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    BUZZCOCKS - live at shepherds bush empire 2003 SECRET RECORDS SECDVD117 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 16.05.2005

    Godfathers of punk or purveyors of timeless pop, Buzzcocks have set the benchmark against which guitar pop music has been measured for the past quarter century. Formed in the heart of the UK’s punk explosion but bringing art and Glam Rock influences to their craft, the band instantly set themselves apart from their contemporaries by blending power, melody and a heartfelt honesty to create a string of memorable singles and albums spanning the years. From the scratchy urgency of their self-financed Spiral Scratch EP recorded at Xmas 1976 through to 2003’s untitled album, the band has never compromised their unique stance and distinctive sound.
    This set of songs, recorded at the Shepherds Bush Empire in April 2003 as part of the tour to promote their new album, defines the overworked adjectives ‘classic’ and ‘timeless’. It is clear that Buzzcocks are a group with a past, present and future.
    They’re still doing it, better than anyone. Sometimes the archetype is clearly the best.

    01. Boredom
    02. Fast Cars
    03. I Don't Mind
    04. Love Battery
    05. Autonomy
    06. Oh Shit
    07. Harmony in My Head
    08. Jerk
    09. Love You More
    10. Breakdown
    11. Something's Gone Wrong Again
    12. Sitting Around At Home
    13. Wake Up Call
    14. Get On Our Own
    15. Driving You Insane
    16. Keep On
    17. Mad Mad Judy
    18. Totally From The Heart
    19. Friends
    20. Lester Sands
    21. Noise Annoys
    22. I Believe
    23. You Know You Can't Help It
    24. What Do I Get?
    25. Time's Up
    26. I Don't What To Do With My Life
    27. 16
    28. Why She's a Girl From the Chainstore
    29. You Say You Don't Love Me
    30. Promises
    31. Orgasm Addict
    32. Ever Fallen in Love With Someone (You Shouldn't Have Fallen in Love With)

    - Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
    - Digitally Filmed & Recorded


    - Exclusive Interview with Pete Shelley & Steve Diggle
    - Australian Tour Footage, Sound Check Footage, Tour Memorabilia - Photo Gallery

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    Wann kommt eine Den Harrow DVD

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    Castor Troy postete
    Wann kommt eine Den Harrow DVD
    Ham mer scho Weihnachten oder was?

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    666meng666 postete
    Castor Troy postete
    Wann kommt eine Den Harrow DVD
    Ham mer scho Weihnachten oder was?

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    MAXI-CD ( 4756943 ):

    01. What Car
    02. Slow Down - Previously Unreleased
    03. Sentimental Journey

    DVD-SINGLE ( 4756950 ):

    01. What Car
    02. She's All Mine
    03. What Car (Video - Live performance at Leeds Castle)
    04. Somethin' Is Goin' On (Video)
    05. Make Poverty History (TV commercial)

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    SHAM 69 - hersham boys / the adventures of sham 69 SECRET RECORDS SECDVD104 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 30.05.2005

    Recorded and Filmed at Concorde 2, Brighton, England. 10th April 2002.

    Sham 69’s debut album “Tell Us The Truth” was released in March 1978 and reached number 25 in the charts. Two months later they entered the singles charts with “Angels With Dirty Faces”. This began a run of Jimmy Pursey/Dave Parsons hit compositions – invariably accompanied by memorable appearances on Top Of The Pops – throughout 1978 and 1979.

    More than one Sham gig ended with Jimmy in tears of frustration caused by crowd aggression and stage invasions. No matter how many times Jimmy tried to articulate his opposition to violence and racism the same few agitators turned up and started fighting.
    By June 1979, Sham 69 had enough. But there was a twist to the plan.
    Sham 69 carried on. This story is told in the DVD biographic notes.
    The album “The Adventures Of The Hersham Boys”, was released and they resumed touring. But after some intense years the band’s energy was gone. Sham 69 split up in July 1980.
    Jimmy Pursey and Dave Parsons reformed Sham 69 in 1986 with an ever changing line-up of other members.
    The “new” Sham 69 has continued to gig and record regularly, displaying perhaps a bit more lyrical scope and suss than in their earlier incarnations.
    It’s strange that a genuine renaissance man such as Jimmy Pursey has never gained a bit more respect and recognition. But his place outside the mainstream has also worked to his advantage: the bands Sham 69 influenced have never been content to follow fashion or adopt the bland views that critics like to hear. Let’s appreciate the fact that Jimmy’s still “got something to say”. Long may he keep talking.

    01. What Have We Got
    02. Hersham Boys
    03. Fourteen Years
    04. (No) I Don’t Wanna
    05. They Don’t Understand
    06. Tell Us the Truth
    07. Ulster Boys
    08. Give a Dog a Bone
    09. Angels With Dirty Faces
    10. No Entry
    11. Questions and Answers
    12. Poor Cow
    13. Money (All Around)
    14. Hurry Up Harry
    15. Borstal Breakout
    16. Tattoo
    17. If the Kids are United
    18. September the Eleventh
    19. Blackpool
    20. (Mister) You’re a Better Man Than I
    21. Borstal Breakout

    - 5.1 Surround Sound
    - Digitally Filmed & Recorded


    - Exclusive Interview
    - Biography

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    TOL & TOL - totally - the very best of tol & tol DA MUSIC 873620-2 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 16.05.2005

    Wenn man die ersten Takte ihres wohl größten Hits "Eleni" hört, erinnert man sich sofort an diesen wunderbaren, in griechischer Sprache gesungenen Ohrwurm, der 1992 ganze 23 Wochen in Deutschlands offiziellen Single-Charts zu finden war. Trotz ihres beinahe weltweiten Erfolges (selbst in Südafrika schaffte ihr Album Goldstatus) blieben die Brüder Cees und Thomas Tol, zwei in Holland sehr bekannte Musiker und Produzenten, eher im Hintergrund des Showgeschehens.

    Für die ausdrucksstarken Vocals ihrer Top-Hits "Eleni" oder "Sedalia" engagierten sie jeweils hervorragend ausgebildete Sängerinnen, die bei Live- oder Fernsehauftritten im Vordergrund standen. Dennoch steht für Tol & Tol vor allem die Kreativität der beiden Brüder, deren weltweite Anerkennung als Vorreiter von Künstlern wie z.B. Adiemus, Deep Forest oder Era in zahllosen TV-Programmen auf der ganzen Welt festgeschrieben ist.

    Ihrer erfolgreichen Mischung aus gefühlsstarker Instrumentalmusik und unverkennbaren "Ethnic-Voices" sind Tol & Tol auch bei ihrem Projekt "Mistiko" treu geblieben. Den Part der Frontfrau übernahm diesmal ihre Nichte Corina Varnvakari, ein nicht minder musikalischer Sproß der holländischen Künstlerfamilie.

    Die attraktive Sängerin unterstreicht den typischen, semi-klassischen Stil in gesanglich harmonischer Perfektion, die sicherlich aus ihrer familiären Verbundenheit rührt. Und nach jahrelanger Abstinenz vom Showgeschäft, in denen sich Tol & Tol ganz der Filmmusik verschrieben haben, wird es jetzt endlich wieder Zeit für einen neuen Superhit.


    - visions of the world

    01. going west 3.04
    02. centennial 2.59
    03. sedalia 3.26
    04. hellenic anthem 3.21
    05. maid marion´s lament 3.14
    06. where the wind blows 3.20
    07. peace ans quiet 2.47
    08. on the top of the world
    09. twilight in elfland 3.19
    10. antarctic sunrise 2.46
    11. siciliano 2.55
    12. un sospero 3.26
    13. vienna 2.55
    14. song for soprano 3.01
    15. watching the guards 3.11
    16. beyond borders 3.33

    - the classic videos

    17. eleni (Original Video) 3.47
    18. mistiko 3.38
    19. you are my world (MDR Studio Version) 3.52
    20. rounding the cape 2.48


    21. eleni (2nd TV Version) 3.44
    22. you are my world (Winter & Snow Version) 3.52
    23. impressions of TOL & TOL 5.15
    24. biographie / biography - Deutsch + Englisch
    25- discography

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    IGGY POP - live in san fran - 1981 WIENERWORLD WNRD2312 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 30.05.2005

    This is the Godfather of Punk, in an exceptionally energetic performance for a crazed crowd in San Francisco. Over the 30+ years of Iggy Pop’s career one thing has always remained constant – his absolute devotion and dedication to the live show. From the chaos of the early stooges shows to his recent work with the Trolls (as well as the reformed Stooges) no-one can deny that Iggy Pop is the epitome of Live Rock Action. Whilst this DVD may look rough and raw to the 21st Century eyes, it is also the best representation of Iggy live during an otherwise pitifully undocumented era of his career. Fronting a crack band featuring Blondie drummer Clem Burke and future David Bowie guitarist Carlos Alomar, Iggy Pop is as unpredictable and dominant as ever (no small feat since he is sporting a mini skirt, garters and stockings for most of the show). Filmed on 25 November 1981 near the end of their tour supporting his 1981 album Party, Iggy and co, are raw and ready for business. Live San Fran 1981 provides a snapshot of a hungry artist at the top of his game in front of an adoring crowd.

    01. Some Weird Sin [5:48]
    02. Houston Is Hot Tonight [2:51]
    03. TV Eye [3:49]
    04. 1969 [3:00]
    05. Rock and Roll Party [4:35]
    06. Bang Bang [4:10]
    07. Dumb Dumb Boys [6:01]
    08. Eggs on Plate [3:46]
    09. I'm a Conservative [4:01]
    10. I Need More [4:37]
    11. Lust for Life [3:57]
    12. Pumpin for Jill [5:21]

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    5ex PISTOLS - the great rock 'n' roll swindle SONY 2028859 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 30.05.2005

    Region 0 PAL DVD (remastered in 5.1 surround sound) featuring Julien Temple’s at times surreal, at times hilarious, factional documentary that charts the rise and fall of punk’s most notorious band through the eyes of its calculating and grandiose manager, Malcolm McLaren, mixing animation & midgets with footage of some of the 5ex Pistols’ most electrifying live performances including Sid Vicious’ iconic butchering of Frank Sinatra’.

    01. God Save The Queen (Symphony)
    02. The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle
    03. Anarchy In The U.K.
    04. Johnny B. Goode
    05. You Need Hands
    06. No Feelings
    07. Silly Thing
    08. Rock Around The Clock
    09. Black Arabs
    10. Bodies
    11. God Save The Queen
    12. Pretty Vacant
    13. Something Else
    14. Lonely Boy
    15. C'mon Everybody
    16. Belsen Was A Gas
    17. No Fun
    18. Who Killed Bambi ?
    19. Holiday In The Sun
    20. No One Is Innocent
    21. Who Killed Bambi ? (reprise)
    22. Belsen Vos A Gassa
    23. Anarchie Pour Le UK
    24. My Way
    25. Friggin' In The Riggin'

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    MAGNUM - live at birmingham CLASSIC PICTURES DVD7052X VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 23.05.2005

    This concert film is a breathtaking performance recorded on December 22nd 1992 in Birmingham, England, where Magnum laid their roots and formed in the mid-seventies. Featuring original members Bob Catley, Tony Clarkin & mark Stanway, the band perform their greatest hits live in front of a jam-packed audience at Birmingham Town Hall Featuring original members Bob Catley, Tony Clarkin and Mark Stanway, the band perform their Greatest Hits live in front of a jam-packed audience at The Birmingham Town Hall. “Magnum have never lost their ability to churn out stirring rock anthems and lavish downbeat tearjerkers” - Kerrang

    Line Up:
    Bob Catley Lead Vocals
    Tony Clarkin Guitar & Vocals
    Wally Lowe Bass Guitar & Vocals
    Mark Stanway Keyboards
    Mickey Barker Drums
    Mo Birch Guest Backing Vocals


    01. All England’s Eyes
    02. Vigilante
    03. Pray For the Day
    04. Les Morts Dansant
    05. You’re The One
    06. On a Story Tellers Night
    07. Stormy Weather
    08. How Far Jerusalem
    09. Only In America
    10. Days of No Trust
    11. Kingdom of Madness

    Special Features:


    This documentary featuring original band member interviews with Bob Catley, Tony Clarkin, Mark Stanway and Bass player Al Barrow filmed in 2005, is a fascinating insight into the unforgettable music and career of Magnum. Featuring exclusive never before seen footage of the making of the “Brand New Morning” album – a collectors dream.

    Running Time: 70 Minutes Approx
    Certificate: E-Excempt
    Format: DVD 9
    Audio: Dolby 5.1, DTS 5.1 & Dolby Stereo

    Fully Animated Menu / Choice of 5.1 Dolby Digital, 5.1 DTS & Dolby Stereo Sound Options & “Another Chapter, Another Verse” Documentary

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