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Neue RE-RELEASES von 80er-Alben

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    ELAINE PAIGE - elaine paige WARNER 2292462042 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 12.09.2005

    Digitally remastered reissue of the great British theater star's second solo album (from 1982), her first after conquering the theatre world with her outstanding performance in the original UK cast of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Evita". Standout tracks include her rendition of Felice and Boudleaux Bryant's "So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)", Paul Simon's "How The Heart Approaches What It Yearns" and many more.

    01. If You Don't Want My Love For You
    02. Far Side Of The Bay
    03. So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)
    04. Secrets
    05. I Want To Marry You
    06. Second Time
    07. Falling Down To Earth
    08. Hot As Sun
    09. Last One To Leave
    10. How The Heart Approaches What It Yearns
    11. Miss My Love Today

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    RICHARD SANDERSON - dreams are my reality EDEL VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 02.09.2005

    RE-RELEASE des albums songs for lovers (1981) plus reality.

    01. Reality
    02. Lovely lady
    03. Song for A.
    04. Affective girl
    05. Sun
    06. Close the gate
    07. When I'm in love
    08. Marathon man
    09. She's a lady
    10. Junie bug
    11. The hotel

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    Mercyful Fate: King Diamond (vocals); Hank Sherman, Michael Denner (guitar); Timi Grabber (bass); Kim Ruzz (drums). Recorded at Easy Sound Recording, Copenhagen, Denmark in July 1983. Includes liner notes by Don Kaye. Digitally remastered by Chris Gehringer (The Hit Factory, New York, New York). This release includes a bonus DVD. Mercyful Fate: King Diamond (vocals); Hank Shermann, Michael Denner (guitar); Timi Grabber (bass guitar); Kim Ruzz (drums). Recording information: Dynamo, Eindhoven, Holland (1983). One of the most important metal bands of the 1980s, Mercyful Fate took the gloom and doom of Black Sabbath, infused it with the faster tempos of Judas Priest, and added the complexity of prog rock. Meshing the sinister riffs and vibrant guitar harmonies of Michael Denner and Hank Shermann with the sterling rhythm section of bassist Timi Hansen and drummer Kim Ruzz, then topping it all off with the ghostly baritone and infamous falsetto of King Diamond, Denmark's renowned Satanic quintet took dark metal to a whole new level. Five-minute gems like "Evil" and "At The Sound Of The Demon Bell" feature enough ideas for two separate numbers apiece, with the band creatively using unexpected rhythmic and dynamic changes and unconventional song structures. The album's standout is the radical epic "Satan's Fall," which exceeds 11 minutes and only repeats the introductory section twice, with every new movement presenting something new. But even on the short and sweet "Black Funeral," Mercyful Fate make the most of the material. Even if one cannot get past Diamond's Satanic lyrical musings, the band's music makes for a potent listening experience, one that can certainly grow addicting for those who prefer their metal black, heavy, and intricate.

    01. Evil
    02. Curse Of The Pharaohs
    03. Into The Coven
    04. At The Sound Of The Demon Bell
    05. Black Funeral
    06. Satan's Fall
    07. Melissa


    08. Black Masses
    09. Curse Of The Pharobs (BBC Radio 1 Session)
    10. Evil (BBC Radio 1 Session)
    11. Stan's Fall (BBC Radio 1 Session)
    12. Curse Of The Pharaobs - (Demo)
    13. Black Funeral - (Demo)

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    HUMAN LEAGUE - hysteria CAROLINE 6884991 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 06.09.2005

    1981's worldwide smash DARE! was a difficult record to follow up, and the Human League waited too long. Following the excellent stopgap EP FASCINATION, the band finally reappeared in the spring of 1984 with HYSTERIA, a worthy follow-up which took the highest points of DARE! and added just enough new wrinkles to keep from sounding like a mere retread. The sly "Don't You Know I Want You" is a tongue-in-cheek example. The harsher "The Lebanon" even introduces guitar to the band's synthesizer sound, but it's touching ballads like "Life on Your Own" and "Louise" which have the biggest impact. (Unfortunately, the remake of "I Love You Too Much," which had appeared in a far superior version on FASCINATION, is something of a botch.) HYSTERIA is a fine synthpop album, but by 1984, the year of the first Smiths album and other indie guitar breakthroughs, the Human League seemed old hat.

    01. I'm Coming Back
    02. I Love You Too Much
    03. Rock Me Again And Again And Again And Again And Again And Again (Six Times)
    04. Louise
    05. The Lebanon
    06. Betrayed
    07. The Sign
    08. So Hurt
    09. Life On Your Own
    10. Don't You Know I Want You


    11. Thirteen - (from "The Lebanon" 12")
    12. The World Tonight - (from "Life On Your Own" 12")
    13. The Lebanon - (Extended Version from "The Lebanon" 12")
    14. Life On Your Own - (Extended Version from "Life On Your Own" 12")
    15. The Sign - (Extended Version from the "Louise" 12")

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    ALASKA Y LOS PEGAMOIDES - mundo indómito / llegando hasta el final 2 CD SUBTERFUGE VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 12.09.2005

    CD 1:

    - mundo indómito

    01. Terror en el hipermercado
    02. Odio
    03. Bote de Colón
    04. Otra dimensión
    05. Quiero salir
    06. Secretos de belleza
    07. Tokyo
    08. Redrum
    09. La tribu de las Chochoni
    10. Vértigo
    11. ¿Qué piensas de los insectos?
    12. Estrategia militar
    13. Vicky
    14. La rebelión de los electrodomésticos
    15. Mundo indómito (The Untamed World)
    16. No sé por qué
    17. Bailando
    18. Rosa y verde
    19. Doctor Spock "Where's Captain Kirk"
    20. Decídete
    21. Muy cerca de ti
    22. Apariciones
    23. Las moscas
    24. Dan las doce
    25. Recuerda
    26. Cristal blindado
    27. Caras pintadas
    28. La casa de la imperfección

    CD 2:

    - llegando hasta el final

    01. Odio
    02. Dan las doce
    03. Secretos de belleza
    04. Recuerda
    05. La tribu de las Chochoni
    06. Redrum
    07. La línea se cortó, no sé por qué
    08. Cristal blindado
    09. Otra dimensión
    10. Caras pintadas
    11. Bote de Colón
    12. El jardín
    13. La rebelión de los electrodomésticos
    14. Bailando
    15. Estrategia militar

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    SHOWADDYWADDY - good times 7Ts / CHERRY RED / ROUGH TRADE 377.0420.2 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 12.09.2005

    • This is the first time on CD for "Good Times" - Showaddywaddy’s seventh studio album featuring the original line-up of Dave Bartram (lead vocals), Trevor Oakes (guitar), Romeo Challenger (drums), Rod Deas (bass), Malcolm ‘The Duke’ Allured (drums), Bill ‘Buddy’ Gask (vocals), Russ Field (lead guitar) & Al James (bass).
    • As fans of the band had come to expect by now, the songs were a classy mixture of original compositions and covers, with Sam Cooke’s ‘Shake’ being one of the finest performances on record by the band, closely followed by the raw and energetic title track and ‘Weekend’. Their own songs were up to their usual high standard too: ‘Gypsy Rose-Lee’, ‘You Always Stand Me Up’ and ‘Pretty Little One’ proudly stood alongside the classics and made the band sound fresher than a group in their eighth year could realistically be expected to. Many fans also rated the string-laden ballad ‘I Don’t Like Rock & Roll No More’ as one of the stronger album tracks released by Showaddywaddy.

    • Also included on this re-issue (as bonus tracks) are the B-sides of the ‘Multiplication’ (5th June 1981) and ‘Footsteps’ (6th November 1981) singles: ‘I Wish That I Could Undo All The Bad That I Have Done’ and ‘Tribute’.

    01. Multiplication
    02. Pretty Little One
    03. Ally-Oop
    04. Footsteps
    05. Gypsy Rose Lee
    06. Good Timing
    07. Party Time
    08. Shake
    09. C'mon Everybody
    10. You Always Stand Me Up
    11. Weekend
    12. Don't Like Rock N Roll No More
    13. Good Times


    14. I Wish That I Could Undo All The Bad That I Have Done
    15. Tribute

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    CD 1:

    01. Loudness
    02. Rock Shock
    03. Dark Desire
    04. Streetlife Dreams
    05. Crazy Doctor
    06. Geraldine
    07. Bass Solo-Drum Solo
    08. Shadows Of War (Ashes In The Sky)

    CD 2:

    01. Let It Go
    02. One Thousand Eyes
    03. Face To Face
    04. Ares' Lament
    05. In The Mirror
    06. Guitar Solo
    07. Crazy Night
    08. Speed
    09. Farewell

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    DIO - holy diver MERCURY / UNIVERSAL 9830994 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 26.09.2005

    Dio's classic album from 1983 has been completely remastered and boasts a new interview with Ronnie James Dio conducted by Paul Suter at Ronnie's home studio in July 2005. There aren't many singers who can claim to have been involved with a classic album; Ronnie James Dio has put his stamp on three! Between 1976-1983, the year that "Holy Diver" hit the fan, he found himself at the mic. for some of the finest moments in hard rock history; first there was Rainbow's "Rising" album (1976) the Black Sabbath's "Heaven And Hell" (1980), then "Holy Diver" (1983), the latter showing that when it came to the epic sweep, the grand musical gesture, Dio really was The Man (On The Silver Mountain).

    Die Geschichte des Musikers Ronald Padavona (geb. 10. Juli 1949), der unter dem Pseudonym "Dio" bekannt werden sollte, reicht bis ins Jahr 1957 zurück, als er mit Schulfreunden die Band The Vegas Kings in's Leben ruft. Für uns wird Dio allerdings erst später interessant. Zeitsprung. Zusammen mit einem gewissen Nick Pantas gründet Dio die Band The Electric Elves, um sie kurz danach auf Elves zu reduzieren und dann in "Elf" zu transformieren. Auf der Suche nach einem Plattenvertrag hören Roger Glover und Ian Paice von Deep Purple die Band vorspielen und bieten ihnen an, ihre erste Platte zu produzieren. Aus dieser Zeit stammt der gute Draht zu Purple-Gitarrist Ritchie Blackmore. Mit jenem hebt Ronnie James Dio 1975 die Band Rainbow aus der Taufe. Das Ergebnis der Rainbow-Jahre sind vier qualitativ hochwertige Rockalben, die mittlerweile zu Klassikern avanciert sind.
    Nach dem Ausstieg bei Rainbow erhält Dio einen Anruf von Black Sabbath-Gitarrist Tony Iommi, der ihn als Ersatz für Ozzy Osbourne engagieren will. Dio nimmt das Angebot dankend an. Zwischen 1979 und 1982 singt Dio bei den Höllenrockern, bevor er auch dieses Kapitel abschließt und mit dem Sabbath-Drummer Vinnie Apice im Schlepptau "Dio" gründet. Ursprünglich war Dio nicht als Ronnies Soloprojekt geplant, hat sich aber im Laufe der Jahre dahingehend entwickelt.
    Die Musik der ersten Scheibe "Holy Diver" kann man als Melange aus Rainbow und Black Sabbath ansehen. Die textliche Seite steht ebenso in dieser Tradition, mystisch, geheimnisvoll und voller Rätsel, dafür ist Dio seit jeher bekannt. Die expressive Bildersprache gehört ebenso zu seinem Repertoir wie das Herumspielen mit okkulten und esoterischen Begriffen.

    Apropos, sein Faible für das Wort "Rainbow" ist in Fankreisen schon legendär. Auf unzähligen Platten und in noch mehr Liedern taucht immer wieder Der Regenbogen auf. Klar, dass man das auch humoristisch behandeln kann. (Siehe Surftipps) Böse Zungen können jetzt behaupten, dass der Platin-Erfolg des Debuts auf den Kontakt mit Dämonen und Geistern zurück zu führen sei, aber was übrig bleibt, ist reine Spekulation.

    In den Folgejahren ist die einzige Dio-Konstante die treue Fanschar, was man vom Line Up nicht gerade behaupten kann. Ronnie James wechselt die Musiker wie manche die Unterhose. Dies bleibt nicht ohne Wirkung auf die Musik. Hatte Dio Mitte der Achtziger noch fast Superstar-Status inne, sank der Stern der Band langsam, aber kontinuierlich, vor allem nach dem eher schwachen "Dream Evil".

    Nichtsdestotrotz ist Dio auch weiterhin musikalisch aktiv. Zwar nunmehr ohne monströse Bühnenaufbauten mit feuerspeienden Drachen und ähnlichem Schnickschnack, aber immer noch mit einem Repertoire im Gepäck, von dem andere Bands ihr Leben lang träumen.

    01. Stand Up And Shout
    02. Holy Diver
    03. Gypsy
    04. Caught In The Middle
    05. Don't Talk To Strangers
    06. Straight Through The Heart
    07. Invisible
    08. Rainbow In The Dark
    09. Shame On The Night


    10. Interview With Ronnie James Dio

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    Recorded 1981 at House Of Music, West Orange, New Jersey. Includes liner notes by Cleveland Brown & Harry Weinger. All tracks have been digitally remastered using 20-bit technology.

    01. Steppin' Out
    02. Good Time Tonight
    03. Take My Heart (You Can Have It If You Want It)
    04. Be My Lady
    05. Get Down On It
    06. Pass It On
    07. Stand Up And Sing
    08. No Show


    09. Stop!

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    RE-RELEASE des 1989er-albums.

    01. It's The Real Thing
    02. No More Tears
    03. Thank You Love
    04. Lay Your Troubles Down
    05. Precious
    06. Please Bring Your Love Back
    07. Menage A Trois
    08. I've Learned To Respect (The Power Of Love)
    09. I'll Never Be The Same

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