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Seltame Zustande and Jayhawks

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    I'm searching for information and vinyls of Jayhawks and Seltame Zustande this german bands but is imposible in Spain, please can you tell me something about this bands or tell me contacts in your country with information of this.

    The only about this:

    Jayhawks, is a german band (with the same name that the american blues band), I have a ep of 1987 with 5 tracks "The Truth" (with this tracks "Cherry Cherry Lady, Degeneration Show, Last Outing, Like a Dog and No Regrets), I have too a song apeared in a compilation named "my Mirror", but I have more songs of this band in old tapes, the sound is similar to Leather Nun.

    Seltame Zustände, this is the first new wave proyect of Thomar Elben (Pink Turns Blue and Escape With Romeo).

    Please tell me somethig about it this is very important for me, Iwant to have music about this rare 80's bands.

    Best Regards


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