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    PAUL MCCARTNEY - in red square WARNER MUSIC 5050467831421 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 13.06.2005

    Paul McCartney and A&E Television Networks VP of Video Sales and Marketing, Kate Winn, today announced an arrangement that will bring home audiences the landmark DVD releases "Paul McCartney In Red Square". Due out this spring, the historic Emmy-Award(R)- winning live concert, which premiered on the A&E Network, will be combined with NEW never-before-seen concert footage "Live In St. Petersburg" and rare behind the scenes footage, for a DVD that A&E and Paul McCartney are calling fully loaded.

    Paul McCartney, who began preparations this week for his much-publicized SuperBowl XXXIX Ameriquest Halftime performance, received five 2004 Emmy Award nominations for "Paul McCartney In Red Square". The DVD, sure to become an essential part of any music lover's home entertainment collection, is scheduled for release this Spring.

    As a member of The Beatles, Paul McCartney helped to launch the British Invasion and bring rock and roll onto the global stage, changing the world with a pulsing new sound, and a way of life not even the Iron Curtain could keep out.

    On May 24, 2003, the Rock icon ended decades of anticipation with his first-ever concert in Russia. Join a crowd of over 100,000, as "Paul McCartney In Red Square" captures the historic sights and sounds of this nearly two-hour show. Behind-the-scenes footage of the star's whirlwind visit to Russia, including a private meeting with President Vladimir Putin, and interviews with important members of Russia's cultural community reveal the importance the Beatles and Paul McCartney played in the development of Russia's future. Join Mikhail Gorbachev and Vladimir Putin in this rock and roll milestone as McCartney performs rousing renditions of "Can't Buy Me Love," "Band on the Run," "Saw Her Standing There," "Live and Let Die," "Hey Jude," "Let It Be," "Yesterday," and many more, including "Back in the USSR."

    01. Yesterday
    02. We Can Work It Out
    03. Fool On The Hill
    04. I've Just Seen A face
    05. Two Of Us
    06. Hey Jude
    07. Maybe I'm Amazed
    08. She's Leaving Home
    09. Can't Buy Me Love
    10. Birthday
    11. Live And Let Die
    12. Band On The Run
    13. Getting Better
    14. Hey Jude
    15. Got To Get You Into My Life
    16. Sgt.Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
    17. I Saw Her Standing There
    18. Flaming Pie
    19. Drive My Car
    20. Penny Lane
    21. Jet
    22. Let It Be
    23. Get Back
    24. Back In The USSR
    25. I've Got A Feeling
    26. Helter Skelter


    - Bonus concert footage from Paul's second trip to Russia, St. Petersburg
    - Never before seen behind the scenes footage
    - Learning centre - an interactive guide
    - Song selection

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    Huey Lewis & the News celebrate two and a half decades of great rockin' with the release of Live at 25. Filmed in December 2004 at two highly anticipated shows at the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico, CA, the DVD features chart-topping hits and fan faves like "The Heart of Rock & Roll," "Power Of Love," and "If This Is It." Live at 25 captures Huey Lewis and the News at the peak of their club-rocking powers, delivering 19 songs that span the gropu's hugely successful career.

    Track Listing:

    01. Heart of Rock & Roll
    02. So Little Kindness
    03. Thank You #19
    04. I Want A New Drug/Small World
    05. If This Is It
    06. Power Of Love
    07. Do You Believe in Love
    08. Some of My Lies Are True
    09. It's All Right
    10. Bad Is Bad
    11. Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um
    12. Heart and Soul
    13. But It's Alright
    14. (Too) Hip to Be Square
    15. We're Not Here For A Long Time (We're Here for a Good Time)
    16. Back in Time
    17. Doing It All For My Baby
    18. Workin' For A Livin'


    19. Rhythm Ranch - with a commentary from Huey
    20. Buzz, Buzz, Buzz - The band's American Bandstand performance
    21. Stuck On You - from the band's All The Way Live VHS concert
    22. Trouble In Paradise - from the band's Heart of Rock and Roll VHS concert
    23. Working for a Living - from the Chico perfomances.

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    PUBLIC ENEMY - it takes a nation / the first london invasion tour 1987 WIENERWORLD WNRD2311 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 09.05.2005

    This DVD follows Public Enemy on their very first invasion of Euro-UK shores during the Def Jam tour at Hammersmith Odeon in London in 1987. Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister, Nelson Mandela was still in prison in South Africa and Ronald Reagan was the US President. The wall was still up and Public Enemy had a lot to say! By pioneering a variation of hardcore rap that was musically and politically revolutionary, Public Enemy rewrote all the rules of hip-hop.


    01. Countdown To Armageddon
    02. Raise The Roof
    03. Too Much Posse
    04. Bring The Noise
    05. Miuzi Weighs A Ton
    06. Riotstarter
    07. Rebel Without A Pause
    08. You're Gonna Get Yours
    09. Timebomb
    10. Public Enemy Number One


    - Interviews with the band
    - Play by play commentary by Chuck D
    - Live Australia 2003 clip
    - Audio CD including rare remixes

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    MIDGE URE - re live / sampled looped and trigger happy on tour HYPERTENSION / SOULFOOD MUSIC DISTRIBUTION 4011586533598 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 25.04.2005

    MIDGE URE wurde bekannt als Sänger und Gitarrist der New Wave Band ULTRAVOX. Als John Foxx nach dem dritten Album ULTRAVOX verließ und MIDGE URE ihn ersetzte, war er maßgeblich an dem Erfolg der Band beteiligt und mit "Vienna" (1980) kann er auch gleich ein riesiges Hitalbum verbuchen. Parallel war er auch am Projekt VISAGE ("Fade To Grey"/1980) beteiligt. Zusammen mit Bob Geldof ist er Hauptinitiator des Hilfsprojekts "Band Aid", das 2004 sein 20jähriges Jubiläum beging. Solo kann er mit "If I Was" (1985) und schliesslich mit "Breathe"(1996) deutliche Chart-Erfolge verbuchen, besonders auch in Deutschland.

    RE*LIVE - Sampled Looped and Trigger Happy on Tour DVD – wurde 2003 live aufgezeichnet und wird zudem von einer “Soundtrack-CD” unterstützt.

    Auf der CD befinden sich Bonus-Songs wie New Europeans (ein Ultravox Song, der bisher nicht aufgenommen wurde) und dem neuen instrumental "Tomorrow" (Studiotrack). Auf der DVD gibt es zu dem Konzert noch ein 40 min. Interview sowie eine 40 min. „on the road documentary".

    01. Astradyne
    02 If I Was
    03. Passing Strangers
    04. (You) Move Me
    05. Alone
    05. Edo
    06. Reap the Wild Wind
    07. Lament
    08. Vienna
    09. Beneath a Spielberg Sky
    10. One Small Day
    11. No Regrets
    12. Breath
    13. Sleepwalk
    14. White China
    15. All Stood Still
    16. Monster
    17. Fade to Grey
    18. The Voice

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    Since 1980 Bradford's New Model Army have been hugely popular with their classic post-punk rock. On this DVD the band are captured live at London's Astoria on December 16th in 2003.

    Aufnahmen vom 16. Dezember 2003 im Londoner Astoria

    01. Orange Tree Roads
    02. The Charge
    03. Over The Wire
    04. Aimless Desire
    05. Wonderful Way To Go
    06. Courage
    07. No Pain
    08. White Light
    09. 51st State
    10. Here Comes The War
    11. Family Life
    12. Ocean Rising
    13. Drag It Down
    14. R & R
    15. Purity
    16. Poison Street
    17. Get Me Out
    18. Stupid Questions
    19. No Rest
    20. Green & Grey
    21. I Love The World


    - Exclusive interview with the band

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    PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - keep britain untidy SMADVD220X VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 16.05.2005

    Recorded live on 29th August 2004 at the Coronet, London
    Oi favourites Peter & The Test Tube Babies, burst onto the scene in the early 80s topping the indie charts with their debut album ‘Mating Sounds of South American Frogs’. While many lesser bands have fallen by the wayside, P&TTB are still going strong.
    This live show features the classics ‘Banned From Pubs’, ‘Blown Out Again’ and ‘Up Yer Bum’.
    Digitally filmed & recorded.

    01. Moped Lads
    02. Keep Britain Untidy
    03. Boozanza
    04. Run Like Hell
    05. Jinx
    06. Shit British Tour
    07. Never Made It
    08. Up Yer Bum
    09. (Spirit Of) Keith Moon
    10. Talk Show
    11. U Bore Me
    12. Maniac
    13. Banned From Pubs
    14. Blown Out Again


    - Exclusive interview with the band

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    FRONT 242 - catch the men / live ALFA MATRIX VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 06.06.2005

    Wie das belgische Label Alfa Matrix mitteilt, soll in Zusammenarbeit mit den EBM-Legenden FRONT 242 eine Live-DVD mit dem Titel Catch The Men erscheinen. Dieses Release ist ausschließlich über den labeleigenen Online-Shop zu bestellen! Veröffentlicht wird die DVD am 04.04.2005. Die ersten 1.000 Käufer erhalten eine exklusive CD-Zugabe namens Sounds From The Matrix 002. Die CD-Compilation wird es einzeln nie im Handel zu kaufen geben. In einem kurzen Statement erklärte die Band, dass es sich bei Catch The Men um ein Dankeschön an die treuen Anhänger handele. Man plane deshalb auch nicht, die DVD auf konventionellem Wege zu vertreiben. Die Live-Show wurde am 04.08.2004 beim Lokerse-Festival in Belgien mitgeschnitten. Die Musiker spielten damals vor nicht weniger als 17.000 Menschen. Unter anderem werden die Klassiker Body To Body, Im Rhythmus bleiben, First In First Out und Headhunter sowie viele weitere Songs auf der DVD zu sehen sein. Die Investition von 24,00 Euro dürfte sich also durchaus lohnen. Porto- und Verpackungskosten kommen zum Preis nicht mehr hinzu!

    01. Happiness
    02. Body to Body
    03. Religion
    04. Together
    05. Im Rhythmus Bleiben
    06. Crapage
    07. Animal
    08. First in First out
    09. Moldavia
    10. Melt
    11. HeadHunter
    12. Welcome to Paradise
    13. Punish Your Machine

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    SPEAR OF DESTINY - at her majesty´s request SNAPPER MUSIC SMADVD226X VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 16.05.2005

    During the 1980's goth rockers Spear Of Destiny had an incredible 5 hit albums and 10 hit singles in just 5 years. This DVD features both an acoustic and an electric set recorded live in Crewe on the 13th April 2002. Digitally filmed & recorded.

    Acoustic Set:

    01. King Of Kings
    02. Brave New Soldiers
    03. Legion
    04. Propaganda
    05. The Wake
    06. Rainmaker
    07. Communication Ends
    08. Rocket Ship
    09. Conquistador
    10. Land Of Shame
    11. Soldier Soldier
    12. Prison Planet
    13. The Price
    14. Goldmine

    Electric Set:

    01. Young Men
    02. At Her Majesty's Request
    03. Pumpkin Man
    04. The Wheel
    05. I Can See
    06. Never take Me Alive
    07. Uphill Backwards
    08. Westwood
    09. Liberator
    10. Mickey


    - Exclusive interview with the band

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    FISCHER-Z - greatest hits live QUANTUMLEAP QLDVD6264 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 25.07.2005

    Fronted by the enigmatic John Watts on guitar and vocals, Fischer-Z leaped onto the music scene in 1979 with their quirky debut album, Word Salad.

    This quartet, with Steve Hancock on keyboards, Steve Liddle on drums and David Graham on the bass played a rough and tumble form of new wave that was equal parts Roxy Music and Talking Heads with pop art and prog rock leanings.

    Watts' vocals were extremely distinctive, veering from a low baritone to a higher register that was not unlike Pete Townsend on helium. Chart success was immediate with 'The Worker' and 'Pretty Paracetamol' and their second album, 1980's Going Deaf featured the international hit 'So Long'.

    This set was filmed in Bremen in 1981 to promote the band's third album 'Red Skies Over Paradise', that proved to be their biggest selling ever and secured the dedicated following that supports the band concerts throughout Europe, today some 25 years later.

    Set list:

    01. So Long
    02. Going Deaf For A Living
    03. Lies
    04. The Worker
    05. Spiders
    06. Room Service
    07. Pick-Up, Slip-Up
    08. Pretty Paracetamal

    Duration: 35 minutes (approx)


    - Interactive menus
    - Individual track selection
    - Biography
    - Discography
    - Weblinks
    - Guitar tabs
    - Song lyrics

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    LOU REED - spanish fly / live in spain SANCTUARY SVEF0089 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 23.05.2005

    Aptly titled Spanish Fly: Live In Spain, this DVD features a magnificent set of eleven of Reed's finest songs, including re-worked takes of his Velvet Underground classics 'Sweet Jane' and 'Venus In Furs,' as well as his acclaimed solo work including the undeniable classic 'Walk On The Wild Side.'

    Filmed and recorded on August 7th 2004 at the Benicàssim Festival in Spain, Reed is joined by long-time collaborators Mike Rathke on guitar, bassist Fernando Saunders, drummer Tony 'Thunder' Smith and Jane Scarpantoni on the cello. Together, these musicians showcase the artist in a powerful new light, featuring performances that show both stunning range and a resilient edge.

    A celebrated musician and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Lou Reed began his career as a founding member of The Velvet Underground and has since then released numerous solo works to critical acclaim.

    Spanish Fly: Live In Spain is a must have for fans and music lovers alike. Featuring a full concert performance as well as a rare Photo Gallery that includes a collection of 14 photographs taken by Reed himself, this rare live DVD is sure to become a favourite with Lou Reed fans everywhere.


    01. Modern Day
    02. Why Do You Talk
    03. Venus In Furs
    04. Sweet Jane
    05. Jesus
    06. Romeo Had Juliet
    07. Satellite Of Love
    08. Ecstasy
    09. The Blue Mask
    10. Perfect Day
    11. Walk On The Wild Side


    Exclusive photo gallery featuring 14 photographs taken by Lou Reed

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