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    MORRISSEY - who puts the "m" in manchester? ATTACK / SANCTUARY SVE4010 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 28.03.2005

    "Leave it to the trickster dandy of British rock to make a return in his own, eccentric way...[the live show] was a typical Morrissey paradox: an ironic religious experience"
    - Rolling Stone, June 10, 2004

    "No one can sing a swooning ballad over a straight-ahead punk-inspired riff the way Morrissey can; few other singers would be brave (or foolish) enough to try...he is an extraordinary performer and never runs out of ways to tease his fans."
    - New York Times, May 6, 2004

    "Mozzy! Mozzy! Mozzy! chanted the sellout crowd...he was the same playful, pugnacious, preening dandy, extending his jaw to a hostile world, taking a hit and then striking back with lines of lacerating wit."
    - Los Angeles Times, April 20, 2004

    Morrissey had the busiest year of his career in 2004, with You Are the Quarry becoming his most successful CD ever, with four singles going top ten in the UK and US radio embracing his two single releases stateside. He graced countless magazine covers, performed on television and took “the show on the road,” with a sold out world tour. On the heels of the tour, which wrapped up in December 2004, Morrissey is releasing a live DVD and CD, both of which capture a different facet of the tour.

    The DVD, Who Put the “M” in Manchester? (Attack/Sanctuary Visual Entertainment), was filmed May 22, 2004 shortly after the release of You Are the Quarry at his now legendary homecoming/birthday show in Manchester, England. The DVD showcases not only the album, but includes both Morrissey and Smiths classics. The concert was filmed by Bucky Fukumoto from A/V Club, who also directed Morrissey's three music videos for this album, all of which are included as DVD extras.

    The CD, Live at Earls Court, captures the end of the tour and was recorded over the final 5 sold out dates in London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Brighton and Dublin this past December. The CD will have a different track listing from the DVD and will also include additional never before performed b-sides as well as rarely performed Morrissey and Smiths classics.

    01. First of the Gang To Die
    02. Hairdresser on Fire
    03. Irish Blood, English Heart
    04. The Headmaster Ritual
    05. Everyday Is Like Sunday
    06. I Have Forgiven Jesus
    07. I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday
    08. How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?
    09. Rubber Ring
    10. Such a Little Thing Makes Such a Big Difference
    11. Don’t Make Fun of Daddy’s Voice
    12. The World Is Full of Crashing Bores
    13. Let Me Kiss You
    14. No One Can Hold a Candle To You
    15. Jack the Ripper
    16. A Rush and a Push and the Land is Ours
    17. I’m Not Sorry
    18. Shoplifters of the World Unite
    19. There is a Light That Never Goes Out


    20. Irish Blood, English Heart (Video-Clip)
    21. First of the Gang To Die (Video-Clip)
    22. I Have Forgiven Jesus (Video-Clip)

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    MEZZOFORTE - live in london / greatest hits ZYX 090204910045 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 14.02.2005

    Eine Hit-Überraschung aus Island: Mezzoforte gehörten 1983 zu den Hit-Überraschungen schlechthin. Ihr unterhaltsamer Ohrwurm "Gardenparty" eroberte nach und nach die ganze Welt.
    Winter 2005: die Band gibt es immer noch und sie befindet sich erneut auf einem ungewöhnlich erfolgreichen Weg. Ihr 11. Album "Forward", das erst im November 2004 veröffentlicht und von einer sensationellen Deutschland-Tournee begleitet wurde, verkauft sich wieder sehr erfolgreich. Mezzoforte gehört nach wie vor zu einer der best-etabliertesten Pop-Jazz-Fusion Bands! Das DVD-Konzert, aufgenommen im Londoner Musikclub Marquee beinhaltet alle wichtigen Songs der Band incl. dem Megahit "Gardenparty".

    Bild (7/10):
    Das Bild zu Mezzoforte – Live aus London überzeugt durch kräftige Farben und einer guten Schärfe. Der Kontrast ist bei den dunklen Aufnahmen im Club ein wenig zu niedrig, so dass einige Details im Hintergrund einfach „verschluckt“ werden. Fehler in der Form Von Kratzern oder Rauschen sind nicht vorhanden, hier reicht es zu guten 7 Punkten.

    Ton (7/10):
    Der Ton liegt auf dieser DVD in Dolby Digital 5.1 und in Dolby Digital 2.0 vor. Da es sich bei der erstgenannten um einen so genannten „Split Ton“ handelt (wobei der vorhandene Ton auf alle Lautsprecher gelegt wird), rate ich zu der besseren 2.0 Spur, da ich es nicht mag, wenn die Stimmen aus alles Lautsprechern gleichzeitig kommen.


    01. Live From London
    02. Danger High Voltage
    03. Surprise
    04. Gazing At The Sun
    05. Action Man
    06. Early Autumn
    07. Summer Dream
    08. Venue
    09. Double Orange Juice
    10. Spring Fever
    11. Garden Party

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    SIMPLY RED - a starry night with simply red 2564622052 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 21.03.2005

    Available for the first time on DVD, 'A Starry Night' was filmed in Hamburg during Simply Red's 1992 sell-out world tour following the release of their most successful album to date, 'Stars'. Shot on film, the show has been completely re-edited and re-mastered in 5.1 Surround Sound. The tracklisting includes an additional nine songs which have never been available before (including 'Something Got Me Started', 'Sad Old Red' and 'Come To My Aid'). The DVD also features behind the scenes interviews with Simply Red's singer, songwriter and driving force Mick Hucknall.

    01. Sad Old Red
    02. More
    03. Jericho
    04. A New Flame
    05. It's Only Love
    06. Your Mirror
    07. Holding Back The Years
    08. Enough
    09. Model
    10. I Wish
    11. Let Me Have It All
    12. Freedom
    13. Thrill Me
    14. Come To My Aid
    15. I Won't Feel Bad
    16. Money's Too Tight To Mention
    17. If You Don't Know Me By Now
    18. Stars
    19. The Right Thing
    20. For Your Babies
    21. Something Got Me Started

    Screen: Widescreen
    Languages: English - Dolby Digital (5.1) ; DTS (5.1) ; Dolby Digital (2.0) Stereo
    Duration: 1 hour 42 minutes (approx)

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    hi !

    bin neu hier und will euch mitteilen, dass ende des jahres wahrscheinlich eine videoclip-compilation von alphaville zu erwarten ist.
    zumindest habe ich 'ne e-mail auf meine anfrage bekommen.
    ich hoffe das wird auch dementsprechend umgesetzt ...

    hat hier jemand näheren kontakt zu personen rund um alphaville oder ihrer homepage ?


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    From: Alphaville Moonbase []
    Sent: 23.02.2004 17:13

    Subject: Re: Greatest Hits on DVD planned ?

    Dear Marco,

    thanks for your mail.
    I dfon't think Alphaville will release a DVD with all theit hits, but they
    will release another DVD which will be at least that exciting! )

    I hope i could help. if there are any question left please don't hesitate to
    contact me anytime.

    best regards from alphaville and moonbase,


    available at

    From: Alphaville Moonbase []
    Sent: 03.12.2004 15:53

    Subject: Re: Greatest Hits on DVD planned ?

    Dear Marco,

    if there was any news on this, it would surely be released at!

    Best regards from Alphaville and Moonbase,

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    DAVID BOWIE - black tie white noise EMI 0724349063495 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 05.03.2005

    'Black Tie White Noise' the album was released originally in 1993, it saw Bowie reunited with Nile Rodgers who had been responsible for producing Bowie’s most commercially successful album ‘Let’s Dance’. 'Black Tie White Noise' was Bowie’s first solo album after the Tin Machine releases and was regarded by music critics as a return to form and it hit the no. 1 spot in the UK charts. This DVD features an interview with Bowie. He discusses the musicians and people involved with this project as well others he’s worked with in the past as well as personal revelations about his marriage, 5exuality, drug use, working with Eno and lots more all intercut with the performances recorded at the Hollywood Center Studios and followed by the videos of the singles from the album “Jump They Say”, “Miracle Goodnight” and Black Tie White Noise”.

    01. Bowie talks: Lester Bowie
    02. Bowie talks: Reeves Gabrels
    03. You've Been Around – performance recorded at the Hollywood Center Studios, Los Angeles, 5/8/93
    04. Bowie talks: Expanding and Experimenting
    05. Nite Flights – performance recorded at the Hollywood Center Studios, Los Angeles, 5/8/93
    06. Bowie talks: Otherness
    07. Miracle Goodnight - performance recorded at the Hollywood Center Studios, Los Angeles, 5/8/93
    08. Bowie talks: On Marriage
    09. Black Tie White Noise - performance recorded at the Hollywood Center Studios, Los Angeles, 5/8/93
    10. Bowie talks: Mick Ronson
    11. I Feel Free - performance recorded at the Hollywood Center Studios, Los Angeles, 5/8/93
    12. Bowie talks: Nile Rodgers
    13. I Know It's Going To Happen - performance recorded at the Hollywood Center Studios,
    14. Miracle Goodnight (Video)
    15. Jump They Say (Video)
    16. Black Tie White Noise (Video)

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    CLIFF RICHARD - from a distance / the event EMI 0724354463495 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 21.03.2005

    On June 16 & 17, 1989, Cliff Richard played what he called the two most challenging live shows of his career to his then largest audience ever. Originally planned as a one-off show for the Friday evening, another show was quickly added for the following evening after tickets for the first show sold-out in three hours! Cliff spent six weeks in rehearsal at Shepperton Studios, working with 90 artists preparing for this extravaganza which would see him singing 45 songs, making five costume changes and moving in style from Fifties high school hop to Eighties pop. The first part of the event was based on the TV show ‘Oh Boy!’ which had given Cliff his first national television exposure in 1958. The ‘Oh Boy!’ shows’ two resident vocal groups - the Dallas Boys and Vernons Girls who reformed specially for the occasion, and the show’s original host, Jimmy Henney, made the opening announcement with ‘this is how it all began thirty years ago.’ The ‘Oh Boy’ band played the opening chords of Buddy Holly’s ‘Oh Boy’, Cliff appeared on stage wearing a replica of the outfit he wore the first time he sang ‘Move It’ on stage in October 1958, when he was one of the supporting acts on the Kalin Twins UK tour from America. The Kalin Twins also joined Cliff on stage for the first time since their chart topping heyday, thirty years previously. Cliff’s solo set featured a mix of familiar hits & new recordings from his then current album ‘Stronger’ Tony Meehan and Jet Harris original Shadows members joined Cliff on stage. The finale - the most emotional point of the show for Cliff - came with ‘From A Distance’.

    01. Oh Boy Medley - Oh Boy/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/Bird Dog/Let's Have A Party/It's My Party/C'Mon Everybody Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart
    02. Always
    03. When
    04. The Glory Of Love
    05. Hoots Mon
    06. Don't Look Now But
    07. The Girl Can't Help It
    08. Sea Cruise
    09. Medley: Book Of Love/Blue Moon/Do You Wanna Dance/Chantilly Lace/At The Hop/Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay
    10. Wired For Sound;
    11. Dreamin'
    12. Daddy's Home
    13. I Could Easily Fall In Love (In Love With You)
    14. Some People
    15. We Don't Talk Anymore
    16. Two Hearts
    17. Move It
    18. Shake Rattle And Roll
    19. Joanna
    20. Remember Me
    21. Stronger Than That
    22. Silhouettes
    23. Good Golly Miss Molly
    24. Miss You Nights
    25. Summer Holiday
    26. I Just Don't Have The Heart
    27. Medley: Fighter/Thief In The Night
    28. The Best Of Me
    29. From A Distance
    30. We Don't Talk Anymore - Reprise

    RUNNING TIME: 135 Minutes

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    MIKE & THE MECHANICS + PAUL CARRACK - live at shephard´s bush london EAGLE VISION EREDV453 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 14.03.2005

    Region 0 PAL DVD featuring their outstanding performance at London's Shepherd Bush Empire during their tour across Europe plus Bonus material including extensive interview with Mike Rutherford & Paul Carrack about the history of the band, life on tour and their feeling about playing on after the death of Paul Young & original promo videos!

    01. Falling
    02. Now That You’ve Gone
    03. Get Up
    04. If I Were You
    05. Another Cup Of Coffee
    06. Beggar On A Beach Of Gold
    07. Perfect Child
    08. Whenever I Stop
    09. All The Light I Need
    10. One Left Standing
    11. Silent Running
    12. The Living Years
    13. Over My Shoulder
    14. Word Of Mouth

    Bonus Features:

    * Interview with Mike Rutherford & Paul Carrack
    * Original Promo Videos:
    - Silent Running
    - The Living Years
    - Word Of Mouth
    - Over My Shoulder
    - Beggar On A Beach Of Gold
    - Another Cup Of Coffee
    - One Left Standing

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    Howard Carpendale ist bekannt für seine sensationellen Live-Qualitäten. Im Jahr 1996 tourte er mit seiner Band durch Deutschland und rückblickend betrachtet war es eine der erfolgreichsten Tourneen, die er je absolviert hatte. Eine anfänglich karge Bühnenshow vor einem weißen unscheinbaren Vorhang wechselte plötzlich zu einer Supershow mit Orchester und riesiger Lightshow. Der Konzertmitschnitt dieser DVD fand in Essen in der Grugahalle statt. Die DVD "Live" zeigt beeindruckende Bühnenbilder und Howard Carpendale wie ihn seine Fans schätzen und lieben - charmant und humorvoll, nachdenklich und leidenschaftlich.

    Neben dem eigentlichen Konzert zeigt die DVD auch ein ausführliches Interview mit Erinnerungen zur Tour 1996 und der Tourplanung. Die großen Hits wie Hello Again, Dann geh doch, Kein Typ für eine Nacht, Samstag Nacht etc. in der 96er Live -Version runden die Discographie Howard Carpendales ab.

    Die DVD "Live" erscheint am 21.03. und ist ein weiteres wichtiges Item. Nachdem dieses Material bisher nur auf VHS erhätlich war, gibt es dieses Konzert nun endlich auch mit bester Soundqualität auf DVD.

    01. Kein Typ für eine Nacht
    02. Bin geboren in Durban
    03. Lauf, Jamie lauf
    04. German Radio
    05. Astronaut
    06. Wasted Time (Instrumental)
    07. Eldorado (Instrumental)
    08. The Power Of Love
    09. Sorry hab’ ich viel zu oft gesagt
    10. Zwischenmusik Nr. 1
    11. Hello Again
    12. Willkommen auf der Titanic
    13. Intermezzo Nr. 2
    14. Nachts, wenn alles schläft
    15. Love Is Everywhere
    16. Doch jetzt bist Du da
    17. Fünfzig Jahre
    18. Dann geh’ doch
    19. I Can Love You Like That
    20. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’
    21. Medley
    22. Suspicious Minds
    23. Hey, versuch’s nochmal mit mir
    24. Tausendmal
    25. Bonusclip: Ti amo
    26. Bonusclip: I Can Love You Like That
    27. Bonusclip: Old Time Rock’n’Roll

    SPECIAL FEATURES: biografie

    Format: DVD 9
    Bild: 4:3 PAL
    Ton: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround (Remastered) / Dolby Digital 2.0
    Ländercode: 0-All Regions
    FSK: Freigegeben ab O Jahre

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    scheint eine gute zeit für HOWARD CARPENDALE-fans zu sein...

    HOWARD CARPENDALE - musik, das ist mein leben / live 1983 CAPITOL / EMI 0724354478291 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 29.03.2005

    01. Music (Live) 00:45
    02. Wem... (Live) 02:07
    03. Ti Amo (Live) 01:14
    04. Hits On 45 (Live) 00:35
    05. Deine Spuren Im Sand (Live) 00:30
    06. Du Fängst Den Wind Niemals Ein (Live) 00:31
    07. ... Dann Geh Doch (Live) 00:28
    08. Nimm Den Nächsten Zug (Live) 00:41
    09. Es Geht Um Mehr (Live) 00:51
    10. Musik, Das Ist Mein Leben (Live) 00:58
    11. Ein Gesicht In Der Menge (Live) 02:27
    12. You've Lost That Loving Feeling (Live) 05:02
    13. Tür An Tür Mit Alice (Living Next Door T 04:07
    14. Du Schläfst (Live) 02:55
    15. Remember (Live) 03:04
    16. See You Later Alligator (Live) 01:06
    17. Barbara Ann (Live) 01:08
    18. What A Wonderful World (Live) 02:30
    19. I Should Have Known Better (Live) 02:11
    20. Wie Frei Willst Du Sein? (Live) 01:23
    21. Es Geht Um Mehr (Live) 01:33
    22. Bilder Meines Lebens (Live) 03:47
    23. Pata Pata (Live) 03:51
    24. Nachts, Wenn Alles Schläft (Live) 04:37
    25. The Gambler (Live) 02:43
    26. Deine Spuren Im Sand (Live) 02:34
    27. Indianapolis (Live) 02:26
    28. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (Live) 00:46
    29. Ich Geb' Mir Selbst 'ne Party (Live) 00:32
    30. Das Schöne Mädchen Von Seite 1 (Live) 01:00
    31. Can't Help Falling In Love (Live) 01:37
    32. Trouble (Live) 03:49
    33. Blue Suede Shoes (Live) 02:03
    34. See See Rider (Live) 00:26
    35. Wenn Du Mich Finden Willst (Live) 05:10

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