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    ABBA - super troupers POLYDOR 9824276 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 11.10.2004

    PAL DVD featuring a documentary celebrating their 30 year career from the Eurovision Song Contest 1974 through to April 2004 which marked the 5th Anniversary of 'Mamma Mia - The Musical', the documentary follows the 4 members preparing to reunite on stage for the first time since their split in the 1980's. Special features include Live & Classic TV performances as well as video footage plus exclusive interviews with Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny & Frida!

    DVD chapter titles:

    01. Super Trouper
    02. Mamma Mia
    03. Fernando
    04. Eagle
    05. Head Over Heels
    06. Take A Chance On Me
    07. One Man One Woman
    08. Money, Money, Money
    09. Knowing Me, Knowing You
    10. The Winner Takes It All
    11. Happy New Year

    Special features:

    - Extended 90 Minute Version Of The Documentary
    - The Entire Finale Of The Gala Performance Of Mamma Mia!
    - In Depth Interviews With Bjorn And Frida

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    KISS - gold 2 CD & DVD UNIVERSAL 986851-9 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 25.10.2004

    3-disc set featuring 2-CD 40 digitally remastered classic tracks drawn from their bestselling albums of 1974 through to 1982 including all the hits and fan favourites, with two selections recorded for their European-only release Killers - 'Nowhere To Run' and 'I'm A Legend Tonight' plus BONUS DVD 'Kiss Exposed' - a behind-the-scenes look at the world's greatest rock'n'roll band featuring 15 selections spanning 1975 through to 1986!


    01. STRUTTER 3.10
    02. NOTHIN' TO LOSE 3.27
    03. FIREHOUSE 3.18
    04. DEUCE 3.06
    05. BLACK DIAMOND 5.11
    06. GOT TO CHOOSE 3.54
    07. PARASITE 3.01
    08. HOTTER THAN HELL 3.31
    09. C'MON AND LOVE ME 2.57
    10. SHE 4.09
    12. ROCK BOTTOM live 3.40
    13. COLD GIN live 6.55
    14. ROCK AND ROLL ALL NITE live 4.23
    15. LET ME GO, ROCK 'N ROLL live 5.20
    16. DETROIT ROCK CITY 5.17
    18. SHOUT IT OUT LOUD 2.49
    19. BETH 2.45
    20. DO YOU LOVE ME? 4.57


    01. I WANT YOU 3.04
    02. CALLING DR. LOVE 3.44
    03. HARD LUCK WOMAN 3.34
    04. I STOLE YOUR LOVE 3.04
    05. LOVE GUN 3.18
    07. SHOCK ME 3.48
    08. MAKIN' LOVE live 3.13
    09. GOD OF THUNDER live 5.16
    11. NEW YORK GROOVE 3.03
    12. RADIOACTIVE 2.46
    13. DON'T YOU LET ME DOWN 3.43
    16. SHANDI 3.36
    17. TALK TO ME 4.02
    19. NOWHERE TO RUN 4.33
    20. I'M A LEGEND TONIGHT 4.00


    02: UH ! ALL NIGHT - VIDEO '86
    05: STRUTTER - LIVE in DETROIT '76
    06: BETH - LIVE in HOUSTON '77
    09: LICK IT UP - VIDEO '83
    11: I LOVE IT LOUD - VIDEO '82
    13: HEAVEN'S ON FIRE - VIDEO '84

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    ASIA - live legends CLASSICROCK CRP1660 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 20.09.2004

    John Wetton and Geoff Downes were the song writing partnership, which propelled Asia to the very top of the rock world. In performance the powerhouse drumming of Carl Palmer was the ideal compliment to Wetton's distinctive vocals and Downe's keyboard wizardry. Take a front seat as Wetton, Downes, Palmer and Thrall power through a dynamic set of the greatest hits live in concert. This is the definitive record of Asia at the peak of their power.


    01. Sole Survivor
    02. Don't Cry
    03. Voice of America
    04. Time Again
    05. Praying For A Miracle
    06. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
    07. Only Time Will Tell
    08. Days Like These
    09. The Heat Goes On
    10. Heat of The Moment
    11. Open Your Eyes
    12. Kari-Anne
    13. Cutting It Fine
    14. Go

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    JOE COCKER - the best of joe cocker live EMI 5999819 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 27.09.2004

    Region 2 PAL DVD featuring 19 live tracks recorded in Dortmund, 1992 [previously only available on Video] plus 8 tracks recorded live in Cologne, 2002.

    01. Cry Me A River
    02. Feelin' Alright
    03. Hitchcock Railway
    04. Many Rivers To Cross
    05. Up Where We Belong
    06. I Can Hear The River
    07. Shelter Me
    08. Please No More
    09. Night Calls
    10. Now That The Magic Has Gone
    11. You Can Leave Your Hat On
    12. When The Night Comes
    13. Love Is Alive
    14. Unchain My Heart
    15. Feels Like Forever
    16. With A Little Help From My Friends
    17. The Letter
    18. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
    19. You Are So Beautiful
    20. You Can't Have My Heart
    21. Love Not War
    22. Never Tear Us Apart
    23. Midnight Without You
    24. Respect Yourself
    25. Everytime It Rains
    26. This Is Your Life
    27. Unchain My Heart
    28. Up Where We Belong
    29. Night Calls
    30. You Are So Beautiful
    31. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
    32. With A Little Help From My Friends
    33. Cry Me A River

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    der erscheinungstermin hat sich leider nach hinten verschoben - dafür ist das artwork der DVD inzwischen bekannt:

    HUMAN LEAGUE - in concert at the dome / brigton VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 01.11.2004

    Filmed & Recorded at: The Dome, Brighton – 19th December 2003

    DVD Track Listing:

    01. Medley:
    • Hard Times
    • Love Action
    02. Mirror Man
    03. Louise
    04. Snake
    05. Heart Like A Wheel
    06. Darkness
    07. All I Ever Wanted
    08. Open Your Heart
    09. The Lebanon
    10. One Man In My Heart
    11. Human
    12. Things That Dreams Are Made Of
    13. Love Me Madly
    14. Fascination
    15. Tell Me When
    16. Don't You Want Me
    17. Empire State Human
    18. Together In Electric Dreams
    19. Sound Of The Crowd

    - 5.1 Surround Sound
    - Digitally Filmed & Recorded
    - Exclusive Interview (60 min.)

    “Listening to the Human League, is like listening to 1980!”. These words came from David Bowie in 1979, a year or so before Jo Catherall, Susanne Sulley and the big hits all materialised. The Human League that Bowie referred to was a futuristic synth, vocals and slide-show experience, not a band in the normal sense.

    Formed in Sheffield in 1977 by Martyn Ware, Ian Craig-Marsh and singer Adi Newton (and called The Future), former hospital porter Phil Oakey was invited to join, he says, just because he was tall. Adi left (eventually to join Clockdva) and Adrian Wright joined (on visuals and synth) shortly after their debut single ‘Being Boiled’ (out on the indie Fast Product label) was voted NME’s single of the week in summer 1978. It didn’t chart then, but got to number 6 when reissued in 1982. But it did help to get them a tie-in with Virgin Records.

    Their EP ‘Holiday ‘80’ got them on Top Of The Pops, and the next single ‘Empire State Human’ remains in their set and is featured on this DVD. A modestly successful debut album Reproduction was followed by Travelogue which charted at 14 in May 1980.
    Ego problems between Martin and Phil worsened as Oakey naturally became the band’s focus. So in October Ware and Marsh jumped ship (to form Heaven 17) just ten days before a major tour was due to start. Within days, Oakey spotted Jo and Susanne at Sheffield’s Crazy Daisy Disco and asked them to join. They did, even though they were studying for ‘A’ levels at the time.

    1981 was the year that the Human League went Big Time. ‘Boys and Girls’ was the first single with the girls and another new face, Ian Burden, on bass and synth – it scraped into the charts at 48 in February. A couple of months later ‘The Sound Of The Crowd’ went to 12 ; shortly after that guitarist Jo Callis joined from the Rezillos. Then ‘Love Action’ got to number 3 in July. ‘Open Your Heart’ reached 6 in October, and everybody’s soundtrack for Christmas 1981 was chart-topper ‘Don’t You Want Me Baby’. These all came from the 5-million-copies-plus Dare album which made the band a mega act on either side of the Atlantic.

    The hits kept coming in 1983 with ‘Fascination’ ‘Mirror Man’ and ‘The Lebanon’ even though band members were feeling the pressure of trying to come up with a worthy follow-up to Dare.
    1984’s Hysteria went Top 3 in May and in October. Oakey also collaborated with his mentor and biggest influence Eurobeat maestro Giorgio Moroder on the top 5 single ‘Together in Electric Dreams’ (they subsequently cut a whole album called Chrome ).

    Burden and Callis left before 1986’s Crash album. Produced by the Minneapolis soul/R&B team Jam/Lewis, this duo - the band themselves acknowledge - saved the Human League. Off Crash came the ‘Human’ single which got 8 in the UK but was a massive number 1 in America. After 1988’s successful Greatest Hits, 1990s Romantic only got to 24 and the single from it ‘Heart Like A Wheel’ (included on this DVD) scraped into the top 30. Virgin dropped them in late-1990.

    They later signed with East West and 1995’s Octopus took them back into the top 10.
    The three main players’ solid partnership continued through the ‘90s, focused on their co-owned Redtape Studios complex in Sheffield.

    This live DVD - filmed in Brighton in December – marks the climax to their hugely successful ‘03 tour. It can’t be called a comeback tour: media exposure of them and their music – in clever car commercials or television rockumentaries - guarantees that the Human League will never lose profile. After all their brand of synth-pop was the sound of the 1980s.

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    GEORGE HARRISON - the dark horse years 1976 - 1992 CAPITOL / EMI 0724354410390 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 13.09.2004

    Am 1. März 2004 veröffentlicht Parlophone den kompletten Backkatalog von George Harrison, der seinerzeit auf dessen Label Dark Horse erschienen ist. Damit werden die lange vergriffenen Alben „Thirty Three & 1/3“, „George Harrison“, „Somewhere in England“, „Gone Troppo“, Cloud Nine“ und „Live In Japan“ endlich wieder zugänglich. Unter dem Titel „The Dark Horse Years, 1976-1992“ erscheint außerdem eine exquisite Box-Edition, die neben den sechs Alben auch eine exklusive DVD umfasst.

    Jedes Album ist digital remastered und beinhaltet ein zwölfseitiges Booklet mit Songtexten, Auszügen aus Harrisons Buch „I Me Mine“ und raren Fotos. Mit Ausnahme des Doppel-Albums „Live In Japan“, das als SACD sowohl in Stereo als auch in 5.1 Surround Sound erscheint, sind alle CDs mit bislang unveröffentlichten Bonustracks versehen.

    Die CD-Box enthält zudem ein gebundenes, 36 Seiten starkes Booklet mit Linernotes von David Fricke, einem kurzen Abriss der Geschichte von Dark Horse Records aus der Feder von Olivia Harrison sowie bis dato unveröffentlichten Fotos und Illustrationen.

    Auf der 75-minütigen DVD sind unter anderem sieben von Harrison persönlich kommentierte Promotion-Videos, vier unveröffentlichte Live-Titel von der 1991er Japan-Tournee mit Eric Clapton sowie Szenen aus dem Film „Shanghai Surprise“ mit Harrison als Schauspieler zu sehen.

    Wann immer George Harrison im Laufe seiner Solokarriere ins Studio ging, um ein neues Album aufzunehmen, konnte er stets auf die Unterstützung brillanter Musiker bauen. Auf seinem ersten, 1976 erschienenen Dark-Horse-Album „Thirty Three & 1/3“ wirkten Billy Preston, David Foster, Gary Wright, Richard Tee, Tom Scott und Willie Weeks mit. Beim 1979er „George Harrison“, auf dem mit „Not Guilty“ auch ein Titel zu finden ist, den George ursprünglich 1968 für das Weiße Album der Beatles geschrieben hatte, trifft man Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Ray Cooper und Andy Newmark.

    „Somewhere in England“ von 1981, das mit einem anderen Cover, nämlich dem ursprünglich beabsichtigten, wieder veröffentlicht wird, dokumentierte die Wiedervereinigung mit Paul McCartney und Ringo Starr auf der John Lennon gewidmeten Hitsingle „All Those Years Ago“. Außerdem waren Gary Brooker, Al Kooper, Herbie Flowers und Jim Keltner mit von der Partie. Ein Jahr später, bei den Aufnahmen zu „Gone Troppo“, waren Brooker und Keltner wieder dabei. Ebenso Billy Preston, Jon Lord und Joe Brown.

    „Cloud Nine“, das 1987 zu Harrisons erfolgreichstem Soloalbum seit „All Things Must Pass“ avancierte, entstand in Zusammenarbeit mit Jeff Lynne, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Ringo Starr und Gary Wright. Clapton gehörte neben Andy Fairweather Low und Chuck Leavell dann auch 1991 zu Harrisons Band, die „Live In Japan“ einspielte, ein Doppelalbum mit zahlreichen Harrison-Klassikern von „Here Comes The Sun“ und „Something“ aus der Beatles-Ära bis zu den Soloerfolgen „My Sweet Lord“ und „Got My Mind Set On You“.

    Mit den vorgenannten Wiederveröffentlichungen ergänzt Parlophone seinen umfangreichen Katalog der Post-Beatles-Ära und würdigt einmal mehr das Schaffen des im Jahr 2001 verstorbenen George Harrison.

    01. Dark Horse Feature
    02. This Song
    03. Crackbox Palace
    04. Faster
    05. Got My Mind Set On You (Version 1)
    06. Got My Mind Set On You (Version 2)
    07. When We Was Fab
    08. This Is Love
    09. Cheer Down (Live In Japan)
    10. Devil´s Radio (Live In Japan)
    11. Cloud Nine (Live In Japan)
    12. Taxman (Live In Japan)
    13. Shanghai Surprise (aus "Shanghai Surprise")
    14. Someplace Else (aus "Shanghai Surprise")
    15. Hottest Gong In Town (aus "Shanghai Surprise")

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    ELTON JOHN - dream ticket 4 DVD MERCURY / UNIVERSAL 9868238 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 08.11.2004

    Region 2 PAL 4-disc DVD set featuring more than 70 songs and seven hours of footage from different venues with rare concert and TV performances from the legendary artist's early days plus previously unreleased photos & interviews.

    DVD 1:

    New York City, Madison Square Garden
    Greatest Hits--One Night Only
    October 21st 2000

    01. Funeral For A Friend (Love Lies Bleeding)
    02. Candle In The Wind
    03. Bennie And The Jets
    04. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John with Billy Joel)
    05. Someone Saved My Life Tonight
    06. Little Jeannie
    07. Philadelphia Freedom
    08. Tiny Dancer
    09. Can You Feel The Love Tonight?
    10. Daniel
    11. Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be a Long, Long, Time)
    12. Club At The End Of The Street
    13. Blue Eyes
    14. I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues (Elton John with Mary J. Blige)
    15. The One
    16. I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That
    17. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
    18. Sacrifice
    19. Come Together
    20. Your Song (Elton John with Ronan Keating)
    21. Sad Songs (Say So Much) (Elton John with Bryan Adams)
    22. I'm Still Standing
    23. Crocodile Rock
    24. Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting (Elton John with Anastacia)
    25. The Bitch Is Back
    26. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
    27. Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Elton John with Kiki Dee)

    DVD 2:

    London, The Royal Opera House
    December 1st 2002

    01. Rehearsals/Interviews
    02. Sixty Years On
    03. Take Me To The Pilot
    04. This Train Don't Stop There Anymore
    05. Carla Etude
    06. Tonight
    07. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
    08. Philadelphia Freedom
    09. Burn Down The Mission
    10. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
    11. Your Song
    12. Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

    DVD 3 :

    Ephesus, Turkey
    The Great Amphitheatre
    July 17th 2001

    01. Introduction
    02. Your Song
    03. Someone Saved My Life Tonight
    04. Daniel
    05. Mona Lisa And Mad Hatters
    06. Honky Cat
    07. Rocket Man
    08. Philadelphia Freedom
    09. Nikita
    10. Sacrifice
    11. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
    12. I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
    13. This Train Don't Stop There Anymore
    14. Burn Down The Mission
    15. The One
    16. Blue Eyes
    17. I'm Still Standing
    18. Crocodile Rock
    19. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
    20. Circle of Life
    21. Candle In The Wind

    DVD 4:

    Elton In Four Decades


    01. Your Song
    02. Rocket Man
    03. Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters


    04. I'm Still Standing
    05. I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
    06. Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)


    07. Sacrifice
    08. Can You Feel The Love Tonight?
    09. Believe


    10. I Want Love
    11. This Train Don't Stop There Anymore
    12. Are You Ready For Love

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    DEXY´S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS - it was like this / live ILC DVD2444 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 30.08.2004

    Recorded in London, this live concert was the first from Dexy's Midnight Runners for more than twenty years. For any fan of the band, this DVD is simply a must-buy item!

    01. The Waltz
    02. Old
    03. Let's Make This Precious
    04. Listen To This
    05. I Couldn't Help If I Tried
    06. Nightshift
    07. Soon
    08. Geno
    09. My Life In England
    10. Until I Believe In My Soul
    11. Tell Me When My Light Turns Green
    12. Come On Eileen
    13. Because Of You
    14. This Is What She's Like


    - Set list
    - Fan interviews
    - Band interviews

    Region 0
    Screen: 16:9
    Language:s English - Dolby Digital (5.1)
    Duration: 2 hours 36 minutes (approx)

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    CHRIS ISAAK - baja sessions WARNER VISION I527386 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 06.09.2004

    "CHRIS ISAAK sagt selbst: "" If you drive down the California coast and just keep goin' and goin', you'll find yourself in a place called Baja - more cactus than people, more time than worries and surrounded by the ocean and the sea. It's a great place to slow down and play your guitar and the perfect setting for romance. I hope these songs bring a little Baja to wherever you are. "" CHRIS ISAAK umgeben von Natur, Meer und Strand und mit Songs, die zum Entspannen und Geniessen einladen."

    01. Thing Of Tomorrow
    02. Pretty Girls Don't Cry
    03. Back On Your Side
    04. Only The Lonely
    05. I Wonder
    06. Yellow Bird
    07. Dancin' Return To Me
    08. Sweet Leilani
    09. Waiting For My Lucky Day
    10. Two Hearts
    11. Wrong To Love You

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    FISCHER - Z - the garden party / the 25th silver jubilee ... CAPITOL / EMI 5441219 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 01.10.2004

    To be released by EMI on 30 September 2004. Unique record of the Silver Jubilee Garden Party which was held in the Sus5ex countryside on June 19th this year. The main Garden Party film includes some of the classic Fischer-Z tunes played live and spontaneously by a combination of band members past and present, including the likes of Steve Liddle, Dave Graham, Steve Skolnik and Nick Bunker. It also contains a huge photo archive, bonus tracks, in glorious 5.1 surround sound. The cast was assembled for one day only.

    01. Pretty Paracetamol
    02. The Worker
    03. The Worker
    04. Marliese
    05. Perfect Day
    06. Reptile
    07. Will You Be There
    08. Say When
    09. Red Skies Over Paradise (Bonus Track)
    10. Tightrope (Bonus Track)
    11. Destination Paradise (Bonus Track)
    12. Room Service (Bonus Track)


    - Photo Gallery
    - Audio-Kommentar
    - "Ether"-Trailer

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