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Neue RE-RELEASES von 80er-Alben

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    die 3 bei POLAR erschienenen solo-alben von FRIDA erscheinen im MAI 2005 - remastered mit BONUS-TRACKS. die solo-alben von AGNETHA FAELTSKOG erscheinen in der 2. jahreshälfte 2005.

    The solo albums Frida released between 1975 and 1984 to be re-issued with bonus tracks.

    During her years as a Polar Music recording artist, Frida released three solo albums. Although the albums have been available on CD before, they will now be re-released with digitally remastered sound and bonus tracks.

    The Swedish-language Frida ensam ("Frida Alone"), produced by Benny Andersson, was originally issued in 1975. The new CD release will feature two bonus tracks that orginally appeared on a 1972 single: 'Man vill ju leva lite dessemellan' and 'Ska man skratta eller gråta'.

    Frida's first English-language solo album was the Phil Collins-produced Something's Going On, released in 1982. The bonus tracks are the single edit of the international hit 'I Know There's Something Going On' and Frida's solo version of 'Here We'll Stay', originally issued as a 1983 single (the album version of the song is a duet with Phil Collins).

    The third album in this reissue program is Shine, produced by Steve Lillywhite and originally released in 1984. The featured bonus tracks are 'That's Tough' - the B-side of the 'Shine' single - and the 12" mix of 'Shine'.

    The three Frida CDs are presently scheduled for release in May 2005.

    And what about Agnetha? Yes, her solo albums will also be re-released with bonus tracks later in 2005.

    FRIDA - frida ensam POLAR / UNIVERSAL Polar 986 876-4 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 02.05.2005

    01. Fernando
    02. Jag är mig själv nu
    03. Som en sparv
    04. Vill du låna en man
    05. Liv på mars?
    06. Syrtaki
    07. Aldrig mej
    08. Guld och gröna ängar
    09. Ett liv i solen
    10. Skulle de’ va’ skönt
    11. Var är min clown


    12. Man vill ju leva lite dessemellan (1972 Single)
    13. Ska man skratta eller gråta (1972 Single)

    FRIDA - something´s going on POLAR / UNIVERSAL Polar 986 876-7 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 02.05.2005

    01. Tell Me It’s Over
    02. I See Red
    03. I Got Something
    04. Strangers
    05. To Turn The Stone
    06. I Know There’s Something Going On
    07. Threnody
    08. Baby Don’t You Cry No More
    09. The Way You Do
    10. You Know What I Mean
    11. Here We’ll Stay


    12. I Know There’s Something Going On (Single Edit) (1982 Single)
    13. Here We’ll Stay (Solo Version) (1983 Single)

    FRIDA - shine POLAR / UNIVERSAL Polar 986 877-5 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 02.05.2005

    01. Shine
    02. One Little Lie
    03. The Face
    04. Twist In The Dark
    05. Slowly
    06. Heart Of The Country
    07. Come To Me (I Am Woman)
    08. Chemistry Tonight
    09. Don’t Do It
    10. Comfort Me


    11. That’s Tough (1984 Single B-Side)
    12. Shine (Extended Mix) (1984 Maxi-Single A-Side)

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    2 re-releases von BIG COUNTRY, die erstmals 1993 bzw. 1994 erschienen sind:

    BIG COUNTRY - the buffalo skinners EMI 5633932 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 30.05.2005

    01. Alone
    02. Seven Waves
    03. What Are You Working For
    04. One I Love
    05. Long Way Home
    06. Selling Of America
    07. We're Not In Kansas
    08. Ships
    09. All Go Together
    10. Winding Wind
    11. Pink Marshmallow Moon
    12. Chester's Farm


    13. One I Love (US mix)
    14. Never Take Your Place
    15. Eastworld
    16. Untitled (demo)

    BIG COUNTRY - live / without the aid of a safety net 2 CD EMI 5633902 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 30.05.2005

    CD 1:

    01. Introduction
    02. Harvest Home
    03. Peace In Our Time
    04. Just A Shadow
    05. 13 Valleys
    06. Winter Sky (previously unreleased)
    07. Storm
    08. Chance
    09. Tracks Of My Tears (previously unreleased)
    10. Rockin' In The Free World (previously unreleased)
    11. All Go Together (previously unreleased)
    12. We're Not In Kansas (previously unreleased)
    13. Look Away
    14. What Are You Working For
    15. Steeltown

    CD 2:

    01. Stuart And The Audience
    02. Ships
    03. Wonderland
    04. Long Way Home
    05. Alone (previously unreleased)
    06. In A Big Country
    07. Audience (encore)
    08. Lost Patrol
    09. Out Of The Blue Into The Black (previously unreleased)
    10. Fields Of Fire (previously unreleased)

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    Bill Bruford was a founding member of Yes through the years 1968-1972, and whilst with the band recorded five albums, each of which was more successful than its predecessor. When Bill left Yes in 1972 following the release of "Close To the Edge", there were those who concluded that he'd taken leave of his senses.

    But it proved an astute musical move. As King Crimson's enigmatic leader Robert Fripp decided to split the band after three tumultuous albums and move on to other projects, Bill moved to playing countless sessions, and was also briefly a member of the bands National Health, Gong and, more famously, Genesis, where he played alongside Phil Collins, who had just stepped up to the microphone following the departure of Peter Gabriel. Bill was the drummer in the live Genesis situation and was with the band for the majority of 1976 while the band toured their album "A Trick of the Tail".

    Bill recorded his debut album as a leader in 1978-- "Feels Good To Me", but it wasn't until the conclusion of an 18-month spell with the band UK that his vision of a more permanent outfit bore fruit. Joining Bill and guitarist Allan Holdsworth in "Bruford" was bassist Jeff Berlin and keyboardist Dave Stewart, both of whom had also made key musical contributions to Feels Good to Me.

    Key tracks on One of a Kind include Hell's Bells, Fainting In Coils and Five G. This re-issue of "One of a Kind" has been re-mastered, and includes a previously unreleased bonus track-- "Manacles".

    As with all the albums in the Winterfold series of releases, "One Of A Kind" comes re-packaged with a bonus disc containing music from the contrasting Summerfold catalogue and an exclusive interview with Bill Bruford.

    CD 1:

    01. Hell's Bells
    02. One Of A Kind - Part One
    03. One Of A Kind - Part Two
    04. Travels With Myself... And Someone Else
    05. Fainting In Coils
    06. Five G
    07. The Abingdon Chasp
    08. Forever Until Sunday
    09. The Sahara Of Snow - Part One
    10. The Sahara Of Snow - Part Two


    11. Manacles

    CD 2:

    - music from the contrasting Winterfold catalogue
    - exclusive interview with Bill Bruford

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    On 25 April, Beggars Banquet are re-issuing the first three GENE LOVES JEZEBEL albums in de-luxe, expanded editions.
    Fronted by androgynous twins Jay and Michael Aston and featuring an evolving cast of musicians (including All About Eve's Julianne Regan), the early recordings had an experimental edge that has kept the music fresh today. The Jezebels didn't follow the shiny, neutered pop yearnings of their contemporaries but were always attuned to the darker side of romance and 5ex. Like most early 80's bands, they had been weened on ‘Glam rock', but it was the underground that was receptive to their punk-funk undertones and vision. They're a reminder of a time when musical explorations were encouraged, indie was actually alternative, maverick wasn't marketed and Gene Loves Jezebel just might have been contenders.

    Long unavailable (even on CD), these editions are mid price, double CD sets which feature all the recordings released between 1982 and 1986. Disc one of each set is the original UK album remastered from studio analog tapes and disc two collects singles, mixes, rareties and unreleased tracks. As expected from a Beggars Banquet re-issue, the packaging is comprehensive, with full track details, lyrics, unseen photos and new sleeve notes.

    * indicates tracks previously unavailable on CD


    This re-issue is available in a de-luxe, expanded two-disc edition. The first disc is the original UK album, newly remastered from the studio analog tapes. For purists it has the version of 'Wraps And Arms' from the first vinyl pressing. The second disc collects singles, mixes, rareties and unreleased tracks, including all of the ultra rare debut ep, 'Shaving My Neck' which has never been re-issued since it's original vinyl pressing. The 20 page booklet is comprehensive with reproduction of the vinyl sleeve, full track details, lyrics, unseen photos and new sleeve notes by J.A.

    CD 1 - The album has been restored with the very rare original version of "Wraps And Arms" which was substituted on all subsequent worldwide pressings (and CD releases) with an alternative take. No one remembers exactly why.

    01. Upstairs
    02. Bruises
    03. Pop Tarantula
    04. Screaming For Emmalene
    05. Scheming
    06. Bread From Heaven
    07. Influenza
    08. Shower Me With Brittle Punches
    09. Wraps And Arms *
    10. Psychological Problems

    CD 2 – Includes the first ever re-issue of the long deleted, 1982 debut EP "Shaving My Neck" and early, alternate single versions.

    01. Shame (original version) (unreleased) *
    02. Influenza (relapse)
    03. Stephen (original version) *
    04. Walking In The Park *
    05. Wraps and Arms (version 2)
    06. Bruises (extended version) *
    07. Punch Drunk
    08. Brando (Bruises) (extended version) *
    09. Scheming (original version) (unreleased) *
    10. Screaming (for Emmalene) (single version) *
    11. So Young (Heave Hard, Heave Ho)
    12. No Voodoo Dollies
    13. Shaving My Neck *
    14. Sun And Insanity *
    15. Machismo *
    16. Glad To Be Alive *

    * tracks previously unavailable on CD


    This re-issue of GLJ's second album is available in a de-luxe, expanded two-disc edition. The first disc is the original UK album, newly remastered from the studio analog tapes. The second disc consists of singles, extended mixes, unreleased alternate takes and two BBC session tracks, 'Waves' and 'Five Below'. The 20 page booklet is comprehensive with reproduction of the vinyl sleeve and inner bag, full track details, lyrics, photos and new sleeve notes by J.A.

    CD 1 – Currently on offer second hand at Amazon for $50, this is an alternative 80's classic. Produced by John Leckie (contemporaneous with The Fall's ‘This Nation's Saving Grace'), astute Stone Roses fans may find some of the drum sounds familiar… It became an Indie no.1 album.

    01. Always A Flame
    02. Shame
    03. Stephen
    04. The Immigrant
    05. Cow
    06. Worth Waiting For
    07. The Rhino Plasty
    08. Deep South Wale
    09. Coal Porter

    CD 2 – featuring the full version of "Flame" produced by Steve Harley (Cockney Rebel) as well as two early drafts for songs performed for a John Peel BBC session.

    01. Desire (extended version) *
    02. Flame (extended Harley version) (unreleased) *
    03. The Cow (extended version) *
    04. One Someone
    05. You Weaken Her (Cow) *
    06. Shame (Whole Heart Howl) *
    07. Thin Things
    08. Gorgeous
    09. Waves (BBC Session) (unreleased) *
    10. Five Below (BBC Session) (unreleased) *
    11. Always A Flame (Alternate version) (unreleased) *
    * tracks previously unavailable on CD


    The third GLJ album re-issue is available in a de-luxe, expanded two-disc edition. The first disc is the original UK album, newly remastered from the studio analog tapes. It contains the first version of 'Desire' The second disc is 15 tracks of singles, extended mixes and tracks that were only previously available on cassette singles! The 20 page booklet contains reproductions of the vinyl sleeve and inner bag, full track details, lyrics, photos and new sleeve notes by both J.A. and James Stevenson.

    CD 1 – A Top 40 UK chart entry, this was the album that got the band signed to Geffen records in the USA and introduced the classic line-up.

    01. Heartache
    02. Over The Rooftops
    03. Kick
    04. White Horse
    05. Wait And See
    06. Desire
    07. Beyond Doubt
    08. Sweetest Thing
    09. Maid Of Sker
    10. Brand New Moon

    CD 2 – The bonus disc includes some tracks never issued on vinyl, let alone CD, which were only avilable on cassette single.

    01. Desire (Come And Get It) (extended version) *
    02. Sapphire Scavenger *
    03. New horizons *
    04. Message (Original version) *
    05. Heartache (UK Club Mix) *
    06. Before Doubt *
    07. Suspicion (Original version) *
    08. Deli Babies *
    09. Vagabond *
    10. Lipstime *
    11. Down To The Water *
    12. Heartache (part 2) *
    13. Sweetest Thing (extended mix) (unreleased) *
    14. Psycho 2 *
    15. Sweetest Jezebel *

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    ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA - the collection 3 CD LEGACY 93980 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 05.04.2005

    Originally released as three separate albums, FACE THE MUSIC, A NEW WORLD RECORD and DISCOVERY. Electric Light Orchestra: Jeff Lynne (vocals, guitar, piano, synthesizer); Kelly Groucett (vocals, bass); Richard Tandy (piano, clavinet, synthesizer); Bev Bevan (drums, percussions). Producers include: Jeff Lynne. This three-disc set collects three of ELO's classic late-'70s albums in their entirety, and as such, it's an excellent overview not only of Jeff Lynne's musical genius, but of commercial '70s pop as a whole. 1975's FACE THE MUSIC, 1976's A NEW WORLD RECORD, and 1979's DISCOVERY--1977's double-disc OUT OF THE BLUE is omitted for space--are as good as Top-40 pop got in the last half of the '70s, and hearing the three together sketches out the arc of Lynne's career. FACE THE MUSIC, ELO's fifth album, is slightly rough-edged, but its enormous hit singles paved the way for the staggeringly good A NEW WORLD RECORD, Lynne's best and most consistent work. After the overwhelming commercial success of OUT OF THE BLUE, DISCOVERY is a bit more self-consciously experimental, with new-wavish Vocoders and disco beats coloring the typically excellent songs. All three are simply essential.

    CD 1:


    01. Fire On High
    02. Waterfall
    03. Evil Woman
    04. Nightrider
    05. Poker
    06. Strange Magic
    07. Down Home Town
    08. One Summer Dream

    CD 2:


    01. Tightrope
    02. Telephone Line
    03. Rockaria!
    04. Mission (A World Record)
    05. So Fine
    06. Livin' Thing
    07. Above The Clouds
    08. Do Ya
    09. Shangri-La

    CD 3:


    01. Shine A Little Love
    02. Confusion
    03. Need Her Love
    04. The Diary Of Horace Wimp
    05. Last Train To London
    06. Midnight Blue
    07. On The Run
    08. Wishing
    09. Don't Bring Me Down

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    JUDAS PRIEST - the collection 3 CD LEGACY / SONY 93972 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 05.04.2005

    Originally released as three separate albums, BRITISH STEEL, POINT OF ENTRY and SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE. Judas Priest includes: Rob Halford (vocals); Glenn Tipton, K.K. Downing (guitars); Ian Hill (bass); Dave Holland (drums). Issued as a three-CD budget priced box, BRITISH STEEL/POINT OF ENTRY/SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE are Judas Priest's best albums of the 1980's. While more melodic than their raging 70's work, all three titles helped widen Priest's fan base, making them a global arena headliner in the process. Some of Priest's most well-known songs can be found on this set, including "Breaking the Law," "Living After Midnight," "Headin' Out to the Highway," "Electric Eye," and "You've Got Another Thing Coming.

    CD 1:


    01. Breaking The Law
    02. Rapid Fire
    03. Metal Gods
    04. Grinder
    05. United
    06. Living After Midnight
    07. Don't Have To Be Old To Be Wise
    08. Rage, The
    09. Steeler
    10. Untitled

    CD 2:


    01. Heading Out To The Highway
    02. Don't Go
    03. Hot Rockin'
    04. Turning Circles
    05. Desert Plains
    06. Solar Angels
    07. You Say Yes
    08. All The Way
    09. Troubleshooter
    10. On The Run

    CD 3:


    01. Hellion, The
    02. Electric Eye
    03. Riding On The Wind
    04. Bloodstone
    05. Chains, (Take These)
    06. Pain And Pleasure
    07. Screaming For Vengeance
    08. You've Got Another Thing Coming
    09. Fever
    10. Devil's Child

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    judas priest hört sich gut an

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    KIRSTY MACCOLL - titanic days 2 CD ZTT ZTT197CD VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 11.04 2005

    kirsty's penultimate album, originally released in 1994 sees kirsty alongside fairground attraction's mark e nevin released an album full of love songs dwelling on the pain and emotional fallout of their respective divorces. despite the ztt machine and the quality of the musicianship involved, the album quite simply, bombed. making it disappear into the ether to surface on ebay as gold for her fans. however ztt have decided to brush down the masters, touch them up, add extensive sleevenotes, and add an extra disc of live tracks, remixes and demos. making the re-release very special, and assist in pushing the 'justice for kirsty' campaign along.

    being honest, i was never a fan of kirsty's vocal style, but on this album the people involved have crafted some wonderful instrumentation settings for direct and emotionally raw, but simple lyrics. with psychedelic styled orchestra breakdowns ('titanic days'), string sections, oboes, acoustic guitars strum, soul 2 soul type shuffling dance beats ('angel'), and a whole variety of styles being drawn in the album is very pleasant, and with songs as strong as 'last days of summer' even i began to see why her talents were always in demand. throughout the album are several songs in the context of history are somewhat difficult to listen to. there is a lot of death involved, SOME OF IT DARK AND MACABRE ('BAD'), SOME OF IT NOT SO, a lot of revenge and a lot of pain. GIVING THE LISTENER AN open INSIGHT INTO THE EVENTS OF THE TIMES FOR THE CREATORS INVOLVED.

    the extras disc seems to focus mainly on the remixes that accompanied the single release of 'angel', as these take up 5 of the 12 tracks, which is understandable as this track stands out, with the original incorporating a dance beat of the day, a lovely melancholic melody. the 'piano' mix being the highlight, the track is very classic ztt-esque, dropping the 90's dance groove for the main section of the track, and adding just a piano and ambient synths, very very nice, AND HASN'T AGED AT ALL. NEITHER HAS 'fabulous garden' with its studio trickery and rich ambience being in complete contrast to the live version of the pogues 'miss otis regrets' which goes a long way to dispel my negativity towards her voice.

    to anyone who has any interest in quality pop music, and kirsty this package is well worth investigating.

    CD 1:

    01. You Know It's You
    02. Soho Square
    03. Angel
    04. Last Day Of The Summer
    05. Bad
    06. Can't Stop Killing You
    07. Titanic Days
    08. Don't Go Home
    09. Big Boy On Saturday Night
    10. Just Woke Up
    11. Tomorrow Never Comes

    CD 2:

    01. Angel ( Piano Mix )
    02. Fabulous Garden
    03. King Kong
    04. Dear John
    05. Miss Otis Regrets
    06. Free World ( Live )
    07. Touch Me
    08. Irish Cousin
    09. Angel ( Single Mix )
    10. Angel ( Stuart Crichton Mix )
    11. Angel ( Into The Light Mix )
    12. Angel ( Apollo 440 Remix )

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    KLAUS SCHULZE - dig it 2 CD SPV REV 006 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 25.04.2005

    Die perfekte Aufnahme.
    "Die Zeit der analogen Rollstuhl-Elektronik ist technisch überholt", sagt Synthesizer-Spezialist Klaus Schulze stolz und verweist auf seine neue LP ...
    Von den ersten Takten an besticht diese Platte durch eine aussergewöhnliche Klarheit und durch präzise Trennung der einzelnen Stimmen. Aber die Verblüffung steigert sich noch, wenn beim programmatischen Anfangsstück Death of an Analogue; ("Tod eines Analogs") metallische Perkussionspeaks aus den Boxen knallen, daß es eine wahre Freude ist, während ein (synthetisches) Cello so waschecht für warmen Background sorgt, daß sogar der Bogenstrich unterscheidbar wird.
    Auch bei den folgenden Stücken besticht die hohe Transparenz und Räumlichkeit, wobei die Raffinesse in der scheinbaren Einfachheit und Durchsichtigkeit liegt...
    Mit dieser Platte erwerben Sie nicht nur Schulzes bestes Werk, nicht nur eine überzeugende Demonstrationsplatte für die Möglichkeiten des Crumar-Musikcomputers, sondern auch eine Referenzaufnahme für Synthesizerproduktionen. Die Zeit der Rollstuhl-Elektronik ist in der Tat vorbei.«

    CD 1:

    01. Death Of An Analogue 12:15
    02. Weird Caravan 05:03
    03. The Looper Isn't A Hooker 08:17
    04. Synthasy 22:56


    05. Esoteric Goody 28:21

    CD 2:

    01. .Stahlsinfonie "Symphony In Steel"

    KLAUS SCHULZE - en=trance SPV REV 007 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 25.04.2005

    ... Klaus Schulze, einer der evidentesten und renommiertesten Elektronikmusiker aus deutschen Landen... Wie er die Mensch-Maschine-Beziehung anno 1988 sieht, demonstriert er sehr eindrucksvoll auf seinem Doppelalbum En=Trance. Keine elektronischen Spielereien mit mancherlei rhythmischem Einheitsbrei, sondern Musik aus dem Bauch, Juwelen aus dem Klangcomputer. En=Trance macht seinem Titel alle Ehre und präsentiert sich als ein kompositorisch ständig variierendes Werk mit den Höhen und Tiefen einer Traumwelt. Stille Passagen wie auf dem fast 19-minütigen Titelsong wechseln mit verzerrten Bildern auf dem fast gleichlangen Velvet System. Die Melodien sind zauberhaft, versponnen, einfühlsam -- von einem wahren Könner seines Fachs. Man hört gut 70 Minuten Musik, ist versunken in sich selbst, fern von allem und doch so nah an dem glitzernden Soundepos. Diese Musik kann Emotionen aufwühlen, sie kann aber ebenso dieselbe wegspülen. Keine Musik für jede Zeit und jede Stimmung, aber ein faszinierendes Erlebnis für erfüllte Momente.«

    01. En=Trance 18:53
    02. a-Numerique 16:26
    03. Fm Delight 17:28
    04. Velvet System 17:47


    05. Elvish Sequencer 08:02

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    PAUL WELLER - stanley road 2 CD & DVD ISLAND 9828401 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 30.05.2005

    This Deluxe edition is issued to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Weller's landmark, multi-platinum selling No. 1 album which stayed 87 weeks in the chart. This three disc special package will contain two audio discs, featuring the original album remastered as well as a bonus disc of rare demos and alternate takes. It will also include an exclusively-shot new DVD. The project has been personally overseen by Paul Weller and his producer Brendan Lynch. Includes 19 unreleased demos, alternative versions of songs from the album as well as studio jams and new songs. Original album features the classic hit singles 'The Changingman', 'You Do Something To Me', 'Out Of The Sinking' and 'Broken Stones'. The stunning new short film on DVD - 'Broke 'n' Stoned: Stanley Road Revisited' reunites the album's original cast to reflect on the making of the album - featuring new interviews with Weller and his band, Peter Blake (who designed the sleeve), Noel Gallagher (who guests on the album) and producer Brendan Lynch. The 30-minute film also includes promo clips and previously-unseen 'home-movie' footage. The 32-page booklet features rare photos and extensive new sleevenotes by Paolo Hewitt and Paul Weller. The CD artwork will feature the original vinyl sleeve (full Peter Blake design), not previously featured on the UK CD version.

    CD 01:

    - Original Album & B-sides:

    01. The Changingman
    02. Porcelain Gods
    03. I Walk On Gilded Splinters
    04. You Do Something To Me
    05. Woodcutters Son
    06. Time Passes
    07. Stanley Road
    08. Broken Stones
    09. Out Of The Sinking
    10. Pink On White Walls
    11. Whirlpool's End
    12. Wings Of Speed
    13. 5exy Sadie - B-side of 'Out Of The Sinking'
    14. I'd Rather Go Blind
    15. It's A New Day, Baby
    16. I Didn't Mean To Hurt You - Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1994 - B-side of 'The Changingman'
    17. My Whole World Is Falling Down
    18. A Year Late
    19. Woodcutter's Son - Radio One `Evening Session' May 1995 - B-sides of 'You Do Something To Me'

    CD 2:

    - The Demos:

    01. Trident Jam - Take 3 Manor Studio 4.1.95
    02. Pink On White Walls - Demo 2 Manor Studios 21.7.94
    03. Porcelain Gods - 8 Track Demo Nomis Rehearsal Room 2.2.95
    04. Broken Stones - Demo 1 Manor Studios 8.12.94
    05. Wings Of Speed - 8 Track Demo Solid Bond Demo Studio 9.9.94
    06. Changingman - 8 Track Demo Solid Bond Demo Studio 8.9.94
    07. Everyone Must Have A Purpose - (Manor Studios 1.2.94
    08. You Do Something To Me - Demo 3 Manor Studios 1.2.94
    09. A Year Late - Demo 1 Manor Studios 20.7.94 **
    10. Whirlpools' End Remix / Steam - Alt. Version - Solid Bond 25.7.95
    11. Gtr + Moog Jam - Demo Manor Studios 7.1.95
    12. Corrina, Corrina - Manor Studios 10.12.94
    13. Out On The Weekend - Manor Studios 10.12.94
    14. Time Passes - Demo 2 Manor Studios 4.2.94
    15. Time Passes - Demo 3 - July 94
    16. Wings Of Speed - Demo 2 Manor Studios 10.12.94
    17. Stanley Road - Demo 1 Manor Studio - Dec 94


    - Broke 'n' Stoned: Stanley Road Revisited:

    Reuniting the album's original cast to reflect on the making of the album featuring new interviews with Weller and his band, Peter Blake [who designed the sleeve], Noel Gallagher [who guests on the album] and producer Brendan Lynch. The 30-minute film also includes promo clips and previously-unseen 'home-movie' footage.

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  4. neue Alben von 80er Stars
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