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Neue "BEST OF"-CDs von 80er-Stars

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    GLASS TIGER - no turning back / glass tiger 1985 - 2005 EMI 724386420220 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 24.08.2004

    It’s been almost twenty years since Glass Tiger first topped the charts, and the band are celebrating this landmark with the upcoming release of their 20th Anniversary CD and DVD, No Turning Back: Glass Tiger 1985-2005.

    Available in stores on August 24, 2004 the No Turning Back: Glass Tiger 1985-2005 CD is a brand new collection of Glass Tiger's colourful past. It includes all of the radio versions of their biggest hits along with some rarities and alternative versions. This new collection also includes two brand new songs No Turning Back and Give It Away that were just recorded for this release. The DVD features 13 of the band's best video performances and tons of bonus footage.

    Long-time fans of the band and even newcomers are apt to enjoy strolling down the musical memory lane that No Turning Back: Glass Tiger 1985-2005 inspires. A chance to re-experience an undoubtedly impressive musical past, beginning with songs from Glass Tiger's debut release, The Thin Red Line which set a record for being the fastest selling debut recording in Canadian history, going gold within weeks of its release in 1985. To date, this album has received four Platinum records in Canada and went Gold in the United States. One of Glass Tiger’s many hit singles Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone) yielded a #2 spot on the Billboard Chart, and was followed up by Someday which reached #5. Both songs also made Canadian history when Glass Tiger won successive Juno awards a year apart for Single of the Year from the same album. Both are included on the new CD.

    Subsequent Glass Tiger’s albums Diamond Sun achieved Double Platinum status; Simple Mission went Platinum. In the span of their career Five Juno awards, and a Grammy nomination followed, proving that the music industry at home and abroad recognized the bands tenacity. Further to the multiple hit singles, and the millions of albums sold, Glass Tiger have embarked on several world tours and shared the stage with some of the biggest acts of the past 20 years. Logically, a national tour is being planned to accompany the release of No Turning Back: Glass Tiger 1985-2005 and initial plans expect to see the band on the road from September 2004 through to February 2005. The touring band line-up consists of: Alan Frew-Vocals, Sam Reid-Keyboards, Al Connelly-Guitars, Wayne Parker-Bass and Chris McNeill-Drums.

    Alan Frew of Glass Tiger has gone on record to say; "Our writing is as strong as ever, with the same spark and verve that we had back when Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone) was crafted. Our performances have never been tighter, and we are playing at the highest level. We are re-ignited, recharged and looking forward to every show."

    01. No Turning Back (New)
    02. Give It Away (New)
    03. Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone) (Single Mix)
    04. Someday (Single Version)
    05. Thin Red Line (Single Version)
    06. You're What I Look For
    07. I Will Be There (Single Version)
    08. Diamond Sun (Single Version)
    09. I'm Still Searching
    10. My Town
    11. The Tragedy (Of Love) (B-Side)
    12. Animal Heart
    13. Rescued (By The Arms Of Love)
    14. (Watching) Worlds Crumble
    15. My Song (Single Version)
    16. Rhythm Of Your Love
    17. Diamond Sun (Version Francais)

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    THE DAMNED - neat neat neat / the alternative anthology 3 CD SANCTUARY SMETD128 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 27.09.2004

    2004 UK 45-track 3-CD set featuring a complete collection of digitally remastered recordings from their true punk period - includes Bronze and Stiff releases plus live performances, complete with sleevenotes by punk expert Mark Brennan!

    CD1: [Stiff Recordings]

    01. Neat Neat Neat
    02. Stab Your Back
    03. Stretcher Case Baby
    04. Sick Of Being Sick
    05. Problem Child
    06. You Take My Money
    07. Don't Cry Wolf
    08. One Way Love
    09. Disco Man
    10. Lovely Money
    11. I Think I'm Wonderful
    12. Dozen Girls
    13. Generals
    14. Thanks For The Night

    CD2: [Bronze Recordings]

    01. Born To Kill
    02. Feel The Pain
    03 .So Messed Up
    04. I Feel Alright
    05. Your Eyes
    06. Politics
    07. Creep
    08. Alone
    09. Ignite
    10. Bad Time For Bonzo
    11. Disguise
    12. Under The Floor Again
    13. Take That
    14. Take Me Away
    15. Billy Bad Breaks

    CD3: [Live]

    01. Teenage Dream
    02. Ballroom Blitz
    03. Suicide
    04. I Fall
    05. Drinking About My Baby
    06. In A Rut
    07. Melody Lee
    08. Shakin' All Over
    09. See Her Tonite
    10. Fish
    11. Help
    12. I Just Can't Be Happy Today
    13. Wait For The Blackout
    14. Noise Noise Noise
    15. Love Song
    16. Smash It Up

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    KANSAS - sail on / the 30th anniversary collection 1974-2004 2 CD & DVD LEGACY / EPIC E2K 92661 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 31.08.2004

    SAIL ON’s 27 tracks span 6 record labels for first time in one collection,with emphasis on Kirshner/Epic hitmaking years, 1974 to ’83 - Will also include a full-length bonus DVD

    Newly commissioned liner note essays by Bret Adams round out all three packages; entire project overseen by drummer Phil Ehart and original producer Jeff Glixman

    “Nobody had what we had: two guitars, two keyboards, a violin, unusual time signature changes. Nobody looked like we did either. We were wearing t-shirts, jeans and cowboy boots… Critics had a hard time pigeonholing us. For the first two or three albums Kansas was a musician’s band; guys who were musicians were our early fans… It’s all about the journey, not the destination. We are very different as people but I can say unequivocally that the music itself brought us together and kept us together.” – Phil Ehart, as told to Bret Adams

    In the annals of heartland rock, the music of Kansas has always stood out like a beacon – a fusion of early ’70s-style British progressive rock seasoned with Midwestern bar band roots, filtered through organic 10-minute arrangements that laid the foundation for the jam band revolution of the ’90s and ’00s. Thirty years after the release of their self-titled debut album (back in 1974), Kansas is still rocking around the world with original first generation band members intact.

    SAIL ON: THE 30th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION 1974-2004, a deluxe three-disc package containing two CDs and a full-length bonus DVD – the first box set ever to expand upon their seminal megaplatinum hitmaking decade at Epic Records with nearly two decades’ more material from five of the band’s subsequent record labels – will arrive in stores August 31st on Epic/Legacy, a division of Sony Music.

    Comprised of 27 tracks, the two CDs of SAIL ON contain the litany of tracks that every Kansas anthology must include to be considered complete – “Carry On Wayward Son,” “Point Of Know Return,” “Dust in The Wind,” “People of the South Wind,” “Hold On,” “Play the Game Tonight,” “Fight Fire With Fire” – songs that defined their tenure as a core group at CBS Records from 1974 to 1983. Along with these are more than a dozen other tracks representing their 10 albums for the company during that time. The final five tracks mark the first time that an Epic/Legacy package has included Kansas recordings from their subsequent labels CBS Associated, MCA, Intersound, River North, and (into the new millennium) Magna Carta.

    The full-length DVD in SAIL ON includes ultra-rare television performances from 'Rock Concert,' music videos, live performances from Compendia Music's 2002 live DVD 'Device Voice Drum' and brand-new band interviews. DVD audio options include both stereo and 5.1 surround.

    CD 1:

    01. Can I Tell You (A)
    02. Journey From Mariabronn (A)
    03. Song For America (B)
    04. Lamplight Symphony (B)
    05. Icarus–Borne On Wings Of Steel (C)
    06. The Pinnacle (C)
    07. Child Of Innocence (C)
    08. Carry On Wayward Son (D)
    09. Cheyenne Anthem (D)
    10. Miracles Out Of Nowhere (D)
    11. What's On My Mind (D).

    CD 2:

    01. Point Of Know Return (E)
    02. Portrait (He Knew) (E)
    03. Dust in The Wind (E)
    04. Lightning's Hand (E)
    05. Sparks Of The Tempest (E)
    06. Paradox (Live) (F)
    07. People of the South Wind (G)
    08. Hold On (H)
    09. Got To Rock On (H)
    10. Play the Game Tonight (I)
    11. Fight Fire With Fire (J)
    12. All I Wanted (K)
    13. Rainmaker (L)
    14. Desperate Times (M)
    15. Eleanor Rigby (N)
    16. Icarus II (O).

    (A) from the album Kansas (Kirshner/Epic 32817, 1974)
    (B) from the album Song For America (Kirshner/Epic 33385, 1975)
    (C) from the album Masque (Kirshner/Epic 85654, 1975)
    (D) from the album Leftoverture (Kirshner/Epic 85386, 1976)
    (E) from the album Point Of Know Return (Kirshner/Epic 85387, 1977)
    (F) from the double-album Two For The Show (live, Kirshner/Epic 35660, 1978)
    (G) from the album Monolith (Kirshner/Epic 36008, 1979)
    (H) from the album Audio-Visions (Kirshner/Epic 66417, 1980)
    (I) from the album Vinyl Confessions (Kirshner/Epic 66418, 1982)
    (J) from the album Drastic Measures (CBS Associated, 1983)
    (K) from the album Power (MCA 5838, 1986)
    (L) from the album In The Spirit Of Things (MCA 6254, 1988)
    (M) from the album Freaks Of Nature (Intersound, 1995)
    (N) from the album Always Never The Same (River North, 1998)
    (O) from the album Somewhere To Elsewhere (Magna Carta 9050, 2000)


    01. "Can I Tell You" - 'Rock Concert' (2/27/74)
    02. "Journey From Mariabronn" - 'Rock Concert' (2/27/74)
    03. "Death Of Mother Nature Suite" - 'Rock Concert' (2/27/74)
    04. "Icarus-Borne On Wings Of Steel" - 'Rock Concert' (1975)
    05. "The Pinnacle" - 'Rock Concert' (1975)
    06. "Point Of Know Return" - music video
    07. "Dust In The Wind" - music video
    08. "On The Other Side" - music video
    09. "People Of The South Wind" - music video
    10. "Reason To Be" - music video
    11. "Away From You" - music video
    12. "Fight Fire With Fire" - music video
    13. "All I Wanted" - music video
    14. "The Preacher" - 'Device Voice Drum' DVD (filmed live 6/15/02)
    15. "Miracles Out Of Nowhere" - 'Device Voice Drum' DVD (filmed live 6/15/02)
    16. "Carry On Wayward Son" - 'Device Voice Drum' DVD (filmed live 6/15/02)

    NOTE: The DVD also includes "Distant Vision," previously available only as a CD-ROM bonus track on the 'Device Voice Drum' CD, as a hidden "Easter egg."

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    MICHAEL JACKSON - the ultimate collection 4 CD & DVD VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 04.10.2004

    Der erstmals komplette musikalische Rückblick auf Michael Jacksons Karriere in einer Box!

    Das Boxset wird bestehen aus:
    - vier CDs mit all seinen großen Erfolgen von 1969 bis 2004
    - 13 bisher unveröffentlichten Liedern
    - einer DVD mit dem bisher unveröffentlichtem Konzert der "Dangerous"-Tour in Bukarest
    - bisher unveröffentlichtes Bildmaterial
    - einem Buch mit schwarzen, glänzendem Lederumschlag. Auf dem Umschlag werden drei verschiedene Michael-Schatten abgebildet sein

    Eine komplette musikalische Reise:
    - Motown & The Jackson 5
    - Michaels frühe Solo Auftritte
    - The Jacksons Zeit
    - Plus Momente von seiner Solo-Karriere

    Plus eine Bonus DVD mit dem "Live in Bukarest" Konzert mit über 2 Stunden und vorher noch nie veröffentlichten Aufnahmen!

    Das Deluxe Set umfasst ein in Leder gebundenes Buch mit über 60 Seiten mit seltenen Fotos und Denkwürdigkeiten von Michael Jacksons persönlichen Archiven. Ein eingehender Versuch von Nelson George (Schriftsteller, Drehbuchautor, Filmemacher, Rolling Stone, New York Times, Mojo, Herausgeber des 1984 erschienenen Buch "The Michael Jackson Story" etc.) eine komplette Discography, eine timeline und viel mehr abzubilden!


    CD 1:

    01. I Want You Back
    02. ABC
    03. I'll Be There
    04. Got To Be There
    05. I Wanna Be Where You Are
    06. Ben
    07. Dancing Machine
    08. Enjoy Yourself
    09. Ease On Down The Road
    10. You Can't Win
    11. Shake Your Body (Early Demo) *
    12. Shake Your Body
    13. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
    14. Rock With You
    15. Off The Wall
    16. She's Out Of My Life
    17. Sunset Driver *
    18. Lovely One
    19. This Place Hotel

    CD 2:

    01. Wanna Be Startin' Something
    02. The Girl Is Mine
    03. Thriller
    04. Beat It
    05. Billie Jean
    06. PYT (Pretty Young Thing-Demo Version) *
    07. Someone In The Dark
    08. State Of Shock
    09. Scared Of The Moon *
    10. We Are The World (Demo) *
    11. We Are Here To Change The World *

    CD 3:

    01. Bad
    02. The Way You Make Me Feel
    03. Man In The Mirror
    04. I Just Can't Stop Loving You
    05. Dirty Diana
    06. Smooth Criminal
    07. Cheater *
    08. Dangerous (Original Version) *
    09. Monkey Business *
    10. Jam
    11. Remember The Time
    12. Black Or White
    13. Who Is It (HIS Mix)
    14. Someone Put Your Hand Out (Edited)

    CD 4:

    01. Stranger In Moscow
    02. You Are Not Alone
    03. Childhood
    04. On The Line
    05. Blood On The Dance Floor
    06. Fall Again *
    07. In The Back *
    08. Unbreakable
    09. You Rock My World
    10. Butterflies
    11. Beautiful Girl *
    12. The Way You Love Me *

    DVD: - Michael Jackson Live In Concert In Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour *

    01. Jam
    02. Wanna Be Startin' Something
    03. Human Nature
    04. Smooth Criminal
    05. I Just Can't Stop Loving You
    06. She's Out Of My Life
    07. I Want You Back / The Love You Save
    08. I'll Be There
    09. Thriller
    10. Billie Jean
    11. Working Day And Night
    12. Beat It
    13. Will You Be There
    14. Black Or White
    15. Heal The World
    16. Man In The Mirror

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    INXS - need you tonight and other hits FLASHBACK / RHINO 78999 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 14.09.2004

    In a move to open the eyes and ears of a new target market to INXS's catalogue, Flashback (a Rhino imprint) has announced details of its own low-price compilation entitled Need You Tonight & Other Hits - a similar title to Universal/Spectrum's forthcoming release announced last week.
    Released on 14 September in the US and Canada only, the 10-track album brings together tracks from Shabooh Shoobah, The Swing, Listen Like Thieves, Kick, X and Welcome To Wherever You Are. 'Good Times' - a duet with Jimmy Barnes - taken from the soundtrack to Lost Boys also gets a rare CD outing.

    Similar to its Universal/Spectrum counterpart, this compilation is not aimed at the fanbase and has been devised by Flashback to introduce INXS's music to a different area of music buyers. However, we figured it would still be of interest to the die-hard collectors among you.

    The full tracklisting is:

    01. Need You Tonight
    02. What You Need
    03. Dancing On The Jetty
    04. Don't Change
    05. Disappear
    06. Not Enough Time
    07. Hear That Sound
    08. Devil Inside
    09. All Around
    10. Good Times (with Jimmy Barnes)

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    STATUS QUO - xs all areas / the greatest hits 2 CD UNIVERSAL 9824179 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 20.09.2004

    The 40 track double CD album features most of Quo's best known songs.

    Also included are two brand new previously unreleased tracks recorded in 2004, the album version of the single: 'You'll Come 'Round' (Rossi/Young) and 'Thinking Of You' (Rossi/Young).


    01. Caroline
    02. Down Down
    03. Paper Plane
    04. Big Fat Mama
    05. Roll Over Lay Down
    06. Softer Ride
    07. Don't Waste My Time
    08. Little Lady
    09. Mystery Song
    10. Rain
    11. Break The Rules
    12. Something About You Baby I Like
    13. Hold You Back
    14. Rockin' All Over The World
    15. Whatever You Want
    16. Don't Drive My Car
    17. Again And Again
    18. Forty Five Hundred Times
    19. All Stand Up


    01. You'll Come 'Round (new track)
    02. Thinking Of You (new track)
    03. Jam Side Down
    04. Creepin Up On You
    05. Down The Dustpipe
    06. Pictures Of Matchstick Men
    07. Ice In The Sun
    08. In My Chair
    09. Gerdundula
    10. Wild Side Of Life
    11. Rock n' Roll
    12. What You're Proposin'
    13. The Wanderer
    14. Livin On An Island
    15. Marguerita Time
    16. In The Army Now
    17. When You Walk In The Room
    18. Burning Bridges
    19. Fun Fun Fun
    20. Old Time Rock and Roll
    21. Anniversary Waltz Part 1

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    Joni's retrospective CD Dreamland is due for release on September 14. Following are a few excerpts from today's press release:

    "Curated with Mitchell and featuring several of her new paintings as well as liner notes from noted film director and journalist Cameron Crowe, DREAMLAND includes 17 tracks and their complete lyrics together for the first time in one place.
    ...Crowe was approached to write the liner notes that accompany the CD and submitted a wonderfully eloquent and insightful essay framing the history of Joni's work and Joni herself.

    DREAMLAND includes songs from every phase of Joni's amazing repertoire. From the earliest days of Ladies Of The Canyon to the emotional intensity of Blue; from the romantic song cycle of Court And Spark to the pioneering days of sampling on The Hissing Of Summer Lawns and her jazz journeys on Don Juan's Reckless Daughter and Mingus; from the Grammy-winning Pop Album of the Year Turbulent Indigo to Joni's orchestral explorations of her own work on Both Sides Now and Travelogue, Mitchell is a seminal artist who continues to push the boundaries of both music and society."

    A few words from Cameron Crowe are included with the press release: "Like her painting, like her songs, like her life. Joni Mitchell has never settled for the easy answers; it's the big questions that she's still exploring, like no one else, whether it's with a paintbrush, a guitar, a ukulele."

    This is a great collection for Joniphiles who want to listen to her best-known music without having to sift through a stack of CD's to find them, or as an introduction to Joni's music for the uninitiated. The uplifting, introspective and familiar music on Dreamland works wonderfully as a contrast to the serious and challenging selections on The Beginning of Survival; the pair of CD's show different sides of Joni and serve as fine companions. And as always, the package doubles as a gallery of her latest paintings.

    01. Free Man In Paris
    02. In France They Kiss On Main Street
    03. Dreamland
    04. The Jungle Line
    05. Furry Sings The Blues
    06. You Turn Me On I'm A Radio
    07. Carey
    08. Big Yellow Taxi
    09. California
    10. Help Me
    11. Nothing Can Be Done
    12. Dancin' Clown
    13. Come In From The Cold
    14. Amelia
    15. For The Roses
    16. Both Sides Now
    17. The Circle Game

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    Anthology of Electronic Revisited Originals

    Jean Michel Jarre is proud to present his best compositions accompanied by four previously unreleased tracks on his new album entitled 'Aero', short for 'Anthology of Electronic Revisited Originals', to be released on 21 September 2004.

    'Aero' marks Jean Michel's first DVD Audio release. All tracks have been newly recorded in order to take full advantage of the capabilities of DVD Audio's high resolution, 5.1 digital surround sound. The album was recorded by Jean Michel Jarre, Francis Rimbert & Patrick Pelamourgues. Joachim Garraud took care of the mixing and audio optimisation, as well as the creation of special transitional sequences linking the songs, the so called 'scenes' in the tracklist.

    As a pioneer of electronic music for over 20 years (selling over 60 million albums worldwide and performing record-breaking concerts), Jean Michel Jarre's global success has inspired a new generation of creators and one of the fastest growing trends in the industry.

    Today, Jean Michel Jarre continues the sound revolution with his forthcoming release AERO - the world's first album fully constructed, note for note, in 5.1 surround sound. With over 25 million households across the Europe now owning a Home Cinema surround sound system, the time for AERO has never been more right.

    Revisiting his greatest hits, together with three new tracks and a series of interlude scenes, the AERO experience is like nothing you have heard before. AERO places the listener 'inside' the music, rather than outside the flat 'wall' of stereo, immersing you in the way that first listening to music on headphones once did, although now in 360° surround sound. By moving from 2 channel (Stereo) to 5.1 channel (AERO), it literally takes the music into a whole new dimension. It has been compared to standing in an audio landscape rather than just looking at a picture.

    Overcoming daunting technical difficulties, Jean Michel Jarre engineered AERO entirely by himself having been unable to find an audio technician in the world that could help. This allowed him to exercise perfect artistic control, bringing the listener closer to the original vision of the music - the 'AEROspace' - he has always imagined but, until now, been unable to fully convey.

    Released in both DVD 5.1 surround sound and CD super stereo formats together, AERO ensures accessibility for AEROnauts everywhere. With emphasis almost entirely on the new audio dimension, visuals are kept to a minimum so as not to distract.

    Like the milestones of Mono (1877) and Stereo (1958) that went before it, AERO is a unique sound experience that will change the way we listen to music. This is your chance to be a part of history and hear the sound revolution.

    The DVD will contain, synchronised to the audio, a special video track called 'Eyes', with the eyes of French actress Anne Parillaud who is showing her emotions while listening to the music.

    Website & Showcase
    A special 'Aerozone' website will be created to support the Aero project. Teaser tracks will become available on the AEROzone website, together with technology demos, a unique 5-player AERO game, and exclusive opportunities to win tickets to both the European AERO showcase (7 September) and the massive 10 October concert in Beijing.


    01. Aero Opening
    02. Oxygene 2
    03. Aero
    04. Equinoxe 8
    05. Oxygene 4
    06. Souvenir of China
    07. Aerology
    08. Equinoxe 3
    09. Equinoxe 4
    10. Last Rendez-Vous
    11. Zoolookology
    12. Aerozone
    13. Magnetic Fields 1
    14. Chronology 6
    15. Rendez-Vous 4 (hidden track)


    01. Aero Opening 0:16
    02. Scene 1 0:33
    03. Oxygene 2 7:12
    04. Scene 2 0:31
    05. Aero 3:09
    06. Equinoxe 8 1:26
    07. Oxygene 4 4:16
    08. Scene 3 0:32
    09. Souvenir of China 4:13
    10. Scene 4 0:50
    11. Aerology 3:02
    12. Scene 5 0:37
    13. Equinoxe 3 6:08
    14. Scene 6 0:26
    15. Equinoxe 4 5:40
    16. Scene 7 1:06
    17. Last Rendez Vous 4:41
    18. Scene 8 0:27
    19. Zoolookology 3:34
    20. Scene 9 0:12
    21. Aerozone 4:51
    22. Scene 10 0:16
    23. Magnetic Fields 1 5:42
    24. Scene 11 0:17
    25. Chronology 6 4:54
    26. Rendez-Vous 4 (Live Version) 7:35

    DVD Audio (PCM Stereo; Dolby Digital 5.1 & DTS 5.1; DVD-A Advanced Resolution 24bit/96KHz)

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    ARABESQUE - the best of vol. II 2 CD MONOPOPL RECORDS 940123 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 27.09.2004

    Diese CD bietet eine auswahl der besten Arabesque-Songs auf
    zwei CDs.Als zusätzliches Bonus Material sind des Weiteren die
    noch nie zuvor erschienenen japanischen Versionen von
    “Indio Boy” und “Hi, Hi Highway” enthalten sowie
    ”Time to Say Good Bye” in einer extra extended Version.

    CD 1:

    01. Dance, Dance, Dance 3.08
    02. A New Sensation 3.08
    03. Make Love Whenever You can 3.44
    04. Look Alive 3.41
    05. Sunset In New York 3.55
    06. Hi, Highway 4.03
    07. The Rebels Of The Bounty 3.58
    08. Tropical Summer Night 3.42
    09. Run The Show 3.15
    10. I Stand By You 3.45
    11. Ladies First 3.25
    12. The Only Night Was A Lonely Night 3.20
    13. Indio Boy 3.58
    14. Catch Me Tiger 4.52
    15. You Better Get A Move On 3.12
    16. By, By My Love 3.27
    17. Sunrise In Your Eyes 3.16
    18. For Your Smile 2.52
    19. Love´s Like A Symphony 3.11
    20. Time To Say Good-Bye 3.36

    CD 2:

    01. Midnight Dancer 3.40
    02. Your Fingers Get Burnt 3.07
    03. Discover Me 3.51
    04. Keep The Wolf From The Door 4.18
    05. Moorea 3.34
    06. Nights In The Harbour 4.30
    07. The Hero Of My Life 3.46
    08. Dreamin´ 3.32
    09. Hey What A Magic Knight 3.12
    10. Like A Shoot In The Dark 3.43
    11. Prison Of Love 3.38
    12. Rainy Love Affair 2.53
    13. The Doctor Likes Music 2.55
    14. Let´s Make A Knight Of It 3.30
    15. Heart On Fire 3.35
    16. Loser Pays The Piper 3.21
    17. Stop Crying For The Moon 3.20
    18. Indio Boy (Version Für Japan) 3.53
    19. Hi, Hi Highway (Version Für Japan) 4.05
    20.Time To Say Good Bye (Extended Version) 4.45

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    DSCHINGHIS KHAN - the jubilee album JUPITER / BMG 82876635872 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 13.09.2004

    Dschinghis Khan überrollte 1979 mit dem Grand-Prix Beitrag "Dschinghis Khan" die Musikcharts der ganzen Welt und war bis Mitte der 80er Jahre zeitweise sogar der weltweit erfolgreichste Act aus Deutschland. Ein glamouröses Aushängeschild für den Sound "Made In Munich"
    Die bunte Truppe um Leslie Mandoki -produziert von Ralph Siegel- heimste Gold und Platin aus insgesamt 20 Ländern der Welt ein und feiert 2004 ihr 25. Gründungsjubiläum.

    Passend zum Jubiläum hier nun die ultimative Compilation mit allen wichtigen Hits wie dem Top 3 Erfolg "Moskau" (#3), den Hits "Rom" (#12), oder "Pistolero" (#15), sowie den Top 10 Singles "Hadschi Halef Omar" (#7) und "Loreley" (#6) sowie vielen weiteren Leckerbissen. Natürlich auch mit dem ultimativen Nr.1 Hit "Dschinghis Khan" selbst!

    Fast wichtiger aber dass hier auch Songs enthalten sind, die bisher nur auf Vinyl veröffentlicht waren und nun erstmals auf CD vorliegen. Echte Raritäten wie "Pablo Picasso" aus dem 1982er Album "Helden, Schurken & der Dudelmoser" oder "China Boy" aus dem Dschinghis Khan Debut Album von 1979. Weitere Leckerbissen dürften die bisher einzig auf Single veröffentlichte spanische Versionen von "Pistolero" und die holländische "Klaubautermann" Version sein. Auf der Limited Edition Auflage findet sich zudem die seltene Maxi Version vom Kultklassiker "Moskau" in einer sensationellen 8 Minuten 17 Version. Der endgültige Hammer für den Fan stellen dann die bisher völlig unveröffentlichten Titel dar. Die spanische Version vom Hit "Mexico" ist bedauerlicherweise bisher nie erschienen und nun endlich zu hören. Ebenso unbegreiflich warum die beiden brandneuen Titeln "Käpt'n Kid (Wir sind Piraten)" und "Judas" nicht vorher schon den Weg zum Hörer gefunden haben. Mit diesen neuen Perlen feiern Dschinghis Khan auf diesem Album quasi virtuell im 25. Jubiläumsjahr ihre Wiederauferstehung. Ein absolutes MUSS für jeden Fan und unverzichtbar auch für alle Freunde des Discopop Sounds der 70er und 80er Jahre.
    Die Erstauflage wird für den Fan auch optisch ein Genuß und als limited Edition im exzellenten Digipak mit hochwertiger Silberfolienkaschur und beigepacktem Poster geliefert und bringt damit das einmalige Discofeeling von Dschinghis Khan endlich würdig zurück.

    01. Dschinghis Khan: China Boy 3:54
    02. Dschinghis Khan: Hadschi Halef Omar 3:45
    03. Dschinghis Khan: Pistolero (Spanisch) 4:15
    04. Dschinghis Khan: Dschinghis Khan 3:01
    05. Dschinghis Khan: Der Dudelmoser 3:42
    06. Dschinghis Khan: Käpt'n Kid (Wir sind Piraten) (Neu)2:43
    07. Dschinghis Khan: Loreley 4:02
    08. Dschinghis Khan: Rom 5:50
    09. Dschinghis Khan: Kaboutertjes (Holländisch) 4:08
    10. Dschinghis Khan: Pablo Picasso 3:24
    11. Dschinghis Khan: What Shall We Do With The Drunken sailor 3:54
    12. Dschinghis Khan: Mexico (Spanisch) 4:53
    13. Dschinghis Khan: Corrida 3:31
    14. Dschinghis Khan: Rocking Son Of Dschinghis Khan 4:15
    15. Dschinghis Khan: Judas (Neu) 3:32
    16. Dschinghis Khan: Samurai 4:40
    17. Dschinghis Khan: Moskau (Original 12" Maxi Mix) 8:17
    18. Dschinghis Khan: The Story Of Genghis Khan 5:51
    - Moskau 0:24
    - Instrumental Part 0:29
    - Genghis Khan 0:55
    - Rap 1 0:16
    - Pistolero 1:11
    - Instrumental Part 0:16
    - Rap 2 0:13
    - Moskau 1:11
    - Genghis Khan 0:56

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