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MEN OF ROMANTIC! I found the song!!

Erstellt von ITALONL, 21.07.2007, 18:05 Uhr · 2 Antworten · 841 Aufrufe

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    Ausrufezeichen MEN OF ROMANTIC! I found the song!!

    FINALLY I FOUND IT ( in stereo quality)!!!

    My most wonderful 'missing' eurodisco-song of the 80's!!

    >>>MEN OF ROMANTIC - "Girls Destroy(ed) Hearts"

    After almsot 20 years i could download this diamond piece...

    it's the radio version (there is certainly a extended mix released).

    I often sent messages to NDR1, the radio station where this song became a radio hit (No.6 in 1987 or '88). But NEVER got respons from them. Another person from this forum gave me a tape with a bad mono version on it, some years ago (still it was nice to have..better than nothing!). We both concluded that this had to be a single & maxi release only for promotion..

    If you are interested, I could upload it soon @ YOUTUBE so you can judge yourself what you think of it :-)!

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    AW: MEN OF ROMANTIC! I found the song!!

    I am interested :-)

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    AW: MEN OF ROMANTIC! I found the song!!

    me too

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