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Amanda Lear

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    AMANDA LEAR - brief encounters acoustique JUST GOOD MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 28.12.2009

    1. Cupidon
    2. Je m'appelle Amanda
    3. I belong to you (Lenny Kravitz)
    4. Back to black (Amy Winehouse)
    5. Let's love(Peggy Lee)
    6. Fallin in love again
    7. Someone else's eyes feat.Deadstar
    8. I don't wanna lose you
    9. Secret lover (Album Version)
    10. Suicide is painless (Mash theme)
    11. Sorrow (Bowie)
    12. Reality (La Boom) (Demo Studio Version)
    13. Je m'appelle Amanda (Piano Version)

    16.02.2010 PLAYLIST:
    PET SHOP BOYS - "pandemonium" (CD & DVD), ICEHOUSE - "sidewalk", HAYWOODE - "arrival", BEE
    - "e.s.p.", DOLLAR - "the paris collection", JAKI GRAHAM - "heaven knows", ENIGMA - "seven
    lives many faces"
    (2 CD), DOLLAR - "the dollar album", LIVING IN A BOX - "living in a box", BAD BOYS
    - "heartbeat", ANNE CLARK - "pressure points", MIKE MAREEN - "dance control", AL CORLEY -
    "square rooms", JERMAINE JACKSON - "dynamite", PENNY MCLEAN - "lady bump", KEITH SWEAT -
    "make it last forever"

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    ...from the forthcoming E.P. i'm coming up!

    Ich freue mich sehr, dass der beste Titel des Albums brand new love affair in Kürze ausgekoppelt wird!


    24.02.2010 PLAYLIST:
    MECANO - "siglo xxi (Edición De Lujo)" (2 CD & 2 DVD), EXPOSÉ - "what you don't know", FANGORIA -
    "completamente" (2 CD & DVD), THE TWINS - "the impossible dream" --> WOLLI-Pause --> BUGGLES
    - "adventures in modern recording", RICK ASTLEY - "hold me in your arms", BELLE EPOQUE - "miss
    broadway", RHEINGOLD - "r." --> 56 min. avec K. --> INDOCHINE - "le péril jaune", BRUCE & BONGO
    - "the geil album", THE BELOVED - "happiness", JOACHIM WITT - "moonlight nights", EL NORTE - "el
    mundo esta loco", ELISA WAUT - "commedia", PREFAB SPROUT - "jordan: the comeback"

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    AMANDA LEAR feat. DEADSTAR - someone else's eyes UNIVERSO VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 10.05.2010

    Hot off the heels of his latest single, "Amazing Grace", the 'culture' legend that is Boy George has joined forces with us to deliver his spin on the song, "Someone Else's Eyes" by Amanda Lear feat. Deadstar, which opens Amanda's forthcoming new album, "Brief Encounters - Reloaded".

    1. Someone Else's Eyes (Boy George & Kinky Roland Mix)
    2. Someone Else's Eyes (All Eyes On The Dance Floor Mix)
    3. Someone else's Eyes (Visionary Mix)
    4. Someone Else's Eyes (Fully Loaded NRG Mix)
    5. Doin' Fine (Devil's Desire Extended Mix)

    05.05.2010 PLAYLIST:
    OLÉ OLÉ - "grandes exitos" (CD & DVD), TEARS FOR FEARS - "tears roll down (greatest hits 82-92)
    (Special Edition)"
    (2 CD), KAJAGOOGOO - "too shy / the best of" (CD & DVD), LADY GAGA - "the fame
    (2 CD), BRIGITTE NIELSEN - "every body tells a story", V.A. - "die heissesten pop/rocky hits
    , MICHAEL CRETU - "legionäre", À LA CARTE - "do wah diddy diddy round / viva" (2 CD), MALCOLM
    - "fans", BRUCE HORNSBY & THE RANGE - "the valley road" (Maxi-CD), DAVID CASSIDY -
    "romance" --> 77 min. avec K. --> DAVID GUETTA - "one love (Limited Edition)" (2 CD), ANNE CLARK
    - "pressure points", KIM WILDE - "love moves", FREHEIT - "romancing in the dark"

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    AMANDA LEAR - brief encounters - reloaded JUST GOOD MUSIC VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 21.05.2010

    1. Someone Else's Eyes (Boy George & Kinky Roland Mix) feat. Deadstar
    2. Doin' Fine (Ford & Curnow's TNT Mix)
    3. Back To Black (Amanda's Vino Della Casa Mix)
    4. For What I Am (Raider's Of The Lost Music Mix)
    5. Someone Else s Eyes (Fully Loaded NRG Radio Mix) feat. Deadstar
    6. Sorrow (Hi-Lites Mix)
    7. This Is Not America (United Sounds Of Amanda Mix)
    8. Suicide Is Painless (Anadin Extra Mix)
    9. Always On My Mind (Psychology Mix)
    10. Someone Else's Eyes (Visionary Mix) feat. Deadstar
    11. Doin' Fine (Devil's Desire Mix)
    12. I Don't Wanna Loose You (Lost And Found Mix)
    13. Perfect Day (Nocturnal Anthem Mix)
    14. Sorrow (Pete Hammond's Unapologetic Retro Mix)
    15. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Sanctuary Mix)

    02.06.2010 PLAYLIST:
    ALASKA - "el huracan mexicano" (2 CD), KIM WILDE - "another step", GLEN GOLDSMITH - "what you see is what you get", DIANA ROSS - "eaten alive", RUPAUL - "supermodel of the world", SABRINA - "something special", SCISSOR SISTERS - "fire with fire (Digital Dog Mixes)" (CD-R), TOYAH - "love is the law", ALICE - "azimut", CHERRELLE - "fragile" ---> 62 min. avec K. ---> LIVING IN A BOX - "living in a box", SIPHO MABUSE - "chant of the marching", DANIELA MERCURY - "o canto da cidade", TOM HOOKER - "bad reputation", SILICON DREAM - "greatest hits '87-'95", BOY GEORGE - "sold", FANCY - "it's me - fancy", THOMAS ANDERS - "different"

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    AMANDA LEAR - i'm coming up! (The Remix EP) EDINA VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 28.06.2010

    With her exotic, feline-like snarl deepened by whisky and Gitanes, Pop icon Amanda Lear returns to her club roots teaming up in the US with Morel’s Outsider Music for a sly, nu disco, electro-pop sizzler out June 28th.

    She’s letting everyone know she’s coming up again with decidedly cutting-edge remixes by Morel, Tommie Sunshine, Nightriders and Special Ops (aka Babydaddy and DJ Sammy Jo of the Scissor Sisters).

    After all, model, artist, novelist, Amanda Lear knows a thing or two about art, pop culture, rock n roll and disco! From modeling for YSL and Ossie Clark, to being Salvador Dali’s muse, to swinging in London with boyfriends Bryan Ferry, David Bowie and Rolling Stones’ Brian Jones, it was her fetish-clad feature on Roxy Music’s seminal For You Pleasure album cover that catapulted her into the spotlight.

    With a little nudge from Bowie to pursue music, she became the undisputed Queen Of Disco throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America selling an astonishing 15 million albums and 25 million singles worldwide over her 35 year career.

    1. I'm Coming Up (Richard Morel Club Mix) 7:37
    2. I'm Coming Up (Nightriders Remix) 6:37
    3. I'm Coming Up (Tommie Sunshine's Quaalude Mix) 6:13
    4. I'm Coming Up (Special Ops Hello Dali Mix) 5:15
    5. I'm Coming Up (Richard Morel Dub Mix) 6:51
    6. I'm Coming Up (Nightriders Dub Mix) 6:32
    7. I'm Coming Up (Richard Morel Video Edit) 4:12

    14.06.2010 PLAYLIST:
    MIGUEL BOSÉ - "las chicas no lloran"
    V.A. - "die krimi-hits"
    ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA - "flashback" (3 CD)
    DAVID BOWIE - "club bowie"
    LA TOYA JACKSON - "la toya"
    V.A. - "fresh girls"
    ALASKA Y DINARAMA - "deseo carnal (Edición Para Colleccionistas)" (2 CD)
    AMANDA LEAR - "i'm coming up (The Remix EP)" (CD-R) ---> loveandkisses2C74
    HAZELL DEAN - "always"
    SPAGNA - "you are my energy"
    ELEKTRIC MUSIC - "esperanto"
    LUCIO BATTISTI - "e già"

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