJ´s Project Birthday Girl
    Doctor´s Cat Watch out
    Doctor´s Cat Gee Wiz
    Valerie Dore The Night
    Valerie Dore Get closer
    Valerie Dore It´s so easy
    Dr. Groove Freak it out Mr. DJ
    Electra Cuando Cuando
    Facts & Fiction Give me the Night
    Fair Control Symphony of love
    Fair Control Angel Eyes
    Fake Frogs in Spain
    Fancy Slice me nice
    Fancy Chinese Eyes
    Fancy Get lost tonight
    Ric Fellini Welcome to Rimini
    The Flirtations Earthquake
    The Flirts Helpless
    Alan Fox Please don´t go
    Kay Franzes Shadow in the Night
    Kay Franzes Take me and you´ll win
    Fresh Color Disco Future
    Fun Fun Happy Station
    Fun Fun Color my love
    Fun Fun Give me your love
    Gazebo I like Chopin
    Gazebo Lunatic
    Gipsy & Queen Gipsy Queen
    Glamour Station Ev´ry Body does it
    Angie Gold Eat you up
    Roni Griffith Desire
    Den Harrow Future Brain
    Den Harrow Mad Desire
    Jock Hattle Crazy Family
    Heat-X-Change feat. Kevin Power Thunder and Lightning
    Max Him No escape
    Max Him Lady Fantasy
    Max Him Japanese Girl
    Max Him Melanie
    Hot Cold Love is like a Game
    Hot Shot Love is to love a lover´s love
    Eddy Huntington U.S.S.R.
    Eddy Huntington Up & Down
    The Hurricanes Only one Night
    Hypnosis Pulstar
    Hypnosis Oxygene
    Hypnosis Droid
    Brian Ice Talking to the Night
    Italian Boys Gigolo
    Ivan Fotonovela
    J.D. Jaber Don´t wake me up
    Jessica Like a burning Star
    Jessica Chinese Magic
    Jessica C´est la vie mon cherie
    Orlando Johnson With just a kiss
    Joy Touch by touch
    Joy Hello
    Jules You and me
    Julian Straight to my Heart
    Kano Another life
    Kano Queen of Witches
    Kazino Shoot
    Danny Keith Keep on Music
    Klapto Mister Game
    Klapto Queen of the Night
    Koto Japanese War Game
    Koto Chinese Revenge
    Koto Visitors
    Koto Jabdah
    Laid Back High Society Girl
    Kim Lamour Love maker
    Barry Lane Journey to the Moon
    Laser Cowboys Ultrawarp (The Final Conflict)
    Laserdance Humanoid Invasion
    Laserdance Powerrun
    Ken Laszlo Hey Hey Guy
    Ken Laszlo Tonight
    Ken Laszlo Don´t cry
    Latin Lover Casanova Action
    Vicio Latino Que me Pasa, que me Pasa?
    Nick Letizia Hold me
    Lime Guilty
    Lime Angel Eyes
    P. Lion Happy Children
    P. Lion Dream
    Amadeus Liszt Win the Race
    Loco Loco Manana
    London Boys I´m gonna give my Heart
    London Boys My love
    Gary Low I want you
    Gary Low You are a Danger
    Chris Luis The Heart of the City
    David Lyme Bye, bye mi amor
    David Lyme Bambina
    Madigan Ice cold love
    Madman Jack Wakk digge dugge baba dugge bamanu
    Magic I wanna be your lover
    Mike Mareen Dancing in the Dark
    Mike Mareen Cecilia
    Mike Mareen Love Spy
    Mike Mareen Agent of Liberty
    Mike Mareen Don´t talk to the Snake
    Mark Tropical Climate
    Lee Marrow Shanghai
    Lee Marrow Sayonara (Don´t stop)
    Lee Marrow Cannibals (Baa Bou - Baa Bou)
    Lee Marrow Mr. Fantasy
    Lee Marrow Don´t stop the Music
    Martinelli Cenerentola (Cinderella)
    Martinelli Voice (in the Night)
    Sandy Marton People from Ibiza
    Sandy Marton Camel by Camel
    Sandy Marton Exotic and Erotic
    Marzio Dance You can do it
    Kenny Masters Time to fly (Sing my Song)
    Mauro Buona sera ciao ciao
    Michele Money Money Money
    Miko Mission How old are you
    Miko Mission The World is you
    Grant Miller Colder than Ice
    Claudio Mingardi Star
    Mirage Get down
    Mirage No more no War
    Betty Miranda Dance
    Betty Miranda Take me to the Top
    Monte Kristo Sherry mi-sai
    Moonshine China
    Morris Tonight´s the Night
    Mozzart Money
    Mozzart Jasmin China Girl
    Mr. Flagio Take a Chance
    Mr. Me I go down (sa sa sa)
    Rocky M. Fly with me to Wonderland
    My Mine Hypnotic Tango
    My Mine Cupid Girl
    My Mine Can delight
    G.G. Near Living in a Rom
    N.O.I.A. True love
    Nora Questa notte
    Nora Vaya con dios
    Nove Ride my bike
    Novo Extremix
    Albert One Turbo Diesel
    Albert One Heart on Fire
    Bobby "O" I cry for you
    Panorama War in love
    Ryan Paris Dolce Vita
    Joy Peters Don´t lose your Heart tonight
    Pet Shop Boys One more Chance
    Pink Project Disco Project
    Pink Project Smoke like a Man
    Silver Pozzoli Around my Dream
    Silver Pozzoli Step by Step
    Primadonna Flashing on the Floor
    Punch Love me
    Stacey Q. Two of Hearts
    Jackie Quartz A la vie, a l´amour
    Radiorama Chance to Desire
    Raff Self Control
    Raggio di Luna (Moon Ray) Comanchero
    Ramming Speed When you walk in the Room
    Gene Ramone Romantic Face
    Ranko Happy World
    Rewind Rosalie (Pop & Go!)
    Rex Abe I can feel it
    Righeira Vamos a la Playa
    Righeira No tengo dineiro
    Righeira Innamoratissimo
    Rofo Flashlight on a Disconight
    Rofo I want you
    Rofo Rofo´s Theme
    Rosko Love her forever
    Ross Don´t stop
    Alan Ross Valentino mon amour
    Lian Ross Fantasy
    Lian Ross Say you´ll never
    Round One Theme from Rocky
    Roxanne Charlene
    Roxanne Boys in black Cars
    Roy Destiny Time
    Rudy & Co Mama Radio
    Sabrina Boys (Summertime love)
    Sabrina Hot Girl
    Samoa Park Tubular Affair
    Saphir Shot in the Night
    Saphir I am alive
    Sarah Tokyo Town
    Savage Don´t cry tonight
    Savage Only you
    Scala Maccina Nera
    S.C.F. Connection Otto ... find´ ich gut
    Scotch Penguins´ Invasion
    Scotch Disco Band
    Scotch Delirio Mind
    Scotch & Boss Tap Rap
    Shah Serenade
    Shamall My Dream
    Paul Sharada Florida (Move your Feet)
    Sharon Boyfriend
    Shipra Blinded by the Light
    Shipra Joy (In my Heart)
    Silent Circle Touch in the Night
    Silent Circle Stop the Rain
    Ryan Simmons Lucky Guy
    Ryan Simmons The Night is yours, the Night is mine
    Sinery Don´t you know
    Sinitta So Macho!
    Sister Sister Blue Night in Alcatraz
    Slizzy Bob Glasses
    Solid Strangers Music in the Night
    Solid Strangers My Delight
    Spagna Easy Lady
    Tracy Spencer Run to me
    Spooky Voice Light my Light
    Stop-Watch Hypnotic Samba
    Sunshine Family Dance Reunion of the 70´s
    Swan Don´t talk about it
    Sweet Connection Need your Passion
    Sweet Connection Dirty Job
    Sweet Connection Heart to Heart
    Taffy I love my Radio (Midnight Radio)
    Taracco Sultana
    Tatjana Chica Cubana
    Tatjana Awaka Boy
    Kim Taylor Feel so fine
    Thai Break Flowers in the Rain
    Evelyn Thomas High Energy
    Tina Crazy for you
    Time Shaker Shake
    Ti-Tho L.C.B.A.P. (Love can be a Pain)
    Trans-X Living on Video
    Trans-X Message on the Radio
    Trans-X Ich liebe Dich
    Cliff Turner Moonlight Affair
    The Twins Not the loving Kind
    The Twins Ballet Dancer
    The Twins Love System
    Two Girls Another Boy in Town
    Two of Us Blue Night Shadow
    Vanilla Paradise mi amor
    Venus Hot Sun on Video
    Waterfront Home Take a Chance (on me)
    Betty Wright Sinderella
    X-Ray Connection Escape from Space
    Pia Zadora Let´s Dance Tonight
    Zara-Thustra Magic Nights
    Zu Italo und Eurodisco gibts noch ne Ergänzung:

    Baltinore "Strangers from the Light" (erinnert an Baby´s Gang ... saugeiles Stück, der Rhythmus geht in Richtung Cliff Turner, Michael Bedford)

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    Ich mach's trotzdem mal:
    Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Relax
    Duran Duran: Wild Boys
    Kim Wilde: Kids In America
    Animotion: I Engineer, Obsession
    Men Without Hats: The Safety Dance
    Men At Work: Down Under
    Soulsister: The Way To Your Heart
    Boytronic: You
    Berlin: Like Flames
    New Order: True Faith
    Level 42: Lessons In Love
    Pet Shop Boys: West End Girls, Always On My Mind, It's A Sin
    Wang Chung: Dance Hall Days
    Dexys Midnight Runners: Come On Eileen
    U2: I Still Haven't Found ... , With Or Without You, Sunday Bloddy Sunday
    Bruce Springsteen: Dancing In The Dark, Born In The USA
    Eurythmics: Sweet Dreams
    Talk Talk: It's My Life, Such A Shame
    A Flock Of Seagulls: Wishing
    Billy Idol: White Wedding, ...
    Human League: Don't You Want Me
    Tears For Fears: Shout
    INXS: Need You Tonight, ...
    Roxette: The Look
    Bangles: Walk Like An Egyptian
    Billy Joel: We Didn't Start The Fire
    Iggy Pop: Real Wild Child
    Siouxsie & The Banshees: The Passenger oder Original von Iggy Pop
    Sisters Of Mercy: This Corrosion
    Flash & The Pan: Midnight Man
    Peter Gabriel: Sledgehammer, Big Time
    Queen: Radio GaGa
    David Bowie: Let's Dance
    Soft Cell: Tainted Love 12"
    Madness: Our House
    A-Ha: Take On Me
    Blancmange: Blind Vision
    Living In A Box: Living In A Box
    ZZ-Top: Legs
    Lisa Stansfield: All Around The World
    Power Station: Get It On
    Trans-X: Living On Video
    Other Ones: Holiday
    Kim Carnes: Bette Davis Eyes
    Off: Electrica Salsa
    Hollywood Beyond: What's The Color Of Money

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    Ohh ha.. Das sind ja schonmal paar Titel

    Naja wegen Favoriten.. Meinte halt so 80er die laufend irgendwo gespielt werden.. Eben die besten^^

    Aber danke schonmal Leute