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    THE FALL - hex enduction hour 2 CD SANCTUARY CMQCD1059 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 17.01.2005

    From '80 to '83 The Fall left an uncompromising path of wreckage through the British punk/postpunk scene. The albums from this era (Grotesque, Slates, Hex Enduction Hour, Room to Live, and Perverted by Language) stand as towering monuments to a cynical, brilliant and sometimes hilarious genius. The finest of these (though it's a close call) is Hex Enduction Hour. You may have accidentally heard part of it ("Hip Priest") in Jonathan Demme's Silence of the Lambs --- Demme's got good taste. To classify HEH as a rock and roll album would be stretching the truth --- The Fall was as much a "noise band" as any of the period, and the rhythm section was the motor that powered it. Steven Hanley was their secret weapon and one of the world's most underrated bassists. I would argue that he was the heart and soul of the band. In a live setting, the man was like a machine there on stage, the glue that bound this strange group of characters together in song. The two drummers (original member Karl Burns and Hanley's brother, Paul) usually teetered somewhere near the brink of chaos (to wit:"Mere Pseud Mag. Ed.", "The Classical", etc.). Lurking somewhere nearby were Craig Scanlon and Marc Riley, strumming guitars (never a solo between them), plucking a banjo and playing keyboards. I've always had a hunch that Riley was some sort of kid genius in his own right. Though his later band, The Creepers, were hit-or-miss at best, The Fall lost a big part of its bite not too awfully long after his departure. Then there's Mark E. Smith, a man who could spew the most acrid lines of dialogue like he's telling you the time of day. His cryptic scribblings that adorn the album cover may not exactly spell out what the songs are about but they make for good reading, like a bottle of Dr. Bronner's soap (e.g., "Noboby actually discusses the radio that goes with your toast./Who is the King Shag Corpse?"). His lyrics, as usual, are fantastic. The Fall Lyrics Parade has most of them, though you'd appreciate them more if you spent 10 or 12 years trying to decipher them on your own as I did. What at first may seem idiotic eventually turns out to be frighteningly insightful. But I reckon you have to hear the record to get the gist of it all. The Fall are like a movie you can't stop thinking about days after you leave the theater. Of all my Fall albums, this is the one I look forward to putting on the most. In my mind it still sometimes seems like an event, even after more than 13 years.


    01. The Classical
    02. Jawbone And The Air-Rifle
    03. Hip Priest
    04. Fortress/Deer Park
    05. Mere Pseud Mag. Ed.
    06. Winter (Hostel-Maxi)
    07. Winter 2
    08. Just Step S'ways
    09. Who Makes The Nazis?
    10. Iceland
    11. And This Day


    John Peel Session #5, first broadcast 15 September 1981

    01. Deer Park
    02. Look, Know
    03. Winter
    04. Who Makes The Nazis?

    Kamera 7" single (ERA004), April 1982

    05. Look, Know
    06. I'm Into C.B.

    Live Tracks

    07. Session Musician
    08. Jazzed Up Punk Shit
    09. I'm Into C.B. (Stars On 45 Version)
    10. And This Day
    11. Deer Park
    12. And This Day (Revisted)

    Track 7 from Bierkeller, Leeds 5 November 1981
    Track 8 from 666 Club, Manchester 15 May 1982
    Track 9 from Fagins, Manchester 30 September 1981
    Track 10 soundcheck from Mainstreet, Auckland, New Zealand 20 August 1982
    Track 11 from Mainstreet, Auckland, New Zealand 20 August 1982
    Track 12 from Astoria 2, London 26 February 1997

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    POWER STATION - power station (Expanded Edition) CD & DVD EMI VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 21.02.2005

    ‘We were kings of the world, notwithstanding the huge hangovers. We were 23 and we were playing with the big boys at The Power Station.’
    JOHN TAYLOR 2004

    What happened when Duran Duran met Chic and Robert Palmer?

    EMI are delighted to announce the release of a new edition of the debut album by THE POWER STATION, to celebrate – remarkably – its 20th Anniversary. It’s big, bright, bold, daft, flamboyant and fun. It’s the sound of the 80s meeting rock of the 70s and the soul of the 60s. Few records have ever sounded quite so ferocious and, well, very, very loud. It’s a souvenir from an era when pop stars believed in dressing up rather than dressing down.

    By 1984, the wheels had momentarily fallen off the Duran Duran juggernaut. From nought to worldwide success in less than four years, the band, like many others before them, found that it had all gotten a bit too much for them and the members needed some time apart. Had it been a decade earlier, the group would have all made solo albums about mystical hermits. But John Taylor was far too smart for that. These were new times. As the original synthesiser of punk and funk within Duran, he capitalised on a happy accident and masterminded one of the most successful albums of 1985.

    THE POWER STATION was not originally going to be either a band or an album. Taylor knew he wanted to record with Chic drummer Tony Thompson, and make a version of T. Rex’s “Get It On”. After original vocalist Bebe Buell dropped out, he, Thompson, and his Duran cohort Andy Taylor sought a new singer. But they were now at a level where a small ad in Melody Maker would simply not suffice. They considered a revolving door policy with frontmen until partying acquaintance Robert Palmer arrived. His experience and musical erudition were warmly welcomed to the proceedings. “Get It On” was duly recorded with producer Bernard Edwards, then looking to equal his ex-Chic partner Nile Rodgers production triumphs with David Bowie and Madonna. From its spontaneous creation, the working arrangement gelled, and an album quickly followed.

    As Taylor had learned to play bass a handful of years earlier to Chic’s Good Times, here he was, playing with that record’s drummer and being produced by the person who played the original part. The surprise and joy of John and Andy Taylor recording with their heroes at the New York studio which was to give the group its name courses deeply through the groove. Andy Taylor was unfettered and splashed his big rock guitar across the recording, creating a big, bright urban sound that was both of its time, yet strangely timeless.

    Using every trick in the book to capture Thompson’s massive drums (including recording them down lift-shafts), their debut single, “Some Like It Hot”, a mêlée of bubbling horns and clipped guitar, shot to No. 12 in the UK and No. 6 in America. The seven other cuts, a mixture of originals and covers, helped the album reach the Top 20 both sides of the Atlantic.

    In addition, there are now seven bonus tracks, including the Michael Des Barres-voiced “Someday, Somehow, Someone's Gotta Pay” from the Arnold Schwarzenegger action pic Commando, appearing for the first time on a Power Station album, as well as a plethora of mixes that filled the ever-burgeoning single formats of the time.

    And on top of all that, to complete this deluxe Power Station experience, the DVD features: the band in behind the scenes studio footage, interviews, the videos to ‘Some Like It Hot’ and ‘Get It On’ along with a bonus live version of ‘Some Like It Hot’ from Saturday Night Live, the only existing live footage of the band from that era performing with Robert Palmer.

    Today, unbelievably, Palmer, Thompson and Edwards are no longer with us, while John and Andy Taylor are once again conquering the world with the reformed Duran Duran. Hear what they did on their holidays all those years ago, and whatever you do, play it loud.

    THE POWER STATION remains a perfect testament to the giddiness of the time.


    01. Some Like It Hot
    02. Murderess
    03. Lonely Tonight
    04. Communication
    05. Get It On (Bang A Gong)
    06. Go To Zero
    07. Harvest For The World
    08. Still In Your Heart


    09. Someday, Somehow, Someone's Gotta Pay
    10. The Heat Is On
    11. Communication (long remix)
    12. Get It On (7" mix)
    13. Some Like It Hot And The Heat Is On
    14. Communication (7" remix)
    15. Some Like It Hot (7" edit)


    01. Introduction
    02. Some Like It Hot - video shoot
    03. Some Like It Hot - video
    04. On each other and recording # 1
    05. Get It On - video
    06. On each other and recording # 2
    07. Communication - video
    08. Summary / End credits

    Bonus clip:
    Performance of ‘Some Like It Hot’ from ‘Saturday Night Live’, February 6th 1985 (4.25)

    DVD technical info:
    Audio option: PCM
    Screen : 4:3
    Regions: All
    Disc Type : DVD-5
    Running Time (approx): 40 minutes
    No. of Discs: 1
    Subtitles: none

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    AGNETHA FÄLTSKOG - de första åren - 1967-1979 6 CD SONY SME 51931982 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 15.12.2004

    CD BOX inkl. der ersten 5 alben plus BONUS-CD inkl. B-seiten und raritäten!

    CD 1:

    - Agnetha Fältskog

    01. Jag Var Så Kär
    02. Jag Har Förlorat Dej
    03. Utan Dej Mitt Liv Gar Vidare
    04. Allting Har Förändrat Sej
    05. Försonade
    06. Slutet Gott Allting Gott
    07. Tack Sverige
    08. En Sommar Med Dej
    09. Snövit Och De Sju Dvärgarna
    10. Min Fabror Jonathan
    11. Följ Med Mig
    12. Den Jag Väntat På
    13. Sjung Denna Sång
    14. Någonting Händer Med Mej
    15. Borsta Tandrollen Bort

    CD 2:

    - Agnetha Fältskog Vol. 2

    01. Fram För Svenska Sommaren
    02. Lek Med Dina Docker
    03. Ge Dej Till Tåls
    04. Skål Kära Vän
    05. Glöm Honom
    06. En Gång Fanns Bara Vi Tva
    07. Lado 2
    08. Hjärtats Kronprins
    09. Det Handlar Om Kärlek
    10. Som En Vind Kom Du Till Mej
    11. Señor Gonzales
    12. Zigenarvän
    13. Tag Min Hand Låt Oss Bli Vänner

    CD 3:

    - Som jag år

    01. Som Ett Eko
    02. När Jag Var Fem
    03. En Sång Och En Saga
    04. Tänk Va´ Skönt
    05. Ta Det Bara Med Ro
    06. Om Tårar Vore Guld
    07. Hjärtats Saga
    08. Spela Vår Sång
    09. Så Här Börjar Kärlek
    10. Du Ska Minnas Mig
    11. Jag Skall Göra Allt
    12. Sov Gott Min Lilla Vän

    CD 4:

    - När en väcker tänker blir en sång

    01. Många gånger än
    02. Jag vill att du skall bli lycklig
    03. Kungens vaktparad
    04. Mitt sommarland
    05. Nya ord
    06. Jag skall inte fälla några tårar
    07. Då finns du hos mig
    08. Han lämnar mig för att komma till dig
    09. Kanske var min kind lite het
    10. Sången föder dig tillbaka
    11. Tågen kan gå igen
    12. Dröm är dröm, och saga saga

    CD 5:

    - Elva kvinnor i ett hus

    01. S.O.S.
    02. En egen trädgård
    03. Tack för en underbar, vanlig dag
    04. Gulleplutt
    05. Är du som han?
    06. Och han väntar på mig
    07. Doktorn!
    08. Mina ögon
    09. Dom har glömt
    10. Var det med dej?
    11. Visa i åttonde månaden

    CD 6:

    - Singlar och andra sidor (B-sides & rarities)

    01. När du tar mig i din famn
    02. 10 mil kvar till Korpilombolo
    03. Vart ska min kärlek föra?
    04. Nånting händer med mig (duett m Jörgen Edman)
    05. En sång om sorg och glädje
    06. Litet solskensbarn
    07. Så glad som dina ögon
    08. När ska du bli stilla?
    09. Sjung denna sång (duett m Jörgen Edman)
    10. Vi har kommit fram till refrängen
    11. Here for your love
    12. Golliwog
    13. Queen of hearts
    14. Interview med Lille Gerhard, Ulf Elfving, Agnetha
    15. Borsta tandtrollen bort

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    SUICIDE - a way of life 2 CD MUTE U.S. 9278 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 14.12.2004

    Produced by Ric Ocasek of The Cars. Live setlist yet to be finalized but it does feature no holds barred renditions of 'Dominic Christ', 'Devastation', 'Jukebox Baby 96' and the gut wrenching 'Harlem' from their second LP.

    CD 1:

    01. Wild in Blue
    02. Surrender
    03. Jukebox Baby 96
    04. Rain of Ruin
    05. Sufferin' in Vain
    06. Dominic Christ
    07. Love So Lovely
    08. Devastation
    09. Heat Beat

    CD 2:

    Live Concert (London Town & Country Club December 13, 1987)

    01. Dominic Christ
    02. Johnny
    03. Cheree
    04. Devastation
    05. Jukebox Baby 96
    06. Girl
    07. I Surrender
    08. Harlem

    SUICIDE - why be blue MUTE U.S. 9279 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 14.12.2004

    Produced by Ric Ocasek of The Cars. Live setlist yet to be finalized but it is from a celebratory concert performed for an adoring Parisian crowd. This vital recording should be of particular interest for long standing Suicide aficionados, as it contains numerous Vega/Rev compositions that the band have never yet recorded in the studio: the resigned but defiant 'C'est La Vie', the decadent and improvised Latin flavoured 'Mambo Mambo', the wanton mutant rockabilly of 'Rock Train' (dedicated to their ardent fan and ceaseless champion, Bruce Springsteen, whose 'Nebraska' LP was heavily influenced by Suicide), the propulsive 'Night Time' and the sleazy 'On Fire'. Also featured are inspired renditions of 'Johnny' (recorded on their 1st LP) and their enduring anthemic 'Dream Baby Dream'.

    CD 1:

    01. Why Be Blue
    02. Cheat-Cheat
    03. Mujo
    04. Pump It
    05. Last Time
    06. Play The Dream
    07. Chewy-Chewy
    08. Hot Ticket
    09. Flashy Love
    10. Universe

    CD 2:

    Live Concert (Paris Le Palace April 17, 1989)

    01. C'est La Vie
    02. Johnny
    03. Mambo Mambo
    04. Rock Train
    05. Jukebox Baby 96
    06. Dream Baby Dream
    07. Night Time
    08. On Fire

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    Sanctuary Records will be releasing a 2 CD Terraplane set on January 17th 2005.

    Entitled 'We Survive - The Anthology', The set includes both Terraplane albums in full ('Black & White' and 'Moving Target') along with a whole host of bonus tracks. The catalogue number for the release is CMEDD1064. Terraplane is, of course, Danny, Luke and Harry's band previous to THUNDER.

    CD 1:

    Black & White (1985):

    01. Don't Walk Away
    02. When You're Hot
    03. I Can't Live Without Your Love
    04. Talking To Myself
    05. You Can't Hurt Me Anymore
    06. I Survive
    07. Right Between The Eyes
    08. Black And White
    09. I'm The One
    10. Get Your Face Out Of My Dream
    11. Couldn't Handle The Tears


    12. I Survive (Original Single Mix)
    13. Gimme The Money
    14. Beginning Of The End
    15. Let The Wheels Go Round
    16. All Night And Day (Live)
    17. I Survive (You C Factor Mix)
    18. Tough Kind Of Love

    CD 2:

    Moving Target (1987):

    01. If That's What It Takes
    02. Good Thing Going
    03. Promised Land
    04. Moving Target
    05. Hostage To Fortune
    06. Heart Burn
    07. Hearts On Fire
    08. I Will Come Out Fighting
    09. Nothing On But The Radio
    10. If You Could See Yourself
    11. I'm The One (Live)
    12. When You're Hot (Live)
    13. Living After Dark
    14. If That's What It Takes (19th Nervous Breakdown)
    15. Drugs
    16. A Night Of Madness
    17. The Good Life

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    RHEINGOLD - "R." & "Rheingold" - EMI - VÖ 28.01.05

    ... Kennt jemand (bamalama?) das Tracklisting zu diesen beiden geplanten Re-Releases? Gibt es Bonustracks? ... Vorbestellen kann man bei amazon (je 9,99 EUR)

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    das mit den beiden RHEINGOLD-re-releases war mir auch seit ca. einer woche bekannt. da ich aber noch keine näheren infos kenne, habe ich bisher auch noch nichts gepostet. ich bleibe am ball...

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    13 jahre nach der erstveröffentlichung wird das erste "BEST OF"-album von TEARS FOR FEARS neu aufgelegt. als bonus gibt´s eine zweite CD, die 11 REMIXE enthält!

    TEARS FOR FEARS - tears roll down / greatest hits 82 - 92 2 CD MERCURY 9868770 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 17.01.2005

    Tears For Fears are among the leading duos of the second generation of MTV stars, and they're back with their greatest hits. 'Tears Roll Down (Greatest Hits 82-92)' includes hits Shout, Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Woman In Chains and the haunting Mad World that enjoyed huge success covered by Gary Jules as the theme song to the cult movie Donny Darco. And new for 2005 this version of the album features exclusive remixes of the bands biggest songs, CD2 of the set includes Skylark, Fergie, and Jakatta remixes of the 1985 hit Shout. The single has been a club smash throughout the summer with support from Seb Fontaine, Pete Tong and Deep Dish.

    CD 1:

    01. Sowing The Seeds Of Love
    02. Everybody Wants To Rule The World
    03. Woman In Chains
    04. Shout
    05. Head Over Heels
    06. Mad World
    07. Pale Shelter
    08. I Believe
    09. Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down)
    10. Mothers Talk
    11. Change
    12. Advice For The Young At Heart

    CD 2:

    01. Shout (Skylark Extended Remix)
    02. Change (Joey Negro Punkdisco Mix)
    03. Head Over Heels (Dave Bascombe Mix)
    04. Pale Shelter (New Extended Mix)
    05. Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down) (US Dance Mix)
    06. Mothers Talk (Beat Of The Drum)
    07. Sowing The Seeds Of Love (Wen's Overnight Mix)
    08. Shout (Jakatta Thrilled-Out Mix)
    09. Woman In Chains (Jakatta Awakened Mix Radio Edit)
    10. Mad World (Afterlife Remix)
    11. Everybody Wants To Rule The World (The Chosen Few Remix)

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    MERCURY veröffentlicht demnächst 11 alte STATUS QUO-alben, die ersten 6 (aus den 70ern) erscheinen am 31.01.2005 - die restlichen 5 am 07.03.2005.

    STATUS QUO -piledriver MERCURY 9825977 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 31.05.2005

    "Piledriver" hit No5 in the album chart back in 1972. Featuring on this album is single "Paper Plane" which reached No.8 while the bonus track is the ultra rare live version of "Don't Wadte My Time" taken from the 1973 Reading Festival. Included in the packaging are liner notes, lyrics, original LP artwork and pictures of overseas collectors' itm sleeves.

    01. Dont Waste My Time
    02. Oh Baby
    03. A Year
    04. Unspoken Words
    05. Big Fat Mama
    06. Paper Plane
    07. All The Reasons
    08. Roadhouse Blues


    09. Don't Waste My Time ('live' from the Reading Festival in 1973)

    STATUS QUO -hello! MERCURY 9825942 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 31.05.2005

    "Hello" was Status Quo's first number 1 album and features the legendary "Caroline" which reached number 5 way back in 1973. The bonus track is the previously non-lp track "Joanne". The album comes with Liner notes, Lyrics, Original LP artwork and pictures of overseas collectors' item sleeves.

    01. Roll Over Lay Down
    02. Claudie
    03. Reasons For Living
    04. Blue Eyed Lady
    05. Caroline
    06. Softer Ride
    07. And It's Better Now
    08. Forty-Five Hundred Times


    09. Joanne

    STATUS QUO -quo MERCURY 9825940 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 31.05.2005

    This album reached No2 in the UK charts back in 1972 , and contains the Top Ten hit single "Break the Rules". Also included with this digitally remastered album is the bonus track "Lonely Night", Liner notes, Lyrics, original LP artwork and pictures of overseas collectors' item sleeves.

    01. Backwater
    02. Just Take Me
    03. Break The Rules
    04. Drifting Away
    05. Don't Think It Matters
    06. Fine Fine Fine
    07. Lonely Man
    08. Slow Train


    09. Lonely Night

    STATUS QUO -on the level MERCURY 9825910 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 31.05.2005

    Another No1 album from the Quo, reaching the top in 1975. Featuring the band's first No1 single "Down Down". Also included are 4 live bonus tracks including "Roll Over Lay Down". The package comes with liner notes, lyrics, original artwork and pictures of overseas collectors' item sleeves.

    01. Little Lady
    02. Most Of The Time
    03. I Saw The Light
    04. Over And Done
    05. Nightride
    06. Down Down
    07. Broken Man
    08. What To Do
    09. Where I Am
    10. Bye Bye Johnny


    11. Down Down (Single Edit)
    12. Roll Over Lay Down (Live At The NEC from the 'Live EP')
    13. Gerdundula (Live At The Shepards Bush Empire from the 'Live EP' )
    14. Junior's Wailing (Live from the 'Live EP')
    15. Roadhouse Blues (Live from the 'Rockers Rollin' CD box set )

    STATUS QUO -blue for you MERCURY 9825976 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 31.05.2005

    "Blue For You" was the band's third No1 album and features three UK hit singles - "Rain" (No7), "Mystery Song" (No11) and "Wild Side Of Life" (No9). Also included with this digitally remastered album are the bonus tracks a previously unreleased version of "Wild Side Of Life", "You Lost The Love" and "All Through The Night". Included in the packaging are Liner notes, Lyrics, original LP artwork and pictures of overseas collectors' item sleeves.

    01. Is There A Better Way
    02. Mad About The Boy
    03. Ring Of A Change
    04. Blue For You
    05. Rain
    06. Rolling Home
    07. That's A Fact
    08. Ease Your Mind
    09. Mystery Song


    10. You Lost The Love
    11. Mystery Song (Single Edit)
    12. Wild Side Of Life
    13. All Through The Night
    14. Wild Side Of Life (previously un-issued demo recording)

    STATUS QUO -quo live! MERCURY 9825972 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 31.05.2005

    A UK No.3 when first issued in 1976, this double CD which is now in the original concert running order for the first time. Included with the album are Liner notes, lyrics, Original LP artwork and pictures of overseas collectors' sleeves.

    01. Junior's Wailing
    02. Roll Over Lay Down
    03. Backwater/Just Take Me
    04. Big Fat Mamma
    05. Don't Waste My Time
    06. Is There A Better Way
    07. In My Chair
    08. Roadhouse Blues
    09. Caroline/Bye Bye Johnny
    10. Little Lady / Most Of The Way
    11. Rain
    12. Forty-Five Hundred Times

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    AFTER THE FIRE - der kommissar / the cbs recordings EDSEL MEDCD757 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 31.01.2005

    Although formed in the mid-70s, After The Fire played a form of 80s-styled synthesizer rock pop, and managed to chart throughout Europe, the US and Australia.

    · This mid-price 3-on-2 release contains their CBS three albums (from 1979, 1980 and 1982) and 10 bonus non-album singles sides, including some ultra-rare live tracks from London’s Rainbow. The majority of tracks make their CD debut.

    · After The Fire’s biggest worldwide hit, ironically not an original composition, was “Der Kommissar” which reached # 5 in the US, # 17 in Australia, # 20 in Sweden, # 44 in Germany, and # 47in the UK.

    · The booklet is annotated by the president of the group’s fan club, and is cram full of picture sleeves from all their releases. The band still play concerts, and have involved themselves with this project.

    · There will be ads in Uncut, Record Collector and Word.

    CD 1:


    01. Laser Love
    02. Joy /
    03. Take Me Higher
    04. Life In The City
    05. Suspended Animation
    06. Like The Power Of A Jet
    07. One Rule For You
    08. Time To Think
    09. Timestar
    10. Check It Out


    11. Your Love Is Alive (B-SIDE from "Laser Love")
    12. Listen To Me (B-SIDE from "Life In The City")


    13. 1980-F
    14. Love Will Always Make You Cry
    15. Can You Face It?
    16. Who’s Gonna Love You (When You’re Old And Fat And Ugly)
    17. Starflight
    18. Wild West Show
    19. Billy, Billy
    20. It’s High Fashion
    21. Why Can’t We Be Friends?
    22. Joanne


    23. Every Mother’s Son (B-SIDE from "Wild West Show")

    CD 2:


    01. Short Change
    02. Frozen Rivers
    03. Sometimes
    04. Sailing Ship
    05. I Don’t Understand Your Love
    06. The Stranger
    07. Rich Boys
    08. Carry Me Home
    09. Dancing In The Shadows
    10. Space Walking
    11. Gina
    12. Stuck In Paris (Nowhere To Go)
    13. Bright Lights


    14. Nobody Else But You (B-Side from "Dancing In The Shadows")
    15. Starflight [live]
    16. Take Me Higher [live]
    17. One Rule For You [live]
    18. Billy, Billy [live]
    19. Der Kommissar (SINGLE-A-SIDE 1982)
    20. Starflight [re-worked]

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