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Neue ALBEN / SINGLES von 80er-Stars

Erstellt von bamalama, 18.08.2004, 16:24 Uhr · 2.091 Antworten · 312.555 Aufrufe

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    ich war mir nicht sicher, ob ich diesen sampler posten sollte, da er ja lediglich über eine website vertrieben wird. da du mir die entscheidung abgenommen hast, poste ich ihn gleich noch mal in den SAMPLER-thread!

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    neues album voller cover-versionen!

    01. Ain’t No Way (featuring Mary J. Blige)
    02. He’s Out Of My Life
    03. Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time)
    04. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
    05. I Keep Forgetting
    06. Love Ballad
    07. I Can’t Make You Love Me
    08. Your Song (featuring Elton John)
    09. I'll Write A Song For You
    10. Silly
    11. I'll Stand By You
    12. You're Gonna Make Me Love Someone Else
    13. Land Of The Living (featuring Kristiane W)

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    @bamalama: ich werde mir den sampler sicher bestellen. die personalisierungsmöglichkeit finde ich eine richtig klasse idee.

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    BERLIN - 4play VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 05.07.2005

    album mit cover-versionen!

    1. Scream *
    2. Big Time (PETER GABRIEL)
    3. Erotic City (PRINCE)
    4. Dope Show (MARILYN MANSON)
    5. Fashion (DAVID BOWIE)
    6. Never Let Me Down Again (DEPECHE MODE)
    7. Down And Dirty *
    8. No More Words (acoustic VH1 Performance)
    9. For What It's Worth (THE CARDIGANS)

    * New Studio Recording

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    ELTON JOHN - electricity MERCURY VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 11.07.2005

    erste single aus dem musical Billy Elliot!

    CD-SINGLE (9872184):

    01. Electricity
    02. Indian Sunset

    MAXI-CD (9872183):

    01. Electricity
    02. Electricity (Orchestral Version)
    03. Your Song (Live 2004)
    04. Your Song (Live 2004 - CD-Rom Video)

    7" (9872343):

    01. Electricity
    02. Bite Your Lip (Get Up And Dance!) (Live 2004)

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    AMANDA LEAR - paris by night 12" DO IT YOURSELF ITALY DOIT 1705 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 21.06.2005

    Amanda Lear gets the electro treatment here as tight funkin basslines and strong kicks set the groundwork for Amanda Lear s erotic styled french speaking vocals creating a 5exy feel for dancefloors and radio!

    SEITE 1:

    01. "Paris By Night" (DIY Cool mix) 6.17
    02. "Paris By Night" (DIY Elektro mix) 5.18

    SEITE 2:

    01. "Paris By Night" (Bini's Virus dub) 6.33
    02. "Paris By Night" (Piol Paradise remix) 6.48

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    THE TWINS - live in sweden DA-MUSIC 999963 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 08.08.2005

    Live in Göteborg am 25/02/2005.

    01. Intro/Game Of Chance
    02. Time Will Tell
    03. Love In The Dark
    04. Facts Of Love
    05. Private Eye
    06. Automatic Man
    07. Satellite City
    08. New Days, New Ways
    09. Night, Lights And Shadows
    10. Touch Of Heaven
    11. Tonight
    12. Love Is Blind
    13. Love System
    14. Ballet Dancer
    15. Not The Loving Kind
    16. The Desert Place
    17. Face To Face, Heart To Heart

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    R.E.M. - wanderlust WARNER VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 11.07.2005

    CD-SINGLE (W6767CD1):

    01. Wanderlust
    02. Low (Alternative Version)

    MAXI-CD (W6767CD2):

    01. Wanderlust
    02. The Oustiders (featuring Q-Tip)
    03. Bad Day (Live Video from Spain 2005)

    7" RED VINYL (W676):

    01. Wanderlust
    02. The Oustiders (featuring Q-Tip)

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    TIFFANY - dust off and dance BACKROOM RECORDS VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 30.05.2005

    Like many successful performers, Tiffany's career began when she was very young. Born on October 2, 1971 in Norwalk, a quiet suburb in Southern California, Tiffany was performing nationwide at fairs, special events and on talent shows such as Star Search by the time she was five. Her performances were marked by an incredible presence and control that enabled her to deliver songs such as "Delta Dawn and "Stand By Your Man" with honesty and conviction.

    By the time Tiffany was 13 years old, her voice and determination landed her an audience with producers George Tobin and Brad Schmidt. Soon after, she was offered a contract with MCA Records and began work on her first album-the self titled debut, Tiffany. To promote the album to her target audience, a plan was hatched to have Tiffany perform nationwide at shopping malls. Within weeks she was singing to over 5,000 screaming fans in Salt Lake City, Utah. "Mall managers started to look at Tiffany differently after Salt Lake City. The turnouts were getting enormous," explains Schmidt. "It started out as a marketing tool and as a way to get her in front of people and it turned into a phenomenon."

    Overnight, Tiffany had become a pop culture and teen icon featured in magazines, newspapers, and even on the The Tonight Show. Both "I Think We're Alone Now" and "Could've Been" were US #1 singles. "I Saw Him Standing There," which hit the Top Ten, was also included on her 1987 debut album. Tiffany even managed to dethrone the King of pop, Michael Jackson, knocking him from the number one spot on the album charts. Tiffany's trajectory to super-stardom was unprecedented: Her humble beginnings with a mall tour led to two number-one records and domestic album sales beyond the six million mark, with over 14 million records sold worldwide. Her second album, Hold An Old Friend's Hand, went double platinum and included the Top Ten hit "All This Time."

    By the early 1990s, Tiffany decided to take a break. "People think I disappeared. But I took time away to be a person, not just a personality." Time away from the spotlight allowed Tiffany to mature personally and professionally. Already a gifted performer, she devoted herself to writing lyrics that would more clearly reflect her experiences, emotions and spirit. The resulting effort, the album The Color of Silence, was co-written by Tiffany and reveals a depth of artistry not often found in the world of pop music. "This album is a reflection of my life over the past ten years. A lot has changed, and people are not aware that my music represents the pains and joys I've experienced as a musician, full-time mother and successful business woman. Despite maintaining a rigorous live performance schedule, Tiffany also enjoys television work, and has made numerous recent appearances as a host on VH1.

    Album Description
    Joining up once again with the boys at the Backroom, the team that brought you 2001's critically acclaimed "Color Of Silence," Tiffany has continued her passion and has at long last recorded the consummate Club/Dance project her fans have so eagerly awaited. This collection of eleven house oriented tracks includes a fresh take on her smash hit "I Think We're Alone Now" and a remix by the up and coming dance duo "Second Sun." Finding her stride on this energetic and brilliantly crafted album, Tiffany's unique and mesmerizing voice is reminiscent of Aretha and Anastacia at their soulful best, and will leave you breathless.

    01. Be With U Tonite
    02. Ride It
    03. Kama Sutra
    04. Na Na Na
    05. Everyone Get Down
    06. Fly
    07. Artificial Girlfriend
    08. Sacrifice
    09. I Luv How You Feel
    10. I Think We're Alone Now
    11. Artificial Girlfriend (second sun remix)

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    CAROLE KING - the living room tour 2 CD IN-AKUSTIK 0696201 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 15.07.2005

    „Die Ehrlichkeit und menschliche Wärme, die Carole King auf der Bühne ausbreitet, ist einzigartig. Die Sängerin zählt zu den besten Songwritern des letzten Jahrhunderts, sie ist eine Klasse für sich.“
    (San Francisco Chronicle)

    „Falls Carole King weiß, wie brillant sie ist, so lässt sie dies einen nie spüren. Sie sitzt lächelnd auf der Bühne, meist hinter dem Flügel, packt einen Klassiker nach dem anderen aus und lässt dabei fünf Dekaden mit großartiger Musik am Zuhörer vorüberziehen.“ (Washington Post)

    Am Anfang komponierte sie nur für andere: The Drifters, Blood, Sweat And Tears, Aretha Franklin oder The Byrds. Doch dann entschloss sich Carole King, selbst ins Studio zu gehen. Und bereits das zweite Album „Tapestry“ wird 1971 ein Chartbreaker, der zu den erfolgreichsten Alben aller Zeiten zählt. Als Carole King sich Ende der Achtziger von der Szene zurückzieht, verabschiedet sie sich als Vorbild einer ganzen Generation von Singer/Songwritern.

    Wie der sprichwörtliche Phoenix aus der Asche meldet sich die 62-Jährige jetzt mit der Doppel-CD The Living Room Tour zurück. Der Konzertmitschnitt stammt aus dem Jahr 2004 und präsentiert eine gut gelaunte, stimmlich starke Sängerin, die während einer US-Tour die Bühnen in ein Wohnzimmer umdekorieren ließ, um so zusätzliche Nähe zum Publikum zu schaffen. Es funktionierte hervorragend.

    Alle 21 Songs - darunter zwei neue Kompositionen und natürlich Hit-Evergreens wie „It’s Too Late“ oder „I Feel The Earth Move“ - absolvierte Carole King im Alleingang am Flügel, nur bei zwei Stücken leistet sie sich den Luxus, die Gitarristen Rudy Guess und Gary Burr als Begleiter in ihr Bühnen-Wohnzimmer zu bitten. Das Ergebnis ist ein ganz hervorragendes Comeback einer Sängerin, die man in den letzten Jahren schmerzlich vermisst hat.


    CD 1:

    01. Welcome To My Living Room
    02. Peace In The Valley
    03. Love Makes The World
    04. Now And Forever
    05. Where You Lead I Will Follow - (with Louise Goffin)
    06. Lay Down My Life
    07. Jazzman
    08. Smackwater Jack
    09. Wishful Thinking
    10. Take Good Care Of My Baby: It Might As Well Rain Until September / Go Away Little Girl / I'm Into So

    CD 2:

    01. Loving You Forever - (with Gary Burr)
    02. It's Too Late
    03. So Far Away
    04. Sweet Seasons
    05. Chains
    06. Pleasant Valley Sunday
    07. Being At War With Each Other
    08. I Feel The Earth Move
    09. (You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman
    10. You've Got A Friend
    11. Locomotion

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