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Zeige Ergebnis 411 bis 420 von 1916

Neue RE-RELEASES von 80er-Alben

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    MOTÖRHEAD - ace of spades (Deluxe Edition) 2 CD SANCTUARY 86408 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 15.11.2005

    Includes liner notes by Steffan Chirazi. Feted by bikers, respected by punks, Motorhead exemplified rock's outlaw chic. On Ace Of Spades their speed-metal attack exploded with unparalleled fury. Thrashing guitars and primitive drums underpinned vocalist/bassist Lemmy, whose blooded-throat roar enhances the trio's aggression. Mind-numbingly basic and deafeningly loud, they savage rock's pomp and circumstance, rivalling 'Louie Louie' for simplicity and excitement. Chock-full of anthems for the dispossessed (witness '(We Are) The Road Crew'), Ace Of Spades is a classic of its genre. Motorhead exude the same cartoon personae as the Ramones, and as a result inspire a similar affection.

    CD 1:

    01. Ace Of Spades
    02. Love Me Like A Reptile
    03. Shoot You In The Back
    04. Live To Win
    05. Fast And Loose
    06. We Are The Roadcrew
    07. Fire, Fire
    08. Jailbait
    09. Dance
    10. Bite The Bullet
    11. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
    12. The Hammer

    CD 2:

    01. Dirty Love
    02. Ace Of Spades - (alternate outtake version)
    03. Love Me Like A Reptile - (alternate outtake version)
    04. Love Me Like A Reptile - (alternate outtake version)
    05. Shoot You In The Back - (alternate outtake version)
    06. Fast And Loose
    07. We Are The Roadcrew - (alternate outtake version)
    08. Fire Fire - (alternate outtake version)
    09. Jailbait - (alternate outtake version)
    10. The Hammer - (alternate outtake version)
    11. Dirty Love - (alternate outtake version)
    12. Dirty Love - (alternate outtake version)
    13. Fast And Loose
    14. Live And Win
    15. Bite The Bullet / The Chase Is Better Than The Catch

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    BILL NELSON - quit dreaming and get on the beam UNIVERSAL 9831025 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 14.11.2005

    01. Banal
    02. Living In My Limousine
    03. Vertical Games
    04. Disposible
    05. False Alarms
    06. Decline And Fall
    07. White Sound
    08. Life Runs Out Like Sand
    09. Kind Of Loving
    10. Do You Dream In Colour
    11. UHF
    12. Youth Of Nation On Fire
    13. Quit Dreaming And Get On The Beam


    14. Mr Magnetism Himself
    15. Living In My Limousine
    16. White Sounds
    17. Birds Of Tin
    18. Love In The Abstract
    19. Be My Dynamo
    20. Rooms With Brittle Views
    21. All My Wives Were Iron

    BILL NELSON - the love that whirls (diary of a thinking heart) UNIVERSAL 9831026 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 14.11.2005

    01. Empire Of The Senses
    02. Hope For A Heartbeat
    03. Waiting Of Voices
    04. Private View
    05. Eros Arriving
    06. Bride Of Christ In Autumn
    07. Flesh
    08. He And Sleep Were Brothers
    09. When Your Dream Of Perfect Beauty Comes True
    10. Flaming Desire
    11. Portrait Of Jan With Flowers
    12. Crystal Escalator In The Palace Of God
    13. Echo In Her Eyes
    14. The October Man


    15. Haunting In My Head
    16. Hope For A Heartbeat
    17. Passion

    BILL NELSON - chimera UNIVERSAL 9831027 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 14.11.2005

    01. Real Adventure
    02. Acceleration
    03. Everyday Feels Like Another New Drug
    04. Tender Is The Night
    05. Glow World
    06. Another Day Another Ray Of Hope


    07. Hard Facts From The Fiction Department
    08. Acceleration (Long Version)
    09. Acceleration (Dub Version)
    10. Acceleration (Short Version)

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    MOTÖRHEAD - iron first (Deluxe Edition) 2 CD SANCTUARY 86409 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 15.11.2005

    Motorhead includes: Lemmy Kilmister (vocals, bass); "Fast" Eddie Clarke. Recorded in January and February 1982. Includes liner notes by Steffan Chirazi. All tracks have been digitally remastered. Motorhead were riding high in the early-'80s, courtesy of such big U.K. hit albums as ACE OF SPADES and NO SLEEP 'TIL HAMMERSMITH, so there was no reason to worry about an imminent, career-threatening turmoil. Or so fans thought. Problems were brewing behind the scenes--longtime guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clarke would be exiting the band after only one more studio album, 1982's IRON FIST. Produced by Clarke himself, though it didn't achieve the instant classic status of the previous two, FIST kept Motorhead in the heavy metal spotlight. The title track remains a rapid fire Motorhead classic, while such oft-overlooked rockers as "Got To Hell" and "5ex and Outrage" proved to be highlights. By 1983, Motorhead announced the addition of a new (albeit short lived) line-up, featuring ex-Thin Lizzy guitar slinger Brian Robertson, while Clarke formed a new band, Fastway.

    CD 1:

    01. Iron Fist
    02. Heart Of Stone
    03. I'm The Doctor
    04. Go To Hell
    05. Loser
    06. 5ex And Outrage
    07. America
    08. Shut It Down
    09. Speedfreak
    10. Grind Ya Down, (Don't Let 'Em)
    11. Don't Need Religion
    12. Bang To Rights

    CD 2:

    01. Remember Me, I'm Gone - (live)
    02. Overkill - (live)
    03. Heart Of Stone - (live)
    04. Shoot You In The Back - (live)
    05. The Hammer - (live, TRUE instrumental)
    06. Jailbait - (live)
    07. America - (live)
    08. (Don't Need) Religion - (live)
    09. Capricorn - (live)
    10. (Don't Let 'Em) Grind Ya Down - (live)
    11. We Are The Roadcrew - (live)
    12. No Class - (live)
    13. Bite The Bullet - (live)
    14. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch - (live)
    15. Bomber - (live)

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    STING - bring on the night 2 CD & DVD UNIVERSAL 9833308 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 31.10.2005

    CD 1:

    01.Bring on the Night/When the World Is Running Down You Make the Best of
    02.Consider Me Gone
    03.Low Life
    04.We Work the Black Seam
    05.Driven to Tears
    06.Dream of the Blue Turtles/Demolition Man

    CD 2:

    01.One World (Not Three)/Love Is the Seventh Wave
    02.Moon Over Bourbon Street
    03.I Burn for You
    04.Another Day
    05.Children's Crusade
    06.I Been Down So Long
    07.Tea in the Sahara


    01. Bring On The Night / When The World Is Running Down Make The Best Of What's Still Around
    02. News Conference
    03. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
    04. Low Life
    05. Fortress Around Your Heart
    06. Love Is The Seventh Wave
    07. The Flintstones
    08. Another Day
    09. Shadows In The Rain
    10. Consider Me Gone
    11. Driven To Tears
    12. The Big Risk
    13. Opening Night
    14. Shadows In The Rain
    15. Fortress Around Your Heart
    16. We Work The Black Seam
    17. I Burn For You
    18. Children's Crusade
    19. Need Your Love So Bad
    20. Roxanne
    21. Russians
    22. I Been Down So Long
    23. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
    24. Demolition Man
    25. Message In A Bottle


    01. Bring On The Night - Music Video Directed by Donna Muir and Sue Huntley
    02. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free - Music Video Directed by Kevin Godley & Lol Crème
    03. Russians - Music Video Directed by Jean Baptiste Mondino
    04. Original Trailer
    05. Photo Gallery - Photography by Max Vadukul - Access the photo gallery manually OR select "Photo Gallery with Radio Spots" where the viewer will see a slideshow of the photos with the radio spots playing in the background

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    ALICE - capo nord EMI ITALY VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 21.10.2005

    01. Il vento caldo dell'estate
    02. Bazar
    03. Sara'
    04. Lenzuoli bianchi
    05. Una sera di novembre
    06. Sera
    07. Bael
    08. Rumba rock
    09. Guerriglia urbana

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    YELLO - yello remaster series VERTIGO / UNIVERSAL VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 28.10.2005

    Dieses exklusive und limitierte Boxset enthält in einem speziellen Schuber alle sechs Veröffentlichungen der "Yello Remaster series" (= die ersten sechs Alben und kompletten 80er Jahre von Yello):

    01. Solid Pleasure
    02. Claro Que Si
    03. You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess
    04. Stella
    05. One Second
    06. Flag

    "Yello Remaster Series" enthält neben den bekannten Songs und kompletten Alben, die digital von Boris Blank höchstpersönlich überarbeitet wurden, insgesamt 29 bisher unveröffentlichte, rare Bonustracks & Remixe. Ein aufwändiges Booklet erfreut das Sammlerherz mit seltenem Fotomaterial. Exklusive Linernotes stammen von Andy Gill (NME, Mojo, Q, The Independent, Autor der Bob Dylan Biografie "Don't think twice, it's all right"), Paul Lester (Uncut), Bernd Gockel (Rolling Stone Deutschland). Und die Aufmachnung im edlen DigiPak kann sich sehen lassen!

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    BILLY SQUIER - the tale of the tape ROCK CANDY CANDY008 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 24.10.2005

    Digitally remastered edition of Squier's solo debut album. It takes a brave man to go it alone, in music or in life, and with 'Tale Of The Tape' Boston-born Billy Squier showed he had sufficient backbone (and material) to put his own name squarely behind his songs. Produced by "prog. professor" Eddie Offord and featuring top names from the US East Coast rock fraternity (including guitarist Bruce Kulick, later to join Kiss), "Tale" was the record that established Squier as a singer/songwriter/guitarist of genuine stature. He would have bigger-selling albums, but none more influential, with "The Big Beat" now topping the list of most sampled songs ever; throw in numbers as downright potent as "Young Girls", Axl Rose fave "Calley O" and radio hit "You Should Be High Love" and you have an album that laid the foundations for a multi-platinum career that continues to this day.

    01. The Big Beat
    02. Calley Oh
    03. Rich Kid
    04. Like I'm Lovin' You
    05. Who Knows What A Love Can Do
    06. You Should Be High, Love
    07. Who's Your Boyfriend
    08. The Music's All Right
    09. Young Girls


    10. The Music's All Right (Demo)
    11. Young Girl (Demo)

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    auf manche remastered editions wartet man bis heute vergeblich, die firma UNIVERSAL hingegen bringt nach den 1997er-RE-RELEASES der ABC-alben 1-4 nun erneut remastered editions der alben 2-5 raus - zum NICE PRICE!

    ABC - beauty stab UNIVERSAL 9833782 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 14.11.2005

    01. That Was Then But This Is Now
    02. Love's A Dangerous Language
    03. If I Ever Thought You'd Be Lonely
    04. Power Of Persuasion
    05. Beauty Stab
    06. By Default By Design
    07. Hey Citizen
    08. King Money
    09. Bite The Hand
    10. Unzip
    11. SOS
    12. United Kingdom


    13. Vertigo
    14. Beauty Stab Selections
    15. That Was Then But This Is Now (Previously Unreleased Unedited Version)

    ABC - how to be a zillionaire UNIVERSAL 9833781 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 14.11.2005

    01. Fear Of The World
    02. Be Near Me
    03. Vanity Kills
    04. Ocean Blue
    05. 15 Storey Halo
    06. A To Z
    07. How To Be A Millionaire
    08. Tower Of London
    09. So Hip It Hurts
    10. Between You & Me


    11. How To Be A Trillionaire (Harajuku Mix) (Previously Unreleased )
    12. What's Your Destination?
    13. Vanity Kills (Us Remix)
    14. Vanity Kills (Abigail's Party Mix)
    15. Ocean Blue (Single Mix)
    16. Judy's Jewels
    17. Fear Of The World (In Cinemascope)
    18. Tower Of London (Instrumental)

    ABC - alphabet city UNIVERSAL 9833780 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 14.11.2005

    01. Avenue Z
    02. When Smokey Sings
    03. The Night You Murdered Love
    04. Think Again
    05. Rage & Then Regret
    06. Ark-Angel
    07. King Without A Crown
    08. Bad Blood
    09. Jealous Lover
    10. One Day
    11. Avenue Z


    12. Minneapolis
    13. Chicago
    14. When Smokey Sings (7" Mix)
    15. 24 Carat Plastic (Previously Unreleased)
    16. The Night You Murdered Love (The Reply With Contessa Lady V)
    17. One Day (Instrumental With Real Strings)
    18. King Without A Crown (The Monarchy Mix)

    ABC - up UNIVERSAL 9833779 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 14.11.2005

    01. Never More Than Now
    02. The Real Thing
    03. One Better World
    04. Where Is The Heaven?
    05. The Greatest Love Of All
    06. North
    07. I'm In Love With You
    08. Paper Thin


    09. One Better World (Pickering-Park Mix)
    10. One Better World (Percapella Mix)
    11. The Real Thing (Frankie Knuckles Mix)
    12. The Greatest Love Of All (May Day Mix)
    13. Paper Thin (1986 Demo) (Previously Unreleased)

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    ROD STEWART - tonight i´m yours WARNER JAPAN WPCR-75103 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 26.10.2005

    01. Tonight I'm yours (Don't hurt me)
    02. How long
    03. Tora, tora, tora (Out with the boys)
    04. Tear it up
    05. Only a boy
    06. Just like a woman
    07. Jealous
    08. Sonny
    09. Young turks
    10. Never give up on a dream

    ROD STEWART - body wishes WARNER JAPAN WPCR-75105 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 26.10.2005

    01. Dancin' Alone
    02. Baby Jane
    03. Move Me
    04. Body Wishes
    05. Sweet Surrender
    06. What Am I Gonna Do (I'm So In Love...
    07. Ghetto Blaster
    08. Ready Now
    09. Strangers Again
    10. Satisfied


    01. Infatuation
    02. All Right Now
    03. Some Guys Have All The Luck
    04. Can We Still Be Friends
    05. Bad For You
    06. Heart Is On The Line
    07. Camouflage
    08. Trouble

    ROD STEWART - every beat of my heart WARNER JAPAN WPCR-75107 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 26.10.2005

    01. Here To Eternity
    02. Another Heartache
    03. A Night Like This
    04. Who's Gonna Take Me Home (The Rise...
    05. Red Hot In Black
    06. Love Touch (Theme From Legal Eagles)
    07. In My Own Crazy Way
    08. Every Beat Of My Heart
    09. Ten Days Of Rain
    10. In My Life

    ROD STEWART - out of order WARNER JAPAN WPCR-75108 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 26.10.2005

    01. Lost In You
    02. The Wild Horse
    03. Lethal Dose Of Love
    04. Forever Young
    05. My Heart Can't Tell You No
    06. Dynamite
    07. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And...
    08. Crazy About Her
    09. Try A Little Tenderness
    10. When I Was Your Man
    11. Almost Illegal

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    sämtliche KATE BUSH-alben werden in JAPAN im mini-LP-format wiederveröffentlicht - allesamt digitally remastered!

    KATE BUSH - the kick inside TOSHIBA / EMI TOCP-67815 JAPAN VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 02.11.2005

    01. Moving
    02. Saxophone Song
    03. Strange Phenomena
    04. Kite
    05. Man With The Child In His Eyes
    06. Wuthering Heights
    07. James And The Cold Gun
    08. Feel It
    09. Oh To Be In Love
    10. L'amour Looks Something Like You
    11. Them Heavy People
    12. Room For The Life
    13. Kick Inside


    01. Symphony In Blue
    02. When You Wish Upon A Star/In Search Of Peter Pan
    03. Wow
    04. Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake
    05. Oh England My Lionheart
    06. Full House
    07. In The Warm Room
    08. Kashka From Baghdad
    09. Coffee Homeground
    10. Hammer Horror

    KATE BUSH - never for ever TOSHIBA / EMI JAPAN TOCP-67817 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 02.11.2005

    01. Babooshka
    02. Delius
    03. Blow Away
    04. All We Ever Look For
    05. Egypt
    06. Wedding List
    07. Violin
    08. Infant Kiss
    09. Night Scented Stock
    10. Army Dreamers
    11. Breathing

    KATE BUSH - the dreaming TOSHIBA / EMI JAPAN TOCP-67818 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 02.11.2005

    01. Sat In Your Lap
    02. There Goes A Tenner
    03. Pull Out The Pin
    04. Suspended In Gaffa
    05. Leave It Open
    06. The Dreaming
    07. Night Of The Swallow
    08. All The Love
    09. Houdini
    10. Get Out Of My House

    KATE BUSH - hounds of love TOSHIBA / EMI JAPAN TOCP-67819 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 02.11.2005

    01. Running up that hill
    02. Hounds of love
    03. Big sky
    04. Mother stands for comfort
    05. Cloudbusting
    06. And dream of sheep
    07. Under ice
    08. Waking the witch
    09. Watching you without me
    10. Jig of life
    11. Hello Earth
    12. Morning fog

    KATE BUSH - the sensual world TOSHIBA / EMI JAPAN TOCP-67820 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 02.11.2005

    01. Sensual World
    02. Love And Anger
    03. Fog
    04. Reaching Out
    05. Heads We're Dancing
    06. Deeper Understanding
    07. Between A Man And A Woman
    08. Never Be Mine
    09. Rocket's Tail
    10. This Woman's Work
    11. Walk Straight Down The Middle

    KATE BUSH - the red shoes TOSHIBA / EMI JAPAN TOCP-67821 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 02.11.2005

    01. Rubber Band Girl
    02. And So Is Love
    03. Eat The Music
    04. Moments Of Pleasure
    05. Song Of Solomon
    06. Lily
    07. Red Shoes
    08. Top Of The City
    09. Constellation Of The Heart
    10. Big Stripey Lie
    11. Why Should I Love You
    12. You're The One

    KATE BUSH - the whole story TOSHIBA / EMI JAPAN TOCP-67820 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 02.11.2005

    01. Wuthering Heights
    02. Cloudbusting
    03. Man With The Child In His Eyes
    04. Breathing
    05. Wow
    06. Hounds Of Love
    07. Running Up That Hill
    08. Army Dreamers
    09. Sat In Your Lap
    10. Experiment IV
    11. Dreamin'
    12. Babooshka

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