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Neue Musik-DVDs

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    erstmals eine DVD ohne veröffentlichungsdatum und trackliste

    Digital Tenderness - A Video History 1977 to 1996, by Adam Ant/The Ants is to be officially released as the new Adam And The Ants greatest hits DVD.

    This long awaited DVD collection includes all videos, (including the rare Cartrouble and Tabletalk), in addition to other bits of rare footage yet to be announced.

    Track listing is unknown at the moment, but the cover (below) indicates that material from as early as 1977, and as late as 1996, will be included. "Unseen live footeage" and "rare early videos" can be seen on the cover. Obviously you can expect to see all the usual videos, but will it include both versions of Dog Eat Dog (TOTP and live in Manchester)?

    Speculation suggests this DVD could see the inclusion of the rare Zerøx and Tabletalk videos, and maybe that ultra-rare live TV footage of the Ants playing live in Cardiff in 1978 for the BBC's Welsh language programme Twndish (pronounced "toon-dish"). Will the appearances from The Old Grey Whistle Test appear too? What about the alternate versions of Prince Charming and Stand And Deliver with the different endings?

    Release date and region type is pending.

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    FLEETWOOD MAC - live in boston 2 DVD + CD VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 19.07.2004

    Live selections from a PBS television special filmed last September at the Fleet Center, Boston.

    DVD 1:

    01) The Chain
    02) Dreams
    03) Eyes Of The World
    04) Peacekeeper
    05) Second Hand News
    06) Say You Will
    07) Never Going Back Again
    08) Rhiannon
    09) Come
    10) Gypsy
    11) Big Love
    12) Landslide

    DVD 2:

    01) Say Goodbye
    02) What's The World Coming To
    03) Beautiful Child
    04) Gold Dust Woman
    05) I'm So Afraid
    06) Silver Springs
    07) Tusk
    08) Stand Back
    09) Go Your Own Way
    10) World Turning
    11) Don't Stop
    12) Goodbye Baby


    01) Eyes Of The World
    02) Dreams
    03) Rhiannon
    04) Come
    05) Big Love
    06) Landslide
    07) Silver Springs
    08) So Afraid
    09) Stand back
    10) Go Your Own Way

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    JENNIFER RUSH - the power of love / the complete video collection VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 21.06.2004

    On June 21st the first ever Jennifer Rush DVD will be released. Here is the tracklisting and the brillant cover artwork of "The Power Of Love - The Complete Video Collection" exclusivley for all JR.C visitors:

    01. Ring Of Ice (1984)
    02. The Power Of Love (1984/85)
    03. Destiny (1985)
    04. If You're Ever Gonna Lose My Love (1985/86)
    05. I Come Undone (1987)
    06. Flames Of Paradise (duet with Elton John) (1987)
    07. Heart Over Mind (1987)
    08. You're My One And Only (1988)
    09. Love Get Ready (1989)
    10. Higher Ground (1989)
    11. Wings Of Desire (1989/90)
    12. Tears In The Rain (1995)
    13. Out Of My Hands (1995)
    14. Credo (1997)

    This is the first official Jennifer Rush video collection ever released and it shows an impressive journey through her career from the early "Ring Of Ice" until her latest clip to date "Credo". Sadly there are a few clips which are missing on this collection: "Madonna's Eyes", "Till I Loved You" (the duet with Placido Domingo) and "Never Say Never" unforunately couldn't be included for licence reasons. In case you didn't know, but there are also a few singles for which Jennifer Rush didn't shoot a video at all (for example "Keep All The Fires Burning Bright", "Vision Of You", "Sweet Thing" etc.), so the DVD actually is as complete as possible.
    The DVD also features an on-screen discography (for which JR.C supplied the cover photos and tracklists) and a brandnew Jennifer Rush biography in English and German exclusively written for this DVD by JR.C Webmaster Thommy!

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    TOTO - past to present 1977 - 1990 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 22.06.2004

    02.Medley: Hold the Line/Georgy Porgy/I'll Supply the Love/Goodbye Eleno
    04.Waiting for Your Love
    05.Stranger in Town
    07.Angel Don't Cry
    08.Till the End
    09.I'll Be over You
    10.Without Your Love
    12.Stop Loving You
    13.Out of Love
    14.Can You Hear What I'm Saying

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    V.A. - the best disco in town VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 21.06.2004

    Released as a two disc set, 'The Best Disco in Town Live 2003' is the ultimate '70s and '80s party night. Appearing together for the very first time are seven superstars of the disco era. Shake your sequinned stick at this incredible, chart-topping line-up: Chic featuring Nile Rodgers; Tavares; Shalamar; Alexander O'Neal; Rose Royce; The Real Thing and Kid Creole and the Coconuts. And the result? How about a totally amazing line up of such all-time classics as Freak Out, Good Times, We Are Family, He's the Greatest Dancer, Stool Pigeon, Dance, Dance, Dance, Can You Feel the Force?, You To Me Are Everything, Car Wash, Wishing On A Star, Love Don't Live Here Anymore, I Can Make You Feel Good and many many more?

    Aside from the 100-minute concert which so brilliantly captures the electrifying atmosphere of the night, this outstanding DVD will also feature interviews with the artists, including Nile Rodgers and The Real Thing together with exclusive back stage footage.

    Tapping in to the huge interest in all things 70s and 80s (witness the furore surrounding the recent release of 'Starksy and Hutch' and the continued success of radio stations such as Capital Gold and Heart), The Best Disco in Town Live 2003 will appeal to both the thirtysomethings who were there at the time plus a whole new generation of fans.



    01) Good Times
    02) Freak Out
    03) We Are Family
    04) I'm Coming Out
    05) He's the Greatest Dancer
    06) I Want Your Love
    07) Dance Dance Dance


    08) Clap Your Hands
    09) If You Were Here Tonight
    10) Fake


    11) Stool Pigeon
    12) I'm A Wonderful Thing
    13) Annie I'm Not Your Daddy


    14) Can You Feel The Force?
    15) You To Me Are Everything
    16) Can't Get By Without You


    17) Car Wash
    18) Wishing On A Star
    19) Love Don't Live Here Anymore


    20) Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel


    21) A Night To Remember
    22) There It Is
    23) I Can Make You Feel Good
    24) More Than A Woman

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    keine wirklichen MUSIK-DVDs, aber immerhin filme mit viel musik (plus MUSIK-VIDEOS als bonus):

    PRINCE - purple rain / 20th anniversary special 2 DVD VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 24.08.2004

    Warner Home Video have announced the DVD release of Purple Rain: 20th Anniversary Special Edition for 24th August 2004.
    A young man (Prince) with a talent for music has begun a career with much promise. He meets an aspiring singer, Apollonia, and finds that talent alone isn't all that he needs. A complicated tale of his repeating his father's self destructive behavior, losing Apollonia to another singer (Morris Day), and his coming to grips with his own connection to other people ensues.

    Features on this two-disc set include:
    1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
    English DD5.1 Surround
    French DD1.0 Mono
    English, French and Spanish subtitles
    Audio Commentary with Director Albert Magnoli, Producer Robert Cavallo and Cinematographer Donald E. Thorin

    All-new documentary on the Minneapolis music scene, the importance of the First Avenue club and Prince?s career prior to Purple Rain
    All-new documentary on the making of the movie and the Academy Award winning music
    All-new documentary on the impact of the movie and music on Pop Culture, the response from Prince?s fans and the enduring legacy of Purple Rain

    Music Videos:

    Let's go Crazy - Prince
    take me with u - Prince
    When Doves Cry - Prince
    I Would Die 4 U/Baby I'm a Star - Prince
    Purple Rain - Prince
    Jungle Love - The Time
    The Bird - The Time
    5ex Shooter - Apollonia 6

    TV Special : The 1984 MTV Premiere Party
    Theatrical Trailer : Purple Rain, Graffiti Bridge and Under the Cherry Moon

    PRINCE - under the cherry moon VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 24.08.2004

    Under The Cherry Moon - Two brothers from Miami are in the Mediterranean are enjoying life by scamming money off of rich women. One day, they read about a young woman set to inherit $50 million from her father. At first, Tricky (Jerome Benton) has Christopher Tracy (Prince) talked into romancing her for her money, but as he gets to know her, Christopher falls in love with her. This love comes between the brothers, and Tricky tells all about the plan...
    1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
    English DD2.0 Surround
    English, French and Spanish subtitles

    Music Videos:

    Girls & Boys

    Theatrical Trailer

    PRINCE - graffiti bridge VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 24.08.2004

    Graffiti Bridge - The electrifying Prince stars with Purple Rain cohorts Morris E. Day and Jerome Benton in a sizzling drama about the rivalry between two co-owners of a night club, backed by a music score that's a blast!
    1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
    English DD2.0 Surround
    English, French and Spanish subtitles

    Music Videos:

    New Power Generation
    The Question of U
    Thieves in the Temple
    Round and Round

    Theatrical Trailer

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    vielleicht sind einiger interessiert in die folgen 3 (hits from holland 1)& 5 (hits from holland 2):

    DVD De Grootste hits - Hits from holland 1

    The alternative way Anita Meyer (H.Vermeulen)
    I will follow him José (Roma/Stole/Plante)
    Ding a dong Teach In (E.Ouwens/Luikinga/Bakker)
    Try a little love Oscar Harris (Harris/Smith)
    De wilde boerendochter Ivan Heylen (I.Heylen)
    Don¹t leave goodnight Conny vandenbos & Janis Ian (J.Ian)
    Upside Down Vanessa (Duiser/Souer)
    Vrienden blijven doen we altijd Willeke Alberti & Andre van Duin (P.van Asten/ Bois/P.Philips/Oland/A.van Duin)
    The Elephant Song Kamahl (Hemert/Frank/Woddis)
    Tonight Tony Sherman (C.Robinson)
    Late at night Maywood (A.May)
    Chica Cubana Tatjana (C.Accatino/M.Farina)
    You don¹t have to say you love me Guys and Dolls
    Missisippi Pussycat (Theunissen)
    Mon Amour BZN (Tol/Keizer)

    DVD De Grootste hits - Hits from holland 2

    Ticket to the tropics Gerard Joling ( Wijn)
    Dynamite Vanessa (Duiser/Souer)
    You can do it Anita Meyer (H.Vermeulen)
    Broken Dreams Guys and Dolls (Baldan/Bembo/Cassella/Ward)
    Liefde is Conny Vandenbos (G.Belmer/G.Belmer)
    Charlie Chaplin Mieke (P.Kartner/P.Kartner)
    Argentina Conquistador (Janschen & Janschen)
    Besame Mucho Dennie Christian (Roserri/J.Zwart)
    Wijs me de weg Humprey Campbell (E.Schimscheimer)
    When you¹re gone Maggie MacNeal (S.Smit)
    Vrede Ben Cramer (H.Blüm/P.Kartner)
    Sing Sing Sing The Broads (L.Prima)
    Ik wil alles met je delen Maywood (A.May)
    Shine Up Doris D & The Pins (Janschen & Janschen)
    Zo ver weg Guus Meeuwis & Vagant (B.Destrycker

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    JULIANE WERDING - in concert VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 05.07.2004

    Auf ihrer ersten DVD präsentiert Juliane Werding ihr viel beachtetes Berlin-Konzert im legendären Friedrichstadtpalast und entführt ihre Zuschauer in die Welt der kleinen und großen Helden ihrer musikalischen Poesien. Neben einem Konzertmitschnitt, der die größten Hits aus der über 30jährigen Karriere der deutschen Ausnahmekünstlerin präsentiert, enthält die DVD erstmalig die Videos zu den Songs „Weisst du, wer ich bin“, „Alles ok“ und „Engel wie du“. Special Features zeigen die Arbeit der Künstlerin an ihrem aktuellen Album „Die Welt danach“ sowie ein ausführliches Interview, in dem sich Juliane den Fragen ihrer Fans stellt. Weiteres Bonusmaterial rundet die DVD ab.

    01) Weisst du, wer ich bin
    02) Das Würfelspiel
    03) Sie weiß, was sie will
    04) Drei Jahre lang
    05) Bist du da für mich
    06) Kleine Queen of Hearts
    07) I remember
    08) Nebelmond
    09) Am Tag, als Conny Kramer starb
    10) Avalon
    11) Sehnsucht ist unheilbar
    12) Stimmen im Wind
    13) Geh nicht in die Stadt (heut’ Nacht)
    14) Nacht voll Schatten
    15) Wenn du denkst du denkst, dann denkst du nur du denkst
    16) Alles kann passier’n

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    EARTH, WIND & FIRE - the collection 2 DVD VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 14.06.2004

    Akustisch eine Genuss - optisch eine Wucht: Earth, Wind & Fire sind die bekannteste Formation der 70er und 80er Jahre. Mit ihrer Mischung aus Soul-, Funk- und Jazzelementen begeisterten die Musiker um die beiden Sänger Maurice White und Philip Bailey ein Millionenpublikum. Ihre Longplays wurden regelmäßig mit Platin ausgezeichnet. Die Doppel-DVD ‘The Collection’ präsentiert die quirlige Formation in Höchstform. DVD 1 enthält neben 13 Video Clips (u.a. der Phats & Small-Remix ‘September '99’) auch fünf Live-Tracks. DVD 2 bringt in exzellentem 5.1 Surround-Sound das 92-minütige EWF-Special ‘Live By Request’, das die Band 1999 für den beliebten US-Kabelkanal A&E aufgezeichnet hat.

    DVD 1:

    01. Serpentine Fire
    02. Boogie Wonderland (with The Emotions)
    03. Sep
    04. Let Me Talk
    05. Let's Groove
    06. Magnetic
    07. Fall In Love With You
    08. System Of Survival
    09. Thinking Of You
    10. Evil Boy
    11. Heritage
    12. September '99 (Phats & Small Remix)
    13. Fantasy (Live)
    14. Reasons (Live)
    15. Sing A Song (Live)
    16. I've Had Enough (Live)
    17. After The Love Has Gone (Live)

    DVD 2:

    01. Shining Star (Live)
    02. Fantasy (Live)
    03. Let's Groove (Live)
    04. Devotion (Live)
    05. September (Live)
    06. Sing A Song (Live)
    07. Reasons (Live)
    08. Boogie Wonderland (Live)
    09. That's The Way Of The World (Live)
    10. Mighty Mighty (Live)
    11. Got To Get You Into My Life (Live)
    12. After The Love Has Gone (Live)
    13. Getaway (Live)
    14. In The Stone (Live)
    15. I'll Write A Song For You (Live)
    16. Serpentine Fire (Live)

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    Ausschließlich bei jpc sind seit 23.03.04 die beiden Mike Oldfield DVDs "The Essential Mike Oldfield" und "The Wind Chimes" zu haben.

    Allerdings diente hier wohl die japanische Laserdisc als Vorlage. Ich glaube nicht, daß es sich um von Virgin autorisierte Ausgaben handelt.

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