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Zeige Ergebnis 141 bis 150 von 2003

Neue "BEST OF"-CDs von 80er-Stars

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    01. You're History
    02. Heroine
    03. Break My Heart
    04. Dirty Mind
    05. Waiting
    06. Goodbye Cruel World
    07. Stay
    08. I Don't Care
    09. Hello (Turn Your Radio On)
    10. I Can Drive
    11. Excuse Me John
    12. Can U Wait That Long
    13. Do I Scare You?
    14. White Rabbit
    15. Was It Something That I Said?


    01. You're History
    02. Heroine
    03. Run Silent
    04. Break My Heart
    05. Dirty Mind (remix)
    06. Goodbye Cruel World
    07. Stay
    08. I Don't Care
    09. Catwoman (live)
    10. Hello (Turn Your Radio On)
    11. My 16th Apology
    12. I Can Drive
    13. Dirty Mind (Live in Leningrad)
    14. Heroine (Live in Leningrad)
    15. Russian Footage

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    TEXAS - i don´t want a lover SPECTRUM / UNIVERSAL 9817823 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 23.08.2004

    01. I Don't Want A Lover
    02. Why Believe In You
    03. Say What You Want
    04. This Will All Be Mine
    05. So Called Friend
    06. I've Been Missing You
    07. Prayer For You
    08. Fight The Feeling
    09. Breathless
    10. Ticket To Lie
    11. Dream Hotel
    12. Hear Me Now
    13. One Choice
    14. Postcard

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    2004 UK 2-disc set comprising of CD album including 20 classic tracks plus BONUS DVD featuring all of the promo videos from the singles - many of which will be available here for the first time!

    01. Perfect Skin
    02. Forest Fire
    03. Rattlesnakes
    04. Brand New Friend
    05. Lost Weekend
    06. Cut Me Down
    07. My Bag
    08. Jennifer She Said
    09. From The Hip
    10. No Blue Skies
    11. Don't Look Back
    12. Downtown
    13. She's A Girl And I¹m A Man
    14. Weeping Wine
    15. Butterfly
    16. So You'd Like To Save The World
    17. Morning is Broken
    18. Like Lovers Do
    19. Baby
    20. Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken?


    01. Perfect Skin
    02. Forest Fire
    03. Rattlesnakes
    04. Brand New Friend
    05. Lost Weekend
    06. Cut Me Down
    07. My Bag
    08. Jennifer She Said
    09. From The Hip
    10. No Blue Skies
    11. Don't Look Back
    12. Downtown
    13. Weeping Wine
    14. Butterfly
    15. She's A Girl I'm A Man
    16. So You'd Like To Save The World
    17. Morning is Broken
    18. Like Lovers Do
    19. Baby
    20. Sentimental Fool
    21. Mainstream
    22. Fool You Are

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    AMANDA LEAR - the queen is...amanda (platinim edition) 3 CD NAR INTERNATIONAL 8044291380429 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 23.07.2004

    CD 1:

    01. follow me
    02. tomorrow (New Radio)
    03. muscle man (Echo Man Version)
    04. queen of chinatown
    05. i´m a mistery
    06. aphrodisiac
    07. assassino
    08. everytime you touch me (Underground Version)
    09. just a gigolo
    10. c´est si bon
    11. lily marlen
    12. tomorrow (Edit Version)

    CD 2:

    01. echet et mat
    02. ma cherie claire
    03. l´ecole d´amour
    04. indovina chi sono
    05. la partita di pallone
    06. telegramme
    07. demain
    08. una rosa un tango
    09. ragazzino
    10. due
    11. illibata

    CD 3:

    01. alter ego
    02. angel love
    03. love me blue
    04. muscle man
    05. this man (dali´s song)
    06. peep!
    07. everytime you touch me
    08. on the air tonight
    09. rien ne va plus
    10. go go boy (when i say go)
    11. dance around the room
    12. i´ll miss you
    13. alter ego (part 2)

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    JOAN ARMATRADING - love & affection: classics 1975 - 1983 2 CD UMTV 9823506VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 23.08.2004

    CD 1:

    From The Album "Back To The Night" (1975)
    01. Cool Blue Stole My Heart
    02. Travel So Far
    03. Dry Land

    From The Album "Joan Armatrading" (1976)
    04. Down To Zero
    05. Help Yourself
    06. Love And Affection
    07. Water With The Wine
    08. Save Me
    09. Somebody Loves You

    From The Soundtrack "Wild Geese" (1976)
    10. The Flight Of The Wild Geese

    From The Album "Show Some Emotion" (1977)
    11. Woncha Come On Home
    12. Show Some Emotion
    13. Warm Love
    14. Kissin' And A Huggin'
    15. Willow

    From The Album "To The Limit" (1978)
    16. Barefoot And Pregnant
    17. Bottom To The Top
    18. You Rope You Tie Me
    19. Your Letter

    From The Album "Steppin' Out" (1979)
    20. Mama Mercy
    21. Steppin' Out

    CD 2:

    From The EP "How Cruel" (1979)
    01. Rosie
    02. How Cruel
    03. He Wants Her
    04. I Really Must Be Going

    From The Album "Me Myself I" (1980)
    05. Me Myself I
    06. Ma-Me-O-Beach
    07. Friends
    08. Is It Tomorrow Yet?
    09. Turn Out The Light
    10. All The Way From America
    11. Feeling In My Heart (For You)
    12. Simon

    From The Album "Walk Under Ladders" (1981)
    13. I'm Lucky
    14. When I Get It Right
    15. The Weakness In Me
    16. No Love

    From The Album "The Key" (1983)
    17. (I Love It When You) Call Me Names
    18. Drop The Pilot
    19. Everybody Gotta Know
    20. What Do Boys Dream?

    From The Album "Track Record" (1983)
    21. Frustration
    22. Heaven

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    HALL AND OATES - the collection BMG 82876 637192 (5) VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 06.09.2004

    2004 issue UK CD album featuring 18 classic tracks, complete with revised sleeve notes written by by huge H+O fan and Uncut Editor, Paul Lester!

    01. Rich Girl
    02. Family Man
    03. Crazy Eyes
    04. Bigger Than The Both Of Us
    05. Kerry
    06. Change Of Season
    07. Room To Breath
    08. You’ll Never Learn
    09. Falling
    10. Soul Love
    11. Do What You Want Be What You Are
    12. Love Hurts
    13. London, Luck & Love
    14. Crime Pays
    15. Emptiness
    16. Downtown Life
    17. Italian Girls
    18. Back Together Again

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    DEPECHE MODE - remixes 81 - 04 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 25.10.2004

    Am 25. Oktober 2004 erscheint das lange angekündigte Remix-Album von Depeche Mode. "Remixes 81-04" zeigt eindrucksvoll, warum Depeche Mode als Begründer der Remix-Kultur gelten. Das Doppel-Album enthält wie ein Best-Of-Album Remixes von den bekanntesten Depeche-Mode-Songs aus den Jahren 1981 bis 2004. Mit dabei sind Tracks von Underworld, Air, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Francois Kevorkian und natürlich Depeche Mode selbst.

    Die Fans dürfen sich über eine limitierte Auflage mit einer Bonus-Disc freuen, auf der sich zahlreiche rare Mixes (z.B. “World in my Eyes” im Daniel-Miller-Mix) sowie brandneue Remixes von Goldfrapp, Timo Maas, Colder und anderen befinden.

    Depeche Mode - Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, Andy Fletcher - are unique. For nearly 25 years they have been making groundbreaking music, which has influenced generations of artists.

    Depeche Mode have always been at the vanguard of remix culture since its inception, and the history of Depeche Mode is inextricably linked with the history of the remix. Very early on in their career the band worked closely and extensively with up and coming remixers who would go on to become pivotal figures in the field including Francois Kevorkian, Adrian Sherwood, William Orbit, Portishead and Air.

    "Remixes 81-04" is a 2-disc set spanning over 20 years of Depeche Mode's pioneering remixes. Almost a greatest hits collection, the album is a compendium of Depeche Mode classics remixed by some of the best remixers in the world, including Underworld, Goldfrapp, Air, Kruder and Dorfmeister, Timo Maas, Flood and of course Depeche Mode themselves. It is also released as a limited edition triple disc set, featuring a bonus disc of highly collectable and rare remixes. At once a celebration but also an historical record of the evolution of the remix, the album is a fascinating and deeply rewarding document of an emerging art form.

    Highlights include a brand new remix of "Halo" by Goldfrapp, "Barrel Of A Gun" by Underworld, "Home" remixed by Air as well as a new mix of "Enjoy The Silence" by Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda.

    The limited edition bonus CD features remixes of "A Question of Lust" by Flood and "World In My Eyes" by Daniel Miller plus a William Orbit mix of "Walking In My Shoes" and a Danny Tenaglia mix of the hypnotic and seductive "I Feel Loved". Also included are brand new mixes by Goldfrapp, Ulrich Schnauss, Colder and Rex the Dog.

    The release of this album will be preceded by the single, "Enjoy The Silence", featuring mixes by Mike Shinoda, Timo Maas and Ewan Pearson, plus additional tracks mixed by LFO, Blackstrobe, Goldfrapp and Headcleaner. The single is released October 18th on Mute Records (October 19th on Reprise Records).

    "Depeche Mode is one of the most influential groups of our time", says Mike Shinoda on one of his favourite bands, "Their music is an inspiration to me, and I am excited for our fans to hear my take on one of my favourite Depeche Mode songs."

    Alison Goldfrapp adds: "Depeche Mode are the only electronic band to have risen above their own genre and it was a privilege to have worked on such a great track".

    A sentiment echoed by Timo Maas; "We were proud to be asked to remix, "Enjoy The Silence".... but Depeche Mode are a seminal band and the track is one of the top 10 all time classics... it wasn't easy when the melodies are burned in your brain. I think it worked out pretty well though".

    "It's a dangerous business messing with the classics", confides Ewan Pearson, "I always swore blind I'd never do a remix of something I loved so much, but of course, when you're asked it's impossible to say no. "Enjoy the Silence" is one of my favourite singles of all time - I still have my battered 7 inch copy and I guess its one of the reasons why I decided to make music myself in the first place."

    Martin Gore reflecting on the Depeche Mode remix era said, "It's an amazing feeling to sit back and listen to such an interesting mix of artists take the spirit of Depeche Mode and add another dimension".

    CD 1:

    01. Never Let Me Down Again (Split Mix) mixed by Depeche Mode & Dave Bascombe (1987)
    02. Policy of Truth (Capitol Mix) mixed by Francois Kevorkian (1990)
    03. Shout (Rio Mix) mixed by Depeche Mode & Daniel Miller (1981)
    04. Home (Air "Around the Golf" Remix) mixed by Air (1997)
    05. Strangelove (Blind Mix) mixed by Daniel Miller & Rico Conning (1987)
    06. Rush (Spiritual Guidance Mix) mixed by Jack Dangers (1993)
    07. I Feel You (Afghan Surgery Mix) mixed by Renegade Soundwave (1993)
    08. Barrel of A Gun (Underworld Hard Mix) mixed by Underworld (1997)
    09. Route 66 (Beatmasters Remix) mixed by The Beatmasters (1987)
    10. Freelove (DJ Muggs Mix) mixed by DJ Muggs (2001)
    11. I Feel Loved (Chamber Mix) mixed by Chamber (2001)
    12. Just Can't Get Enough mixed by Depeche Mode & Daniel Miller (1981)

    CD 2:

    01. Personal Jesus (Pump Mix) mixed by Francois Kevorkian (1989)
    02. World In My Eyes (Mode to Joy) mixed by Jon Marsh (1990)
    03. Get The Balance Right (Combination Mix) mixed by Depeche Mode (1983)
    04. Breathing In Fumes mixed by Depeche Mode & Daniel Miller (1986)
    05. Painkiller (Kill The Pain Mix) mixed by D.J. Shadow (1998)
    06. Useless (The Kruder and Dorfmeister Mix) mixed by Kruder & Dorfmeister (1997)
    07. In Your Room (The Jeep Rock Mix) mixed by Jonny Dollar & Portishead (1994)
    08. Dream On (Dave Clarke Acoustic) mixed by Dave Clarke (2001)
    09. It's No Good (Speedy J Mix) mixed by Speedy J (1997)
    10. Master And Servant (An ON-Usound Science Fiction Dance Hall Classic) mixed by Adrian Sherwood (1984)
    11. Enjoy the Silence (Timo Maas Mix) mixed by Timo Maas (2004)

    Bonus Disc:

    01. A Question of Lust (Flood Mix) mixed by Mark 'Flood' Ellis (1986)
    02. Walking In My Shoes (Random Carpet Mix - Full Length) mixed by William Orbit (1993)
    03. Are People People? mixed by Adrian Sherwood (1984)
    04. World In My Eyes (Daniel Miller Mix) mixed by Daniel Miller (1990)
    05. I Feel Loved (Labour Of Love Dub) mixed by Danny Tenaglia (2001)
    06. It's No Good (Club 69 Future Mix) mixed by Peter Rauhofer/Club 69 (1997)
    07. Photographic (Rex The Dog Dubb Mix) mixed by Rex the Dog (2004)
    08. Little 15 (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) mixed by Ulrich Schnauss (2004)
    09. Nothing (Headcleanr Rock Mix) mixed by Headcleanr (2004)
    10. Clean (Colder Version) mixed by Colder (2004)
    11. Halo (Goldfrapp Remix) mixed by Goldfrapp (2004)
    12. Enjoy The Silence (Reinterpreted) mixed by Mike Shinoda (2004)

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    BUZZCOCKS - the complete singles anthology 3 CD EMI 5710282 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 09.08.2004

    2004 UK 55-track 3-CD set featuring all of the A & B-sides on one package for the very first time, from 'Boredom' through to their 2003 single 'Sick City Sometimes', also includes an extensive interview with Pete Shelley & Steve Diggle plus extensive booklet including rare photographs.

    CD 1:

    01. Breakdown
    02. Times Up
    03. Boredom
    04. Friends Of Mine
    05. Orgasm Addict
    06. Whatever Happened To?
    07. What Do I Get
    08. Oh Shit
    09. I Don't Mind
    10. Autonomy
    11. Moving Away From The Pulsebeat
    12. Love You More
    13. Noise Annoys
    14. Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't 'Ve?)
    15. Just Lust
    16. Promises
    17. Lipstick
    18. Everybody's Happy Nowadays
    19. Why Can't I Touch It?
    20. Harmony In My Head
    21. Something's Gone Wrong Again
    22. You Say You Don't Love Me
    23. Raison D'Etre
    24. I Believe

    CD 2:

    01. Are Everything
    02. Why She's A Girl From The Chainstore
    03. Airwaves Dream
    04. Strange Thing
    05. What Do You Know
    06. Running Free
    07. I Look Alone
    08. Alive Tonight
    09. Serious Crime
    10. Last To Know
    11. Successful St
    12. Isolation
    13. Innocent
    14. Who'll Help Me Forget?
    15. Inside
    16. Do It
    17. Trash Away (Live)
    18. All Over You
    19. Libertine Angel
    20. Roll It Over
    21. Prison Riot Hostage (Excerpt From)


    01. Totally From The Heart
    02. Thunder Of Hearts
    03. Soul On A Rock
    04. Jerk
    05. Don't Come Back
    06. Oh Shit (Live)
    07. Sick City Sometimes
    08. Never Believe It (Demo)
    09. Paradise (Live)
    10. Alan Parker Interviews Steve Diggle And Tony Barber

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    FAIRGROUND ATTRACTION - the very best of CAMDEN / BMG 82876 637212 (0) VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 06.09.2004

    2004 issue UK CD album featuring 21 classic tracks [including 5 live recordings], compiled by the band’s songwriter, Mark Nevin who also wrote the sleevenotes!

    01. Perfect
    02. Find My Love
    03. Moon On The Rain
    04. Clare
    05. The Wind Knows My Name
    06. The Moon Is Mine
    07. Allelujah
    08. The Waltz Continues (live)
    09. Whispers
    10. Winter Rose
    11. Walking After Midnight
    12. Jock O'Hazeldean
    13. A Smile In A Whisper
    14. Broken By A Breeze (live)
    15. Falling Backwards
    16. Dangerous (live)
    17. Fairground Attraction
    18. Don't Be A Stranger (live)
    19. You Send Me
    20. Home To Heartache (live)
    21. Ay Fond Kiss

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    FISCHER - Z - highlights 1979-2004 (the best of 25 years) 2 CD CAPITOL / EMI 8666092 2 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 30.08.2004

    CD 1:

    01. Back To Berlin
    02. Remember Russia
    03. Pretty Paracetamol
    04. The Worker
    05. Crazy Girl
    06. Room Service
    07. So Long
    08. Berlin
    09. Marliese
    10. Red Skies Over Paradise
    11. One Voice
    12. I Smelt Roses (In The Underground)
    13. Need You
    14. The Perfect Day
    15. Tallulah Tomorrow
    16. Big Drum
    17. Say No
    18. Masquerade

    CD 2:

    01. Destination Paradise
    02. Will You Be There?
    03. Tightrope
    04. Say When
    05. Marguerite Yourcenar
    06. Further From Love
    07. Killing Time
    08. Marlon
    09. Human Beings
    10. Blue Anemone
    11. Protection
    12. Big Man Buddha
    13. Brilliant Career
    14. Just Hang On
    15. Angel Of Gardenia
    16. Reptile
    17. Cool Enough
    18. Walking The Doberman
    19. Jukebox

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