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Information Society

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    bamalama postete
    das würde ich nicht unbedingt - ich habe ja nicht gerade DEN repräsentativsten geschmack.

    trotzdem würde ich ARNEB zustimmen: hol dir das fantastische "BEST OF"-album strange haircuts // cardboard guitars // and computer samples - information society´s greatest hits (oder das debutalbum).
    p.s.: beide werden gerade recht preiswert bei EBAY angeboten.
    Ja, wat denn nu? Sprichst Empfehlungen aus und zweifelst dann doch an dir selbst?

    Werde bei ebay mal reinschauen.

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    gently69 postete
    Ja, wat denn nu? Sprichst Empfehlungen aus und zweifelst dann doch an dir selbst?
    ich versuche lediglich einen objektiven kauftip zu geben. so mag ich z.b. das 3. album peace and love, inc. am liebsten, bin mir aber trotzdem bewusst, dass die meisten mit tracks wie made to be broken (mein favorit) nur wenig anfangen können.

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    Information Society has a long history as one of electronic music’s most daring and groundbreaking acts.

    During a period in the late 1990s, the trio took a break to pursue individual projects. Lead singer Kurt Harland wrote an entire album of new material that was influenced by darker, industrial electronic music. The album was released under the Information Society name with the title Don't Be Afraid.

    In later years, the album went out of print, but interest in the disc continued as Information Society reconvened and began work on new material.

    Now that the trio is back together, Harland has revisited his solo release, adding two bonus tracks and remastering the album, as well as adding new artwork.

    1. Empty 3.0
    2. Closing In 2.0
    3. On the Outside 2.1
    4. Ending World 1.1
    5. Seek300 2.11
    6. The Sky Away 2.0
    7. Are 'Friends' Electric? 2.0
    8. Ozar Midrashim 1.1
    9. The Ridge 1.1


    10. White Roses 1.0
    11. Kebabtraume 1.0

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    INFORMATION SOCIETY - it is useless to resist us / 25 years of information society DANCING FERRET DISCS VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 20.10.2009

    This DVD celebrates the 25th anniversary of this hugely influential and popular electronic pop act by giving fans a full live concert, their music videos (never before released on DVD), bonus archival footage and photos, and a brand new EP, all on one disc.

    The live concert took place in Philadelphia in 2008 and featured James, Paul and Kurt in fantastic form. A German film crew shot the entire show from multiple angles and captured the fantastic energy of both the band and the audience.

    In addition to the full concert, the DVD contains all five videos released by the band during their time at Warner Records, available for the first time on DVD, taken directly from Warner’s archive masters. Bonus features include several photo montages, a video montage from their first tour of South America in the late 1980s, and a few other clips, including the infamous “Wall Street” video.

    As if that wasn’t enough, the DVD also contains a full version of the band’s digital-only “Modulator” EP in MP3 format. Only available through digital download, this nine-track EP contains remixes from the Synthesizer album by such folks as Dave Aude’ and Tommie Sunshine, as well as a brand new track with Kurt on vocals (”Don’t Touch The Devil”) and a live recording of a track not previously available in stores (”Wrongful Death”).

    This DVD is in NTSC format, which is the standard for American DVD players. Customers outside of North America using PAL or SECAM systems may or may not be able to view NTSC format. There is no Region Code on this DVD (Region Code 0).

    - the concert video

    1. Peace and Love, Inc.
    2. Wrongful Death
    3. The Seeds of Pain
    4. Walking Away
    5. Baby Just Wants
    6. Burning Bridges
    7. Think
    8. Jonestown
    9. Growing Up With Shiva
    10. I Like The Way You Werk It
    11. Run Away
    12. Back in the Day (Old School Electro Version)
    13. Running
    14. Are ‘Friends’ Electric?
    15. What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy)

    - the classic videos

    1. What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy)
    2. Walking Away
    3. Think
    4. Repetition
    5. Peace and Love, Inc.

    - the bonus features / video clips and photo montages

    1. insoc on wall street (1992)
    2. fall in line (1983)
    3. insoc behind the scenes in brazil
    4. the last electricians - live onstage 2008-2009
    5. nothing sacred - an insoc retrospective

    - the new ep (modulator) - in audio data format for transfer to your mp3 player

    1. Seeds of Pain (Dave Audé Remix) 7:05
    2. Baby Just Wants (Lthrboots Remix) 5:05
    3. Run Away (Tommie Sunshine Remix) 6:13
    4. I Love It When... (Jon Gill's Downtown Remix) 6:47
    5. More to This (Sucias TTV Mix) 4:09
    6. This Way Tonight (Ego Likeness Remix) 4:16
    7. Baby Just Wants (Wesley Krusher's Ghost Girl Remix) 4:40
    8. Don't Touch the Devil 6:08
    9. Wrongful Death (Live 2008) 3:07

    06.10.2009 PLAYLIST:


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    AW: Information Society

    new album Hello World (2014) World

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