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Neue "BEST OF"-CDs von 80er-Stars

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    KISS - gold 2 CD MERCURY / UNIVERSAL 6800658 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 11.01.2005

    CD 1:

    01. Strutter
    02. Nothin' To Lose
    03. Firehouse
    04. Deuce
    05. Black Diamond
    06. Got To Choose
    07. Parasite
    08. Hotter Than Hell
    09. C'mon And Love Me
    10. She
    11. Anything For My Baby
    12. Rock Bottom
    13. Cold Gin
    14. Rock And Roll All Nite
    15. Let Me Go, Rock 'N Roll
    16. Detroit Rock City
    17. King Of The Night Time World
    18. Shout It Out Loud
    19. Beth
    20. Do You Love Me

    CD 2:

    01. I Want You
    02. Calling Dr. Love
    03. Hard Luck Woman
    04. I Stole Your Love
    05. Love Gun
    06. Christine Sixteen
    07. Shock Me
    08. Makin' Love
    09. God Of Thunder
    10. Tonight You Belong To Me
    11. New York Groove
    12. Radioactive
    13. Don't You Let Me Down
    14. I Was Made For Lovin' You
    15. Sure Know Something
    16. Shandi
    17. Talk To Me
    18. A World Without Heroes
    19. Nowhere To Run
    20. I'm A Legend Tonight

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    BOB MARLEY - gold 2 CD ISLAND RECORDS 000400802 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 11.01.2005

    CD 1:

    01. Stir It Up
    02. Slave Driver
    03. Concrete Jungle
    04. Get Up, Stand Up
    05. I Shot The Sheriff
    06. Burnin' And Lootin'
    07. Lively Up Yourself
    08. Rebel Music (3 O'Clock Roadblock)
    09. Trenchtown Rock - (live)
    10. No Woman No Cry - (live)
    11. Jah Live
    12. Positive Vibration
    13. Roots, Rock, Reggae
    14. Crazy Baldhead
    15. Natural Mystic
    16. Exodus
    17. Jamming

    CD 2:

    01. One Love: People Get Ready / Medley
    02. Waiting In Vain
    03. Punky Reggae Party
    04. Is This Love
    05. Sun Is Shining
    06. Satisfy My Soul
    07. Kinky Reggae - (live)
    08. War: No More Trouble / Medley - (live)
    09. So Much Trouble In The World
    10. Africa Unite
    11. One Drop
    12. Could You Be Loved
    13. Coming In From The Cold
    14. Redemption Song - (acoustic version)
    15. Buffalo Soldier
    16. Rastaman Live Up!
    17. Iron Lion Zion

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    OZZY OSBOURNE - bible of ozz 4 CD EPIC / SONY VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 22.03.2005

    OZZY OSBOURNE will christen 2005 with the release of his BIBLE OF OZZ box set March 22 on Epic Records. A testament to the iconic rocker’s 25-year solo career, the four-CD, 52-song set chronicles OZZY’s biggest hits and most memorable collaborations while including a separate disc with 10 newly recorded versions of his favorite songs by other artists, including: the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy For The Devil,” Mountain’s “Mississippi Queen” and Mott The Hoople’s David Bowie-penned “All The Young Dudes.” The BIBLE OF OZZ will arrive in a weathered, collectable gothic book with new hallowed images of OZZY taken by famed British photographer/artist Sam Taylor Wood. It will be packaged with a 60-page booklet with a career overview and rare OZZY photos.

    The first two BIBLE OF OZZ discs will encompass re-mastered versions of the Grammy Award-winning artist’s most popular solo smashes, with “Crazy Train,” “Mr. Crowley,” “Diary Of A Madman,” “Crazy Babies” and “No More Tears.” In addition, the discs will resurrect epic live performances (“Bark At The Moon,” “Flying High Again,” “Suicide Solution”) and rare demos (“Mama, I’m Coming Home,” “I Don’t Want To Change The World,” “See You On The Other Side”).

    Titled Oddities and Duets, the third disc is comprised of some of OZZY’s most unusual collaborations, such as “For Heaven’s Sake” with the Wu-Tang Clan, “Born To Be Wild” with Miss Piggy, “Nowhere To Run (Vapor Trail)” with the Crystal Method, DMX, and ‘Ol Dirty Bastard and the Bee Gees classic “Stayin’ Alive” with Dweezil Zappa.

    For the set’s special fourth disc Under Covers, OZZY went into the studio recently to record covers of the songs he covets most, including: “In My Life” (the Beatles), “21st Century Schizoid Man” (King Crimson), and “For What It’s Worth” (Buffalo Springfield). Keeping with his tradition of working with only the finest rock guitarists, OZZY was joined by Jerry Cantrell, Robert Randolph and Leslie West.

    The BIBLE OF OZZ will arrive amidst a blizzard of OZZY activity. On October 25th MTV will unveil OZZY and SHARON OSBOURNE’s new reality show ‘BATTLE FOR OZZFEST,’ which pits hungry young bands against one another for a shot at performing at the career-making OZZFEST. In January 2005, MTV will launch the final season of the hugely successful reality show ‘THE OSBOURNES.'

    OZZY OSBOURNE’s BIBLE OF OZZ track list:

    CD 1:

    01. I Don’t Know (live)
    02. Mr. Crowley
    03. Crazy Train
    04. Goodbye To Romance (live)
    05. Suicide Solution (live)
    06. Over The Mountain
    07. Flying High Again (live)
    08. You Can’t Kill Rock And Roll
    09. Diary Of A Madman
    10. Bark At The Moon (live b-side)
    11. Spiders (b-side)
    12. Rock And Roll Rebel
    13. You’re No Different
    14. Dee

    CD 2:

    01. Ultimate Sin (live)
    02. Never Know Why (live)
    03. Thank God For The Bomb (live)
    04. Crazy Babies
    05. Breaking All The Rules
    06. I Don’t Want To Change The World (demo)
    07. Mama, I’m Coming Home (demo)
    08. Desire (demo)
    09. No More Tears (single version)
    10. Won’t Be Coming Home (demo)
    11. Perry Mason (live from ozzfest live album)
    12. See You On The Other Side (demo)
    13. Walk On Water (demo)
    14. Gets Me Through (live)
    15. Bang Bang (original demo for “Facing Hell”)
    16. Dreamer

    CD 3:

    - "Oddities and Duets"

    01. Iron Man (Ozzy Osbourne With Therapy)
    02. N.I.B. (Ozzy Osbourne with Primus)
    03. Purple Haze (Ozzy Osbourne with Zakk Wylde, Randy Castillo & Geezer Butler)
    04. Pictures Of Matchstick Men (Ozzy Osbourne with Type O Negative) 5. Shake Your Head (Let’s Go To Bed) (Ozzy Osbourne with Was Not Was)
    06. Born To Be Wild (Ozzy Osbourne with Miss Piggy)
    07. Nowhere To Run (Vapor Trail) (Ozzy Osbourne with Crystal Method, DMX, ‘Ol Dirty Bastard & Fuzzbuble)
    08. Led Clones (Ozzy with Gary Moore)
    09. For Heavens Sake (Ozzy Osbourne with Tony Iommi & Wu-Tang Clan)
    10. I Ain’t No Nice Guy (Ozzy Osbourne With Motorhead)
    11. Therapy (Ozzy Osbourne With Infectious Grooves)
    12. Stayin’ Alive (Ozzy Osbourne With Dweezil Zappa)

    CD 4:

    - "Under Covers"

    01. Good Times (Originally recorded by Eric Burdon)
    02. 21st Century Schizoid Man (Originally recorded by King Crimson)
    03. In My Life (Originally recorded by the Beatles)
    04. Mississippi Queen (Originally recorded by Mountain)
    05. For What It’s Worth (Originally recorded by the Buffalo Springfield)
    06. Fire (Originally recorded by Arthur Brown)
    07. Hi Ho Silver Lining (Originally recorded by the Jeff Beck Group)
    08. All The Young Dudes (Originally recorded by Mott the Hoople)
    09. Sympathy For The Devil (Originally recorded by the Rolling Stones)
    10. Changes - Duet with Kelly Osbourne (Originally recorded by Black Sabbath)

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    TOY DOLLS - cheerio & toodlepip! / the complete singles 2 CD CASTLE CMQDD1081 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 14.02.2005

    CD 1:

    01. Tommy Kowey's Car
    02. She Goes To Finos
    03. Tommy Koey's Car
    04. She's A Worky Ticket
    05. Everybody Jitterbug
    06. Teenager In Love - I've Got Asthma
    07. Nellie The Elephant
    08. Dig The Groove Baby
    09. Cherrio And Toodle Pip
    10. H.O. !
    11. Alfie From The Bronx
    12. Hanky Panky
    13. We're Mad
    14. Deidree's A Slag
    15. Rupert The Bear
    16. Nellie The Elephant (1984)
    17. Fistcuffs In Frederick Street

    CD 2:

    01. She Goes To Finos
    02. Spiders In The Dressing Room
    03. Come Back Jacky
    04. James Bond (Live Down Our Street)
    05. Olga....I Cannot
    06. Griefville
    07. Geordie (Japanese)
    08. Idie Gossip
    09. Geordie (Japanese)
    10. Turtle Crazy
    11. Turtle Crazy (Instrumental)
    12. Lazy Sunday Afternoon
    13. Sod The Neighbours
    14. Cloughy Is A Bootboy
    15. Living La Vida Loca
    16. Her With A Hoover
    17. Alec's Back

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    25 years ago hip-hop was virtually unknown outside of New York until a small independent label by the name of Sugar Hill released a record called "Rappers Delight" from the Sugarhill Gang. The record was a global smash and the world was hooked. Now, Sanctuary Records will release the definitive greatest hits of Sugar Hill Records, and their most important artist, Grandmaster Flash with the 31st January 2005 release of "The Best Of Grandmaster Flash And Sugar Hill".

    Including the Top Ten hit singles, "Rappers Delight", "The Message", "White Lines" and "Step Off", the deluxe two-CD set includes a special bonus disc mixed by Prime Cuts from the Scratch Perverts - the former DMC World Mixing Champion and is a must for any fan of the genre and beyond.

    In the early eighties, Sugar Hill Records was the label that broke hip hop and rap music around the world, and quickly became the home to a multitude of talented artists such as West Street Mob, The Funky Four, Spoonie G and Positive Force. Without Sugar Hill would hip-hop be the world's most popular musical form today?

    CD 1:

    01. GRANDMASTER & MELLE MEL - White Lines (Don't Do It)
    02. SUGARHILL GANG - Rapper's Delight
    04. WEST STREET MOB - Break Dance - Electric Boogie
    06. POSITIVE FORCE - We Got The Funk
    07. FUNKY 4 + 1 - That's The Joint
    08. GRANDMASTER FLASH - The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel
    09. THE SUGARHILL GANG - 8th Wonder
    11. MELLE MEL & DUKE BOOTIE - Message II (Survival)
    12. THE SUGARHILL GANG - Apache
    13. FUNKY 4 + 1 - Rapping & Rocking The House
    14. SPOONIE GEE & SEQUENCE - Monster Jam
    15. GRANDMASTER, MELLE MEL & THE FURIOUS FIVE - Beat Street Breakdown

    CD 2:

    01. Exclusive Sugar Hill Mix by Prime Cuts from the Scratch Perverts

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    A LA CARTE - hit collection vol. 1 / greatest hits COCONUT RECORDS / EDEL 4029758596807 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 10.01.2005

    01. Doctor doctor (help me please)
    02. When the boys come home
    03. Farewell farewell to Carlingford
    04. Ring me honey
    05. Red indian drums
    06. Jimmy gimme reggae
    07. River blue
    08. Viva torero
    09. Dong dong diki diki dong
    10. Wanted (jean le voleur)
    11. You get me on the run
    12. Cubatao
    13. Do wah diddy diddy
    14. Tennessee waltz
    15. Price of love
    16. The summer sun of Greece

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    Ich brauche Deine Hilfe, vielleicht kannst Du helfen.

    Ich suche eine rare Best Of oder Greatest Hits-CD von den Thompson Twins.

    Ich hatte diese irgendwann mal im Internet gesehen, weiss aber nicht mehr wo.

    Wenn ich mich richtig erinnere war das Cover ziemlich japanisch gehalten.

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    Hat sich soeben erledigt.

    Kennst Du eine Quelle, wo man diese CD erhalten kann?

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    @ DINGEL

    scheint eine PROMO-CD zu sein! es gibt unendlich viele "BEST OF"-CDs von den THOMPSON TWINS - diese ist mir allerdings völlig unbekannt!

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    BAD BOYS BLUE - hit collection vol. 1 / you´re a woman COCONUT RECORDS / EDEL 4029758596852 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 10.01.2005

    01. Kiss you all over, baby
    02. Lady blue
    03. Hot girls - bad boys
    04. For your love
    05. Baby I love you
    06. Mon amie
    07. You're a woman
    08. I live
    09. People of the night
    10. Love really hurts without you
    11. Dance the night away
    12. L. O. V. E. in my car
    13. I don't know her name
    14. Rainy Friday
    15. Blue moon
    16. Kisses and tears (My one and only)
    17. One night in heaven

    BAD BOYS BLUE - hit collection vol. 2 / the best of COCONUT RECORDS / EDEL 4029758596869 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 10.01.2005

    01. Lady in black
    02. Gimme gimme your lovin' (Little lady)
    03. Pretty young girl
    04. Don't walk away Suzanne
    05. Jungle in my heart
    06. Love me or leave me
    07. Lovers in the sand
    08. Come back and stay
    09. A world without you (Michelle)
    10. Queen of hearts
    11. A train to nowhere
    12. How I need you
    13. Someone to love
    14. If you call on me
    15. No regrets
    16. I'm not a fool
    17. I wanna hear your heartbeat (Sunday girl)
    18. Hungry for love

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