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Neue ALBEN / SINGLES von 80er-Stars

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    QUEEN - queen on fire / live at the bowl 2 CD PARLOPHONE / EMI 7243 8 63211 2 1 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 25.10.2004

    Says Brian May: “This is the first time the Milton Keynes night has been shown in its entirety, and I have to say we all get a kick out of it – all the more amazing because we came off stage that night thinking we hadn’t done ourselves justice!!! I’m proud to say It Rocks!!”.

    By 1982 Queen were at a peak in terms of touring and recording. They were coming off the back of two of their biggest singles – Another One Bites The Dust and Under Pressure – and by now they were playing more than 60 sell-out concerts a year in the biggest stadiums of the world.

    They were also basking in the glory of having been the first foreign band to have toured and conquered Latin America. 1981 had seen the band play football stadiums throughout Argentina and Brazil, including two sell-out concerts at Sao Paulo’s historic Morumbi Stadium.

    Such was the demand on the band to play arenas and stadiums throughout the world that they managed to play only 4 dates in the UK between 1981 – 1983. The M K Bowl concert was one of these and the closest they came to playing London in these 3 years. The date was originally to have been played at Arsenal football ground, but when permission was turned down, the date was switched to the M K Bowl.

    It is little wonder then that by the time they reached the gig in June 1982 that the Queen touring machine was in prime condition. “We just stormed through that concert,” says Taylor. “I’d forgotten just how tight the band was by then.”

    “Queen On Fire – Live At The Bowl” is Queen at its electric best, with the band charging through 25 numbers drawn from the biggest hits and best loved live songs – Dragon Attack, Now I’m Here, Tie Your Mother Down, Sheer Heart Attack, and two versions of We Will Rock You, including the much sought after ‘fast’ version, altogether 110 minutes of live classics.

    “I think people will be surprised, as I was, all these years later, how different the show is from the well known Queen Wembley 86 Stadium performance,” says Brian May. “ A large percentage of the songs are different…It kicks off with us blasting into “Flash” and gets very hot!” The set holds up very well, and Freddie’s ad-libs are something to behold…the other things I had forgotten was how much freedom we had to stretch and enjoy ourselves on the spur of the moment”.

    CD 1:

    01. Flash
    02. The Hero
    03. We Will Rock You (Fast)
    04. Action This Day
    05. Play The Game
    06. Staying Power
    07. Somebody To Love
    08. Now I'm Here
    09. Dragon Attack
    10. Now I'm Here (Reprise)
    11. Love Of My Life
    12. Save Me
    13. Back Chat

    CD 2:

    01. Get Down Make Love
    02. Guitar Solo
    03. Under Pressure
    04. Fat Bottomed Girls
    05. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    06. Bohemian Rhapsody
    07. Tie Your Mother Down
    08. Another One Bites The Dust
    09. Sheer Heart Attack
    10. We Will Rock You
    11. We Are The Champions
    12. God Save The Queen

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    The dashboard light still shines as Meat Loaf, one of the biggest selling artists of all time, readies his first live CD Meat Loaf: Bat Out Of Hell Live with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra & DVD Meat Loaf: Live with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Singing epic tales of love with his instantly recognizable, booming voice, Meat Loaf proves why he has held the attention of so many for so long. It’s the signature sound that the world first heard in 1977 with the release of Bat Out Of Hell, Meat Loaf’s operatic collaboration with songwriter Jim Steinman.

    Personifying showmanship and vocal prowess at its best, the CD Bat Out Of Hell Live with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra invokes the spirit of Rock N’ Roll. Meat Loaf is a true entertainer who brings the “story/song” concept to life as he and his band perform the entire Bat Out Of Hell album from start to finish. Bat live is an experience like no other, with “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” clocking in at over 20 minutes!

    While the CD showcases the sound, the DVD showcases the spectacle that is Meat Loaf live. Filmed in Melbourne, Australia on February 20 & 22, 2004 there won’t be anyone left less than amazed at Meat Loaf’s dedicated bravura performance. Not only does Meat blaze through classics such as “You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night),” “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad” and “I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That),” he also performs fan favorites including “Life Is A Lemon (And I Want My Money Back)” and “I Couldn’t Have Said It Better.”

    Born Marvin Lee Aday in Dallas, Texas, Meat Loaf moved to Los Angeles in 1967 to begin his career as a musician and actor. He first gained widespread attention as Eddie, the brain-dead zombie in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. In 1974 he met Jim Steinman while auditioning for the writer’s off-Broadway musical “More Than You Deserve,” and the two embarked on a partnership that led to Bat Out Of Hell, which went on to be one of the biggest selling albums of all time, selling over 30 million copies. In 1993 Meat Loaf again collaborated with Steinman and released Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell. The single, “I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)” aided by a visually exciting mini-movie, which was played on MTV and VH1 repeatedly, introduced Meat to a whole new generation. Meat Loaf has toured the world several times over and sold over 60 million albums worldwide

    01. Bat Out Of Hell
    02. You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Hot Summer Nights)
    03. Heaven Can Wait
    04. All Revved Up With No Place To Go
    05. Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad
    06. Paradise By The Dashboard Light
    07. For Crying Out Loud

    HMV UK have confirmed the release of a LIMITED EDITION of Meat Loaf Live With The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in a special Digi-pack!! Get this... the BONUS DVD includes Rock And Rock Dreams and I'd Lie For You performed with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra!! This dream come true will be released in the UK on October 18th! Single edition CD £9.99 / Limited Edition with DVD £14.99.



    01. Bat Out Of Hell
    02. You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)
    03. Heaven Can Wait
    04. All Revved Up With No Place To Go
    05. Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad
    06. Paradise By The Dashboard Light
    07. For Crying Out Loud


    08. I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)
    09. Couldn't Have Said It Better


    01. Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad [Live Feb 2004]
    02. Couldn't Have Said It Better [Enhanced Video]
    03. Did I Say That? [Enhanced Video]
    04. Photo Gallery
    05. Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through [Live Feb 2004]
    06. Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through [Live Feb 2004 - Surround Sound]
    07. I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth) [Live Feb 2004]
    08. I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth) [Live Feb 2004 - Surround Sound]
    09. Dead Ringer For Love [Live Feb 2004]
    10. Dead Ringer For Love [Live Feb 2004 - Surround Sound]

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    JULIANE WERDING - die welt danach DA MUSIC 4002587162320 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 11.10.2004

    Diese Dimensionen erforscht Juliane Werding auf ihrer neuen Single-Auskopplung "Die Welt danach" aus dem gleichnamigen Album. Und sie bietet sie gleich in zwei Versionen an - nicht bloß unterschiedliche Mixe, zwei Songs mit komplett verschiedenen Texten aus eigener Feder präsentiert die singende Geschichtenerzählerin. Während sie sich in der von schweren Rock-Gitarren begleiteten Uptempo-Version mit der Zukunft und dem Kampf zwischen Gut und Böse auseinandersetzt, geht es in der Reprise um eine Frau, die sich in eine andere "Welt danach", nämlich die nach dem Verlust ihres Mannes, einfinden muss. Streicher, Harfe und eine chinesische Ethno-Geige untermalen stimmungsvoll das Szenario aus Sehnsucht und Trauer, das - wie so oft bei Juliane Werding - sehr rätselhaft endet. Die Welt danach kennen wir alle, aber niemand weiß, wie sie aussieht. - Niemand? Wer sie kennt, der ahnt: Die Werding weiß mehr, als sie zugibt ...

    01.Die Welt danach (Radiomix)
    02.Die Welt danach (Albumversion)
    03.Die Welt danach (Reprise-Radiomix)
    04.Die Welt danach (Reprise Instrumental)

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    BEAUTIFUL SOUTH - livin´ thing SONY 6753711/12 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 11.10.2004

    6-track enhanced 2-CD single set featuring a cover of the classic E.L.O. song plus previously unreleased non-album recordings and CD-Rom video.

    "Welcome To The Beautiful South" emerged in October 1989 to a positive critical reception. ‘A Little Time’ became their first number 1 the following year. A bitter duet between Corrigan and Hemingway, it was supported by a memorable video that won the Best Music Video award at the 1991 BRIT Awards. Speaking of the song, Heaton admitted: "I find it difficult to write straightforward optimistic love songs . . I throw in a row, a fight… get a few knives out!". Always a writer able to deal with emotive subjects in an intelligent and forthright manner, Heaton's next topic was lonely alcoholism in ‘Old Red Eyes Is Back’, the first fruit of a protracted writing stint in Gran Canaria.

    During this time Corrigan became a little unsettled at some of the subject matter expressed in Heaton's lyrics (notably "36D", a song about The Sun newspaper's "Page 3" topless models, which was open to a variety of interpretations) and left the band after "0898: Beautiful South". Her replacement, Jacqueline Abbott, was introduced on a cover version of Fred Neil's ‘Everybody's Talkin’, and more fully on the band's fourth studio album, "Miaow". The success of this album was dwarfed by the singles collection, "Carry On Up The Charts", which dominated the listings in late 1994 and early 1995.

    ‘Rotterdam’, taken from the album "Blue Is The Colour", continued their run of hit singles at the end of 1996. ‘Perfect 10’ was another success, entering the UK charts at number 2 in September 1998 and staying in the Top 10 for several weeks. It proved to be an apt taster for the diverse styles to be found on the chart-topping "Quench", which featured input from Heaton's old Housemartins colleague, Norman Cook. The latter helped out again on "Painting It Red" the band's most musically assured and mature collection to date. Abbott became the second female vocalist to depart company with the band shortly afterwards.

    The following year, Heaton released his solo debut, "Fat Chance", under the pseudonym Biscuit Boy Aka Crackerman. In February 2004 Heaton released a "Under the Influence" compilation, with tracks ranging from Willie Nelson, Ugly Duckling and Elvis Costello to name but a few. Back at the helm of The Beautiful South Heaton the band’s latest offering and eleventh album "Golddiggas, Headnodders & Pholk Songs" will be released 22 October 2004, with the first single release 'Livin' Thing' out October 11. The album has been described as and a celebration of the pop song in all it’s gorgeous, goofy glory!


    01. Livin' Thing
    02. I'm Living Good


    01. Livin' Thing
    02. Lovin' You
    03. Another Night With The Boys
    04. Livin' Thing - enhanced video

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    "Being able to share the experience of performing live with my band over the last months through this DVD and CD is very close to my heart. It's the next best thing to being there." -- Melissa Etheridge

    Melissa Etheridge's "Lucky Live" (Island/Universal Music Enterprises), to be released September 28, 2004, is noteworthy enough for being her first concert DVD to feature her with a band. But there's more: The CD+DVD version of "Lucky Live" marks the first release of an Etheridge live album ever.

    For "Lucky Live," released both as a stand-alone DVD and as a CD+DVD package, Etheridge performs all 13 songs on her early 2004 album "Lucky," a Top 20 hit, including favorites "Breathe," "Lucky" and "This Moment," plus the never-before-released exclusive track "Good Girls And Boys." Originally shot in high-definition by director Michael A. Simon (who also filmed "Live ... And Alone"), "Lucky Live" is a stunning visual experience of Etheridge with her band at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City during her 2004 "Get Lucky Tonight" tour.

    Mixed in Dolby 5.1 surround sound and stereo, the DVD also features an exclusive concert commentary track by Etheridge and members of her band as well as a 44-minute "A Day In The Life" documentary and a special 14-minute interview with the two-time Grammy Award winner. The CD, with its audio of the same concert, provides a more mobile experience of the performance.

    The inspiration with this CD+DVD release was her eighth studio album, "Lucky," a celebration of new romance -- a love letter both rock 'n' roll and tender -- was hailed as perhaps her most direct, personal and upbeat album to date. Since its release, Etheridge has been on a tour of major markets that continues through October (see concert dates below.)

    In her career, Etheridge has received 12 Grammy nominations, sold more than 30 million albums worldwide, penned a New York Times best-selling autobiography (2001's "The Truth Is ...") and received the prestigious ASCAP "Songwriter of the Year Award." Millions of people around the globe have experienced the raw emotion of her countless live performances. In a field that often places images over substance, Melissa has become known for her forthright honesty.

    With "Lucky Live," every fan of rock, and every fan of Melissa Etheridge, gets lucky.


    01. Opening Title/ Lucky
    02. Will You Still Love Me
    03. If You Want Me To
    04. Breathe
    05. When You Find The One
    06. Secret Agent
    07. Mercy
    08. The Good Girls & Boys
    09. Tuesday Morning
    10. Meet Me In The Dark
    11. This Moment
    12. Kiss Me
    13. Come On Out Tonight
    14. Giant / Goodbye / Credits

    Special features on DVD include an interview with Melissa, A Day In The Life behind-the-scenes footage and a photo gallery.

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    THE CURE - taking off UNIVERSAL 9864491 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 18.10.2004

    4-track enhanced CD single including non-album bonus tracks 'Why Can't I Be Me' & 'Your God Is Fear' plus CD Rom Video.

    01. Taking Off
    02. Why Can't I Be Me
    03. Your God Is Fear
    04. Taking Off (CD Rom Video)

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    He’s had the most successful comeback of the last decade, delighting fans with two fantastic singles, an album of unprecedented brilliance and a string of mesmerising live shows and with ‘Let Me Kiss You’ Morrissey is set have his third Top 10 hit of the year. A beautiful ballad, lovingly wrapped around simple guitar, piano and sweeping strings ‘Let Me Kiss You’ is one of the stand out tracks from album ‘You Are The Quarry’.


    01. Let Me Kiss You
    02. Friday Mourning
    03. I Am Two People


    01. Let Me Kiss You
    02. Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice

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    TINA TURNER - open arms CAPITOL / EMI 8678710 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 25.10.2004

    Fünf Jahre nach ihrem letzten Studioalbum "Twenty Four Seven” meldet sich Tina Turner so frisch zurück, als wären gerade mal fünf Wochen vergangen. Die brandneue Single "Open Arms“ präsentiert die Turner, wie sie leibt und lebt. Mit ihrer unverkennbaren Stimme, dieser unvergleichlichen Mischung aus purer Kraft und präzisem Soul, greift die Ikone der Popmusik wieder ins aktuelle Musikgeschehen ein.

    "Open Arms“ bildet den Auftakt zu einer Werkschau, die Tina Turners phänomenale Karriere von den Anfängen in den Sechzigern, in der die "Ike & Tina Turner Revue" die Soulszene dominierte, über ihr spektakuläres Comeback als Solokünstlerin mit "Private Dancer“ in den Achtzigern bis heute lückenlos dokumentiert. Das am 1. November erscheinende Doppelalbum "All The Best“ zeichnet mit 33 Songs das exzellente Porträt einer Ausnahmekünstlerin. Am 13. November ist Tina Turner zu Gast bei "Wetten, dass…?“ und es steht außer Frage, dass die TV-Premiere von "Open Arms“ umjubelt wird. Fans in aller Welt werden Tina Turner mit offenen Armen empfangen. Welcome back!

    01. Open Arms
    02. Great Spirits (Brother Bear Track)
    03. Cose Della Vita (Duet with Eros Ramazotti)
    04. Enhanced Section (EPK Material)

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    ROD STEWART - stardust... / the great american songbook volume III BMG 82876659282 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 18.10.2004

    Rod Stewart has gathered together Stevie Wonder, Bette Midler, Dolly Parton, Eric Clapton and Dave Grusin for the third instalment of The Great American Songbook.

    The new album titled 'Stardust … The Great American Songbook Vol III' features Bette Midler on 'Manhattan', Eric Clapton on 'Blue Moon', Dolly Parton singing 'Baby It's Cold Outside' with Rod and the Stevie Wonder and Rod Stewart duet of the classic Louis Armstrong track 'What A Wonderful World'.

    The first two albums debuted at No. 4 and No. 2 respectively in the USA. "Singing these amazing songs has moved me deeply and given me a much-needed kick in the arse," Rod says.

    According to BMG Chairman Clive Davis "Rod's first album of The Great American Songbook won a Grammy nomination and literally exploded in sales all over the world. Then Volume II repeated the phenomenon with another Grammy nomination and another multi-platinum sales success. Quite simply, Rod inimitably captures wonderful classic standards, breathes new life into them and makes them his own. Stardust: The Great American Songbook: Volume III will be its own gem. It's sparkling, fresh and alive, with Rod being more and more comfortable in this great genre of music."

    Other songs on the album include 'For Sentimental Reasons', 'Embraceable You', 'S'Wonderful', 'But Not For Me', 'Stardust', 'I Can't Get Started', 'Isn't It Romantic' and 'Night and Day'.

    Rod's Songbooks have been his most successful releases in more than a decade. The Great American Songbook Volume 1 sold 2.6 million units in the USA according to SoundScan and Volume II sold 2.1 million.

    01. Embraceable You
    02. Sentimental Reasons
    03. Blue Moon
    04. Wonderful World
    05. Stardust
    06. Manhattan
    07. S' Wonderful
    08. Isn't It Romantic
    09. I Can't Get Started
    10. But Not For Me
    11. Kiss To Build A Dream
    12. Baby It's Cold Outside
    13. Night & Day
    14. Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square
    15. You Belong To Me - UK Bonus Track

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    01. . Diamonds Are Forever
    02. Hazel Hips
    03. To Sir With Love
    04. The Best Is Yet To Come
    05. I'm In The Mood For Love
    06. Hey Big Spender
    07. Goldfinger
    08. Crazy
    09. Teach Me Tonight
    10. Round Midnight
    11. Stormy Weather
    12. Is That All There Is
    13. I Believe

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