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Lieblingsalben der 80er

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    ich dachte die Hooters waren Australier !

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    DALBELLO-"whomanfoursays" & "she"
    DEAD OR ALIVE-"mad bad and dangerous to know","nude" & "youthquake"
    KIM WILDE-"catch as catch can","teases and dares" & "close"
    MECANO-"donde esta el pais de las hadas" & "ya viene el sol"
    VISAGE-"the anvil" & "beat boy"
    AZUL Y NEGRO-"digital","suspense","mercado comun" & "babel"
    BOYTRONIC-"the working model"
    PROPAGANDA-"a secret wish"
    AMANDA LEAR-"incognito","tam-tam" & "secret passion"
    INFORMATION SOCIETY-"information society"
    KATE BUSH-"hounds of love" & "the sensual world"
    O.S.T.-"cat people"
    COCK ROBIN-"cock robin","after here through midland" & "first love last rites"
    MIGUEL BOSE-"salamandra"
    ALICE-"park hotel"
    YOKO ONO-"stapeace"
    OLE OLE-"ole ole" & "voy a mil"
    HOWARD JONES-"humans lib" & "dream into action"
    E.L.O.-"secret messages"
    TEARS FOR FEARS-"the hurting"
    DAVID CASSIDY-"romance"
    HUBERT KAH-"tensongs" & "sound of my heart"
    LAID BACK-"play it straight"
    BERLIN-"dancing in berlin (the 12" mixes)"
    GARY NUMAN-"the fury","new anger" & "outland"
    ABBA-"the visitors"
    DIVINE-"the story so far"
    LIME-"lime 2"
    MAI TAI-"1 touch 2 much"
    THINKMAN-"the formula"
    FISHER-Z-"word salad" & "going death for a living"
    BANANARAMA-"true confssions" & "wow"
    SPAGNA-"deticated to the moon"
    GEORGIE RED-"we´ll work it out"
    MATIA BAZAR-"melancholia" & "melo"
    WANG CHUNG-"points on the curve"
    HAZELL DEAN-"heart first"
    LA LUNA LES CANTA-"la luna les canta"
    ALASKA Y DINARAMA-"deseo carnal","no es pecado" & "fan fatal"
    BOBBY O-"and his banana republic"
    MELISSA MANCHESTER-"emergency" & "mathematics"
    und viele viele mehr...

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