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Neue Musik-DVDs

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    BIG COUNTRY - live without the aid of a safety net EMI 4913029 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 30.05.2005

    DVD recorded live at the Barrowlands in Glasgow, Christmas 1993.

    01. Harvest Home
    02. Peace In Our Time
    03. 13 Valleys
    04. The Storm
    05. Chance
    06. Look Away
    07. What Are You Working For
    08. Steeltown
    09. Ships
    10. Wonderland
    11. Long Way Home
    12. Alone
    13. In A Big Country
    14. Lost Patrol

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    INXS - i´m only looking / the essential inxs UNIVERSAL 9870587 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 16.05.2005

    UK Regions 2-6 PAL DVD [remastered in 5.1 surround sound] featuring 20 promo videos from one of the most globally successful bands of the 80s and 90s and includes all of their biggest hits with a special kareoke feature on 5 of their best known tracks enabling the user to select this option to activate the subtitles on these tracks and sing along in their best Michael Hutchence impression.

    01. Just Keep Walking
    02. Don't Change
    03. Original Sin
    04. What You Need
    05. Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)
    06. Listen Like Thieves
    07. Need You Tonight (Karaoke Version)
    08. Devil Inside
    09. Never Tear Us Apart (Karaoke Version)
    10. New Sensation
    11. Mystify
    12. Suicide Blonde (Karaoke Version)
    13. Disappear (Karaoke Version)
    14. Shining Star
    15. Not Enough Time
    16. Taste It
    17. Baby Don't Cry (Karaoke Version)
    18. Beautiful Girl
    19. The Gift
    20. Elegantly Wasted

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    THUNDER - flawed to perfection EMI 5448529 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 30.05.2005

    27-track Region 0 Pal DVD includes all of their promo videos, live tracks from Donnington and the Town And County club in 1990 plus an exclusive interview. Runnig time 150 minutes.


    01. She's So Fine
    02. Dirty Love
    03. Backstreet Symphony
    03. Gimme Some Lovin'
    04. Love Walked In
    05. Low Life In High Places
    06. Everybody Wants Her
    07. A Better Man
    08. Like A Satellite
    09. Stand Up
    10. River Of Pain
    11. Castles In The Sand
    12. In A Broken Dream
    13. Gimme Shelter
    14. Like A Satellite - alternate version


    01. Backstreet Symphony
    02. She's So Fine
    03. Until My Dying Day
    04. Higher Ground
    05. Don't Wait For Me;
    06. Fired Up
    07. Dirty Love
    08. She's So Fine


    01. She's So Fine
    02. Back Street Symphony
    03. Higher Ground
    04. Don't Wait For Me

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    NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - rust never sleeps SANCTUARY SVEM0053 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 11.07.2005

    Originally performed 25 years ago at San Francisco's Cow Palace on 22nd October 1978, "Rust Never Sleeps" documents one of the most important rock'n'roll concert performances ever filmed. Produced and directed by Neil Young (alias Bernard Shakey), the DVD captures Young during at time in his colourful career where he was at his most diverse, exciting and dangerous.

    From the opening chords of the sensitive acoutistic Sugar Mountain to the lethal, energised rock'n'roll of Powderfinger and Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black), this rare concert documentary film shows why fans of Pearl Jam and Nirvana hold Young in high esteem.


    01. Sugar Mountain
    02. I Am A Child
    03. Comes A Time
    04. After The Goldrush
    05. Thrasher
    06. Hey Hey, My My (Out Of The Blue)
    07. When You Dance You Can Really Love
    08. The Loner
    09. Welfare Mothers
    10. The Needle And The Damage Done
    11. Lotta Love
    12. Sedan Delivery
    13. Powderfinger
    14. Cortez The Killer
    15. Cinnamon Girl
    16. Like A Hurricane
    17. Hey Hey, My My (Out Of The Black)
    18 Tonight's The Night (Encore)


    - Photo Gallery
    - Lyrics
    - Road Eye Slides
    - Script

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    SPEAR OF DESTINY - in performance at her majesty´s request SNAPPER MUSIC SMADVD226X VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 30.05.2005

    Let’s face it – in nowhere but Britain could a band like Spear of Destiny have surfaced and survived. In that broad grey twilight which spans UK rock’s no man’s land between all-out pop glamour and the blood and iron hues of Gothdom and Metal, a thousand dark and different ideas have found a musical voice during the 20th century’s last two decades. When we think of Spear of Destiny we think of imagery. It is encapsulated in the angular, European visage of the band’s leader, Kirk Brandon.
    Their album covers, with their Cyrillic graphics and strong, propaganda art styles, hark back to another time. As the pop world around them shifted and changed between sequins and make-up, strange trousers and rolled-up jacket sleeves, S.O.D. dared to be different with a music, lyrical approach and a look which crow-barred its way into your consciousness with a Spartan strength, courting controversy along the way.
    Spear of Destiny have their roots where so much of today’s good popular music was germinated – the punk explosion. They began back in 1978, even before the Iron Lady had ascended her regal throne, then known as The Pack, knee deep in the chaotic period of punk anarchy. The line up then was Kirk Brandon, with guitarists Jon and Simon Werner, from Canada, and Scottish drummer Rath Fae Beith. Their aggressive stand and lyrical approach represented the world they lived in at that time; they were young men, struggling in the squats of South London in a grim period of political history which only promised worse to come. The Pack ended their short, vibrant career as they had begun, in Clapham, and although their last gig at the 101 Club had been a complete sell-out, the record industry had avoided them like the plague.
    And so was born the new line-up, uncompromisingly titled Theatre of Hate. Music journos around Europe never quite knew what to make of it all. What were TOH about? What was all this revolutionary imagery, and why were fans from Sheffield to Stuttgart hanging on this band’s every word? Perhaps there was something in the band’s name which the cynical music press could get a handle on, yet try as they may, no-one managed to fit Kirk’s hard-working outfit into a musical pigeon hole. They were huge in Scandinavia, and during the three years of TOH’s existence, they played a storming 400 gigs, with albums He Who Dares Wins (1981, produced by The Clash’s Mick Jones), hitting number 15 in the NME charts in April 1981, with Westworld doing the same in April 81 and Revolution entering the top 40 in August 1984. By this time Kirk Brandon had become a pop icon throughout Europe, where his face could be seen on the cover of magazines throughout the continent.
    Yet as the Theatre of Hate project waned, its leader, along with bassist Stan Stammers, was about to surprise the music world yet again with his next undertaking. This time the pop pundits would have something to get their teeth into – yet they still failed to identify the flavour.
    Spear of Destiny fans need no educating as to the origin of the band’s name. But for the uninitiated, it goes like this.
    The history of Christianity tells us that as Jesus was dying on the cross, one of the Roman centurions by the name of Longinus, ( a German) who was on duty at the scene, plunged his spear into Christ’s side. The spear became a religious artefact possessing all the mythical magic of the Grail itself, and over the centuries has been rumoured to have changed hands among the many European and eastern kings and emperors. The legend which has built up around the ‘Spear of Destiny’ – that he who owns it has the power of good or evil - largely came from a best-selling book of the same name by the late Trevor Ravenscroft, in which he tells us that when Hitler conquered Austria he purloined the spear (yes, it does exist) from a museum, the Hofburg, and took it to Nuremburg. The next man to get his hands on it was the US Army’s Gerneral Patton, shortly before Hitler’s suicide. The artefact is now back in the Hofburg.
    That’s the end of the history lesson – except that Kirk Brandon did have a very interesting meeting with Spear of Destiny author Trevor Ravenscroft before his death. It needs no stretch of the imagination to realise that the quasi-intellectual scribes of the early UK 80s music scene were going to have a field day with this. Yet to Kirk Brandon and his legions of fans, the combined forces of hackery were water off a duck’s back. Spear Of Destiny forged on and built strongly on Theatre of Hate’s brush with success. The early recordings, on the SS label (which became Burning Rome), did well, and by April 1983 SOD had signed to Epic and their album, The Grapes of Wrath slammed straight into the album charts at number 23 on the last day of the month. TOH had been the messengers; Spear of Destiny were the message, and that message was success. For the next four years they would repeat the achievement. For a couple of months, April and May 1984, their album, One Eyed Jacks, its title taken from a 1961 Marlon Brando movie, lodged firmly in the charts to rub shoulders with the likes of Rush and the Eurythmics. This unstoppable rhythm continued in the autumn of 1985 when the album World Service beat the previous release by this time getting into the NME top five. Although there was a two year break, May 1987 saw not one but two Spear of Destiny albums bouncing into the best sellers. First came a compilation, S.O.D. – The Epic Years, which entered the chart in the lower end of the top fifty and then climbed steadily, to be followed shortly by the highly successful Outland, which sold steadily for weeks alongside The Epic Years. However, in the midst of this success Kirk was suddenly diagnosed with a rare blood disorder. As he recalls; “After all that hard slog and progress, it was a real knock-back. It also meant cancelling our appearance at the Reading Festival”. Yet there were still records to release. By now the band were on the Virgin label, and The Price You Pay saw them back on the chart yet again in October 1988. They had already got their act over to a lot of new fans back in 1987 when they supported U2 at a crowded Wembley Stadium, which was followed by a sell-out concert at the Hammersmith Odeon.
    Throughout all this varied album success SOD’s accomplishment in the singles market was every bit as impressive. It began with The Wheel in June 1983 and peaked after ten chart singles with So In Love With You in 1988. So with five hit albums and ten hit singles in the space of less than half a decade, Spear Of Destiny had achieved more than enough to guarantee their place in British and European pop history.
    Today Kirk Brandon’s life is as creative and busy as ever. Throughout the 1990’s and into the new millennium the band’s live output has made for a clutch of fine CDs and their studio work continues to reach more mature, artistic heights. Recent albums such as 1997’s Religion and Volunteers in 2000 have further enhanced their strong reputation. Perhaps the secret is that Spear Of Destiny are not a ‘band of their time’; like most creative acts they continue to develop, not only keeping their old fans but regularly adding new blood to an army of SOD enthusiasts. As to what Kirk Brandon has up his capacious sleeve for us next is anyone’s guess – so watch this space!


    01. King of Kings
    02. Brave New Soldiers
    03. Legion
    04. Propaganda
    05. The Wake
    06. Rainmaker
    07. Communication Ends
    08. Rocket Ship
    09. Conquistador
    10. Land of Shame
    11. Soldier Soldier
    12. Prison Planet
    13. The Price
    14. Goldmine
    15. Young Men
    16. At Her Majesty's Request
    17. Pumpkin Man
    18. The Wheel
    19. I Can See
    20. Never Take Me Alive
    21. Uphill Backwards
    22. Westworld
    23. Liberator
    24. Mickey


    - Exclusive Interview with Kirk Brandon

    - Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
    - DVD PAL (All regions)

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    EAGLES - farewell tour - live from melbourne part 1 2 DVD WARNERVISION 2564623072 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 05.07.2005

    The phenomenally successful music of the Eagles has been like a soundtrack to the lives of a whole generation and they are still finding new audiences.

    This concert includes all the Eagles greatest hits and was recorded on 14,15 and 17th of November 2004 in Melbourne during their sell-out Farewell I tour.

    Die Adler fliegen mit Unterbrechungen seit 1971 durch die Lande. Eingängige Kompositionen und einer der meistgespielten Hits der Musikgeschichte ("Hotel California") sind dafür verantwortlich, dass die Eagles ihren Platz im Rock-Olymp sicher haben.
    Ausgangspunkt der Eagles ist die Stadt der Engel. Zu den Urmitgliedern zählen Glenn Frey (Gesang, Gitarre), Don Henley (Schlagzeug, Gesang), Randy Meisner (Bass, Gesang) und Bernie Leadon (Gitarre, Gesang). Bevor sie zusammenfinden, verdienen sich die Musiker ihre ersten Meriten in Bands wie der Linda Ronstadt Band, Poco und den Flying Burritos. Um aber ein Auseinanderbrechen zu vermeiden, proben die Vier, bevor sie sich der Öffentlichkeit zeigen, intensivst und schaffen so ein Bandgefüge. Ihr Stil umfasst eine große Bandbreite der Rockmusik und ist vor allem durch das Fehlen ausgedehnter psychedelischer Instrumentalpassagen gekennzeichnet. Bewusst bringen sie ihre Songs markant auf den Punkt, ohne in orgiastische Soloeskapaden einzutauchen. Mit diesem Stil sind sie so etwas wie die Begründer des "Klassik Rock", wenn man auf Kategorisierungen steht.
    Ihr Debüt ("Eagles") erreicht auf Anhieb Goldstatus und bringt zudem noch drei Hitsingles hervor ("Take It Easy", "Witchy Woman" und "Peaceful Easy Feeling"). Der große Wurf kommt jedoch erst mit dem Zweitling "Desperados", einem Konzeptalbum, das sich thematisch mit dem Treiben der Doolin' Dalton Gang um 1890 beschäftigt. der Auf- und Abstieg des Rockrebellen-Lebens wird von ihnen staubtrocken erzählt, ohne ins pathetisch-opulente abzudriften.

    Für "On The Boarder" bekommen die Eagles Zuwachs. Don Felder, ein alter Bekannter von Bernie Leadon überzeugt die restlichen Bandmitglieder und schwingt von da an die Klampfe. Der Erfolg der beiden Vorgänger wird nochmals getoppt und die Single-Charts sind wieder nicht vor den Eagles sicher. Mit "Already Gone" und "The Best Of My Love" können sie sich wiederum ganz vorne platzieren. Mit der Zeit wird immer offensichtlicher, dass sich das Gleichgewicht innerhalb der Band zu Ungunsten von Bernie Leadon verändert hat. Leadon stand für den rauheren, kantigen Sound, während Henley und Frey mehr in Richtung Hardrock marschieren. Die Unterschiede in den Vorlieben führen zum Ausstieg von Leadon, der durch Joe Walsh ersetzt wird.

    Die Spitze ist aber nach wie vor nicht erreicht, näher kommen die Eagles dieser mit der Veröffentlichung des '75er Albums "One Of These Nights". Jetzt ist der erste Grammy fällig. "Lyin' Eyes" erhält die Auszeichnung für "Best Pop Vocal Performance By A Group". In der Folgezeit sind die Eagles ausgiebig On The Road unterwegs und können sich nicht auf eine neue Studioplatte vorbereiten. Aus dieser Not heraus entsteht das erste "Best Of"-Album und erweist sich überraschend als Megaseller. Mittlerweile ist "Their Greatest Hits" zusammen mit "Thriller" von Michael Jackson das meistverkaufte Album aller Zeiten in den USA.

    Diesen Erfolg können sie mit "Hotel California" zwar nicht übertreffen, aber ihr Megastarstatus in den Staaten wird dennoch zementiert. Ein weiterer Grammy (für das beste Album des Jahres) und zwei Nr.1-Single Hits ("New Kid in Town" und "Hotel California") sind hierfür ein hinreichender Beleg.

    Nach der Tour zum Album, die sie sogar bis in den fernen Osten führt, steigt schließlich Randy Meisner aus. Für ihn übernimmt Timothy B. Schmit den Part des Bassisten. Für ihn nichts Ungewöhnliches, schließlich folgte er schon bei Poco Meisner nach. Mit "The Long Run" erscheint 1979 wiederum ein Riesenerfolg, begleitet von Platin und Grammys. Bis zum Jahre 1994 sollte dies jedoch das vorerst letzte Eagles-Album sein. In der Zwischenzeit widmen sich die einzelnen Bandmitglieder eigenen Projekten, hier sind vor allem Don Henley und Glen Frey sehr erfolgreich.

    1994 finden die Adler für "Hell Freezes Over" wieder zusammen. Künstlerisch bietet das Werk kaum Interessantes, dafür begeben sie sich in den folgenden Jahren immer wieder auf ausnahmslos ausverkaufte Touren. Seit 1998 können sie sich zudem Mitglied der "Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame" schimpfen.


    DVD 1:

    01. The Long Run
    02. New Kid In Town
    03. Wasted Time
    04. Peaceful Easy Feeling
    05. I Can't Tell You Why
    06. One Of These Nights
    07. One day At A Time
    08. Lyin' Eyes
    09. The Boys Of Summer
    10. In The City
    11. Already Gone
    12. Tequilla Sunrise
    13. Love Will Keep Us Alive
    14. No More Cloudy Days
    15. Hole In The World
    16. Take It To The Limit
    17. You Belong To The City
    18. Walk Away
    19. Sunset Grill

    DVD 2:

    01. Life's Been Good
    02. Dirty Laundry
    03. Funk#49
    04. Heartache Tonight
    05. Life In The Fast Lane
    06. Hotel California
    07. Rocky Mountain Way
    08. All She Wants To Do Is Dance
    09. Take It Easy
    10. Desperado

    Duration: 3 hours 53 minutes (approx)


    - 60 minutes of extras: Outtakes
    - Interviews
    - Backstage footage
    - Documentary footage

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    Robin Gibb, backed with a full orchestra, plays hits from both his Bee Gees and solo careers in a spectacular concert filmed in Bonn, Germany in September 2004.
    Robin Gibb is one third of the Bee Gees, one of the most successful vocal groups of all time. The Bee Gees have sold over 100 million albums over their 3-decade career, and their catalog still consistently sells.

    01. Emotions
    02. Gotta Get A Message To You
    03. How Deep Is Your Love
    04. Nights on Broadway
    05. Love Hurts
    06. Massachusetts
    07. My Lover’s Prayer
    08. Night Fever
    09. New York Mining Disaster
    10. Please
    11. Saved By The Bell
    12. To Love Somebody
    13. Words
    14. You’ll Win Again
    15. Juliet
    16. Tragedy
    17. Jive Talkin
    18. Staying Alive


    - Emotion (Bonus Song)
    - Photo Gallery
    - Interview
    - Tour of Robin Gibb’s Estate

    - Audio Stereo & 5.1
    - Running Time: 91 min

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    STATUS QUO - down down BR MUSIC 982 870-0 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 10.06.2005

    01. Pictures Of Matchstick Men
    02. Ice In The Sun
    03. Technicolor Dreams
    04. Are You Growing
    05. Caroline
    06. Down Down
    07. Roll Over Lay Down
    08. Rain
    09. Mystery Song
    10. Rockiní All Over The World
    11. Again And Again
    12. Accident Prone
    13. Whatever You Want
    14. What You’re Proposing
    15. The Wanderer
    16. The Anniversary Waltz (Part I)

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    U2 - city of blinding lights ISLAND / UNIVERSAL VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 06.06.2005

    CD 1 (CID890):

    01. City Of Blinding Lights (Radio Edit)
    02. All Because Of You (Killahurtz Fly Mix)

    CD 2 (CIDX890):

    1. City Of Blinding Lights (Radio Edit)
    02. The Fly (Live From Stop Sellafield Concert)
    03. Even Better Than The Real Thing (Live From Stop Sellafield Concert)


    01. City Of Blinding Lights (Live at Brooklyn Bridge - Video)
    02. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (Live Vocal Intro - Video)
    03. City Of Blinding Lights (Album Version - Audio)

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    JOE COCKER - live at montreux 1987 EAGLEVISION REDV469 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 30.05.2005

    01. Dear Landlord
    02. You Can Leave Your Hat on
    03. Feeling Alright
    04. Civilized Man
    05. Inner City Blues
    06. Just Like Always
    07. Up Where We Belong
    08. Seven Days
    09. Shelter Me
    10. With A Little Help From My Friends
    11. You Are So Beautiful
    12. Watchin' The River Flow
    13. Guilty

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