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Neue Musik-DVDs

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    LEVEL 42 - love games VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 27.04.2006

    Recorded Live at Reading Concert Hall, December 2001.


    01. Hot Water
    02. Love Games
    03. Sooner Or Later
    04. Why Are You Leaving?
    05. Play Me
    06. You Can't Blame Louis
    07. I Want Eyes
    08. The Sunbed Song
    09. A Flooting Life
    10. Sleepwalkers 11 Mr. Pink
    12. The Sun Goes Down
    13. Something About You
    14. All Over You
    15. Foundation & Empire

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    HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS - greatest hits & videos CD & DVD CAPITOL / EMI VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 23.05.2006


    01. The Heart Of Rock & Roll
    02. I Want A New Drug
    03. The Power Of Love
    04. Jacob's Ladder (Step By Step)
    05. Stuck With You
    06. Doing It All For My Baby
    07. If This Is It
    08. Do You Believe In Love
    09. Heart And Soul
    10. Back In Time (from "Back To The Future")
    11. Perfect World
    12. I Know What I Like
    13. Trouble In Paradise (from the "We Are The World" album-live in San Francisco 2/21/85)
    14. It’s Alright
    15. Cruisin’ (w/Gwyneth Paltrow)
    16. Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do
    17. Small World
    18. But It’s Alright
    19. Hip To Be Square
    20. Couple Days Off
    21. Workin' For A Livin'


    01. Do You Believe In Love
    02. Heart And Soul
    03. I Want A New Drug
    04. The Heart Of Rock & Roll
    05. If This Is It
    06. Bad Is Bad
    07. The Power Of Love
    08. Stuck With You
    9. Doing It All For My Baby (original long version)
    10. Workin' For A Livin' (live at the Country Club, Reseda, CA, 4/29/82)

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    Sanctuary Visual Entertainment is proud to announce the UK triple disc DVD release of Bruce Dickinson 'Anthology' on 19th June 2006. This is the definitive Dickinson package, and includes nearly/over six hours of videos and live performances, and previously unreleased and archive material.

    Bruce Dickinson is still the proverbial human whirlwind of activity, having made his mark both as the frontman of the legendary Iron Maiden and as a longstanding solo artist, with a catalogue that includes six studio albums of his own plus several concert releases. In addition to his musical talents, Bruce is also well known as a BBC Radio deejay, TV broadcaster, Airline Pilot, sword-fencing expert, novelist, family man and voice of modern music.

    Bruce says: “It's fantastic to share all of this collection with my fans. These DVDs contain rare material that people either won't know exists or have been unable to buy.

    The Samson video has changed hands for absurd amounts of money, and although we spent loads of time and had and lots and lots of fun making the promos, and because MTV didn't show them many of won't have been seen. It was high time they were all available together in one package.”

    DVD disc 1 is a live performance extravaganza boasting 30 show-stopping tracks, recorded during the 90's as Bruce forged ahead with his solo career. Dive Dive Live was recorded at the Town and Country Club, Los Angeles on the Tattooed Millionaire Tour, August 14th 1990. This was Bruce's first outing as a solo artist with a new band made up of Janick Gers (Guitar), Andy Carr (Bass) and Dickie Fliszar (Drums).

    'Dive Dive Live' Track listing -

    01. Riding With The Angels
    02. Born In '58
    03. Lickin' The Gun
    04. Gypsy Road
    05. Dive Dive Dive
    06. Drum Solo
    07. Zulu Zulu
    08. The Ballad Of Mutt
    09. Son Of A Gun
    10. Hell On Wheels
    11. All The Young Dudes
    12. Tattooed Millionaire
    13. No Lies
    14. Fog On The Tyne
    15. Winds Of Change
    16. Sin City
    17. Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter
    18. Black Night

    The second live-in-concert performance offered up on Disc 1 was filmed over two sweaty back-to-back dates during the Skunkworks Tour in Pamplona and Gerona, Spain on May 31st and June 1st 1996. Bruce was fronting a new young band, with a new name, and was joined on stage by Alex Dickson (Guitars), Chris Dale (Bass) and a certain infamous Italian drummer, Alessandro Elena. Originally created for a four track video EP release in Japan, this is the hour long Skunkworks concert in full, for the very first time.

    'Skunkworks Live' Track listing -

    01. Space Race
    02. Back From The Edge
    03. Tattooed Millionaire
    04. Inertia
    05. Faith
    06. Meltdown
    07. I Will Not Accept The Truth
    08. Laughing In The Hiding Bush
    09. Tears Of The Dragon
    10. God's Not Coming Back
    11. Dreamstate
    12. The Prisoner

    DVD Disc 2 keeps the live-in-concert experience alive with rare footage of Bruce performing in Sao Paulo, 1999 during the Chemical Wedding World Tour. Almost two hours in length, 'Scream For Me Brazil' represents Bruce's last outing as a true solo artist before rejoining the ranks of Maiden shortly afterwards. No official film recording was permitted although this film taken from the crowd screen feeds features highlights of the show which later become a live album of the same name. With a new heavier line-up made up of long time song writing partner Roy Z (Guitar), old Maiden partner Adrian Smith and rhythm section of Dave Ingraham (Drums) and Eddie Casillas (Bass), this 'bootleg' documents Bruce at his most intense.

    'Scream For Me Brazil' Track listing -

    01. King In Crimson
    02. Gates Of Urizen
    03. Killing Floor
    04. Book Of Thel
    05. Tears Of The Dragon
    06. Laughing In The Hiding Bush
    07. Accident Of Birth
    08. The Tower
    09. Darkside Of Aquarius
    10. The Road To Hell

    DVD Disc 3 Is an extensive collection of promotional videos made during Bruce's solo career. From his days at EMI through to his own self produced videos of recent times, each video is accompanied by a short introduction by Bruce himself, discussing the ideas, concepts and eventual filming behind each of the videos. Each intro provides an interesting insight into Bruce's solo career as it progressed and the highlights and pitfalls of producing your own promotional videos.

    Alongside the 14 promotional videos, Disc 3 also includes over an hours worth of extras.
    The Tyranny Of Souls interview was originally filmed as a general interview for press purposes. This is a track by track breakdown of the concept behind the songs on the Tyranny Of Souls album, providing more of an in-depth look at the writing methods that Bruce has formed with long time wiring partner Roy Z.

    Samson - Biceps Of Steel
    Bruce made his video debut fronting Samson in this rather curious adaptation of the story of Samson and Delilah, filmed at the Rainbow Theatre, London. Filmed and directed by Julien Temple who perhaps was more famous for the 5ex Pistols movie - 'The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle', this 15 minute featurette was distributed through-out cinemas as a support feature to Hazel O' Connors 'Breaking Glass' in 1980.

    Promotional Videos -

    01. Tattooed Millionaire
    02. All The Young Dudes
    03. Dive Dive Dive
    04. Born In '58
    05. Tears Of The Dragon
    06. Shoot All The Clowns
    07. Back From The Edge
    08. Inertia
    09. Accident Of Birth
    10. Road To Hell
    11. Man Of Sorrows
    12. Killing Floor
    13. The Tower
    14. Abduction

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    Region 0 PAL DVD featuring a 'musical novel' telling the story of family, the murder of a police officer and the evolution of a young girl named Sun Green, and was filmed in locations on his Native California home turf.

    01. Falling From Above
    02. Double E
    03. Devil's Sidewalk
    04. Leave The Driving
    05. Carmichael
    06. Bandit
    07. Grandpa's Interview
    08. Bringin' Down Dinner
    09. Sun Green
    10. Be The Rain

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    KANSAS - work in progress CD & DVD INTERSOUND 6477 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 18.04.2006


    01. Mysteries & Mayhem
    02. Portrait
    03. Down the Road
    04. Black Fathom
    05. Freaks of Nature
    06. Under the Knife
    07. I Can Fly
    08. Peaceful and Warm
    09. Wall
    10. Cheyenne Anthem
    11. Hold On [Surround Sound]
    12. Dust in the Wind [Surround Sound]


    03.Icarus II
    04.Icarus I
    05.Mysteries & Mayhem
    07.Down the Road
    08.Hold On
    09.Dust in the Wind

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    JOE STRUMMER - let´s rock again! SONY BMG 82876817769 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 29.05.2006

    UK Region 0 PAL DVD featuring the former frontman of The Clash captured in this revealing and touching portrait by friend and actor/filmmaker Dick Rude; shot in the 18 months up to his sudden and unexpected passing in December 2002, aged just 50, following him on the road with his new band, The Mescaleros, as they tour their second album 'Global A Go-Go' with Bonus Material including Q&A Sessions, 5 Bonus Songs & Theatrical Trailer!


    * Q&A with Dick Rude
    * More Mescaleros
    * Joe’s Suitcase
    * Writing Songs
    * Touring
    * Politics
    * Plugs
    * On The Mescaleros
    * Life In General
    * History of Joe
    * About Music

    Bonus songs:

    01. Bigger They Come, Harder They Fall
    02. Quarter Pound A Ishem
    03. Armagideon Time
    04. Pressure Drop 72
    05. Rudie Can’t Fail

    * Theatrical trailer

    25.05.06 PLAYLIST mit TOFFI:
    PET SHOP BOYS - "fundamental" (2 CD), GRACE JONES - "inside story", JANET JACKSON - "control - the remixes"

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    DIO - holy diver live EAGLE VISION EREDV566 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 22.05.2006

    DVD featuring footage from his truly memorable performance captured live in front of a sold out London crowd where he performed the classic Holy Diver album in its entirety, recorded live for the very first time amongst tracks from his days in Black Sabbath & Rainbow and his solo career.

    01. Tarot Woman
    02. Sign Of The Southern Cross
    03. One Night In The City
    04. Evil Eyes
    05. Stand Up And Shout
    06. Holy Diver
    07. Gypsy
    08. Caught In The Middle
    09. Don’t Talk To Strangers
    10. Straight Through The Heart
    11. Invisible
    12. Rainbow In The Dark
    13. Shame On The Night
    14. Gates Of Babylon
    15. Heaven & Hell
    16. Man On The Silver Mountain
    17. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll
    18. Last In Line
    19. We Rock
    20. Mob Rules
    21. Neon Nights

    26.05.06 PLAYLIST mit TOFFI:
    SAMANTHA FOX - "i wanna have some fun"

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    MADONNA - i´m going to tell you a secret DVD & CD WARNER VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 16.06.2006

    I'm Going to Tell You a Secret ist der Name der zweiten Tourdokumentation der Künstlerin Madonna und der dazugehörigen CD.

    Als Nachfolger der Tourdokumentation "In Bed With Madonna" von 1990, behandelt diese die Hintergründe der ausverkauften "Re-invention World Tour" von 2004, wobei sich Madonna, nach eigenen Angaben, im Gegensatz zum Vorgänger bemühte, weniger kontrovers und manipulativ ihren Touralltag darstellen zu lassen.

    Der Film zeigt den Weg von der ersten Konzeption der Tour, über die Auditions von Tänzern und Musikern, über die Proben, bis zum ausverkauften Premierenabend und dem anschließenden umstrittenen Israelbesuch. Wie in "In Bed With Madonna" werden die "Hinter-den-Kulissen-Aufnahmen" wieder in schweizweiß gezeigt und die Livesongs in Farbe.

    Filmregisseur Jonas Akerlund begleitete die Tour und produzierte einen Film, der von den ersten Kritikern mit Lob bedacht wurde - allerdings wirkte auf sie die religiöse Botschaft der Kabbalah-Anhängerin mitunter recht aufdringlich. Auch aus diesem Grund wurde eine Premiere zu den Filmfestspielen in Cannes 2005 abgesagt - und auch der geplante Kinostart komplett verworfen. Madonna befand sich zu dieser Zeit bei der Produktion ihres Albums Confessions on a Dance Floor - und man wollte erst die Publikumresonanz abwarten, bevor man den Film weiter verwerten wollte. Im Oktober 2005 entschied man sich, das neue Album mit einer TV-Ausstrahlung der Domumentation auf MTV zu unterstützen, wo er erfolgreich in mehreren Ländern ausgestrahlt wurde.

    Die Dokumentation (Arbeitstitel "Re-Invented Process) soll voraussichtlich am 16. Juni 2006 auf DVD und CD (außerdem digitalem Music Download) veröffentlicht werden. Für den 3. Juli 2006 ist die DVD für das Konzert der "The Re-invention World Tour" vorgesehen.

    Neben einigem unveröffentlichtem Bonusmaterial ist auch der Directors Cut des Videos zu "American Life" enthalten. Das kontroverse Video wurde 2003 aufgrund der politisch aufgeheizten Stimmung im Dritten Golfkrieg zurückgezogen.

    DVD (full songs):

    01. Vogue
    02. American Life
    03. Mother and Father
    04. Nobody Knows Me
    05. Music
    06. Hollywood (Remix)
    07. Lament
    08. Like A Prayer
    09. Holiday
    10. Imagine

    15 minutes of bonus footage

    CD / Live songs der the re-invention tour 2004:

    01. The Beast Within
    02. Vogue
    03. Nobody Knows Me
    04. American Life
    05. I Love New York
    06. Hollywood (Remix)
    07. Die Another Day
    08. Lament
    09. Like A Prayer
    10. Mother and Father
    11. Susan McLeod / Into the Groove
    12. Music
    13. Holiday
    14. I love New York (Rock Version)

    26.05.06 PLAYLIST mit TOFFI:
    SAMANTHA FOX - "i wanna have some fun", MEL & KIM - "something special", BOYTRONIC - "maxi", V.A. - "eurovision song contest athen 2006" (2 CD), VANESSA - "vanessa", BANANARAMA - "drama", THE HUMAN LEAGUE - "hysteria", S.O.S. BAND - "sands of time", CHINA CRISIS - "working with fire and steel", HUBERT KAH - "sound of my heart", PET SHOP BOYS - "fundamental" (2 CD), CLAUDIA BRÜCKEN - "love: and a million other things" ---> ZAKK

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    PET SHOP BOYS - somewhere live at the savoy theatre EAGLE ROCK VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 12.06.2006

    RE-RELEASE mit neuem cover!

    A Documentary and the performance from the residency at the Savoy Theatre June 1997. Live.

    01. Yesterday When I Was Mad
    02. Truck Driver And His Mate
    03. Se A Vida E
    04. Hallo Spaceboy
    05. To Step Aside
    06. Go West
    07. The Theatre
    08. It's A Sin/I Will Survive
    09. Discoteca
    10. Can You Forgive Her?
    11. Somewhere
    12. Rent
    13. Being Boring
    14. Left To My Own Devices


    - Interview

    26.05.06 PLAYLIST mit TOFFI:
    SAMANTHA FOX - "i wanna have some fun", MEL & KIM - "something special", BOYTRONIC - "maxi", V.A. - "eurovision song contest athen 2006" (2 CD), VANESSA - "vanessa", BANANARAMA - "drama", THE HUMAN LEAGUE - "hysteria", S.O.S. BAND - "sands of time", CHINA CRISIS - "working with fire and steel", HUBERT KAH - "sound of my heart", PET SHOP BOYS - "fundamental" (2 CD), CLAUDIA BRÜCKEN - "love: and a million other things" ---> ZAKK

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    THE COMMUNARDS - live at full house rock show IN-AKUSTIK 4031778610111 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 26.05.2006

    Der schottische "Hochtöner" und Ex-"Bronsik Beat"-Sänger Jimmy Somerville verließ 1985 seine ehemalige Band aus persönlichen, musikalischen und politischen Gründen, um bald darauf mit dem Multi-Instrumentalisten Richard Coles The Communards zu gründen. Das Material des ersten Albums Communards reichte von politisch engagierten Songs wie "Reprise" über Jazz-Klassiker wie "Lover Man" bis zur Coverversion des Sould-Oldies "Don't Leave Me This Way". Mit dieser Single stürmten The Communards damals innerhalb kürzester Zeit auf Platz 1 der US Billboard Charts und erzielten an britischen Verkaufstheken den besten Umsatz des Jahres 1986. Im Anschluss an das mitreißende Konzert mit Hits wie "Don't Leave Me This Way", "You Are My World" und "Disenchanted" stellt Moderator Alan Bangs die britische Band vor und befragt jimmy Somerville zu seinem Werdegang und zu seiner Motivation, Texte zu schreiben. Aufnahmedatum: Oktober 1986 im Capitol in Hannover

    01. Sentimental Journey
    02. Johnny Verso
    03. Never No More
    04. Forbidden Fruit
    05. Disenchanted
    06. The Walls Come Tumbling Down
    07. Lover Man
    08. Heavens Above
    09. La Dolarosa
    10. SimpIe Delight
    11. You Are My World
    12. Don't Slip Away
    13. Reprise
    14. Don't Leave Me This Way

    26.05.06 PLAYLIST mit TOFFI:
    SAMANTHA FOX - "i wanna have some fun", MEL & KIM - "something special", BOYTRONIC - "maxi", V.A. - "eurovision song contest athen 2006" (2 CD), VANESSA - "vanessa", BANANARAMA - "drama", THE HUMAN LEAGUE - "hysteria", S.O.S. BAND - "sands of time", CHINA CRISIS - "working with fire and steel", HUBERT KAH - "sound of my heart", PET SHOP BOYS - "fundamental" (2 CD), CLAUDIA BRÜCKEN - "love: and a million other things" ---> ZAKK

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