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Neue ALBEN / SINGLES von 80er-Stars

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    LENNY KRAVITZ - lady VIRGIN / EMI 3306372 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 04.07.2005

    Lenny Kravitz, der laut der holden Weiblichkeit "5exiest Man Alive", meldet sich knapp ein Jahr nach der Veröffentlichung seines Albums "Baptism", dessen Cover übrigens einen Nackedei-Lenny in einer roten Farbsuppe zeigt, mit der neuen Single "Lady" wieder zurück. Eigentlich recht ungewöhnlich, nach fast einem Jahr auf dem Markt noch einen weiteren Song auszukoppeln, jedoch verspricht sich der Rockstar davon Promotion für seine aktuelle Welttournee, die den Sänger auch nach Karlsruhe, Berlin und Dresden bringt.

    Eigentlich ist es auch nicht verwunderlich, dass die Wahl der neuen Single gerade auf "Lady" gefallen ist. Denn der Song ist ein typisches Exemplar der Schreib-, Musizier- und Produzierkunst des Ex von Nicole Kidman geworden. Bissige, verzerrte Gitarren im Hintergrund, Midtempobeat und der gewohnt lasziv angehauchte Gesang von Mr. Kravitz. Groovt recht gut das Teil, vor allem die Idee mit dem E-Piano im Background erweist sich als cleverer Schachzug, der etwas Abwechslung in den ansonsten recht monotonen Song bringt. Allen (weiblichen) Fans des Sängers dürfte auch bei "Lady" das Herzerl pochen, für alle anderen bleibt unterm Strich ein passabler Rocksong mit geringer Halbwertszeit.

    01. Lady (Radio Edit)
    02. Lady (Album Version)

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    RICK SPRINGFIELD - the day after yesterday DKE RECORDS 481200 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 12.07.2005

    The Day After Yesterday, being released on, July 12, 2005 (Gomer/DKE Records), is an album of 13 covers that have influenced Rick Springfield throughout his career, and one original song. "I've always wanted to record these songs" Rick Springfield says. "They have been favorites of mine for a long time. They are songs I wish I'd written. I wanted to be faithful to the originals but still treat them a little differently and also give them the benefit of the new technology. Plus, I wanted to see if it would be easier and less painful doing a CD of songs I hadn't written...and it was."

    Tracks include I'm Not In Love (10cc), Under The Milky Way (The Church), Life In A Northern Town (Dream Academy), Broken Wings (Mister Mister), Human (Human League), Holding On To Yesterday (Ambrosia), Baker Street (Gerry Rafferty), Waiting For A Girl Like You (Foreigner), Let's Go Out Tonight (Blue Nile), For No One (Beatles), Miss You Nights (Westlife), Blue Rose (Lizz Wright), Cry (Rick Springfield) and Imagine (John Lennon)

    On April 26, 2005, Sony/BMG released Written in Rock, Rick Springfield Anthology, a 2-Disc set, spanning Rick Springfield's entire career. "I consider these songs to be the highlights of my past albums and they definitively represent the different eras of my songwriting." - Rick Springfield.

    Rick Springfield has withstood the test of time far better than most critics would ever have imagined, writing and performing some of the best-crafted mainstream power pop of the past 20 years. A musician turned actor turned musician, Rick formed a band in high school, and eventually joined the group Rock House which toured Vietnam in 1968. A much sought after lead guitarist in his native Australia, he moved on from Rock House to join the popular band The Zoot in 1970. Springfield went solo after Zoot's breakup and garnered his first U.S. success the following year with a re-recording of his Australian hit "Speak to the Sky" (Capitol, 1972, #14).

    After stints with both Columbia (1973) and Chelsea Records (1976), Rick was able to secure a recording contract with RCA on the strength of his demos; in the midst of recording his debut for the label, he was signed to play the young, eligible Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital in 1981. Springfield's popularity skyrocketed, setting the stage for the release of Working Class Dog later that year. Powered by the classic chart topping single "Jessie's Girl," (RCA, 1981, # 1) and the Top Ten follow-up "I've Done Everything for You," (RCA, 1981, #8) Working Class Dog was a smash success, and Springfield eventually returned to his first love- music- when concerts conflicted with his television career.

    The follow-up album, Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet, was released in 1982, spawning the Top Five smash "Don't Talk to Strangers" (RCA, 1982, #2); 1983's Living in Oz offered more of the same, including the Top Ten "Affair of the Heart." (RCA, 1983, #9) as well as "Human Touch" (RCA, 1983, #18) When Springfield made the leap to the big screen in 1984 with Hard to Hold, the soundtrack had another Top Five hit, "Love Somebody." (RCA, 1984, #5) Hitting the Top 40 a total of 17 times, Rick has continued to record several more albums during his career, including Tao (1985), Rock Of Life (1988), Sahara Snow (1997, with Tim Pierce and Bob Marlette), Karma (1998) Greatest Hits Alive (2001)and the critically acclaimed Shock Denial Anger Acceptance (2004).

    01. I'm Not In Love (10CC)
    02. Under The Milky Way (The Church)
    03. Life In A Northern Town (Dream Academy)
    04. Broken Wings (Mister Mister) duet with Richard Page
    05. Human (Human League)
    06. Holding On To Yesterday (Ambrosia)
    07. Baker Street (Gerry Rafferty)
    08. Waiting For A Girl Like You (Foreigner)
    09. Let's Go Out Tonite (Blue Nile)
    10. For No One (Beatles)
    11. Miss You Nights (Cliff Richard)
    12. Blue Rose (Liz Wright)
    13. Cry (Rick Springfield)
    14. Imagine (John Lennon)

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    Am 18.7.05 erscheint die neue BANANARAMA singel 'Move In My Direction', die B.-Seite erhält wieder einmal eine Remixed version von 'Venus', der mixer ist Marc Almond!!!!

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    nähere infos findest du u.a. hier.

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    MADNESS - the dangerman sessions volume one V2 Mad77 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 18.07.2005

    When I was approached by an agent, on behalf of ‘The Dangermen’, & asked if I would write a brief history of their quest, I was, at first, a little apprehensive…. what if I were to put forward an inclination, a word, even a question mark & it was seen as a 'diabolical liberty?' Would the next contract be for me, c/o the corporation? Secondly, I was on first name terms with one of the D.M’s pet gerbils, which not even employees high up on the corporations' ladder were aware of.

    Before they entered the arena that is 'entertainment' I would be the one slapping their backs all the way - I was the one polishing their ego until you could see your face in it's reflection, & I was the one that would gladly have taken a bullet for each of these honourable gentlemen - I would be their fall guy, if it meant getting the job done, proper!

    In 1967 The Dangermen were born. There were originally 9 members of the Caribbean’s most disciplined. They wrote, rehearsed & recorded vigorously throughout 1967-69, making only a handful of live appearances for the Cuban & Dominican Republic's elite. Unwelcome in Guatemala, & banned for almost 20 years from playing the state of Texas, due to the lyrical content of ‘Johnny We're Sorry', the band concentrated playing the underground circuit of Windward & Leeward Islands. Sadly, after 3 of the band members 'disappeared’ from their nerve centre in Mandeville, I felt it was time for drastic musical change, & sealed what, at the time, was a ground breaking deal on the Q.E.2 (via the late lord Mountbatten). The band hit Hamilton Island with a bang but were then, mysteriously, never seen or heard of again (except for a few unconfirmed sightings).

    The ‘men had finally been taken out of the danger. Now, undeterred like a war machine, stronger than ever, it was time, their time…. a time to surreptitiously mingle, infiltrate, divide & ultimately rule what Mr. Benjamin Sherman Snr. had created over 40 years earlier.

    They had always strived to instil the notion through words & music that “this was not a mad world, but a world about to turn''.

    But seriously folks……

    At the tail-end of last year The Dangermen played a handful of super-secret gigs at Camden’s Dublin Castle performing classic and little known ska cover versions. The energy and excitement of the band’s early days playing sweaty shoeboxes in Camden was magically recaptured, reminding all that were lucky enough to be in attendance that The Dangermen remain one of the best live bands in the country. It was obvious from this moment that The Dangermen’s take on the music that inspired them should be captured on record and V2 jumped at the chance to be involved.

    Who are The Dangermen you may ask. If you hadn’t already guessed, it’s Madness. Sneaking into Camden and shaking things up once again. And they will be back to do more gigs soon.

    It’s not as if Madness have been idle over the years. Since 1994 the band have been wowing the masses with their “Madstock” gigs every now and again. From filling Finsbury Park, (where the infamous Morrissey flag-waving incident took place) to selling out Wembley Arena year after year. It was at last year’s Wembley show the band threw a few cover versions into their set such as Desmond Dekker’s “The Israelites”. The crowd loved it, the band were inspired and the Dangermen were born.

    What can you say about Madness that hasn’t already been said before? Formed in 1976 (originally as The Invaders), the band went on to become one of the most successful bands of the 80s with a run of classic hit singles (and videos) rarely matched by any artist today – Madness spent more weeks on the charts in the 80s than any other group.

    Since this time, temporary personnel changes and side projects aside, Madness have continued to be home for seven individuals inextricably bound to decades of musical hearts. The band celebrated the end of the century with yet another top 10 single “Lovestruck” from the album “Wonderful” and in 2002 the acclaimed musical “Our House” (featuring the songs of Madness) won an Olivier Award for Best New Musical – an ultimate critical accolade for the timeless song-writing that sound-tracked generations past and present.

    Madness – The Dangermen Sessions Vol 1 is released on July 18. The frist single “Shame & Scandal” will be released on July 4th.

    Track-listing is as follows – along with the artists who did the original versions:

    01. GIRL (Prince Buster)
    02. SHAME & SCANDAL (Lord Tanamo)
    03. IRON SHIRT ( Max Romeo)
    04. TALLER THAN YOU ARE (Lord Tanamo)
    05. YOU KEEP ME HANGING ON - (Diana Ross & The Supremes) - 06. Dangermen version based on an arrangement by John Holt
    07. DANGERMAN ( Bob Leaper & His Orchestra)
    08. ISRAELITES (Desmond Dekker)
    09. JOHN JONES (Rudy Mills)
    10. LOLA (The Kinks)
    11. LOSE A GOOD THING (Barbara Lynn)
    12. RAIN (Jose Feliciano)
    13. SO MUCH TROUBLE (Bob Marley)

    The album features all the original members of Madness: Graham “Suggs” McPhearson, Cathal “Chas Smash” Smyth, Lee “Kix” Thompson, Mike “Monsieur Barso” Barson, Mark “Bedders” Bedford, Dan “Woody” Woodgate and Chris “Chrissy Boy” Foreman..

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    SOFT CELL - say hello, wave goodbye: live 2 CD MUSIC CLUB MCCD573 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 27.06.2005

    This album was recorded on the road in the Spring of 2003, Wave Hello, Say Goodbye: Live captures messrs Ball and Almond on form as they tour the UK & Europe. At ease with their past and as relevant as ever this 2CD set serves as a reminder of their brilliant unique talent!!

    01. Memorabilia
    02. Monoculture
    03. Le Grand Guignol
    04. Heat
    05. Caligula Syndrome
    06. Divided Soul
    07. Last Chance
    08. Barriers
    09. Youth
    10. Loving You Hating Me
    11. Mr Self Destruct
    12. Best Way To Kill
    13. Art Of Falling Apart

    CD 2:

    01. Together Alone
    02. Somebody Somewhere Sometime
    03. Baby Doll
    04. Night
    05. Soul Inside
    06. Torch
    07. Bedsitter
    08. Tainted Love
    09. Where Did Our Love Go
    10. Martin
    11. Insecure Me
    12. Say Hello Wave Goodbye
    13. 5ex Dwarf

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    Have the Indigo Girls hit the doldrums? Their concerts of late often prove to not only be lackluster, but dated, as singer/songwriter/guitarists Amy Ray and Emily Saliers veer dangerously close to seeming more like relics than icons. Part of that stems from their reliance on familiar material, as if their writing has slowed to a trickle. Now comes more suggestion of that in Rarities, an album made up of leftovers, odds and ends, demos, other previously unreleased material, and contributions to side albums. The good news is that there is much here to enjoy, all of it wrapped in the Girls' trademark corduroy-and-silk harmonies. Their demo version of "Ghost" is fraught with fevered longing, a remix of "Shed Your Skin" delights with its swirling, hypnotic soundscape, and the cameos by Michael Stipe ("I'll Give You My Skin") and Ani DiFranco ("Ramblin' Round") resonate with artistry and star power. But the 18-song album bloats with less-than-sparkling cuts (for example, a cacophonous rendering of Vic Chesnutt's "Free of Hope," two early and undistinguished songs from both Emily and Amy, and a techno-meets-country remix of "Free in You"). In the end, this is more a collector's disc than a window on the duo's "rarest" moments.

    01. Clampdown
    02. I Don't Wanna Talk About It
    03. Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters (Live Version)
    04. Let Me Go Easy (Live Version)
    05. Winthrop
    06. Free Of Hope
    07. Shed Your Skin (Tom Morello Remix)
    08. Never Stop (1986 E.P. Version)
    09. Ghost (Demo Version)
    10. Uncle John's Band
    11. I'll Give You My Skin (featuring Michael Stipe)
    12. Free In You (Dave Cooley Remix)
    13. Point Hope
    14. Ramblin' Round (Live Version) (with Ani Difranco)
    15. Cold As Ice (Live Version)
    16. Walk Your Valley
    17. It Won't Take Long
    18. Finlandia (Live Version)

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    "First Time" lief Ende der 80er in den Werbespots von CocaCola. Zum Jahreswechsel 1988/89 führte der Song die britischen und die deutschen Charts an. Interpretin war die 1 Meter 55 kleine Amerikanerin Robin Beck. Bis dato war sie hauptsächlich als Backgroundsängerin aktiv. Zu ihrer Kundschaft gehörten Chaka Khan, Irene Cara und David Bowie.

    Ihr Debutalbum "Trouble or nothing" erstellte Robin Beck zusammen mit den namhaften Songwritern Desmond Child und Dianne Warren. Allerdings war das Material, das sie Robin gaben nicht sonderlich exklusiv. Die meisten Songs hatten entweder voher schon andere geesungen oder sie tauchten später mit anderen Interpreten nochmal in den Charts auf. So zum Beispiel Robin Beck’s zweite Single "Save up all your Tears". Zwei Jahre nachdem Robin Beck damit in den deutschen Top 10 Hit gestanden hatte, nahm Cher den Song neu auf. Bei Single Nummer 3 dauerte es dann 5 Jahre bis zum wiederhören: "Tears in the Rain" kam durch Jennifer Rush zu neuen Hitehren.

    Robin Beck selbst schob 1992 ihr zweites, nur mäßig erfolgreiches Album nach. Immerhin kam die Single "In my Heart to stay" in die deutschen Charts. Ihren letzten Hit hatte sie Ende 1994 - wieder mit einem Lied aus der Werbung: "Close to you" war jahrelang als "Einfach gut" in den Spots einer großen FastFood-Kette zuhören.

    Nun erscheint mit "Do you miss me" endlich ein neues Lebenszeichen von Robin Beck.

    01. Do you miss me
    02. Walk on the moon
    03. Your love is though
    04. The safest place (l wanna be strong)
    05. What about us
    06. l wanna hear it from you
    07. Stone by stone
    08. Find a little faith
    09. Coming back for more
    10. l don't wanna play that game anymore
    11. Takin' a ride
    12. Bring it back

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    THE HUMAN LEAGUE - live at the dome SNAPPER SMACD904 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 11.07.2005

    Following the release of the acclaimed Live At The Dome DVD, a CD of the gig along with bonus DVD containing footage of the concert will be out soon.

    One of the biggest bands of the 80s, The Human League had a string of smash hits on the both sides of the Atlantic. This CD contains all of these hits, performed at the climax of their triumphant 2003 comeback tour.

    Phil Oakey, Susan Anne Sulley and Joanne Catherall are reunited and bring fans classic synth-pop including Don’t You Want Me Baby, Love Action and Human.


    01. Medley: Hard Times' / Love Action (I believe In Love)
    02. Mirror Man
    03. Louise
    04. Snake
    05. Darkness
    06. All I Ever Wanted
    07. Open Your Heart
    08. The Lebanon
    09. Human
    10. Things That Dreams Are Made Of
    11. (Keep Feeling)Fascination
    12. Don't You Want Me
    13. Together In Electric Dreams


    01. Medley: Hard Times' / Love Action (I believe In Love)
    02. Mirror Man
    03. Open Your Heart
    04. Human
    05. (Keep Feeling) Fascination

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    This Is Not Retro - The Eighties Up To Date!

    New and recent material from NINETEEN of the artists who helped define the eighties, including SEVEN tracks commercially available for the first time on this compilation. Released on July 11th but available to preorder in a special limited edition below.

    revolution of the heart
    (Go West)
    (formerly with Katrina & The Waves)
    (formerly with The Lotus Eaters)
    american beauty*
    let it all fall
    (formerly with The Specials)
    why so rude?
    what would you do (skin)?
    age of unreason*
    die laughing
    little tears of love
    (formerly with The Blow Monkeys)
    HEAVEN 17
    this is not my world*
    all day all night
    (formerly with Spandau Ballet)
    so lonely
    (formerly with Imagination)
    blue was never my colour*
    mi chica latina*
    * available for the first time on this compilation

    The first ONE THOUSAND copies of this album will be packaged in a DVD-style case and come with a twenty-four page booklet.

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