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Songs für CD gesucht

Erstellt von Boldie, 13.12.2006, 10:39 Uhr · 13 Antworten · 1.304 Aufrufe

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    Benutzerbild von ICHBINZACHI

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    Terence Trent D´Arby "Wishing Well"
    Sydney Youngblood "Sit and wait" / "If only I could"
    Alexander O´Neal "Fake"
    The Pasadenas "Riding on a Train"
    Timex Social Club "Rumours"
    Donna Allen "Serious"
    Adeva "I thank you"
    Janet Jackson "Nasty"
    Company B "Fascinated"
    Salt´n´Pepa "Push it"
    B.V.S.M.P. "I need you"
    Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five "New York New York"
    Sugarhill Gang "Rapper´s Delight"
    Whodini "Magic´s Wand"
    Simon Harris "Bass (How low can you go)"
    Dr Robert & Kym Mazelle "Wait"
    Midnight Star "Don´t rock the Boat"
    Tone Loc "Funky Cold Medina"
    Geoffrey Williams "Cinderella"
    Ten City "That´s the Way love is"
    Paula Abdul "Straight Up"
    Vanilla Ice "Ice Ice Baby"
    Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince "Girls ain´t nothing but trouble"
    Oran "Juice" Jones "The Rain"

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    Benutzerbild von Boldie

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    danke. Mit der Auswahl hast Du schon mal ins schwarze getroffen.


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    Benutzerbild von Fiat Lux

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    Kool & The Gang – Cherish/Fresh
    Commodores – Nightshift
    Jermaine Jackson – Do What You Do
    DeBarge – Rhythm Of The Night
    Rick James – Glow
    Ashford & Simpson – Solid
    Mary Jane Girls – In My House
    Dazz Band – Let It All Blow
    Steve Arrington – Feel So real
    Time – Jungle Love
    Temptations – Treat Her Like A Lady
    Cool Notes – Spend The Night
    One Way – Let's Talk
    Artists United Against Apartheid – Sun City
    Deodato – SOS Fire In The Sky
    René & Angela – I'll Be Good
    René & Angela – Save Your Love
    Chaka Khan – This Is My Night
    Jenny Burton – Bad Habits
    Tramaine – Fall Down
    Total Contrast – Takes A Little Time
    Aretha Franklin – Freeway Of Love
    Loose Ends – Hanging On A String
    Nicole & Timmy Thomas – New York Eyes
    Billy Ocean – When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Gets Going
    Sam Cooke – Wonderful World (war 86 nochmals in den Charts)
    Janet Jackson – What Have You Done For Me Lately/Nasty/When I Think Of You/Control
    Patti Labelle & Michael McDonald – On My Own
    El DeBarge – Who's Johnny
    Run DMC – Walk This Way
    Whistle – Just Buggin'
    Jermaine Stewart – We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off
    Full Force – Alice, I want You Just For Me
    Sly Fox – Let's Go All The Way
    Nicole – Don't You Want My Love
    Jaki Graham – Set Me Free
    Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew – The Show
    Real Thing – You To Me Are Everything '86
    Isley Jasper Isley – Caravan Of Love
    Gwen Guthrie – Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But The Rent
    Aretha Franklin – Who's Zoomin' Who
    Nat Augustin – Ego
    Solomon Burke – A Change Is Gonna Come
    Oran „Juice“ Jones – The Rain
    Timex Social Club – Rumours
    Club Nouveau – Lean On Me
    Gregory Abbott – Shake You Down
    LL Cool J. - I Need Love
    Herb Alpert & Janet Jackson – Diamonds
    Herb Alpert – Keep Your Eye On Me
    Timex Social Club – Mixed Up World
    Was (Not Was) – Walk The Dinosaur
    Vesta Williams – Once Bitten Twice Shy
    Alexander O'Neal – Fake/Criticize
    Jellybean – The Real Thing
    Donna Allen – Serious
    Eric B & Rakim – Pail In Full
    Atlantic Starr – Always
    LeVert – Casanova
    Klymaxx – I Miss You
    Midnight Star – Midas Touch
    Jody Watley – Looking For A New Love
    Salt 'n' Pepa – Push It/Shake Your Thang/Twist And Shout
    Womack & Womack – Teardrops
    Billy Ocean – Get Outta My Dream Get Into my Car
    Pasadenas – Tribute (Right On)/Riding On A Train
    Wee Papa Girl Rappers – Wee Rule/Faith/Heat It Up
    Afrika Bambaataa & UB 40 – Reckless
    Inner City – Big Fun/Good Life
    BVSMP – I Need You
    Roger – I Want To Be Your Man
    Joyce Sims – Come Into My Life/Walk Away/All 'N' All
    Lynn Collins – Think
    Will Downing – A Love Supreme
    Jermaine Stewart – Get Lucky
    Mac Band – Roses Are Red
    Johnny Kemp – Just Got Paid
    Wally Jump Jr. - Tighten' Up
    Alexander O'Neal & Cherrelle – Never Knew Love Like This
    Pebbles – Girlfriend/Mercedes Boy
    Coldcut – Stop This Crazy Thing
    Marc Anthony – 1919 Main Street
    Mica Paris – My One Temptation
    Natalie Cole – Pink Cadillac
    Cookie Crew – Females
    Real Roxanne – Respect
    Midnight Star – Don't Rock The Boat
    Taja Sevelle – Love Is Contagious
    Georgio – Bedrock
    Rick James – Loosey's Rap
    Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance/Manchild/Kisses On The Wind/Inna City Mamma/I've Got You Under My Skin
    Soul II Soul – Back To Life/Keep On Movin'
    De La Soul – Me, Myself And I/Say No Go/Eye Know
    Double Trouble & The Rebel MC – Just Keep Rockin'/Street Tuff
    Tone Loc – Wild Thing/Funky Cold Medina
    Kiss AMC – A Bit Of...
    Bobby Brown – My Prerogative
    Redhead Kingpin & The F.B.I. – Do The Right Thing
    Heavy D. & The Boyz – We Got Our Own Thang
    Lou Rawls & Dianne Reeves – Fine Brown Frame
    Young MC – Bust A Move
    Arthur Baker & Al Green – The Message Is Love
    Monie Love – I Can Do This
    Roachford – Cuddly Toy
    Jody Watley – Real Love
    Alyson Williams – Sleeptalk
    Adeva – Respect
    Public Enemy – Fight The Power/Welcome To The Terrordome
    Rob 'N Raz Feat. Leila K – Got To Get
    Snap – The Power
    Adventures Of Stevie V – Dirty Cash
    2 Live Crew – Me So Horny
    Beats International – Dub Be Good To Me
    Chad Jackson – Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
    Jungle Brothers – What U Waitin' Four
    Betty Boo – Doin' The Doo
    Deee Lite – Groove Is In The Heart
    En Vogue – Hold On
    Mantronix – Gotta Have Your Love/Take Your Time
    Caron Wheeler – Livin In The Light/UK Black
    Kid Frost – La Raza
    Fast Eddie – Git On Up
    Sybil – Walk On By
    Massive Attack – Daydreaming/Unfinised Sympathy/Safe From Harm/Be Thankful For What You've Got
    D Mob – Put Your Hands Together
    Living Colour – Love Rears Its Ugly Head
    Family Stand – Ghetto Heaven
    Mr. Lee – Get Busy
    Bell Biv Devoe – Poison
    Innocence – Natural Thing/Silent Voice
    Dream Warriors – Ludi

    Auch von mir Deinem Freund alles erdenklich Gute.

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    Benutzerbild von Boldie

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    wow, ich bin begeistert. Danke für eine solch lange Liste.
    Ich bin gerade ganz gerührt. Auch hier wird einiges dabeisein, was mein Freund besonders gern gehört hat. Da bekomm ich sogar mehr CD's hin als ich gedacht hätte.
    Nochmal danke, danke an Alle für Eure Mühe.


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