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Neue "BEST OF"-CDs von 80er-Stars

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    @ bamalama: "finer feelings" fehlt auch auf der ultimativen kylie-best-of. :-((

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    FRANK ZAPPA - the best of RYKO RCD10588 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 01.11.2004

    CD album featuring 15 tracks from a satirist whose reserves of scorn seemed bottomless and whose wicked sense of humour and absurdity have delighted his numerous fans, even when his lyrics crossed over the broadest bounds of taste!

    01. Peaches En Regalia (Hot Rats)
    02. Don't Eat The Yellow Snow (Apostrophe)
    03. Dancin' Fool (Sheik Yerbouti)
    04. San Ber'dino (One Size Fits All)
    05. Dirty Love (Over-Nite Sensation)
    06. My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama (Weasels Ripped My Flesh)
    07. Cosmik Debris (Apostrophe)
    08. Disco Boy (Zoot Allures)
    09. Fine Girl (Tinsel Town Rebellion)
    10. I'm The Slime (Over-Nite Sensation)
    11. Joe's Garage (Joe's Garage)
    12. Bobby Brown Goes Down (Sheik Yerbouti)
    13. Montana (Over-Nite Sensation)
    14. Valley Girl (Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch)
    15. Muffin Man (Bongo Fury)

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    JOHN MELLENCAMP - words & music / john mellencamp´s greatest hits 2 CD MERCURY 9864236 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 18.10.2004

    Words & Music collects 35 of John's biggest hits along with two new songs: "Walk Tall" and "Thank You," both produced by Mellencamp and Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds. The collection will be released on Mercury Records/Universal Music Enterprises on Tuesday, October 18, 2004.

    Words & Music marks the first time that all of John's 22 Top 40 pop hits of his career to date, including his 10 Top 10 hits, culled from 14 albums will be available on one collection. Songs on the album range from John's first hit "I Need A Lover" in 1979 through 2003's hit "Teardrops Will Fall" and every major single in-between!

    CD 1:

    01. Walk Tall
    02. Pink Houses
    03. Lonely Ol' Night
    04. Jackie Brown
    05. Rain on the Scarecrow
    06. Love and Happiness
    07. Check It Out
    08. Peaceful World
    09. Paper In Fire
    10. Your Life Is Now
    11. Human Wheels
    12. When Jesus Left Birmingham
    13. Authority Song
    14. What If I Came Knocking
    15. Crumblin' Down
    16. Small Town
    17. R.O.C.K. In The USA
    18. Cherry Bomb
    19. Pop SInger

    CD 2:

    01. Thank You
    02. Martha Say
    03. Key West Intermezzo (I Saw You First)
    04. Jack & Diane
    05. I Need A Lover
    06. Hurts So Good
    07. Get A Leg Up
    08. Wild Night
    09. Dance Naked
    10. Teardrops Will Fall
    11. Ain't Even Done With The Night
    12. Just Another Day
    13. Hand To Hold On To
    14. Rumble Seat
    15. I'm Not Running Anymore
    16. Again Tonight
    17. This Time
    18. Now More Than Ever

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    platinum collection

    Genesis were arguably one of Britain's most successful rock bands throughout the 70's & 80's, and that's before you add up the combined sales of the various members solo albums. This new platinum collection has been endorsed and compiled by key members Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel themselves, the 40 tracks featured cover what the band perceive as the cream of their material. From the early creative period at the height of their prog-rock days, all the way up their chart topping era with Collins on vocal duties, and includes 20 of their top 30 hits (have they really released that many singles?) Some of the earlier tracks have been newly remixed/remastered to make up in some way for the ropey 70's production techniques on the original recordings, and the collection also includes a substantial 20 page booklet.

    CD 1:

    01. The Knife
    02. The Musical Box
    03. Watcher Of The Skies
    04. Supper's Ready
    05. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
    06. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
    07. Counting Out Time
    08. Carpet Crawlers

    CD 2:

    01. Ripples
    02. A Trick Of The Tail
    03. Los Endos
    04. One For The Vine
    05. Your Own Special Way
    06. Afterglow
    07. Many Too Many
    08. Follow You Follow Me
    09. Behind The Lines
    10. Duchess
    11. Misunderstanding
    12. Turn It On Again
    13. Abacab
    14. Keep It Dark

    CD 3:

    01. Paperlate
    02. Mama
    03. That's All
    04. Home By The Sea
    05. Second Home By The Sea
    06. Illegal Alien
    07. Invisible Touch
    08. Tonight Tonight Tonight (edit)
    09. Land Of Confusion
    10. In Too Deep
    11. Throwing It All Away
    12. No Son Of Mine
    13. Jesus He Knows Me
    14. I Can't Dance
    15. Hold On My Heart
    16. Calling All Stations

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    WET WET WET - the greatest hits 2 CD MERCURY / UNIVERSAL 9868751 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 08.11.2004

    CD 1:

    01. All I Want
    02. Goodnight Girl
    03. Temptation
    04. Lip Service
    05. Love Is All Around
    06. Julia Says
    07. Wishing I Was Lucky
    08. Sweet Surrender
    09. Hear Me Now
    10. Sweet Little Mystery
    11. Somewhere Somehow
    12. Stay With Me Heartache
    13. If I Never See You Again
    14. Angel Eyes (Home And Away)
    15. Don't Want To Forgive Me Now
    16. She's All On My Mind
    17. Morning
    18. Strange
    19. With A Little Help From My Friends
    20. (Feels Like I'm) Walking On Water

    CD 2:

    01. Broke Away
    02. Yesterday
    03. Maybe I'm In Love
    04. Make It Tonight
    05. Cold, Cold Heart
    06. Put The Light On
    07. More Than Love
    08. Hold Back The River
    09. Shed A Tear
    10. This Time (Live at The Royal Albert Hall)
    11. Blue For You (Live at The Royal Albert Hall)
    12. Get Ready (Cloak & Dagger by Maggie Pie & The Imposters)
    13. East Of The River (Memphis Sessions)
    14. With A Little Help From My Friends (Live in Kuala Lumpur)
    15. I Can Give You Everything (Live at The Royal Albert Hall)
    16. Temptation (Live at Adam Street)
    17. Goodnight Girl (Live at Adam Street)
    18. Love Is All Around (Live at Adam Street)

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    BEE GEES - number ones CD & DVD POLYDOR 9868840 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 01.11.2004

    In the vein of similar projects celebrating the Beatles and Elvis Presley, Universal will on Nov. 1 release "Bee Gees Number Ones," compiling chart-topping hits from the legendary Gibb brothers.
    The project will be released with different track lists for international markets and will also be available in a limited edition with a bonus DVD.
    The North American/international edition boasts 19 tracks, running chronologically from 1967's "Massachusetts" to 1987's "You Win Again." In between are such massive hits as "Jive Talkin'," "How Deep Is Your Love," "Stayin' Alive," "Night Fever" and "Tragedy." The disc closes with 2001's "Man in the Middle," included as a tribute to Maurice Gibb, who died suddenly last year.
    In the U.K. and Japan, "Number Ones" features a slightly different 20-track running order, adding cuts such as "More Than a Woman" and "Islands in the Stream," a 1983 No. 1 hit for Dolly Parton.
    The limited-edition CD/DVD combo includes 18 audio tracks plus rare footage of the group performing "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart," "How Deep Is Your Love," "Jive Talkin'," "Massachusetts" and "I Started a Joke" on the U.K. TV show "An Audience With."

    CD (U.S.-EDITION):

    01. Massachusetts
    02. World
    03. Words
    04. I've Gotta Get a Message to You
    05. I Started a Joke
    06. Don't Forget To Remember
    07. Lonely Days
    08. How Can you Mend a Broken Heart
    09. Jive Talkin'
    10. You Should Be Dancing
    11. Love So Right
    12. How Deep Is Your Love
    13. Stayin' Alive
    14. Night Fever
    15. Too Much Heaven
    16. Tragedy
    17. Love You Inside Out
    18. You Win Again
    19. Man in the Middle


    01. Massachussetts
    02. World
    03. Words
    04. I've Gotta Get A Message To You
    05. I Started A Joke
    06. Don't Forget To Remember
    07. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
    08. Jive Talkin'
    09. You Should Be Dancing
    10. How Deep Is Your Love
    11. Stayin' Alive
    12. Night Fever
    13. Too Much Heaven
    14. Tragedy
    15. More Than A Woman
    16. Love You Inside Out
    17. You Win Again
    18. Man In The Middle
    19. Islands In The Stream (New Version)
    20. Immortality (Original Demo Version)


    LIVE PERFORMANCES from the U.K. TV show "An Audience With.":

    - How Can You Mend a Broken Heart
    - How Deep Is Your Love
    - Jive Talkin'
    - Massachusetts
    - I Started a Joke

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    SHOWADDYWADDY - hey rock´n´roll / the very best of DEMON MUSIC GROUP DMGTV011 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 15.11.2004

    30 Years after Showaddywaddy first graced the UK charts with their distinctive and infectious 50’s throwback rockabilly sound, “Hey Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Very Best Of Showaddywaddy” brings together 25 good-time classics including all 23 of their top 40 hits spanning the mid seventies and early eighties and 2 new live favourites available for the first time.

    As the most successful charting act in the 1970’s with 18 top 40 hits (beating even the likes of Abba!), the band had 10 Top Ten hits including ‘Three Steps To Heaven’, ‘Pretty Little Angel Eyes’ and the massive number one single ‘Under The Moon Of Love’ selling almost a million copies.

    As a result of the bands fun ethos and feel-good factor encapsulated in their music and exuberant image, Showaddywaddy continues to hold a strong fan-base and tour regularly, significantly outlasting their peers in the glam and post glam genre (Mud/The Rubettes/Wizzard). Subsequently the band will be undertaking a 50 date nationwide tour in support of the album, which includes their headlining of the 30-date ‘Solid Gold Rock ‘n’ Roll Tour’.

    The hysterically distinctive TV campaign, “Hey Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Very Best Of Showaddywaddy” will be very much ‘the’ party record of the year. Dust off those brothel creepers!!


    01. Under The Moon Of Love (#1)
    02. Three Steps To Heaven (#2)
    03. Heartbeat (#7)
    04. Hey Rock And Roll (#2)
    05. Rock ‘n’ Roll Lady (#15)
    06. A Night At Daddy Gee’s (#39)
    07. Remember Then (#17)
    08. I Wonder Why (#2)
    09. Pretty Little Angel Eyes (#5)
    10. Why Do Lovers Break Each Other’s Hearts? (#22)
    11. Who Put The Bomp (In The….) (#37)
    12. Woo Hoo (New Track)
    13. Trocadero (#32)
    14. Dancin’ Party (#4)
    15. You Got What It Takes (#2)
    16. Heavenly (#34)
    17. Blue Moon (#32)
    18. Sweet Music (#14)
    19. When (#3)
    20. A Little Bit Of Soap (#5)
    21. Footsteps (#31)
    22. Always And Ever
    23. Multiplication (#39)
    24. Sweet Little Rock ‘n’ Roller (#15)
    25. Hey Mr Christmas (#13)

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    FALCO - austropop kult BMG 82876653012 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 18.10.2004

    Austropop Kult ist da! Die Kultserie startet mit sieben österreichischen Austropop-Künstlern, die die Musiklandschaft der vergangenen Jahrzehnte enorm geprägt haben: Austria 3, Wolfgang Ambros, Rainhard Fendrich, Georg Danzer, Falco, Stefanie Werger und Hubert von Goisern. Von jedem Künstler finden sich 13 Titel auf einer CD - Klassiker ebenso wie Live-Versionen, Raritäten und das eine oder andere musikalische Schmankerl.

    Austropop Kult - Falco: Er hat mit seiner Musik im Alleingang "America" erobert, mit "Amadeus" gerockt und nicht nur "Junge Römer" ins Schwitzen gebracht. Jede Falco Nummer hat die Berechtigung als "Kult" bezeichnet zu werden - aber Platz war nur für 13. Ein besonderes Zuckerl auf dieser CD "That Scene" - die englische Version des Klassikers "Ganz Wien".

    01. America 3:56
    02. Der Kommissar 3:41
    03. Brillantin' Brutal' 3:47
    04. Nur mit dir 4:27
    05. Rock Me Amadeus 3:22
    06. Junge Roemer 4:30
    07. Naked 3:48
    08. Titanic 3:37
    09. Vienna Calling 4:08
    10. Helden von Heute 4:07
    11. That Scene (Ganz Wien) 4:25
    12. The Sound Of Music 4:12
    13. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 5:07

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    V.A. - produced by trevor horn 2 CD ZTT ZTT196CD VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 22.11.2004

    2-CD album set featuring 30 classic tracks touched by the hands of the master producer and one of the originators of the 12” remix including previously unreleased versions and anthems from over 25 years!


    01. Buggles – Video Killed The Radio Star
    02. ABC – Poison Arrow
    03. Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Relax
    04. LeAnn Rimes – Can’t Fight The Moonlight
    05. Pet Shop Boys – Left To My Own Devices
    06. Dollar – Give Me Back My Heart
    07. Seal – Crazy
    08. Lisa Stansfield – Say It To Me Now
    09. Shane MacGowan – You’re The One
    10. Godley and Crème – Cry
    11. Art Of Noise – Il Pluere [At The Turn Of The Century]
    12. Buggles – Living In The Plastic Age
    13. Dollar – Mirror Mirror
    14. Spandau Ballet – Instinction
    15. Belle & Sebastion – I’m A Cuckoo
    16. The Frames – Angel At My Table
    17. Simple Minds – Mandela Day
    18. taTu – All The Things She Said


    01. Yes – Owner Of A Lonely Heart
    02. Art Of Noise – Beat Box [Diversion]
    03. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Two Tribes [Hibakusha Mix]
    04. ABC – Look Of Love [Parts One & Two]
    05. Pet Shop Boys – It’s Alright [10” Version]
    06. Grace Jones – Slave To The Rhythm
    07. Art Of Noise – Moments In Love
    08. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – The Power Of Love
    09. Simple Minds – Belfast Child
    10. Seal – Loneliest Star
    11. Propaganda – Das Testament des Dr Mabuse [13th Life Mix]
    12. Malcolm McLaren – Buffalo Gals [Scratch Mix]
    13. ABC – All Of My Heart

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    WOMACK & WOMACK - strange & funny / the best of 1983 - 1994 RAVEN RVCD203 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 08.11.2004

    The first definitive anthology package of the best of the acclaimed soul duo Womack & Womack's recordings from the 1980s/1990s. Cecil Womack, brother of Bobby, was signed by Sam Cooke to his SAR Records label in 1961 and, as a member of The Valentinos, recorded the original hit version of ‘It’s All Over Now’ in 1964. After splitting with Mary Wells, he wed Cooke’s daughter Linda, forming a powerful writing association, with works covered by the likes of Eric Clapton, Patti Labelle and Randy Crawford. In 1984 Womack & Womack became acclaimed recording artists in their own right with the album ‘Love Wars’. Over the next decade, they crafted soul-pop songs of hook-laden melody, irresistible groove and prominent gospel-style harmonies, as well as ballads of gossamer beauty and gritty funk with rococo pop flourishes and sophisticated wordplay.

    01. Love Wars
    02. Baby I’M Scared Of You
    03. T.K.O.
    04. A.P.B.
    05. No Relief
    06. Strange & Funny
    07. Reason (Must Be Love)
    08. Find Yourself Another Girl
    09. Teardrops
    10. Good Man Monologue
    11. Slave (Just For Love)
    12. Mpb (Missin’ Persons Bureau)
    13. Celebrate The World
    14. Refusal
    15. Living In A Different World
    16. Drive (First Gear)

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