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  • The Riddle

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  • Radio Musicola

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  • The Works

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  • 15 Minutes

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  • To Be Frank

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  • You've Got To Laugh

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  • The Collection

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  • Then & Now - The Very Best

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  • The Best of Nik Kershaw

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  • Ich besitze keine Nik Kershaw-Alben

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Nik Kershaw

Erstellt von Closelobster, 30.04.2002, 14:34 Uhr · 460 Antworten · 62.648 Aufrufe

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    Benutzerbild von musicola

    Registriert seit
    Neues von Nik:

    Hello oh patient ones.

    Call of the search. I’ve been hiding under a rock!

    Free at last! My contract with Universal has expired, along with any remaining faith I had in multi national corporations. (To be fair, I expect they’re just as happy to see the back of me).

    Promoting a “best of” was never going to be my idea of fun and I felt a bit crummy about selling people the same old shit again but there were four new tracks and a man in a suit told me he was going to spend gazillions of quid on TV advertising. My Ego got the better of me. Imagine: the world would be at my feet again; I’d be comparing tattoos with Robbie Williams, sharing Gwen Stephani’s lip-gloss and selling out the Enormodome in no time.

    Apparently not!

    I can only assume that there must have been some kind of misunderstanding. My fault of course, I really must brush up on my ManInSuitSpeak. “Gazillions of quid”, it turns out, means £4.50.

    Still, never mind. There’s always Panto (I hear Solihull Assembly rooms will be looking for a Widow Twankey). Failing that, I could finish the album I’ve been making for the last four years and stick it out on the net. It was 66% finished before I embarked on the “Then & Now” debacle.

    So I got to thinking: with a wind behind me, I could write 4/5 more pop classics, bribe mates with bacon sandwiches to play on the tracks, get my 13 year old to do the art work, pay some Third World, fossil fuel burning sweat shop to press the CDs, reclaim and re-organize the website, stock up on Jiffy Bags and be ready for release in, ooh (let’s not get too specific)….. the summer? (Yes I do mean 2006).

    To that end, I’ve written and almost finished recording 4/5 pop classics. My old friend Simon Phillips was kind enough to provide his services on drums, whilst my mad friend Nick Beggs slapped some bass and played with his stick (Chapman Stick – it’s a musical instrument – POTTY BRAIN). Due to his vegetarian proclivities, Nick declined the bacon sandwich but accepted payment in kind. You may be interested to know that the current exchange rate for a bacon sandwich is seven and half large glasses of Rioja!

    Plans are afoot to rescue my domain names from the clutches of the evil Universal Empire and, very soon, this site will be torn down to make way for a development of mock Georgian retirement flats.

    There’ll be a very basic “holding” site set up while we get the all singing, all dancing new site ready for it’s grand unveiling. We’ll try and do this in such a way as to cause minimum disruption to the chat forum. (By the way, my ears have been burning. I do pop in from time to time and am aware that a few of you have defected to an alternative site. Hopefully, the new one will be a lot more user friendly).

    Meanwhile, Gwen will just have to make do without me.

    Once again, thanks for being so patient (we’re none of us getting any younger).

    Obscurity still rocks!

    Love Nik

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    Gibt wieder Neues von Nik:

    Hi All,

    Welcome to the new all-singing, all dancing website.
    As you can see, this holding page is neither singing or dancing.
    In fact, it can barely carry a tune or tap its foot in time. But, never
    fear, this is a temporary state of affairs whilst those Intenet elves
    work their tiny digital fingers to the bone in pursuit of the
    ultimate cyberspace experience.

    Meanwhile, you should still be able to acces the Universal
    and Mick's Chat Forums via the links below.

    I'm putting the finishing touches to the final track on Friday
    (9th June) and now have to get the whole mastering/sleeve design/
    printing/pressing thing together. So, I'm easing myself into my new
    role as a record company executive. To this end. I'm taking 4 hour
    lunch breaks and practising my patronizing sneer.

    Peace, love and quality footwear!



    Der Soundauschnitt, welcher zu hören ist, klingt verdächtig nach Nik!

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    bin zwar nich unbedingt "NIK" - Fan, aber die Musik finde ich gut...
    wer weiß denn, OB und WO es das Lied "don quixote" als EXTENDED (also als MAXI-Version) auf CD gibt (SAMPLER oder so) ? ? ?
    Gruß an ALLE

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    Benutzerbild von musicola

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    Diese Maxi wurde leider noch nie auf CD veröffentlicht.


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    Das neue Album rückt immer näher:

    The new album is called You've Got To Laugh

    The track on the holding page* is the track You Don't Have To Be The Sun

    Another track is titled Born Yesterday

    12 Brand new tracks, on cd. To be released via the new website*.



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    So, hier nun das Tracklisting des neuen Albums, welches voraussichtlich im Oktober erscheint:

    1. Can't Get Arrested
    2. Oh You Beautiful Thing
    3. Lost
    4. All About You
    5. Promises, Promises
    6. I Hope You're Happy Now
    7. Old House
    8. Yeah, Yeah
    9. Born Yesterday
    10. Loud, Confident & Wrong
    11. She Could Be The One
    12. You Don't Have To Be The Sun

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    Verschiedene DVD-Editionen

    Was ist eigentlich der Unterschied zwischen diesen beiden DVD-Editionen?

    Links: Universal Master DVD Collection
    Rechts: Then & Now

    Die Trackliste scheint identisch zu sein. Gibt es eventuell technische oder qualitative Unterschiede?

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    Benutzerbild von Elek.-maxe

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    Nein, die DVDs sind 100% identisch, im "The & Now"-Menu steht überall schön "Unviversal Masters Collection".
    Beides "natürlich" in NTSC und in geringer Auflösung.

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    Benutzerbild von brandbrief

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    Aha, danke!
    Nur komisch, dass die linke meist 5 bis 6 € billiger angeboten wird.

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    Benutzerbild von Elek.-maxe

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    Ich hab' auch nur die billigere, ich bin ja nicht Musicola...
    Meine hat 11 Euro gekostet und ist die Auflage in der Slim-Box, es gab auch eine in einer dickeren Box.
    Zum Preis: Universal hat ja Werbung und Geld in die "Then & now"-Sache gesteckt, das wollen die vom Kunden wiederhaben. Nicht jeder durchschaut die Mogelpackung, von "Now" kann nämlich bei der DVD nicht die Rede sein.

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