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Zeige Ergebnis 331 bis 340 von 1916

Neue RE-RELEASES von 80er-Alben

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    MECANO - aidalai BMG SPAIN 828767192529 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 25.08.2005

    01. El Fallo Positivo
    02. El Uno, el Dos, el Tres
    03. Bailando Salsa
    04. El 7 de Septiembre
    05. Naturaleza Muerta
    06. 1917
    07. Rosa Es Una Rosa
    08. El Lago Artificial
    09. Tu
    10. Dalai Lama
    11. El Peón del Rey de Negras
    12. J.C.
    13. Sentia


    14. El 7 De Septiembre (Versión Acustica)

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    Fra Lippo Lippi is the duo that was founded by Rune Kristoffersen (Rune Grammofon) in 1979. This release contains their two first albums, In Silence (1981) and Small Mercies (1983) as well as two instrumental b-sides, everything remastered.

    Before he stole my heart as the head of Norway’s Rune Grammofon records, Rune Kristoffersen was a constituent part of lost ’80s popsters Fra Lippo Lippi. As a sidebar to his aforementioned label, Kristoffersen recently started a subsidiary called Rune Arkiv to re-release some of the duo’s works, most of which are long out of print everywhere in the world save for Norway and the Philippines (where they are apparently, oddly, and almost inexplicably frickin’ huge). Given both Rune Grammofon’s collected output from people as diverse and exemplary as Supersilent, Maja Ratjke, Arne Nordheim, and Kristoffersen’s great solo outings under the Monolight moniker, rational logic would sort of indicate that The Best of Fra Lippo Lippi and The Early Years could be a great look at the formative years of the man behind some of the best experimental/electronic/improv/classical music releases of the past few years. Unfortunately, logic and reason get tossed out of a 60-story window on this one. At their best, Fra Lippo Lippi was an interesting post-punk derived combo. But at their worst (and at their height of commercial success, obviously), they’re over-produced, purely banal, and utterly cringeworthy.

    To be fair, The Early Years is pretty decent, especially when stacked up against the dreck of their “hits” collection. In Silence, from 1981, marks the debut of a band obviously influenced by the doom and gloom of the Factory Records camp from around the same time. “Out of the Ruins” sports a nice bass-driven groove, followed up by “In Silence” and its skyward synth. “Recession” is pretty good as well, with a bare-bones bass and toms simplicity that’s pretty endearing. The duo spends the rest of the album working minor variations on these themes and sounds, with Kristofferson handling the vocals with a deeply buried baritone. Towards the end of the second act it starts to wear, as the band loses the ability to make their despair swing with any of the conviction of Ian Curtis and Co. Still, the tracks at least showed some promise. Unfortunately, Kristofferson and drummer Martin Sjoberg opted to hire singer-songwriter Per Oystein Sorensen with the initial fruits of their labor born as Small Mercies. And thus began the gradual process of transition, eliminating all the stark, gray elements shown earlier in favor of thin pop tunes with disco beats and a whole lot of over-emoting. If you don’t listen to the lyrics, tracks like “Some Things Never Change”, “The Treasure”, and “Now and Forever” aren’t half-bad, as Sorensen’s vocals are still somewhat muted by reverb and sound like a more up-front version of Kristofferson’s efforts from the first album. And “French Painter Dead” is a surprisingly effective instrumental.

    The Best of Fra Lippo Lippi sadly strips away all the intrigue of the earlier material. Instead of darker instrumentals foreshadowing denser moods and textures, you get crystal clear, over-produced (or maybe ’twas simply the style at the time) radio-ready pop schmaltz. For Christ’s sake, Walter-fucking-Becker not only produced a track here, but adds his “jazz guitar as the ultimate soundtrack to a dentist’s visit” on it as well. I could go on for hours about the dippy, cliché cul-de-sacs that the lyrics sink themselves into, but I’ll spare you. Essentially, Fra Lippo Lippi worked the whole Joy Division-into-New Order transition from gloomy, downtrodden rock to catchy New Wave pop with half the conviction and absolutely zero great dance beats. And what isn’t forgettable here is instead mired in overwrought vocals and boring arrangements.

    But hey, maybe it’s just me. After all, I’m not one for this type of material to begin with, nor are my ears easily attuned to glossy pop music (save for modern rap radio programming, of course). Those enticed by the allure of the recent Rune Grammofon output will most likely be disappointed, as there are precious few moments of promise on The Early Years, and even less on the conspicuous Best of. Then again, maybe it’s just that thousands upon thousands of Filipinos are hip to something that I sadly am not. They did, after all, convince me to give General MacArthur another shot.

    01. Some Things Never Change
    02. A Small Mercy
    03. Barrier
    04. Sense Of Doubt
    05. The Treasure
    06. Slow Sway
    07. Now And Forever
    08. French Painter Dead
    09. Out Of The Ruins
    10. A Moment Like This
    11. In Silence
    12. Recession
    13. The Inside Veil
    14. I Know
    15. Quiet
    16. Lost
    17. In A Little Room
    18. An Idéa

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    KID CREOLE AND THE COCONUTS - in praise of old woman and other crimes WOUNDED BIRD RECORDS WOU-5298 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 02.08.2005

    01. Endicott
    02. Particularly In'rested
    03. Name It
    04. Darlin' You Can Take Me
    05. Luv Got Me Dancin' On My Knees
    06. Caroline Was A Drop-Out
    07. He Can Have You
    08. The Animal Cop
    09. Dowopsalsaboprock
    10. You Can't Keep A Good Man Down

    KID CREOLE AND THE COCONUTS - i, too, have to seen the woods WOUNDED BIRD RECORDS WOU-5579 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 02.08.2005

    01. Buttermilk Channel
    02. Part Of My Design
    03. Agony...Ecstasy
    04. Dancin' At The Bain Douches
    05. El Hijo
    06. Cold Wave
    07. So Far So Good
    08. Midsummer Madness
    09. Consider Me
    10. Boxed Out
    11. Call It A Day

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    01. Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy
    02. I'm Not Your Daddy
    03. I'm A Wonderful Thing
    04. Baby
    05. Imitation
    06. I'm Corrupt
    07. Loving You Made A Fool Out Of Me
    08. Stool Pigeon
    09. Love We Have, The
    10. No Fish Today

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    MINK DE VILLE - coup de grâce DBK WORKS DBK 519 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 26.07.2005

    01. Just Give Me One Good Reason
    02. Help Me Make It (Power Of A Woman?s Love)
    03. Maybe Tomorrow
    04. Teardrops Must Fall
    05. You Better Move On
    06. Love And Emotion
    07. So In Love Are We
    08. Love Me Like You Did Before
    09. She Was Made In Heaven
    10. End Of The Line

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    PAT METHENY & ORNETTE COLEMAN - song x (Twentieth Anniversary) NONESUCH VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 09.08.2005

    This updated version of Song X is truly a breathtaking expansion of the original work, opening with six unreleased tracks from the original sessions. Bassist Charlie Haden, who had previously recorded individually with Coleman and Metheny, had brought the pair together, and he's featured on Song X, along with drummer Jack DeJohnette and percussionist Denardo Coleman, Ornette's son. With this new edition of Song X, Metheny pauses to look back at his impressive catalogue while continuing to move forward in unexpected new directions.

    01. Police People (BONUS-TRACK)
    02. All of Us (BONUS-TRACK)
    03. Good Life (BONUS-TRACK)
    04. Word From Bird (BONUS-TRACK)
    05. Compute (BONUS-TRACK)
    06. Veil (BONUS-TRACK)
    07. Song X
    08. Mob Job
    09. Endangered Species
    10. Video Games
    11. Kathelin Gray
    12. Trigonometry
    13. Song X Duo
    14. Long Time No See

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    DEODATO - knights of fantasy / night cruiser WOUNDED BIRD RECORDS WOU-3321 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 02.08.2005

    2 LPs on 1 CD: KNIGHTS OF FANTASY (1979)/NIGHT CRUISER (1980)

    01. Knights Of Fantasy
    02. Space Dust/Sherlock
    03. Shazam
    04. Bachmania
    05. Knight Of Fantasy
    06. Lovely Lady
    07. Night Cruiser
    08. East Side Stgrut
    09. Skatin'
    10. Uncle Funk
    11. Love Magic
    12. Groovitation

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    DEODATO - happy hour / motion WOUNDED BIRD RECORDS WOU-3649 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 02.08.2005

    2 LPs on 1 CD: HAPPY HOUR (1982)/MOTION (1984)

    01. Happy Hour
    02. Keep On Movin'
    03. Just This One Night
    04. Tears Of A Clown
    05. Sweet Magic
    06. Keep It In The Family
    07. I Never Get Enough
    08. Motion
    09. S.O.S.
    10. Fire In The Sky
    11. Never Knew Love
    12. Bus Stop
    13. Motion
    14. Are You For Real
    15. Make You Feel Good

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    Three live albums that capture synth pioneer Gary Numan at the peak of his powers, Living Ornaments '79, '80 and '81 - the first two recorded at Hammersmith Odeon, the third an epic ‘farewell’ to the fans staged at Wembley Arena – are triumphant testaments to entertaining rock largesse.
    Nothing wrong with ’79, exactly – within, there’s fine takes on early Numan staples "Cars", "Are Friends Electric?", and "M.E". But it’s the other two that ought to be big news for Numan fans. ’80 will spark the plugs of the obsessives: over double the length of the lacklustre ten-track effort that first emerged in the Spring of ’81, it completes the full performance using some recently rediscovered, digitally remastered footage taken direct from the mixing desk. Meanwhile, ‘81 is probably the pick of the bunch. Blessed with an expansive sound, and captured shortly before Numan started to lose control of his unstable muse, it sees him survey the landscape of Replicas, The Pleasure Principle, and Telekon with imperious poise and immaculate showmanship. The only regret is that you can’t see the elaborate stage-set.

    GARY NUMAN - living ornaments ´79 2 CD BEGGARS BANQUET BEGA155CD VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 01.08.2005

    CD 1:

    01. Intro
    02. Airplane
    03. Me I disconnect from you
    04. Cars
    05. M.E.
    06. You Are in My Vision
    07. Somethings in the House
    08. Random
    09. Everyday I Die
    10. Conversation
    11. We Are So Fragile

    CD 2:

    01. Bombers
    02. Remember I was vapour
    03. On broadway
    04. Dream poice
    05. Films
    06. Metal
    07. Down in the park
    08. My shadow in vain
    09. Are friends electric?
    10. Tracks
    11. Bombers
    12. Remember I Was Vapour
    13. On Broadway
    14. Dream Police
    15. Films
    16. Metal
    17. Down in the Park
    18. My Shadow in Vain
    19. Are 'Friends' Electric?
    20. Tracks

    GARY NUMAN - living ornaments ´80 2 CD BEGGARS BANQUET BEGA156CD VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 01.08.2005

    CD 1:

    01. This Wreckage
    02. I Die You Die
    03. M.E.
    04. Everyday I Die
    05. Down In The Park
    06. Remind Me To Smile
    07. The Joy Circuit
    08. Tracks
    09. Are Friends Electric?
    10. We Are Glass
    11. This Wreckage
    12. Remind Me To Smile
    13. Complex
    14. Telekon

    CD 2:

    01. Me! I Disconnect From You
    02. Cars
    03. Conversation
    04. Airlane
    05. M.E.
    06. Everyday I Die
    07. Remember I Was Vapour
    08. Stories
    09. Are ‘Friends’ Electric?
    10. The Joy Circuit
    11. I Die You Die
    12. I Dream Of Wires
    13. Down In The Park
    14. Tracks
    15. We Are Glass

    GARY NUMAN - living ornaments ´81 2 CD BEGGARS BANQUET BEGA157CD VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 01.08.2005

    CD 1:

    01. Intro/This Wreckage
    02. Remind Me to Smile
    03. Metal
    04. Me! I Disconnect from You
    05. Complex
    06. Aircrash Bureau
    07. Airplane
    08. M.E.
    09. Everyday I Die
    10. Films
    11. Remember I Was Vapour
    12. Trois Gymnopedies (First Movement)
    13. Conversation

    CD 2:

    01. She's Got Claws
    02. Cars
    03. I Dream of Wires
    04. I'm an Agent
    05. Joy of Circuit
    06. I Die: You Die
    07. Cry the Clock Said
    08. Tracks
    09. Down in the Park
    10. My Shadow in Vain
    11. Please Push No More
    12. Are "Friends" Electric?
    13. We Are Glass/Outro

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    The solo albums Agnetha released between 1981 and 1985 to be re-issued with bonus tracks.

    During her years as a Polar Music recording artist, Agnetha Fältskog released three solo albums. Although the albums have been available on CD before, in August they will be re-released with digitally remastered sound and bonus tracks.

    Strictly speaking, the Swedish-language Christmas album Nu tändas tusen juleljus ("Now A Thousand Christmas Candles Are Being Lit") was a “duet” project, as Agnetha and seven-year-old daughter teamed up to form a temporary duo. The album was recorded in November 1980, but wasn’t released until almost a year later, in October 1981.

    Agnetha’s first English-language solo album was the Mike Chapman-produced Wrap Your Arms Around Me, released in 1983. This CD reissue features a number of bonus tracks, out of which the hit single duet with Tomas Ledin, ‘Never Again’, and its Spanish-language version, 'Ya Nunca Más', are the only ones to have been previously available on CD. The following bonus selections are released on CD for the first time: the single A- and B-sides ‘It’s So Nice To Be Rich’ (the original full-length single version) and ‘P&B’, along with the extended 12-inch version of ‘The Heat Is On’ (named 'Super Dance Music Mix' on the original Swedish 12-inch single and also on this CD reissue).

    The third album in this reissue program is Eyes Of A Woman, produced by Eric Stewart and originally released in 1985. The featured bonus tracks are the single B-sides ‘You’re There’ and ‘Turn The World Around’, along with the Agnetha and Ola Håkansson duets released on a 1986 single: ‘The Way You Are’ and ‘Fly Like The Eagle’. The 12-inch version of ’I Won’t Let You Go’, which is also a bonus track, has never been released on CD.

    The three Agnetha CDs are presently scheduled for release on August 14, 2005. This release date applies to Sweden, please consult your local CD store for details on the release dates in your territory.

    AGNETHA FÄLTSKOG - nu tändas tusen juleljus POLAR / UNIVERSAL Polar 986 876-5 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 14.08.2005

    01. Nej se det snöar
    02. Bjällerklang
    03. Nu tändas tusen juleljus
    04. Två små röda luvor
    05. Nu står jul vid snöig port
    06. Jag såg mamma kyssa tomten
    07. När juldagsmorgon glimmar
    08. Poptpurri:
    a. Nu har vi ljus här i vårt hus
    b. Tre små pepparkaksgubbar
    c. Räven raskar över isen
    d. Vi äro musikanter
    e. Hej tomtegubbar
    f. Jungfru jungfru kär
    g. Nu är det jul igen
    09. Hej mitt vinterland
    10. Så milt lyser stjärnan
    11. Mössens julafton
    12. När det lider mot jul

    AGNETHA FÄLTSKOG - wrap your arms around me POLAR / UNIVERSAL Polar 986 876-9 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 14.08.2005

    01. The Heat Is On
    02. Can’t Shake Loose
    03. Shame
    04. Stay
    05. Once Burned, Twice Shy
    06. Mr. Persuasion
    07. Wrap Your Arms Around Me
    08. To Love
    09. I Wish Tonight Could Last Forever
    10. Man
    11. Take Good Care Of Your Children
    12. Stand By My Side


    13. Never Again
    14. It’s So Nice To Be Rich
    15. P&B
    16. The Heat Is On (Super Dance Music Mix)
    17. Ya Nunca Más

    AGNETHA FÄLTSKOG - eyes of a woman POLAR / UNIVERSAL Polar 986 878-4 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 14.08.2005

    01. One Way Love
    02. Eyes Of A Woman
    03. Just One Heart
    04. I Won’t Let You Go
    05. The Angels Cry
    06. Click Track
    07. We Should Be Together
    08. I Won’t Be Leaving You
    09. Save Me Why Don’t Ya
    10. I Keep Turning Off Lights
    11. We Move As One


    12. You’re There
    13. Turn The World Around
    14. I Won’t Let You Go (Extended Version)
    15. The Way You Are
    16. Fly Like The Eagle

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