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    1. Zum ersten einen Song von 1987 namens "Blue for you" , kam von einer Band, deren Gesang irgendwie nach Chicago/Peter Cetera klang

    2. Ein Song (ebenfalls von einer Band mit männlichem Sänger), dessen Alter ich nur auf "nicht jünger als 1995" bezeichnen kann - dafür kenn ich den Refrain:

    "Somwhere somehow some way we must hold back the dawn"
    "While there's still time to try"
    "Keep the faith, keep the dream alive"

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    Also "Blue for you" kommt in dem Song "Never so blue" von den VISITORS
    vor (siehe EAMS)

    gabs nicht von Bon Jovi mal nen Song "Keep the faith" (ich mag die Musik nich)

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    1. Was ist "EAMS" ? Gibt es irgendwo eine Möglichkeit, einen Songclip oder eine Hörprobe davon zu bekommen??

    2. Es ist definitiv NICHT Bon Jovi (auch nicht deren Musik).

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    Hallo Peedy1971,

    das zweite von Dir gesuchte Liedchen ist "The Dream" von "Yellowjackets & Michael Franks" (etwa von 1990)

    Hier der Text:

    I had this dream
    In which I swam with dolphins
    In open sea a transparent blue
    (Maybe you dreamt it too)
    And on the earth
    The trees grew heavy with blossoms
    The rainforests had not died
    And the Amazon shined like an emerald

    Somewhere, somehow, some way
    We must hold back the dawn
    While there's still time to try
    Keep the faith, keep the dream alive

    I had this dream
    That we were all one family
    Which war and famine could not undo
    (Maybe you dreamt it too)
    Our family name
    Was either Kindness or Compassion
    We recognized each other
    And we recognized the light inside us

    Listen, the cry for freedom
    Echoes from Red Squeare to Soweto town
    The barricades are broken now
    The walls are tumbling down

    Viele Grüße.


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    EAMS ist eine innovative Samplerreihe, die von Deggendorf aus vertrieben wird. Ich habe hier mal nur die internationalen Volumes aufgelistet.
    Mehr Infos unter www.eams.de

    EAMS 1

    Dicky Tarrach > Sioux (Indian Hymn)
    Flash & The Pan > Early Morning Wake Up Call (Extended Version)
    Blind Date > Your Heart Keeps Burning
    Beagle Music Ltd. > Daydream
    Marcella Bella > Nell` Aria
    The Motels > Footsteps
    Papa Winnie > Rootsie & Boopsie
    Christopher John Band > I´m A First Class Fool Again
    Tony Esposito > Papa Chico
    Kim Carnes > Crazy In The Night (Barking At Planes)
    Watson T. Browne > Searching For A Star
    Lee Clayton > Oh How Lucky I Am
    Gary U.S. Bonds > This Little Girl

    EAMS 2

    Richard T. Bear > Hey Johnny
    Vanilla > Paradise Me Amore
    Slizzy Bob > Do You Want To Be My Girl
    Animotion > Obsession
    Nino de Angelo > Der Ring, den du trägst
    Clout > Save Me
    Trio Rio > New York (Rio - Tokyo Dance Mix)
    Chilly > Simply A Love Song
    Billy Ranking > Baby Come Back
    Juan Pardo > No Me Hable
    Sherman Brothers > You, You, You
    Rob Grill > Rock Sugar
    William de Vaughn > Be Thankful For What You´ve Got (Dance Version)
    Plastic Bertrand > Ce Plane Pour Moi

    EAMS 3

    Rick Springfield > Celebrate Youth (Dance Mix)
    Murray Head > One Night In Bangkok
    Boney M. > Going Back West
    Blue Rose > Don´t You Know (Ambushed)
    Round One > In Zaire (Blood Mix)
    Pete Wyoming Bender > Born To Be Indian
    Paul Davis > Cool Night
    Peter Kent > Non Stop Magic
    Mystic Rhythm > Killer On The Rampage
    Kim Carnes > Abadabadango
    Digital Emotion > Go Go Yellow Screen (Maxi Version)
    Airbus > I Follow You
    Blaze > Heya Heya
    Paul Davis > ´65 Love Affair

    EAMS 4

    Al Corley > Square Rooms (Long Version)
    Opus > Faster And Faster
    Rockip > The Boxer
    Davy James > Dream Baby Dance Collection Of The Sixties (Extended Dance Version)
    Joy > Touch By Touch
    Geoff Harrison > I Was Born A Rolling Stone
    Max Werner > Roadrunner
    Rick Springfield > State Of The Heart
    Viva > Some Kind Of Wonderful
    Bolland & Bolland > In The Army Now
    Barry Blue > Dancing On A Saturday Night
    Nize Guys > I Don´t Wanne Let You Go Tonight
    Toy > Suspiction

    EAMS 5

    Illi Noize > Stand All Together
    Nick Kamen > Each Time You Break My Heart
    Hot Shot > Love´s To Love A Lover´s Love
    Konstantin Wecker > So a saudummer Tag
    Sal Paradise > Living In A Dream Boat
    Eleven > New York Groove
    Off > La Casa Latina (Grande Fiesta Mix)
    Cherie & Marie Curry > Since You´ve Been Gone
    The Dirt Band > An American Dream Juice
    Newton > Angel Of The Morning
    Nick Gilder > Hot Child In The City
    John Kilzer > Red Blue Jeans
    Hot Shot > I´m On Fire
    Kim Merz > Der Typ neben Ihr -
    Denise > Schenk mir keine Rosen

    EAMS 6

    Rocky Burnette > Tired Of Toein´ The Line
    Saphir > I Feel Good (I Fell Fine)
    Captain & Tennille > Do That For Me One More Time
    Jim Capaldi > I´ll Keep Holding On
    Eric Carmen > I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips
    Broken Home > Oh Yeah
    Dalbello > Black on Black
    Ray Kennedy > You Oughta Know By Now
    Tommy Tutone > B857-5309/Jenny
    The Michael Wynn Band > Black Night
    Call Me > Working Wonders
    Shona Laing > (Glad I´m) Not A Kennedy)
    Klaus Prünster > Wunderwelt
    Men Without Hats > Safety Dance (Original Aussie Version)

    EAMS 7

    Keyboards Affair > Tubular Bells (New Dance Version)
    Curacao > Yiasou (Special Russian mix)
    Maria Vidal > Body Rock
    The Earons > Land Of Hunger
    The Romantics > Talking In Your Sleep (Special Version)
    Lian Ross > Fantasy (Maxi Version)
    David Hallyday > Ooh La La
    Lou Gramm > Midnight Blue (Extended Mix)
    Visitors > Never So Blue (12' Dance Version)
    Silent Circle > Touch In The Night (Maxi Version)
    Hall & Oates > Out Of Touch (Maxi Version)
    Peter Kent > Stop´N´ Go
    Miriam Makeba > Pata Pata
    Bernie Paul > Lucky
    Power Pack > Birthday Song

    EAMS 8

    Harold Faltermeyer > Formula One
    Radiorama > Chance To Desire (Maxi Version)
    Saphir > I´m Alive
    The Outfield > Going Back
    Dominoe > Here I Am (Maxi Version)
    Chilly > Johnny Loves Jenny
    Olsen Brothers > Marie Marie
    Den Harrow > Don´t Break My Heart
    Wax > Bridge To Your Heart (The Unabridged Version)
    Two Of Us > Two Of Us (Maxi Version)
    Jack Goldbird > No, I Can
    First Class > Beach Baby
    Ganymed > It Takes Me Higher
    Laserdance > Humanoid Invasion (Original Mix)

    EAMS 9

    Steve Allen > Letter From My Heart (Maxi)
    One More Time > Highland (Longue Version)
    Dutch Diesel > Sausalito Summernight
    Century > Lover Why (Maxi)
    Cue > Out Of The Blue (The Smokey Hit Connection)
    Dead Or Alive > You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
    Mansfield/Turner > Stand By Me
    Michael Bedford > More Than A Kiss (Maxi)
    Luca P. > Electric Live (Original Mix)
    Deodato > S.O.S. Fire In The Sky (Special 12' Disarmamix)
    Adrian Gurvitz > Classic
    Dream Academy > Life In A Northern Town (Extended Version)
    Promises > Baby, It´s You

    EAMS 10 / Deutsches

    EAMS 11

    Ronnie Milsap > Stranger In My House
    Tight Fit > The Lion Sleeps Tonight
    Aneka > Little Lady
    Joy Peters > Don´t Loose Your Heart Tonight (Maxi)
    A La Carte > Viva Torrero
    Mike Oldfield > Pictures In The Dark
    Lee Simon > USA
    Peter Griffin > I´ve Lost My Way
    Olson Brothers > Louise
    Maywood > Late At Night
    Chris Denning > Jamaica Farewell
    Chilly > We Are The Popkings
    Orlando River Sound > Fire On The Water
    Opus > Whiteland (Maxi)
    Bernward Büker > Wilde Abenteuer
    Bayern Power > Funky Cold Medina

    EAMS 12

    The Flirts > Passion
    Barrabas > On The Road Again
    Orlando Riva Sound > Indian Reservation
    Saragossa Band > Wigwam
    A La Carte > Doctor, Doctor Help Me
    London Boys > I´m Gonna Give My Heart
    Red Baron > Just Seventeen
    Andrew Gold > Thank You For Being A Friend
    Peter Kent > For Your Love
    Lee Majors > Unknown Stuntman
    John Christian > Ebony Eyes
    Wallenstein > Charline
    Henry Lee Summer > Hey Baby ´89
    Eddie Money > Take Me Home Tonight
    Kursaal Flyers > Little Does She Know
    Quincy Jones > Money Runner

    EAMS 13 / Nur Deutsches

    EAMS 14

    Tarracco > Sultana (Play-out Version)
    Irene Cara > Flashdance (What a feeling)
    Gary Byrd & The G.B. Experience > The Crown (Maxiversion)
    Roxanne > Charlene
    Carl Carlton > Baby I need your lovin
    Cliff Turner > Moonlight Affair (Maxiversion)
    Chilly > Come to L.A.
    Charlie Dore > Pilot of the airwaves
    Nick Kamen > I promised myself (Independiente Mix)
    Precious Wilson > Raising my family
    Stabilizer > One simple thing
    Jennifer Rush > 25 Lovers
    John Farnham > Chain Reaction
    Helen Schneider > Jimmy (Cindy I don´t)
    DJ BOBO > Lean on me

    Gruß, Mixi

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    1. ist vielleicht: "Paul Haig - Blue For You".


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    1. Es waren die Visitors - danke!!!

    2. Stimmt - Vielen Dank!!

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