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    CABARET VOLTAIRE - double vision present: cabaret voltaire MUTE CABS18DVD VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 04.10.2004

    Region 2 PAL DVD featuring 14 tracks purposely true to the quality & sound reproduction of the original video release, On its original video release in 1982, this was one of the first independent long form videos ever made and features fourteen visual representations of classic tracks including 'Nag Nag Nag', 'Obsession' and 'Diskono'.

    01. Diskono
    02. Obsession
    03. Trash (Part 1)
    04. Badge of Evil
    05. Nag, Nag, Nag
    06. Eddie's Out
    07. Landslide
    08. Photophobia
    09. Trash (Part 2)
    10. Seconds Too Late
    11. Extract from Johnny YesNo
    12. Walls of Jericho
    13. This is Entertainment
    14. Moscow

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    IRON MAIDEN - the early years / the history of iron maiden part 1 2 DVD EMI VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 08.11.2004

    “The History Of IRON MAIDEN - Part 1; The Early Days” Double DVD is to be released on Monday 8th November on EMI appropriately almost exactly 25 years to the day since the band first signed to the British label.

    ‘The Early Days’ is a unique collection of archive material packed onto 2 DVD’s that covers the beginnings of the band’s career from the struggle to get gigs in East End pubs through to becoming within just 5 years a band capable of headlining arenas anywhere around the World and achieving this without any radio support to speak of at any time.

    This isn’t simply a band history but more the intense and personal voyage of a remarkable group of individuals who shared one vision and worked hard to achieve that goal without any compromises along the way. It also demonstrates the band’s unique relationship with their fans, the foundation for which was laid right back then …at the beginning.

    The first DVD contains nearly 2 hours of archive Maiden live concert rarities that demonstrate the energy and power that propelled them to the forefront of World Metal

    The first program of DVD1 is Maiden’s first ever concert video ‘Live at The Rainbow’ which was produced by EMI back in 1980 shortly after they were signed and was one of the first ever concert VHS releases. This title has not been widely available for some time so fans can now see the band fronted by Paul Di’Anno singing such classics as ‘Killers’ and ‘Phantom Of the Opera’ .

    The rest of the footage on DVD1 consists of two shows neither of which has ever been fully available. Beast Over Hammersmith was filmed at the beginning of the Beast On the Road tour that to many fans at the time was the first introduction to Bruce Dickinson. Songs like “Hallowed be Thy Name“ and “Number of The Beast” have proved to become regular features in the Maiden live set since this was first recorded in 1982 and now thanks to some modern reconstructive work fans can enjoy the highlights from this rare footage.

    To complete the first disk is ‘Live At Dortmund’, a massive concert in Dortmund in December 1983 originally filmed for German TV with Maiden headlining a stellar Metal bill as part of their World Piece Tour. Originally the show was broadcast live across Europe but has not been seen since until now. Research into the footage shows that all the original film has since been destroyed so this is truly now a rare piece of Maiden history.

    DVD 2 includes the feature length (90 minutes) Documentary titled “The Early Days” with extensive interviews and photographs and historical detail.

    The documentary which forms the basis for the title contains over 90 minutes of extraordinary interviews with the colourful cast of characters involved with Maiden over this early period - current band members, a whole host of ex band members, managers, agents, journalists, photographers, EMI execs past and present, crew, promoters, fans - all of whom have their own perspective of the events and process that led up Maiden’s Worldwide success, and the fun and hard work involved.

    It chronicles their early struggles in the mid to late 70’s in London’s East End where the hardest thing was just keeping a line-up together for more than a couple of pub gigs, through the early successes of their eponymous debut album and “Killers”, their first World Tours, the colossal impact on the Rock World that was “The Number of the Beast” and through to the end of their first full headlining World Tour - 'Piece of Mind' - in 1983.

    A very honest and revealing (but also entertaining) insight into just what it was like early on in the World of Eddie and Maiden, its also a guide book to the problems faced and attitude and talent needed to get a band off the ground and to the pinnacle of Worldwide success - and then to keep it there!!! It is a fascinating and compelling story for any music fan.

    Also on Disk 2 is a 30 min TV Documentary by LWT shown in 1980 on the rise of Heavy Metal featuring the band and footage of them performing at The Marquee in 1979 and an insight into the new breed of music fan that arose out of the ashes of the punk era.

    Possibly one of the rarest items on The Early Days is a 45 minute home video recorded by the band of them performing at The Ruskin Arms in East London. This footage was originally feared lost forever however by complete chance a surviving copy was found in Steve's Harris' home and the delicate tape was processed and now included in it's entirety. With the exception of a very short clip used in 12 Wasted Years this has never been seen by anyone except the band themselves making it such a rare gem for the collector.

    Extras include rare TV appearances like their first 'Live' performance on Top Of The Pops and Rock and Pop on German TV, Special photo gallery revealing never before seen personal pictures taken by the band and crew and a thorough overview and detail of all the bands artwork, tour programmes and imagery both on tour and their studio releases, plus of course some hidden goodies.

    “The Early Days” is the first of what will eventually become a series of DVD's to be released over the coming years. Each release will extensively cover a period of the bands career to become a collection of not only re-mastered footage but also previously unavailable and unseen material taken directly from the bands own personal collections, along with extensive interviews.

    Says Steve Harris, 'We haven't had any of our original live videos available for some time so when we started looking at this project we thought lets make each DVD a real document of not only the shows but everything around that time. Everybody has been digging through the archives to make this the most complete it can possibly be and I’m really proud of the end result. A lot of the footage we’d thought had been lost for good like the home video of the Ruskin Arms. Both disks contain some real collectors stuff. For example we filmed the first Hammersmith Odeon shows with Bruce but because of various lighting issues we never felt that it was really good enough to use. It just never really captured the excitement of show or the spectacle that it was - but by the time it was on film we could do nothing about it. However with technology being what it is now we've revisited and repaired some of the problems with the original masters to get it to a point where we can finally keep our fans happy by making it available.”

    'I have to say that I've really had a lot of fun recalling the early beginnings and we've managed to interview just about everybody who was ever part of Maiden from the very first line up in 1975 through to the band that everyone knows now. I found things I thought I had lost over the years and sometimes the smallest thing can remind you of exactly why you started doing this in the first place and the struggle everyone went through. I think the fans are going to love this.'

    Plans are currently being put together for Iron Maiden play some festival and stadium dates next summer and bring the 'Early Days' back to life. The band will be linking in the look and feel of their beginnings in the stage set as well as performing some classic tracks from that time which haven’t been heard live for a while!!. Dates will start to be announced in the near future

    Says manager Rod Smallwood, 'On reviewing all these great shows it just reminded us all of the great songs that the band have in their repertoire. It's always difficult when touring a new album to include too many of the older songs which the fans always ask for as the band would end up playing for 4 or 5 hours! The plan for next year is to recreate the power and energy and look of their early shows and eventually continue this idea with each subsequent DVD release.'

    The next in series will be the spectacular 'Live After Death' which will cover the bands legendary four sold out shows at Long Beach Arena in 1984 through to the Somewhere in Time tour in 1987.

    The full contents of THE EARLY DAYS are -

    Documentaries (115 min)
    The Early Years – 90 minute Feature Documentary
    20th Century Box – Heavy Metal (1980) – 25 minute feature.

    Live At The Rainbow – 1981 (35 mins)
    Ides Of March
    Remember Tomorrow
    Phantom Of The Opera
    Iron Maiden

    Live At Hammersmith 1982 - Beast On The Road (45 mins)
    Murders in The Rue Morgue
    Run to The Hills
    Children Of The Damned
    Number Of The Beast
    22 Acacia Avenue
    Total Eclipse
    The Prisoner
    Hallowed Be Thy Name
    Iron Maiden

    Live at Rock & Pop Festival 1983 Dortmund - World Piece Tour (35 mins)
    The Trooper
    Flight Of Icarus
    22 Acacia Avenue
    Number Of The Beast
    Run To The Hills

    Live at The Ruskin Arms – 1980 (40 mins)
    Remember Tomorrow
    Running Free
    Another Life
    Phantom Of The Opera
    Charlotte the Harlot

    Extras (40 mins)
    Live on Top Of the Pops – Running Free and Women In Uniform

    Live on Rock and Pop – Germany TV – Running Free
    Promo videos – Women In Uniform / Run To The Hills / Number Of The Beast/ Flight Of Icarus / The Trooper

    Rare and unseen Photo gallery featuring over 150 pictures and images

    Full tour listings/ Discography/Tour programmes and artwork galleries.

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    Filmed and recorded at the Paramount Theatre, Seattle, on October the 25th 1992.
    Founded in 1967, the trancelike, atmospheric soundscapes of German new age band Tangerine Dream have been most influential to the electronic/dance musicians of the 1990s. Live In America 1992 captures the Teutonic pioneers in a concert from their Rockoon era.


    01. Two Bunch Palms
    02. Dolls In The Shadow
    03. Treasure Of Innocence
    04. Oriental Haze
    05. Graffiti Street
    06. Backstreet Hero
    07. Phaedra
    08. Love On A Real Train
    09. Hamlet
    10. Purple Haze
    11. Logos

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    'We Will Rock You'
    'Action This Day'
    'Play The Game'
    'Staying Power'
    'Somebody To Love'
    'Now I'm Here'
    'Dragon Attack'
    'Love Of My Life'
    'Save Me'
    'Back Chat'
    'Get Down Make Love'
    'Guitar Solo'
    'Under Pressure'
    'Fat Bottomed Girls'
    'Crazy Little Thing Called Love'
    'Bohemian Rhapsody'
    'Tie Your Mother Down'
    'Another One Bites The Dust'
    'Sheer Heart Attack'
    'We Will Rock You'
    'We Are The Champions'
    'God Save The Queen'.

    Backstage interviews mit Freddie, Brian und Roger
    eine Gallerie
    diverse Konzertmitschnitte und 'Tour Highlights' der 1982 Hot Space tour in Japan und Australien.

    VÖ am 28 Oktober 2004
    (Alle Infos laut

    Das ganze kommt dann auch noch als Doppel-Live-CD!
    :-) Hurra!

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    hier nochmal obengenannte DVD inkl. korrekter trackliste und ausführlichen extras:

    QUEEN - queen on fire / live at the bowl 2 DVD PARLOPHONE / EMI 7243 5 44187 9 2 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 25.10.2004

    We hadn’t seen the footage for years, but when we looked at it we couldn’t believe how good it was, we were on fire”. Roger Taylor talking about the band’s 1982 concert at M K Bowl which is released in its full version for the first time – on DVD and CD, October 25.

    Says Brian May: “This is the first time the Milton Keynes night has been shown in its entirety, and I have to say we all get a kick out of it – all the more amazing because we came off stage that night thinking we hadn’t done ourselves justice!!! I’m proud to say It Rocks!!”.

    By 1982 Queen were at a peak in terms of touring and recording. They were coming off the back of two of their biggest singles – Another One Bites The Dust and Under Pressure – and by now they were playing more than 60 sell-out concerts a year in the biggest stadiums of the world.

    They were also basking in the glory of having been the first foreign band to have toured and conquered Latin America. 1981 had seen the band play football stadiums throughout Argentina and Brazil, including two sell-out concerts at Sao Paulo’s historic Morumbi Stadium.

    Such was the demand on the band to play arenas and stadiums throughout the world that they managed to play only 4 dates in the UK between 1981 – 1983. The M K Bowl concert was one of these and the closest they came to playing London in these 3 years. The date was originally to have been played at Arsenal football ground, but when permission was turned down, the date was switched to the M K Bowl.

    It is little wonder then that by the time they reached the gig in June 1982 that the Queen touring machine was in prime condition. “We just stormed through that concert,” says Taylor. “I’d forgotten just how tight the band was by then.”

    “Queen On Fire – Live At The Bowl” is Queen at its electric best, with the band charging through 25 numbers drawn from the biggest hits and best loved live songs – Dragon Attack, Now I’m Here, Tie Your Mother Down, Sheer Heart Attack, and two versions of We Will Rock You, including the much sought after ‘fast’ version, altogether 110 minutes of live classics.

    Filmed by Gavin Taylor, and only ever seen in an edited version on Channel 4’s The Tube, this release has the concert restored to its original full length, amounting to an additional 47 minutes of previously unseen footage. Not released on video, “Queen On Fire – Live At The Bowl”, marks the first time a recording of this concert has been available to own.

    “I think people will be surprised, as I was, all these years later, how different the show is from the well known Queen Wembley 86 Stadium performance,” says Brian May. “ A large percentage of the songs are different…It kicks off with us blasting into “Flash” and gets very hot!” The set holds up very well, and Freddie’s ad-libs are something to behold…the other things I had forgotten was how much freedom we had to stretch and enjoy ourselves on the spur of the moment”.

    As to be expected from Queen, the release comes only after extensive restoration to the original footage and sound. Audio producers Justin Shirley-Smith and Kris Fredriksson returned to the original 24 track analogue recording and created brand new PCM stereo and DTS 5.1 surround sound mixes. “Unlike the Wembley DVD project, the only mixes available were mono, so we decided to start from scratch,” says Shirley-Smith. “We transferred the entire concert multi-track recordings onto Pro Tools HD. Then we’d listen to each track for any imperfections, distortions or crackles and meticulously remove them. For example, there’s one bit when Brian’s playing piano and it’s very soft –so soft that when we turned it up to the level it needed to be, we just got a load of hiss. Using Pro Tools you can get rid of things like that. The actual mixing, however, was done using vintage analogue”

    The result, says Shirley-Smith, is a great band caught at the height of their performing years.

    As with all previous releases in the Queen DVD Collection, “Queen On Fire -Live At The Bowl” comes with a second disc full of bonus features. The 75 minutes of extras include behind the scenes footage of preparations for the concert, together with unseen material from interviews filmed on the day with Brian May and Roger Taylor.

    Further interview footage shot in Munich during the European leg of this tour shows Freddie, Brian and Roger discussing the tour, the then current Hot Space album, as well as discussing the 10 year longevity of the band.

    In addition, disc two provides over 35 minutes of bonus live performance from the same year, filmed at the Vienna Stadthalle in May and the final show of the tour at Tokyo’s Seibu Stadium in November.

    The disc also features a photo gallery which raids the Queen photo archive in a stunning collection of rare and previously unseen shots from the 1982 tour that took the band across Europe, the US and Japan. In a real treat for Queen collectors, the gallery is displayed to a recording of the band performing “Calling All Girls” at that year’s Tokyo concert, the very first time this track has been made available.

    “I feel positively knackered!” says Freddie mid-way through “Queen On Fire – Live At The Bowl”. With over 3 hours of concert footage and extras “Queen On Fire – Live At The Bowl” is likely to leave the viewer “on fire”!

    DVD 1:

    01. Flash
    02. The Hero
    03. We Will Rock You (Fast)
    04. Action This Day
    05. Play The Game
    06. Staying Power
    07. Somebody To Love
    08. Now I'm Here
    09. Dragon Attack
    10. Now I'm Here (Reprise)
    11. Love Of My Life
    12. Save Me
    13. Back Chat
    14. Get Down Make Love
    15. Guitar Solo
    16. Under Pressure
    17. Fat Bottomed Girls
    18. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    19. Bohemian Rhapsody
    20. Tie Your Mother Down
    21. Another One Bites The Dust
    22. Sheer Heart Attack
    23. We Will Rock You
    24. We Are The Champions
    25. God Save The Queen

    DVD 2:

    Behind the scenes footage at Milton Keynes as the crew put the finishing touches to the massive stage. Includes previously unseen material from interviews filmed on the day with Brian May and Roger Taylor.

    Filmed in Munich during the European leg of the Hot Space tour, Freddie talks about staging a live show with Queen, and reflects on the bands first ten years together.

    Also filmed in Munich, Brian and Roger discuss the Hot Space album and tour as well as revealing why the band are still together after 10 years.

    01. Flash / The Hero
    02. Now I'm Here
    03. Impromptu
    04. Put Out The Fire
    05. Dragon Attack
    06. Now I'm Here (Reprise)
    07. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    08. Teo Torriate

    01. Another One Bites The Dust
    02. We Will Rock You
    03. We Are The Champions
    04. God Save The Queen

    A stunning collection of rare and previously unseen shots featuring the band on a tour that took them across Europe, then on to the US and Japan. The soundtrack is "Calling All Girls", also unreleased before now, and taken from the final show of the tour: Seibu Stadium, Tokyo, Japan, 3RD November

    DVD produced by Simon Lupton and Rhys Thomas
    Executive producer: Jim Beach
    Original concert footage directed by Gavin Taylor.
    Produced by Malcolm Gerrie.
    Audio for DVD Produced by Justin Shirley-Smith and Kris Fredriksson.
    Bonus Features Edited by: Lucas Friedman

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    The dashboard light still shines as Meat Loaf, one of the biggest selling artists of all time, readies his first live CD Meat Loaf: Bat Out Of Hell Live with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra & DVD Meat Loaf: Live with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Singing epic tales of love with his instantly recognizable, booming voice, Meat Loaf proves why he has held the attention of so many for so long. It’s the signature sound that the world first heard in 1977 with the release of Bat Out Of Hell, Meat Loaf’s operatic collaboration with songwriter Jim Steinman.

    Personifying showmanship and vocal prowess at its best, the CD Bat Out Of Hell Live with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra invokes the spirit of Rock N’ Roll. Meat Loaf is a true entertainer who brings the “story/song” concept to life as he and his band perform the entire Bat Out Of Hell album from start to finish. Bat live is an experience like no other, with “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” clocking in at over 20 minutes!

    While the CD showcases the sound, the DVD showcases the spectacle that is Meat Loaf live. Filmed in Melbourne, Australia on February 20 & 22, 2004 there won’t be anyone left less than amazed at Meat Loaf’s dedicated bravura performance. Not only does Meat blaze through classics such as “You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night),” “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad” and “I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That),” he also performs fan favorites including “Life Is A Lemon (And I Want My Money Back)” and “I Couldn’t Have Said It Better.”

    Born Marvin Lee Aday in Dallas, Texas, Meat Loaf moved to Los Angeles in 1967 to begin his career as a musician and actor. He first gained widespread attention as Eddie, the brain-dead zombie in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. In 1974 he met Jim Steinman while auditioning for the writer’s off-Broadway musical “More Than You Deserve,” and the two embarked on a partnership that led to Bat Out Of Hell, which went on to be one of the biggest selling albums of all time, selling over 30 million copies. In 1993 Meat Loaf again collaborated with Steinman and released Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell. The single, “I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)” aided by a visually exciting mini-movie, which was played on MTV and VH1 repeatedly, introduced Meat to a whole new generation. Meat Loaf has toured the world several times over and sold over 60 million albums worldwide.

    01. Life Is A Lemon (And I Want My Money Back)
    02. Mercury Blues
    03. Dead Ringer For Love
    04. Testify
    05 All Revved Up With No Place To Go
    06. You Took the Words
    07. Couldn't Have Said It Better
    08. Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire)
    09. I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)
    10. For Crying Out Loud
    11. Paradise By The Dashboard Light
    12. Two Out of Three Ain't Bad
    13. Bat Out of Hell


    - 5.1 Surround Sound
    - Featurette
    -Question and Answer with Meat Loaf
    - Pre-Show Ritual
    - Commentary Track
    - Photo Gallery

    HMV UK have confirmed the release of a LIMITED EDITION of Meat Loaf Live With The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in a special Digi-pack!! Get this... the BONUS DVD includes Rock And Rock Dreams and I'd Lie For You performed with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra!! This dream come true will be released in the UK on October 18th! Single edition CD £9.99 / Limited Edition with DVD £14.99.



    01. Bat Out Of Hell
    02. You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)
    03. Heaven Can Wait
    04. All Revved Up With No Place To Go
    05. Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad
    06. Paradise By The Dashboard Light
    07. For Crying Out Loud


    08. I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)
    09. Couldn't Have Said It Better


    01. Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad [Live Feb 2004]
    02. Couldn't Have Said It Better [Enhanced Video]
    03. Did I Say That? [Enhanced Video]
    04. Photo Gallery
    05. Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through [Live Feb 2004]
    06. Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through [Live Feb 2004 - Surround Sound]
    07. I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth) [Live Feb 2004]
    08. I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth) [Live Feb 2004 - Surround Sound]
    09. Dead Ringer For Love [Live Feb 2004]
    10. Dead Ringer For Love [Live Feb 2004 - Surround Sound]

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    THE STRANGLERS - live 1978 in san francisco TARGET 4421 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 05.10.2004

    Often remembered as being punk before punk existed, The Stranglers ushered in the movement with their distinctively chaotic, hard sound, cantankerous attitudes, and black-clad look. From their inception in 1974 in Chiddingfold, England, the Stranglers have defied definition, honing their dark, moody, abrasive sound on the UK pub circuit before getting their break by opening for Patti Smith on her '76 UK tour. Known for the lively, raucous atmosphere of their live shows, which could involve anything from strippers to attacks on negative critics (one of whom they notoriously tied to the Eiffel Tower!), the band built up an enthusiastic and incredibly loyal fan base that remains true to this day. This DVD captures the band at their best, playing a show in San Francisco on their first US tour, and delivering material from their brilliant first two albums in a controlled cacophony with attitude in spades.

    01. Get A Grip On Yourself
    02. Burning Up Time
    03. Daganham Dave
    04. Bring on the Nubiles
    05. Dead Ringer
    06. London Lady
    07. Hanging Around

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    für mich die sensation des jahres:

    ALASKA - de alaska a fangoria CD & DVD EMI 0724386378507 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 18.10.2004

    - DVD + CD en digipak de lujo
    * DVD - 29 temas, entre actuaciones en TVE y clips. Sonido actuaciones TVE = Dolby Digital 2.0 . Sonido clips = Dolby Digital 5.1
    El DVD contiene conciertos y actuaciones en TVE jamás editados y buscadísimos. Incluye Concierto Homenaje a Canito / Concierto Concierto Presentación “Deseo Carnal” en “La Edad de Oro” / Presentación de “No es Pecado” en “La Bola de Cristal”
    * CD – 20 temas clásicos de todas sus épocas (Pegamoides, Dinarama, Fangoria) completamente remasterizados.
    Incluye las versiones en sencillo de “Bailando” y “Rey del Glam”, así como “Abracadabra”, sintonía de la mítica serie de TVE “La Bola de Cristal”


    01. Horror En El Hipermercado * 2:23 (1982)
    02. El Hospital * 2:12 (1982)
    03. Otra Dimensión * 2:36 (1982)
    04. El Bote De Colón * 2.01 (1982)
    05. Bailando (VERSIÓN SINGLE) * 3:48 (1982)
    06. La Línea Se Cortó * 4:30 (1982)
    07. Perlas Ensangrentadas ** 3:16 (1983)
    08. Rey Del Glam (VERSIÓN SINGLE) ** 3:34 (1983)
    09. Cómo Pudiste Hacerme Esto A Mí *** 4:05 (1984)
    10. Ni Tú Ni Nadie *** 3:36 (1985)
    11. Un Hombre De Verdad *** 4:31 (1985)
    12. Abracadabra (LA BOLA DE CRISTAL) **** 3:10 (1984)
    13. A Quien Le Importa *** 3:25 (1986)
    14. La Funcionara Asesina *** 3:36 (1986)
    15. Sospechas *** 3:42 (1987)
    16. Hacia El Abismo *** 4:53 (1987)
    17. Mi Novio Es Un Zombi *** 4:18 (1989)
    18. Descongélate *** 3:59 (1989)
    19. En Mi Prisón ***** 3:45 (1990)
    20. Hagamos Algo Superficial Y Vulgar ***** 4:12 (1990)

    **** ALASKA
    ***** FANGORIA


    01. Odio * 5:14 (1982)
    02. Bailando * 3:45 (1982)
    03. No Sé Por Qué * 2:40 (1982)
    04. Cebras ** 2:41 (1983)
    05. Ni Tú Ni Nadie *** 3:24 (1985)
    06. Deseo Carnal *** 3:43 (1984)
    07. Víctima De Un Error *** 2:27 (1984)
    08. Carne, Huesos Y Tú *** 3:02 (1984)
    09. Isis *** 3:35 (1984)
    10. Cómo Pudiste Hacerme Esto A Mí *** 4:03 (1984)
    11. Sólo Por Hoy *** 3.11 (1984)
    12. Crisis ** 2:23 (1983)
    13. Llegando Hasta El Final * 2.23 (1982)
    14. La Rebelión De Los Electrodomésticos ** 1:42 (1982)
    15. La Funcionara Asesina *** 3:33 (1986)
    16. Sólo Creo Lo Que Veo *** 3:45 (1986)
    17. El Fin Del Mundo *** 3:53 (1986)
    18. Rey Del Glam ** 4:22 (1983)
    19. Hacia Al Abismo *** 4:44 (1987)
    20. Mi Novio Es Un Zombi *** 4:18 (1989)
    21. Descóngelate *** 5:28 (1989)
    22. Hagamos Algo Superficial Y Vulgar ***** 3:59 (1990)
    23. Punto Y Final ***** 4:05 (1990)
    24. En Mi Prisón ***** 3:46 (1990)
    25. Eternamente Inocente ***** 3:31 (2002)
    26. No Sé Qué Me Das ***** 3:30 (2001)
    27. Electricistas ***** 4.09 (1999)
    28. Me Odio Cuando Miento ***** 3:30 (1999)
    29. Abracadabra (LA BOLA DE CRISTAL) **** 3:33 (1984)

    **** ALASKA
    ***** FANGORIA

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    Hallo !!!!

    Habe ein Problem mit der Doppel DVD von Duran Duran - Greatest Hits.
    Finde nicht die uncensored Version von COME UNDONE ... Die soll aber drauf sein.
    Wer kann weiterhelfen ?

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    habe meine DURAN DURAN-DVD (in der sich die ein zettel mit den "lösungen" befindet) zur zeit verliehen (gruss an SONNY B. ), aber folgendes habe ich im netz gefunden:

    EASTER EGG: Come Undone: Go to Wedding Album, then Come Undone, now go to play and then press left to go to a hot spot, then play/enter.

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