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Neue "BEST OF"-CDs von 80er-Stars

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    Da fehlen ja leider einige gute "Hits"
    Shame, (I Love To Listen To)Beethoven, Revival, Angel, Don´t Ask Me Why
    Das sind für mich mit die wichtigsten Songs der Eurythmics. Vielleicht hätte man eine Doppel CD draus machen sollen, um nicht einige Singlehits zu degradieren.
    ich werde mir diese CD (im gegensatz zu den gleichzeitig erscheinenden 8 re-releases) auch nicht zulegen. die neue "BEST OF" unterscheidet sich von der alten greatest hits kaum:

    don´t ask me why und angel fehlen, dafür sind the king and queen of america und i saved the world today hinzugekommen.
    eine DOPPEL-CD wäre sicher angebrachter gewesen!

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    am 20.09.2004 erscheinen sämtliche tracks der ersten 4 nicht mehr erhältlichen FIVE STAR-alben luxury of life (1985), silk & steel (1986), between the lines (1987) und rock the world (1988) in einer 3 CD-BOX. als bonus gibt´s die ´89er SINGLE with every heartbeat.

    FIVE STAR - legends 3 CD BMG Commercial Division 82876637132 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 20.09.2004

    CD 1:

    01. System Addict *
    02. Rain Or Shine **
    03. The Slightest Touch **
    04. If I Say Yes **
    05. All Fall Down *
    06. Let Me Be The One *
    07. Can’t Wait Another Minute **
    08. Love Take Over *
    09. R.S.V.P. *
    10. Whenever You’re Ready ***
    11. Another Weekend ****
    12. Somewhere Somebody ***
    13. Rock My World ****
    14. Strong As Steel ***

    CD 2:

    01. Find The Time **
    02. Stay Out Of My Life **
    03. There’s A Brand New World ****
    04. Let Me Be You *
    05. With Every Heartbeat *****
    06. Hide And Seek *
    07. Now I’m In Control *
    08. Say Goodbye *
    09. Crazy *
    10. Winning *
    11. Please Don’t Say Goodnight **
    12. Show Me What You’ve Got For Me **
    13. Are You Man Enough **

    CD 3:

    01. Don’t You Know I Love It **
    02. Read Between The Lines ***
    03. Live Giving Love ***
    04. Ain’t Watcha Do ***
    05. Made Out Of Love ***
    06. You Should Have Waited ***
    07. Knock Twice ***
    08. Hard Race ***
    09. Are You Really The One ****
    10. Free Time ****
    11. Physical Attraction ****
    12. Godsend ****
    13. Someone’s In Love ****
    14. Rescue Me ****

    * aus dem album luxury of life (1985)
    ** aus dem album silk & steel (1986)
    *** aus dem album between the lines (1987)
    **** aus dem albumrock the world (1988)
    ***** aus dem album greatest hits (1989)

    das artwork des covers liegt leider noch nicht vor!

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    TOTO - the essential 2 CD SONY 5186092 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 04.10.2004

    32-track digitally remastered 2-CD album set featuring the highlights of their illustrious career spanning more than 20 years, charting the band's success from the early Top 10 singles 'Hold The Line' & '99, to the smash hits from their multi-platinum selling album Toto IV, including 'Rosanna' and the number 1 classic 'Africa'!

    CD 1:

    01. Rosanna (Single Version)
    02. Stop Loving You
    03. Hold The Line
    04. Caught In The Balance
    05. 99
    06. The Other Side
    07. I Won't Hold You Back
    08. Africa (Single Version)
    09. Don't Chain My Heart
    10. 2 Hearts
    11. Waiting For Your Love
    12. Make Believe
    13. Goodbye Elenore
    14. Home Of The Brave
    15. How Does It Feel
    16. The Road Goes On

    CD 2:

    01. I Will Remember (European Re-Mix)
    02. Georgy Porgy
    03. Just Can't Get To You
    04. Pamela (Single Version)
    05. Baby He's Your Man
    06. I'll Supply The Love
    07. Holyanna (European Re-Mix)
    08. The Turning Point (European Re-Mix)
    09. If You Belong To Me (European Re-Mix)
    10. Can You Hear What I'm Saying (European Re-Mix)
    11. Slipped Away
    12. Dave's Gone Skiing
    13. Without Your Love
    14. Stranger In Town
    15. Till The End
    16. I'll Be Over You

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    LIZA MINNELLI - the best of LEGACY / COLUMBIA / SONY 0827969269022 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 27.09.2004

    01. Cabaret
    02. Some People - (live)
    03. There Is A Time - (live)
    04. Me And My Baby - (previously unreleased)
    05. My Own Best Friend
    06. Old Friends - (live)
    07. Singer, The
    08. Ring Them Bells - (live)
    09. All That Jazz
    10. Quiet Thing - (live)
    11. Losing My Mind
    12. Maybe This Time
    13. Say Liza - (live)
    14. Stepping Out - (live)
    15. Theme from 'New York, New York'

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    CHERRELLE - best of EMI 5712852 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 27.09.2004

    Definitive collection of Cherrelle's best-known and loved hits including 'Saturday Love', 'Never Knew Love Like This', 'When I Look In Your Eyes' and more, all 24-bit digitally remastered and complete with extensive liner notes...a must for fans!

    01. Affair
    02. I Didn't Mean To Turn You On
    03. Everything I Miss At Home
    04. Saturday Love (feat. ALEXANDER O´NEAL)
    05. Fragile…Handle With Care
    06. Never In My Life
    07. Never Knew Love Like This (feat. ALEXANDER O´NEAL)
    08. You Look Good To Me
    09. Like I Will
    10. Tears of Joy
    11. Artificial Heart
    12. Gee Whiz
    13. What More Can I Do For You
    14. When I Look In Your Eyes
    15. Still In Love With You

    das cover-artwork habe ich im netz leider nicht finden können.

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    31-track 2-CD album set featuring hits, previously unreleased material plus exclusive remixes, presented in deluxe hardback package complete with 40-page booklet containing paintings, photographs & writing on the band by Alexei Monroe.


    01. Das Spiel Ist Aus
    02. Tanz Mit Laibach
    03. Final Countdown
    04. Alle Gegen Alle
    05. Wirtschaft Ist Tot
    06. God Is God
    07. In The Army Now
    08. Get Back
    09. Sympathy For The Devil
    10. Leben Heisst Leben
    11. Geburt Einer Nation
    12. Opus Dei
    13. Die Liebe
    14. Panorama
    15. Drzava
    16. Brat Moj
    17. Mama Leone

    CD 2:

    01. Das Spiel Ist Aus – Ouroborots Mix
    02. Liewerk – 3. Oktober Kraftbach Mix
    03. Wir Tanzen Ado Hinkel – Zeta Reticula Mix
    04. Final Countdown – Beyond The Infinite Juno Reactor Mix
    05. God Is God – Optical Mix
    06. War – Ultraviolence Meets Hitman Mix
    07. God Is God – Diabolig Mix
    08. Final Countdown – Mark Stent Alternate Mix
    09. Wirtschaft Ist Tot – Late Night Mix
    10. Jesus Christ Superstar – Random Logic Mix
    11. Wirtschaft – R.Hawtin Hardcore Noise Mix
    12. Brat Moj – Random Logic Mix
    13. Smrt Za Smrt – Octex Mix
    14. WAT – Iturk Mix

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    TINA TURNER - all the best 2 CD CAPITOL / EMI 8635362 2 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 01.11.2004

    She is without doubt a true rock star, with sensual, soulful and powerful vocals that have been part of music history for over four decades. Tina Turner is back with a new album - All The Best is set for release on 1 November.

    For the first time, the highlights of Tina's unrivalled career have been united on one double-CD anthology. All The Best is the comprehensive and essential collection of recorded works by this unique and iconic performer. Across two discs and 33 tracks, it features the songs that first made her famous in the sixties, reviews two decades of spectacular solo recordings, and then brings the story right up to date with three newly-recorded songs. One of these, 'Open Arms' is set to be released as a single on 25 October.

    All The Best is an album that will delight the legions of fans who have followed Tina's extraordinary creative journey, just as it will seduce new admirers. The array of hit songs on the collection is mesmerizing, from 'River Deep Mountain High', 'Proud Mary' and 'Nutbush City Limits', via Turner's early emergence as a solo superstar with 'Let's Stay Together', 'What's Love Got To Do With It' and 'We Don't Need Another Hero' right through to hits of the '90s like 'I Don't Wanna Fight', 'Goldeneye' and 'When The Heartache Is Over', the latter from her album, 1999's Twenty Four Seven.

    But this is no time warp. All The Bestfeatures three completely new recordings by Tina, all of them showing that her vocal majesty continues its reign to this day. The powerful new performance 'Open Arms' is joined by 'Complicated Disaster' and 'Something Special', produced by Trevor Horn. As if that wasn't enough, there are some gems for the Tina collector in there too, including a live-in-London version of 'Addicted To Love' and her duet with Italian superstar Eros Ramazotti, 'Cose Della Vita'.

    Believe it or not, the legend of Tina Turner began more than 50 years ago. Born in Brownsville, Tennessee and raised nearby in the "li'l ol' town" of Nutbush just like the song says. She married guitarist and bandleader Ike Turner in 1958 and made her recording debut with him in 1960 on 'A Fool In Love', which set the scene for the decade ahead by becoming an American R&B smash and pop crossover.

    The duo's track record in the '60s and early '70s was built on cast-iron anthems like the quintessential Phil Spector production, 'River Deep, Mountain High', and 'Nutbush City Limits', among a total of 25 soul chart entries. After starring in the Who's 1975 film of Tommy, Tina was ready to strike out on her own - but she had to haul her way up a mountain of debts and disinterest. But by the summer of '84, fuelled by the acclaimed lead-off single 'What's Love Got To Do With It?', Private Dancer was on its way to world sales of 11 million.

    What's followed has been a breathless catalogue of collaborations and achievements on record, on screen and as an author. They included a role as Aunty Entity in Max Mad: Beyond Thunderdome; a duet with Mick Jagger at the greatest live event in music history, Live Aid; a raft of Grammy Awards; a bestselling autobiography, 'I, Tina'; record and concert dates with fans like Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Elton John, David Bowie, Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler; and record-breaking concert tours all around the world.

    All The Best looks both backwards and forwards, and will ensure that her legend endures long into the 21st century. Tina Turner is back, doing what she does (simply) the best...

    CD 1:

    01. Nutbush City Limits
    02. What You See Is What You Get
    03. Missing You
    04. Open Arms (NEU)
    05. The Best
    06. River Deep Moutain High
    07. When The Heartache Is Over
    08. Let´s Stay Together
    09. I Don´t Wanna Fight
    10. Whatever You Need
    11. I Can´t Stand The Rain
    12. Goldeneye
    13. I Don´t Want To Lose You
    14. Great Spirits
    15. Proud Mary
    16. Addicted To Love

    CD 2:

    01. In Your Wildest Dreams
    02. Privat Dancer
    03. Why Must We Wait Until Tonight
    04. Typical Male
    05. Tonight (with David Bowie)
    06. Complicated Disaster (NEU)
    07. On Silent Wings
    08. Something Special (NEU)
    09. We Don´t Need Another Hero
    10. It´s Only Love (with Bryan Adams)
    11. Cose Della Vita (with Eros Ramazotti)
    12. Steamy Windows
    13. Paradise Is Here
    14. What´s Love Got To Do With It
    15. Better Be Good To Me
    16. Two People
    17. Something Beautiful Remains

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    MARIANNE ROSENBERG - lieder der nacht (Special Edition) HANSA / BMG 82876654822 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 04.10.2004

    Das Album ist die ultimative Best Of von Kultstar MARIANNE ROSENBERG. Die Special Edition enthält neben den Originalaufnahmen von Mariannes größten Erfolgen (sämtlichst "digitally remastered") zusätzliche vier Bonustracks mit "Ich sah deine Tränen", der deutschen Version von Abba's Hit "One Of Us" und drei bisher nie veröffentlichte, englischsprachige Versionen von: "Marleen", "Ich bin wie du" und "Karneval".

    01. Ich bin wie du 03:40
    02. Marleen 04:14
    03. Für immer wie heute 03:05
    04. Liebe kann so weh tun 05:34
    05. Wären Tränen aus Gold 03:32
    06. Lieder der Nacht 02:57
    07. Er gehört zu mir 02:56
    08. Mr. Paul McCartney 03:36
    09. Nimm den goldnen Ring zurück 03:53
    10. Er ist nicht wie du 03:28
    11. Fremder Mann 02:53
    12. Wer Liebe sucht 02:42
    13. Jeder Weg hat mal ein Ende 03:16
    14. Lass dir Zeit 03:28
    15. Karneval 03:44
    16. Warum gerade ich 03:34


    17. Ich sah deine Tränen (One Of Us) 03:55
    18. It's Wrong (Now That Love Has Gone) (Marleen) 04:14
    19. I Feel So Good (Ich bin wie du) 03:34
    20. One More Time (Karneval) 03:26

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    BRYAN FERRY - the collection EMI 5775922 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 18.10.2004

    A new collection compiled with the help of Bryan Ferry himself, this compilation contains some classic hits including 'Let's Stick Together', 'The 'In' Crowd', 'A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall', 'Tokyo Joe' and 'Don't Stop The Dance' to name but a few. Mr Ferry has also supplied some never before seen photographs for the artwork including pictures he has taken himself...a great collection at a great price!

    01. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
    02. The 'In' Crowd
    03. Shame, Shame, Shame
    04. Let's Stick Together
    05. Tokyo Joe
    06. Can't Let Go
    07. Slave To Love
    08. Don't Stop The Dance
    09. Limbo
    10. Girl Of My Best Friend
    11. Don't Want To Know
    12. The Way You Look Tonight

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    ROXY MUSIC - the collection EMI 5775922 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 18.10.2004

    A superb new Roxy Music collection given the seal of approval by Bryan Ferry himself, this compilation features all the hits including 'Virginia Plain', 'Street Life', 'Love Is The Drug', 'Dance Away' and 'More Than This'. Featuring never before seen photos supplied by Bryan, this is an essential purchase at a fantastically low price!

    01. Virginia Plain
    02. Do The Strand
    03. Street Life
    04. The Thrill Of It All
    05. All I Want Is You
    06. Love Is The Drug
    07. Out Of The Blue
    08. Ain't That So
    09. Dance Away
    10. Same Old Scene
    11. The Main Thing
    12. More Than This

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