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    BANANARAMAs neue single move in my direction wird am 18.07.2005 veröffentlicht

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    und noch mehr infos:

    From the newsletter :

    It's tempting to say that Bananarama rewrote the pop rulebook. The truth is that they never even read it in the first place - for over twenty years their name has been synonymous with bright, sophisticated and authentically brilliant pop music. And here are Keren and Sara back with some of the strongest material of their career: totally modern, totally pop, totally Bananarama.

    Monday July 18th sees the release of "Move In My Direction", a slice of gorgeous glitterball disco-house - dipped in lush vibes and electro flavoured, it's the perfect summer soundtrack to unite happy hedonists, club kids and pop-heads everywhere.

    Co-written and produced by Korpi & Blackcell from the famous Murlyn camp, home of hits to the likes of Britney and j-Lo and mixed by UK popmeister Jeremy Wheatley of Sugababes fame - "Move In My Direction" will be available on 2 CDs and 7" vinyl:-

    CD1 will include " Move In My Direction " and also the Marc Almond remix of the Bananarama classic " Venus".
    CD2 will come with " Move In My Direction ", a whole heap of foxy remixes courtesy of Redanka, Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto, Lovefreakz and the video in all its glory.
    7" limited vinyl will include " Move In My Direction " and also the Marc Almond remix of the Bananarama classic " Venus".

    With millions of records sold, Top Ten and no1 smashes across the world and 25 Top 40 hits in the UK, the ladies are true global pop heroines: i-Tunes have also recently added over 60 Bananarama songs for downloading to celebrate one of the world's most loved pop groups of all time.

    Totally modern, totally pop, totally Bananarama.

    " Move In My Direction " is released on A&G Records on Monday 18th July on 2CDs and limited 7" vinyl.

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    die veröffentlichung der neuen BANANARAMA-SINGLE move in my direction wurde auf den 25.07.2005 verschoben.

    dafür gibt´s seit gestern einen ausschnitt aus dem neuen videoclip zu sehen.

    die ANGEL CITY DUB-VERSION (sample auf der 2. startseite) klingt sehr vielversprechend

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    Hier sind meine Bananarama favoriten, ich besitzte praktisch alle Maxis und Lp's, ausser die 'Cruel Summer' Maxi von 1983, die muss ich mir demnächst nachbestellen, allein wegen dem song 'Cairo', den ich von Amazulu her kenne. Die B-seite von der Singel 'Cruel dub' hab ich grad letzthin von einem Freund gebrannt bekommen.

    Die Reihenfolge ist nicht so wichtig, da ich ein Hardcore 'nana' fan bin:

    1. Do Not Disturb
    2. Cut Above The Rest
    3. Cruel Summer & Dub Version '83
    4. Robert De Niros Waiting (maxi)
    5. Wish You Where Here
    6. I Want You Back
    7. Love Truth And Honesty
    8. Clean Cut Boy (party size)
    9. Don't Call Uss....(Boy Trouble)
    10. Love In The First Degree
    11. Push
    12. Doctor Love
    13. Dream Baby
    14. Girl About Town
    15. What A Shamble
    16. Bad For Me
    17. Stade I'm In
    18. Ready Or Not
    19. Ghost
    20. Rough Justice (maxi)
    21. Strike It Rich
    22. More, More, More
    23. More Than Physical (album version)
    24. I Can't Help It
    25. Shy Boy (maxi)
    26. Venus
    27. Moving On
    28. Every Shade Of Blue
    29. Only Your Love (maxi)
    30. Last Thing On My Mind
    31. King Of The Jungel
    32. Tripping On Your Love
    33. Nathan Jones (psycho mix)
    34. Preacher Man
    35. Cheers Then (maxi)
    36. Help
    37. A Trick Of The Night(tricky mix-incl. say i'm your number one von princess)
    38. I Heard A Rumour
    39. Preacher Man
    40. If
    41. Live Now
    42. Hooked On Love
    43. Careless Whisper
    44. True Confessions
    45. Set On You
    46. Through A Childs Eye
    47. Dance With A Stranger
    49. Aie-A-Mwana
    50. Hey Young London
    51. In A Perfect World
    52. Hot Line To Heaven (long version)
    53. Once In A Lifetime
    54. White Train
    55. Venus
    56. Scarlett
    57. More Than Physical (garage mix)
    58. Promised Land
    59. Come Back
    60. Long Train Running
    61. Cruel Summer '89
    62. A Trick Of The Night (album version)
    63. Tale Sight
    64. Wild Life
    65. Proove Your love
    66. Give It All Up For Love
    67. Preacher Man
    68. Outta Sight
    69. Take Me To Your Heart
    70. Is She Good To You
    71. Na, Na, Hey, Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
    72. System
    73. What Color R The Sky
    74. Heartless
    75. Let Me Love You One More Time
    76. Really Saying Something
    77. Time Out
    78. Give Us Back Our..........
    79. Young At Heart
    80. You've Never Satisfied

    von den neuen versionen auf 'Exotica' war ich nicht gerade begeistert, ausser dass cover sleeve war der hammer.......ja und die einmalige Reunion sache mit Siobhan Fahey für BBC 'Waterloo' fehlt auch in meiner Sammlung, ist wohl nicht in der Schweiz veröffentlicht worden.....

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    wäre es nicht einfacher gewesen, wenn du nur die songs genannt hättest, die du nicht magst...

    vielleicht schaffst du es ja doch noch, dich auf eine TOP 10 oder TOP 20 zu beschränken...

    p.s.: ich hab´ auch fast alles von den mädels

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    Ja sorry, es ist mir halt grad so überkommen.....

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    Rantanplan postete
    Ja sorry, es ist mir halt grad so überkommen.....
    du bist ja neu hier, deshalb erwähne ich es: ES WAR NICHT BÖSE GEMEINT

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    71. Na, Na, Hey, Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

    Dies wäre meine Nummer 1 gewesen

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    brandneues interview mit BANANARAMA (Attitude Magazine / JULI 2005):

    Who in god's name did your hair on the Deep Sea Skiving cover?

    (Both crack up laughing).
    KAREN: No one. That´s just how we looked.
    SARAH: We´re fully responsible. Half the time we used to just wear hats to cover it up. I remember this awful Harrods felt hat that could go into any shape. Horrendous.

    What was the best argument you ever had with Pete Waterman?

    S: We never argued massively, like people think. We´d argue about things he´d said in the press.
    K: His stories were so hysterical. I´ve always had a huge soft spot for Pete, just because he was such a massive music fan. And as much as he was never fully involved with the writing side, he´d always pop his head round the door with that one great idea to make the track amazing.
    S: I think he once said we were his favourite pop act ever. Which was lovely.

    Were you asked to do Hit Me Baby One More Time? What was your immediate reaction? Have you seen it?

    K: I don´t know if we were asked actually, but if so, it would have most definitely been a no.
    S: We´ve been asked on so many of those nostalgic things, we´ve always said no. Not for us.
    K: I saw the Shakey one (Sniggers)
    S: However, we have done the Butlin´s gigs, but only because we heard that people like Jamelia and Blue had all played there, so we thought we´d give it a go.
    K: We went down on a really rainy weekend to Bognor Regis and we thought, who on earth is gonna go to this. Then when we arrived we couldn´t park the car cos it was just heaving there. We went on stage and the crowd was just amazing. It was a right old laugh, great fun, drunken nude men jumping on stage, the lot. Not bad really.

    Many years ago, I was in a Banananara tribute act called Mananarama. Do you know of any other cross dressing tribute acts out there?

    K: We´ve seen quite a few actually. There´s one in Thailand I remember, and one that used to play Madame Jo Jo´s, they´re quite hilarious. I love all that.
    S: Didn´t the one who used to be you always end up in tears and storming off the stage?
    K: Yes, I´ve no idea what that was all about, but they were fabulous.

    What were your thoughts and feelings on the amazing scene in the film Rita, Sue and Bob Too, where Rita and Sue are dancing to More Than Physical. Do you get excited by things like that?

    S: We were SO thrilled when we saw that.
    K: But even now, it´s so amazing to see yourself referenced in a programme or film, you still get really excited.
    S: I think there was something in Corrie recently, apparently the gay guy said something like "Let´s go home and listen to some Bananarama" which is just amazing.
    K: I love it. I always remember when I first heard our song being played in the caf on Eastenders, I thought "We´ve made it".

    Why was Melanie O' Brien never a full time proper member? I always wondered why she was not first choice after Siobhan left.

    K: Oh poor Mel.
    S: Did she send that in herself? (Laughs)
    K: Mel was part of us when we originally started doing back up vocals for people. Then we some guy who wanted to manage us, but she had a shaved head and he didn´t think she looked right.
    S: She had it coloured the West Ham colours too, as they were her team.
    K: So she went in the end. But then he didn´t end up managing us anyway cos he wanted us to go underground and learn our trade, and we were like "What!? We wanna be on Top Of The Pops next week, not next year" so he went too.
    S: He was one of the many would be managers that bit the dust early on for trying to tell us what to do.

    Bananarama was the first and best gig I ever went to. What is your fav gig?

    K: Mine was The Prodigy, When they supported Oasis at Knebworth. I ended up on stage on with them, absolutely off my face. I got dragged up on stage by one of them, I think it was Keith, and there I was throwing myself around in my flip flops, and then I just thought "What are you doing you silly cow?".That was a great gig.

    Will you ever release a DVD?

    K: Well, I imagine if this all goes well with the new single and album there will be some sort of repackaging of older stuff. However, the last time they put out a greatest hits we were really pissed off. They just slung it out without thinking around the time of the 20th anniversary. When we got wind of it, we contacted them and said look we´ve got a few anniversary things on the go, plus there´s some new stuff we could add to the Greatest Hits and we suggested we work together on it and make it a really great package. But they were like 'it´s all planned now and it´s going out'. Y´know, they didn´t involve us in any of it, the artwork, nothing. And it´d be good to have a full DVD with extras like the Brits Award performance of Love In The First Degree.
    S: And the French & Saunders thing. I´d love to see that again, I haven´t seen it for ages.

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    Vielen Dank bamalama, jetzt brauch ich nicht mal das Attidude kaufen......oder vielleicht doch, wegen der pics??? trotzdem danke, auch für die Tracey Ullmann seite, du bist der BESTE!!!!!!
    Liebe grüsse von Ronny

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