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Kate Bush

Erstellt von bamalama, 30.01.2003, 14:12 Uhr · 82 Antworten · 10.152 Aufrufe

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    Wieso soll ich intolerant sein, nur weil mir persönlich Kate Bush so rund nicht so gut gefällt wie früher, wo sie, ich betone es, nicht dünn war, sondern lediglich normalgewichtig? Ich finde sie im Übrigen immer noch gut, nur hat ihr normalgewichtig halt besser gestanden.

    Abgesehen davon ist die Sache für mich erledigt. Bekriegen liegt mir nicht und ich habe auch alles zu dem Thema gesagt, sowohl hier als auch in "Wie dünn ist attraktiv" (oder so ähnlich) im Laberforum. Und außerdem hat mir das 80-er Jahre Kleid auch nur noch gepasst, weil es so weit geschnitten ist

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    Als letztes sei gesagt,daß wohl hier keiner den Body Mass Index von Käthe kennen wird.

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    nun scheint das neue KATE BUSH-album tatsächlich zu kommen:

    December 13th 2004: Music Week, the UK's definitive music industry news service has a front page article this week about Kate's KBC album announcement: "One of the longest waits for a follow-up will finally be over next year, when the first Kate Bush album in more than a decade appears. The EMI artist last week confirmed that she is set to deliver her first new studio set since 1993's The Red Shoes in 2005, having been working on new material over the past few years. Bush announced that the long wait was nearly over in a letter last week to members of her fan club. EMI has since confirmed to Music Week a new album is definitely on its way. Besides collaborating with the late Michael Kamen, Bush has also been working with bassist Mick Karn, drummer Stuart Elliott and percussionist Peter Erskine. Although she has largely been out of the limelight as she concentrated on bringing up her son Bertie, Bush was at the Ivor Novello Awards in 2002 to collect the outstanding contribution to British music award. (With thanks to Monty and Ben on the site's forum).

    Kate Sends Christmas Message To Her Fans - Album Set For 2005:

    December 9th 2004: Kate has sent out the following seasonal message to her fans via the Kate Bush Club (yes, it still exists!) With thanks to Steve and Melisande on the site's forum. Special thanks as always to the lovely Lisa Bradley of the KBC for still being there for us and for Kate!

    Hello Everyone, Many thanks for all your great letters of support and encouragement - they mean such a lot. The album is nearly finished now and will be out next year - we'll let you know when. It features some beautiful orchestral movements by Michael Kamen - we had a wonderful day together at Abbey Road Studios last winter. I'm so pleased with everyone's work on this record. There are some lovely performances and I hope you will all feel it's been worth the wait. Bertie keeps me very busy, he is so much fun and we are all really looking forward to Christmas. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and I hope next year is a really happy one for you. Lots of love, Kate x

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    After over 12 years away from the mic, singer Kate Bush has announced that her latest album is almost complete, according to reports on

    The enigmatic singer, known for her hit 'Wuthering Heights', has told fans and record label EMI that the CD is due to be released in March 2005.

    The 46-year-old made the untitled work with composer Michael Kamen, who died last year, and Mick Karn, a bassist with Eighties band Japan.

    "I hope you will all feel it's been worth the wait," Bush is said to have written to her fans.

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    nun scheint sich das erscheinen des neuen KATE BUSH-albums doch noch ein wenig zu verzögern:

    2nd March 2005:

    Kate was one of the invited guests at a star-studded reception held at Buckingham Palace yesterday to honour the British music industry. Other guests included Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Brian May, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Cilla Black, Shirley Bassey, Dame Vera Lynn, Jamie Cullum and Katie Melua. Today's press has had fun with the fact that the Queen didn't seem to know who many of the famous people were, and with the fact that Geri Halliwell arrived 40 minutes late (breaking royal protocol). On his BBC Radio 2 show today, Steve Wright spoke about meeting Kate at the palace. Steve's co-hosts were eager to hear what she had to say about the new release and Steve acknowledged that like Mark Radcliffe they were very keen on having Kate do some things on the show. When Kate came up to him for a chat she told him that the new album "probably might not be ready by summer" at which point Steve's co-hosts groaned, as they had believed it was coming out mid-year. Steve then went on about how she listens to his show. He also joked how he then had a word with her manager and told her that Kate doesn't know what she's saying, so just get on and release the album!" Well, doesn't make a release date any much clearer really - but at least it would seem Kate means to have her eighth album out within the first 9 months of 2005. As always, watch this space. (thanks to Matt on the forum and Mary.)

    und hier ein ganz aktuelles bild von KATE BUSH:

    schade, dass das album nicht im märz erscheint - der zeitpunkt wäre ideal, weil eine KATE BUSH-coverversion zur zeit auf platz 8 der britischen charts steht:

    THE FUTUREHEADS - hounds of love

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    Danke für die Neuigkeiten, bamalama!
    Ich bin schon gespannt und werde mir das Album natürlich kaufen. Sollte es eine "Sammleredition" irgendeiner Art geben, werde ich mir stattdessen die dann zulegen.

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    @ ALL

    welches KATE BUSH-album seid ihr?

    @ GOSEF

    schön, einen weiteren KATE BUSH-fan zu treffen[/b]. von meinen 100 lieblingskünstlern schafft sie es sicher in meine TOP 10!

    mein bester freund hat mir heute folgenden link geschickt:

    er ist the kick inside - ich bin (hab´s mir fast denken können) hounds of love (muss an der B-seite liegen... )

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    soeben von SKY NEWS bestätigt:

    KATE BUSHs album ist fertig, die leute von ihrer plattenfirma EMI sind begeistert. das album wird im herbst 2005 veröffentlicht, anfang 2006 erscheint eine MINI-DVD (was immer das auch sein mag).


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    Ich wäre auch "The kick inside".
    Hm, nicht gerade mein Lieblingsalbum. Das wäre Lionheart.
    Aber ich freue mich auch sehr auf die neue Platte.

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    Ich bin auch the 'kick inside', mein liebling ist 'the dreaming', aber das wechselt sowieso von zeit zu zeit.
    Ich und mein bester freund können es auch kaum abwarten bis das neue album erscheint.

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