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Neue RE-RELEASES von 80er-Alben

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    Originally released in 1983 by Cotillion, Sixteen proved to be a crossover success for R&B soulstress Stacy Lattisaw. Not only did the album fare well on multiple charts, but it also featured 2 hit singles in "Million Dollar Babe" and "Miracles."

    01. 16
    02. Black Pumps And Pink Lipstick
    03. I've Loved You Somewhere Before
    04. Million Dollar Babe
    05. What's So Hot 'Bout Bad Boys
    06. Johey!
    07. The Ways Of Love
    08. Miracles

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    O.S.T. - pretty woman 2 CD EMI 3483072 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 23.01.2005

    CD 1:

    01. Wild Women Do (New Ric Wake Mix) - Natalie Cole
    02. Fame 90 (Gass Mix) - David Bowie
    03. The King Of Wishful Thinking - Go West
    04. Tangled - Jane Wiedlin
    05. It Must Have Been Love - Roxette
    06. Life In Detail - Robert Palmer
    07. No Explanation - Peter Cetera
    08. Real Wild Child (Wild One) - Christopher Otcasek
    09. Fallen - Lauren Wood
    10. Oh Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison
    11. Show Me Your Soul - Red Hot Chili Peppers

    CD 2:

    01. Heaven Is A Place On Earth - Belinda Carlisle
    02. Call Me - Blondie
    03. Let's Dance (Single Version) - David Bowie
    04. Kiss - Prince & The Revolution
    05. What's Love Got To Do With It - Tina Turner
    06. Would I Lie To You? (Original Version) (Edit) - Charles & Eddie
    07. The Power Of Love - Huey Lewis & The News
    08. Can't Help Falling In Love - UB40
    09. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) - Phil Collins
    10. When You Tell Me That You Love Me - Diana Ross
    11. White Wedding - Part 1 - Billy Idol
    12. Listen To Your Heart - Roxette
    13. We Belong - Pat Benatar
    14. Songbird - Kenny G

    der soundtrack ist anfang 1990 in DEUTSCHLAND erschienen!

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    MANTRONIX - music madness SLEEPING BAG TEG76513 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 16.01.2006

    01. Who is it
    02. We control the dice
    03. Listen to the bass of get stupid fresh part II
    04. Ladies UK remix
    05. Big band B-boy
    06. Music madness
    07. Electronic energy of...
    08. Scream
    09. Megamix

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    THE FALL - the infotainment scan 2 CD CASTLE CMQDD1227 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 23.01.2006

    2006 issue UK 30-track 2-CD album set including 2 Bonus Recordings 'Why People Are Grudgeful' & 'League Of Bald Headed Men' - Moon Monkey Mix plus Bonus John Peel Session recordings featuring Alternate Versions & Instrumental Demos.

    CD 1:

    01. Ladybird (Green Grass)
    02. Lost In Music
    03. Glam Racket No 3
    04. I'm Going To Spain
    05. It's A Curse
    06. Paranoid Man In Cheap Shit Room
    07. Service
    08. League Of Bald Headed Men
    09. Past Gone Mad
    10. Light/Fireworks


    11. Why People Are Grudgeful
    12. League Of Bald Headed Men (Moon Monkey Mix)

    CD 2

    - John Peel Session #16

    01. Ladybird (Green Grass)
    02. Strychine
    03. Service
    04. Paranoia Man In Cheap Sh*t Room
    05. Mark Goodier Session - 17.5.93: Glam Racket
    06. War
    07. 15 Ways
    08. A Past Gone Mad
    09. Permanent Single CDSPERM9: Why Are People Grudgeful?
    10. Glam Racket
    11. The Re-Mixer
    12. Lost In Music
    13. A Past Gone Mad - Alternate Version
    14. Instrumental Outtake
    15. Service - Instrumental Demo
    16. Glam Racket - Instrumental Demo
    17. Lost In Music - Mix 3
    18. Lost In Musi - Mix 7

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    KLEEER - license to dream COLLECTABLES RECORDS COL 7755 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 28.02.2006

    Kleeer was largely an under-appreciated group from the seventies and early eighties. License to Dream was originally released in 1981 by Atlantic. The album reached #13 on the Black Albums chart and featured the hit songs "Get Tough" and "Running Back to You."

    01. De Kleeer Ting
    02. Running Back To You
    03. Sippin' & Kissin'
    04. Hypnotized
    05. License To Dream
    06. Get Tough
    07. Say You Love Me
    08. Where Would I Be (Without Your Love)

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    This flashy New York group of misfits took delight in blowing up cars, hacking apart guitars and leaving a trail of spare parts in their wake. When they weren't juggling dynamite or pecking at the corpse of polite society, they were very noisily changing the face of music (and fashion) with a musical style that was part Punk Rock, part Heavy Metal & part Texas Chainsaw Massacre, not necessarily in that order. Lead singer Wendy O. Williams was doubtless the only Grammy nominee to wear tape over her nipples! In 1982, the band deemed it time to fight the battle from within, signing to a major and crafting the most impressive, most inflammable album of their career: "Coup d'Etat" was cited by the LA Times as 'The best slice of metal since the last AC/DC album…'; nearly 25 years on, it remains a milestone in pure Punk Metal showmanship. Williams was a woman who pushed female empowerment to its ultimate conclusion.

    01. Put Your Love In Me
    02. Stop
    03. Rock N Roll
    04. Lightning Breaks
    05. No Class
    06. Mistress Of Taboo 07. Country Fairs
    08. Path Of Glory
    09. Just Like On TV
    10. Damned


    11. Uniformed Guards
    12. Put Your Love In Me (Demo)
    13. Stop (Demo)
    14. Coup D'Etat (Radio Edit)

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    BILLY SQUIER - the tale of the tape DREAMCATCHER / ROCK CANDY / ROUGH TRADE 358.0008.2 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 03.02.2006

    Digitally remastered edition of Squier's solo debut album (1980). It takes a brave man to go it alone, in music or in life, and with 'Tale Of The Tape' Boston-born Billy Squier showed he had sufficient backbone (and material) to put his own name squarely behind his songs. Produced by "prog. professor" Eddie Offord and featuring top names from the US East Coast rock fraternity (including guitarist Bruce Kulick, later to join Kiss), "Tale" was the record that established Squier as a singer/songwriter/guitarist of genuine stature. He would have bigger-selling albums, but none more influential, with "The Big Beat" now topping the list of most sampled songs ever; throw in numbers as downright potent as "Young Girls", Axl Rose fave "Calley O" and radio hit "You Should Be High Love" and you have an album that laid the foundations for a multi-platinum career that continues to this day.

    01. The Big Beat
    02. Calley Oh
    03. Rich Kid
    04. Like I'm Lovin' You
    05. Who Knows What A Love Can Do
    06. You Should Be High, Love
    07. Who's Your Boyfriend
    08. The Music's All Right
    09. Young Girls


    10. The Music's All Right ( Demo )
    11. Young Girl ( Demo )

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    album von 1988 plus BONUS-TRACK!

    01. Back To The Cave
    02. Can't Catch Me
    03. Blueberry
    04. Kiss Me Deadly
    05. Falling In And Out Of Love
    06. Fatal Passion
    07. Under The Gun
    08. Broken Dreams
    09. Close My Eyes Forever (Duet With Ozzy Osbourne)


    10. Close My Eyes Forever (Remix)

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    nach dem "skandalösen" auftritt im britischen BIG BROTHER-house (siehe hier: erscheint heute der RE-RELEASE von you spin me round (like a record)! achtung: die auf dem cover genannte trackliste ist falsch - enthalten ist nicht der "Murder Mix", sondern der "Performance Mix"!

    DEAD OR ALIVE - you spin me round (like a record) SONY BMG 82876806212 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 30.01.2006

    Currently causing controversy and havoc in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Pete Burns is an undeniable star. With his own unique sense of style and outspoken manner he has been quickly embraced by the media once again and is one of the favourites to win the show.

    His rising media profile has resulted in a renewed interest in his music, particularly Dead Or Alive's previous Number One Single (originally released in 1984) 'You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)', which now gets a re-release thanks to both The Sun and Capital Radio host Johnny Vaughn.
    Dead or Alive, now comprising founder members Pete Burns and Steve Coy, have racked up over six million record sales and no fewer than eight gold, platinum and multi-platinum albums over their career. They are one of the most innovative, shocking and unique bands the world has ever seen. The vision of outrageous lyrical genius Pete Burns, his ever-changing style and visual drama have kept him as an icon to legions of fans all over the world and his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother is sure to win him many many more.

    01. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Original 7 Inch Version)
    02. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Performance Mix)
    03. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Metro 7 Inch Edit)
    04. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Video - 2003 Version)

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    DEE C. LEE - shrine BMG SONY U.K. 82876791902 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 13.02.2006

    01. Shrine
    02. Hey What’d Ya Say?
    03. That’s When Something Special Starts
    04. See The Day
    05. He’s Gone
    06. Come Hell Or Waters High
    07. What About Me
    08. Still The Children Cry
    09. Just My Type
    10. Hold On

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