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Neue RE-RELEASES von 80er-Alben

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    LUTHER VANDROSS - the collection 3 CD LEGACY 93975 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 05.04.2005

    Also available separately as NEVER TOO MUCH, FOREVER, FOR ALWAYS, FOR LOVE and BUSY BODY.

    CD 1:


    01. Never Too Much
    02. Sugar And Spice (I Found Me A Girl)
    03. Don't You Know That?
    04. I've Been Working
    05. She's A Super Lady
    06. You Stopped Loving Me
    07. A House Is Not A Home

    CD 2:


    01. Bad Boy / Having A Party
    02. You're The Sweetest One
    03. Since I Lost My Baby
    04. Forever, For Always, For Love
    05. Better Love
    06. Promise Me
    07. She Loves Me Back
    08. Once You Know How

    CD 3:

    - BUSY BODY:

    01. I Wanted Your Love
    02. Busy Body
    03. I'll Let You Slide
    04. Make Me A Believer
    05. For The Sweetness Of Your Love
    06. How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye
    07. Superstar / Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)

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    gerade wurden eine menge JETHRO TULL-alben wiederveröffentlicht - hier die 3 aus den 80ern:

    JETHRO TULL - broadsword and the beast EMI 4734112 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 11.04.2005

    Another Tull Remaster Replete with Original and Restored Sonic Detail and featuring Eight Brilliant Bonus Tracks Recorded at the Same Time as the Original Album Release, but Left Out Due to the Limitations of Vinyl. The Broadsword Tour in 1982 Saw Tull Out on a Full Production Tour for the Final Time, Although Smaller Tours have Since Taken Place, They have Not Featured the Elaborate Stage Set that Went with this One! this Album Featured the Usual Tull Sounds of Drums, Bass, and Guitar and of Course Flute, Mandolin and Other Acoustic Instruments Complete with Vocoder and Sequencer on the Clasp, and Others. Broadsword Saw Former Cat Stevens Drummer Gerry Conway Join Tull for a Couple of Years and Dave Pegg (Ex-fairport Convention) Join them for a Second Time. Much of the Songs were Written Using the New-fangled Electronic Instruments which Gives an Interesting Twist to the Woodsy and Folksy Elements in the Songs.

    01. Beastie
    02. Clasp
    03. Fallen On Hard Times
    04. Flying Colours
    05. Slow Marching Band
    06. Broadsword
    07. Pussy Willow
    08. Watching Me Watching You
    09. Seal Driver
    10. Cheerio


    11. Jack Frost And The Hooded Crow
    12. Jack A Lynn
    13. Mayhem Maybe
    14. Too Many Too
    15. Overhang
    16. Rhythm In Gold
    17. I'm Your Gun
    18. Down At The End Of Your Road

    JETHRO TULL - under wraps EMI 4734150 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 11.04.2005

    Enhancements include a video for "Lap of Luxury." This is an Enhanced CD, which contains both regular audio tracks and multimedia computer files. After revisiting some typically Tull motifs on 1982's BROADSWORD AND THE BEAST and releasing a solo album in 1983, Ian Anderson resurrected the Jethro Tull name in 1984 with UNDER WRAPS. He once again opted to distance himself from the Jethro Tull image of olde. Throughout the '80s Anderson gamely tried various approaches toward recasting Tull for a musical climate that had changed radically from the band's '70s heyday. On UNDER WRAPS, Anderson shares songwriting credits with keyboardist Peter-John Vettesse, whose electronic textures give the record its pronounced '80s feel. Lyrically, Anderson seems to have jettisoned the past as well. On songs like "Radio Moscow" and "Paparazzi" he addresses modern concerns via topical language and bleeping keyboards. Anderson shows he still has his knack for a crisp and evocative melody on the relatively stripped-down title track and the simple, catchy "Lap of Luxury.
    Key ingredients of the Under Wraps tour in 1984 were naked ladies bursting out of paper bags, astronaut moonwalking on stage, disturbing drum machine rhythms, 80’s keyboards galore and a vocal crisis in the making. With the advent of the then new digital technology and more sophisticated synthesizers, Jethro Tull embarked on a largely electronic album of songs mostly devoted to spies, secrecy and subterfuge. The songs are good and the playing of M. Barre and D. Pegg was brilliant. Anderson’s vocals were as good as they would ever be, extending his usually limited range and power like never before.

    01. Lap Of Luxury
    02. Under Wraps #1
    03. European Legacy
    04. Later That Same Evening
    05. Saboteur
    06. Radio Free Moscow
    07. Astronomy
    08. Tundra
    09. Nobody's Car
    10. Heat
    11. Under Wraps #2
    12. Paparazzi
    13. Apogee
    14. Automotive Engineering
    15. General Crossing


    16. Lap Of Luxury - CD-Rom Video

    JETHRO TULL - crest of a knave EMI 4734132 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 11.04.2005

    Jethro Tull: Ian Anderson (vocals, guitar, flute, keyboards, programming); Martin Barre (guitar); David Pegg (bass). Additional personnel: Ric Sanders (violin); Doanne Perry, Gerry Conway (drums). Engineers include: Martin Barre, David Pegg, Robin Black. After steering Jethro Tull toward a sound that emphasized synthesizers over acoustic guitars and even his trademark flute, Ian Anderson and a stripped-down Tull pumped up the volume on 1987's CREST OF A KNAVE. The howling guitar of longtime axe-man Martin Barre is much more in evidence here than on previous releases from the decade. The band sounds energized, the performances heartfelt. While the record is an undeniable high point of the band's 1980s work, many people were surprised that CREST won a Grammy in 1987 for Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Performance. Despite its metal touches, the music is far too cerebral and its themes far too esoteric to qualify as either hard rock or heavy metal. On "Jump Start," Anderson hearkens back to his glory days with an intricate arrangement centered around furious flute and guitar explosions. "Said She Was a Dancer," built around a refreshingly simple chord sequence, showcases Anderson's expressive singing and Barre's eerie mimicry of Mark Knopfler's guitar sound
    The album that won the Grammy for Best Hard Rock/Metal although not a metal album! This album originally went gold in the UK after having two videos on heavy rotation on MTV. Steel Monkey, with its nod to the great ZZ Top, opened the album with its rapid-fire sequenced piano intro, while the best Classic Tull song ever - Budapest - provided both brain and brawn on record and subsequent live performance alike. The first Tull record to be mastered on digital media, Crest combined the best of Martin's guitar and Ian Anderson's flute in the harmony and unison phrasing evident in songs like "Farm On The Freeway" and "Jumpstart".

    01. Steel Monkey
    02. Farm On The Freeway
    03. Jump Start
    04. She Said She Was A Dancer
    05. Dogs In The Midwinter
    06. Budapest
    07. Mountain Men
    08. The Waking Edge
    09. Raising Steam


    10. Part Of The Machine

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    HEART - the collection 3 CD LEGACY 93978 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 05.04.2005

    Also available as three separate albums, LITTLE QUEEN, DOG AND BUTTERFLY and BEBE LE STRANGE. Heart: Ann Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Howard Leese, Roger Fisher, Michael Derosier and Steve Fossen. Producers include: Mike Flicker, Rick Keefer, Connie, Howie. 3 LPs on 3 CDs: LITTLE QUEEN (1977)/DOG & BUTTERFLY (1978)/BEBE LE STRANGE (1980). Heart: Ann Wilson (vocals, guitar, violin, keyboards); Nancy Wilson (vocals, guitar, piano); Rick Keefer (vocals, synthesizer); Roger Fisher (guitar, steel guitar); Howard Leese (guitar, keyboards); Steve Fossen (bass instrument, percussion); Michael Derosier (drums). Engineers: Buzz Richmond; Mike Flicker; Winslow Kutz; Rick Keefer.

    CD 1:

    - little queen

    01. Barracuda
    02. Love Alive
    03. Sylvan Song
    04. Dream Of The Archer
    05. Kick It Out
    06. Little Queen
    07. Treat Me Well
    08. Say Hello
    09. Cry To Me
    10. Go On Cry
    11. Too Long A Time - (Bonus Track)
    12. Stairway To Heaven - (Bonus Track)

    CD 2:

    - dog and butterfly

    01. Cook With Fire - (live)
    02. High Time
    03. Hijinx
    04. Straight On
    05. Dog & Butterfly
    06. Lighter Touch
    07. Nada One
    08. Mistral Wind
    09. Heartless
    10. Feels - (Bonus Track)
    11. Little Bit, A - (Bonus Track)

    CD 3:

    - bebe le strange

    01. Bebe Le Strange
    02. Down On Me
    03. Silver Wheels
    04. Break
    05. Rockin' Heaven Down
    06. Even It Up
    07. Strange Night
    08. Raised On You
    09. Pilot
    10. Sweet Darlin'
    11. Jackleg Man - (Bonus Track)
    12. Break - (Bonus Track)

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    MAGNUM - on a storyteller´s night (20th Anniversary Edition) 2 CD CASTLE CMQDD1115 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 11.04.2005

    Digitally remastered '20th Anniversary Edition' 2-CD album set of the Birmingham pomp rockers definitive studio album which features 10-track CD album plus BONUS disc including previously unreleased demo versions plus a 25 minute interview with band members Bob Catley & Tony Clarkin).

    CD 1:

    01. How Far Jerusalem
    02. Just Like An Arrow
    03. On A Storyteller's Night
    04. Before First Light
    05. Les Mort Dansant
    06. Endless Love
    07. Two Hearts
    08. Steal Your Heart
    09. All England's Eyes
    10. The Last Dance

    CD 2:

    01. How Far Jerusalem
    02. Endless Love
    03. Before First Light
    04. All England's Eyes
    05. Come On Young Love #1
    06. Come On Young Love #2
    07. Les Mort Dansant
    8. The Last Dance
    09. Interview

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    A CD reissue of Devo's 1984 album, "Shout." Highlights on this album include "Here To Go" (which was a Top 50 Billboard Hot Dance/Maxi-Single) and their cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Are You Experienced?"

    01. Shout
    02. The Satisfied Mind
    03. Don't Rescue Me
    04. The 4th Dimension
    05. C'mon
    06. Here To Go
    07. Jurisdiction Of Love
    08. Puppet Boy
    09. Please Please
    10. Are You Experienced?

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    ELVIS COSTELLO - king of america 2 CD RHINO 74642 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 26.05.2005

    Produced by Elvis with T-Bone Burnett and Larry Hirsch, this roots-flavored 1986 release features backing performances by L.A.-based musicians and such legendary players as ex-Elvis Presley guitarist James Burton and bassist Jerry Scheff. Includes the signature tracks "Brilliant Mistake" and "Indoor Fireworks."

    King Of America is part of a very special series of reissues. The folks at Rhino have long been fans of Elvis Costello and are pleased to present -- in cooperation with the artist himself -- each classic album in a beautiful new package that includes:

    An entire bonus disc featuring an assortment of outtakes, demos, live performances, and previously unreleased material.
    Remastered sound.
    New liner notes written by Elvis Costello himself.
    Complete lyrics.
    Archival photos and reproductions of memorabilia.
    If the punk revolution is remembered for one great singer-songwriter, it would have to be Elvis Costello. Linked with the punks by way of his sharp tongue and relentless energy, Costello forged a truly eclectic career through a series of astonishing creative leaps. Whether rocking or crooning, he left no doubt that the magic lay in the power of his pen.

    Born in London in 1954 as Declan MacManus, Elvis Costello would work as a computer programmer and folk-club performer before signing to independent label Stiff and releasing his first single, "Less Than Zero." Costello's debut album, My Aim Is True, was released in 1977 as his final Stiff single, "Watching The Detectives," took hold on the charts. His long-standing band The Attractions was formed for the next album, This Year's Model, which furthered Costello's success and cemented his critical reputation.

    Over the course of more than two decades, Elvis Costello put an indelible stamp on pop music, bringing a profound lyrical weight to every stylistic excursion. From the country covers of 1981's Almost Blue, to the sprawling adventures of 1989's Spike, to the end-of-the-century collaborations with Burt Bacharach, a picture emerges of an artist who simply refuses to repeat himself.

    CD 1:

    01. Brilliant Mistake
    02. Lovable
    03. Our Little Angel
    04. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
    05. Glitter Gulch
    06. Indoor Fireworks
    07. Little Palaces
    08. I’ll Wear It Proudly
    09. American Without Tears
    10. Eisenhower Blues
    11. Poisoned Rose
    12. The Big Light
    13. Jack Of All Parades
    14. Suit Of Lights
    15. Sleep Of The Just

    CD 2:

    01. Having It All (solo demo) (Previously Unreleased)
    02. Suffering Face (solo demo)
    03. Deportee (solo demo) (Previously Unreleased)
    04. Indoor Fireworks (solo demo) (Previously Unreleased)
    05. I Hope You’re Happy Now (solo)
    06. Poisoned Rose (solo demo) (Previously Unreleased)
    07. I’ll Wear It Proudly (solo demo) (Previously Unreleased)
    08. Jack Of All Parades (solo demo) (Previously Unreleased)
    09. The People’s Limousine (Coward Brothers single)
    10. They’ll Never Take Her Love From Me (Coward Brothers single)
    11. King Of Confidence (band outtake)
    12. Shoes Without Heels (band outtake)
    13. End Of The Rainbow (solo demo) (Previously Unreleased)
    14. Betrayal (band outtake) (Previously Unreleased)
    15. That’s How You Got Killed Before (live)
    16. The Big Light (live)
    17. It Tears Me Up (live)
    18. The Only Daddy That’ll Walk The Line (live)
    19. Your Mind Is On Vacation-Your Funeral And My Trial (live)
    20. That’s How You Got Killed Before (live)
    21. True Love Ways (live) (Previously Unreleased)

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    THE FALL - the complete peel sessions 1978 - 2004 6 CD CASTLE CMXBX982 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 25.04.2005

    6-CD album set collects together all 24 sessions recorded for the John Peel show over a 26 year period, the vast majority of the material here is being released for the first time, presented in a brick format box complete with a 30 page booklet containg rare phots and full session annotation.

    CD 1:

    01. Futures And Pasts
    02. Mother-Sister!
    03. Rebellious Jukebox
    04. Industrial Estate
    05. Put Away
    06. Mess Of My
    07. No Xmas For John Quays
    08. Like To Blow
    09. Container Drivers
    10. Jawbone And The Air Rifle
    11. New Puritan
    12. New Face In Hell
    13. Middlemass
    14. Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul
    15. Hip Priest
    16. C'N'C - Hassle Schmuck

    CD 2:

    01. Deer Park
    02. Look, Know
    03. Winter
    04. Who Makes The Nazis?
    05. Smile
    06. Garden
    07. Hexen Definitive - Strife Knot
    08. Eat Y'self Fitter
    09. Pat Trip Dispenser
    10. 2 X 4
    11. Words Of Expectation
    12. C.R.E.E.P.

    CD 3:

    01. Cruiser's Creek
    02. Couldn't Get Ahead
    03. Spoilt Victorian Child
    04. Gut Of The Quantifier
    05. L.A.
    06. The Man Whose Head Expanded
    07. What You Need
    08. Faust Banana
    09. Hot Aftershave Bop
    10. R.O.D.
    11. Gross Chapel - GB Grenadiers
    12. US 80's - 90's
    13. Athlete Cured
    14. Australians In Europe
    15. Twister
    16. Guest Informant

    CD 4:

    01. Deadbeat Descendant
    02. Cab It Up
    03. Squid Lord
    04. Kurious Oranj
    05. Chicago Now
    06. Black Monk Theme
    07. Hilary
    08. Whizz Bang
    09. The War Against Intelligence
    10. Idiot Joy Showland
    11. A Lot Of Wind
    12. The Mixer

    CD 5:

    01. Free Range
    02. Kimble
    03. Immortality
    04. Return
    05. Ladybird (Green Grass)
    06. Strychninie
    07. Service
    08. Paranoia Man In Cheap Sh't Room
    09. M5
    10. Behind The Counter
    11. Reckoning
    12. Hey! Student
    13. Glam Racket - Star
    14. Jingle Bell Rock
    15. Hark The Herald Angels Sing
    16. Numb At The Lodge
    17. He Pep!
    18. Oleano
    19. Chilinist
    20. The City Never Sleeps
    21. DIY Meat
    22. Spinetrak
    23. Spencer
    24. Beatle Bones 'N' Smokin' Stones

    CD 6:

    01. Calendar
    02. Touch Sensitive
    03. Masquerade
    04. Jungle Rock
    05. Bound Soul One
    06. Antidotes
    07. Shake-Off
    08. This Perfect Day
    09. Theme From Sparta F.C.
    10. Contraflow
    11. Groovin' With Mr Bloe - Green-Eyed Loco Man
    12. Mere Pseud Mag. Ed.
    13. Clasp Hands
    14. Blindness
    15. What About Us
    16. Wrong Place, Right Time - I Can Hear The Grass Grow

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    MARTHA AND THE MUFFINS - this is the ice age EMI CANADA 724386073921 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 12.04.2005

    Originally released in 1981, the second Martha & The Muffins release, produced by Martha And The Muffins and Daniel Lanois (U2, Robbie Robertson) features the classics "Women Around The World At Work", "You Sold The Cottage". Now re-mastered with two additional previously un-released bonus tracks. The band's recent re-united performance of "reinterpretations' from the M+M songbook in Toronto this February marked the first time in 17 years where they had performed a full set of M+M songs since 1987!

    01. Swimming
    02. Women Around The World At Work
    03. Casualties Of Glass
    04. Boy Without Filters
    05. Jets Seem Slower In London's Skies
    06. This Is The Ice Age
    07. One Day In Paris
    08. You Sold The Cottage
    09. Three Hundred Years
    10. Chemistry


    11. I'm No Good At Conversation
    12. Twentytwo in Cincinnati

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    ERIC B. & RAKIM - paid in full (Expanded Edition) GEFFEN RECORDS 000432302 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 26.04 2005

    Personnel: Rakim (raps), Eric B. (scratches). Recorded at Power Play Studios, New York. Liner Note Author: Tom Terrell. Recording information: 4th & B'Way, New York, NY (1987); Power Play, New York, NY (1987). PAID IN FULL is perhaps the most important album of the middle-school era of hip-hop--"I Know You Got Soul," "I Ain't No Joke," and "Eric B. Is President" are as classic as hip-hop songs get. Eric B. & Rakim pioneered the minimalist sound that would form the new-school of hip-hop aesthetics with Eric B.'s innovative distillation of James Brown samples to pure drum and bass line splendor and Rakim's narcissistic monotonal lyrical bombast. The title cut forwarded the manifesto that all others in hip-hop were to follow: the eternal search for dead presidents.

    01. I Ain't No Joke
    02. Eric B. Is On The Cut
    03. My Melody
    04. I Know You Got Soul
    05. Move The Crowd
    06. Paid In Full
    07. As The Rhythm Goes On
    08. Chinese Arithmetic
    09. Eric B. Is President
    10. Extended Beat


    11. As The Rhyme Goes On - (Radio mix)
    12. Paid In Full - (Mini Madness: The Coldcut remix)

    ERIC B. & RAKIM - follow the leader (Expanded Edition) GEFFEN RECORDS 000432402 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 26.04.2005

    Eric B. & Rakim: Rakim (rap); Eric B. (scratches). Additional personnel: Stevie Blass Griffin (various instruments). Recorded at Power Play Studio, New York. Personnel: Eric B., Rakim. Recording information: Power Play Studios, New York, New York (1988). New York team who met in 1985 and have gone on to become an important duo in Rap's short history. Their debut album, PAID IN FULL, caused great legal waves via its explicit use of samples (Eric B is often credited with putting the funk back into rap music via his James Brown signatures). Rakim was responsible for introducing a more relaxed, intuitive delivery which was a distinct advance on the thumping bravado of Run DMC and LL Cool J, and is best sampled on this influential and instructive album. The title track, "Lyrics Of Fury" and "Microphone Fiend" provided the fullest possible evidence of the duo's skill.

    01. Follow The Leader
    02. Microphone Fiend
    03. Lyrics Of Fury
    04. Eric B. Never Scared
    05. Just A Beat
    06. Put Your Hands Together
    07. To The Listeners
    08. No Competition
    09. The R
    10. Musical Massacre
    11. Beats For The Listeners


    12. The R - (Extended remix)
    13. Microphone Fiend - (Extended remix)
    14. Put Your Hands Together - (Fan Force mix)

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    In the brief respite after punk's first rush wore off and before Saturday Night Disco Fever properly set in, a number of groups, among them Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, The Pop Group, and 23 Skidoo, emerged from the shadows to occupy the middle ground. Though their tenure was mostly kept deliberately short, their impact was profound. Filtering influences as diverse as Stockhausen, Can, early Roxy Music, Velvet Underground and James Brown through various tape and electronic devices, they have in turn infiltrated all manner of heresies and subversions into the often conservative territory of dance music.

    01. Sensoria
    02. Digital Rasta
    03. Kind
    04. Ruthless
    05. Sleep Walking
    06. Big Funk
    07. The Operative
    08. You Like To Torment Me
    09. Hey! Hey!
    10. We’ve Got Heart
    11. 5ex Money Freaks
    12. I Want You
    13. Doom Zoom

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