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  • Human Racing

    37 52,86%
  • The Riddle

    26 37,14%
  • Radio Musicola

    17 24,29%
  • The Works

    14 20,00%
  • 15 Minutes

    18 25,71%
  • To Be Frank

    16 22,86%
  • You've Got To Laugh

    6 8,57%
  • The Collection

    14 20,00%
  • Then & Now - The Very Best

    9 12,86%
  • The Best of Nik Kershaw

    20 28,57%
  • Ich besitze keine Nik Kershaw-Alben

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Nik Kershaw

Erstellt von Closelobster, 30.04.2002, 14:34 Uhr · 460 Antworten · 62.605 Aufrufe

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    AW: Nik Kershaw

    Kommt er denn definitiv mit Band? Weiß das jemand?

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    AW: Nik Kershaw

    Zitat Zitat von hupsi Beitrag anzeigen
    Kommt er denn definitiv mit Band?
    Meines Wissens, ja!

    EDIT siehe hier:
    Zitat Zitat von musicola Beitrag anzeigen

    Nik and Band will be playing in Germany in 2009....

    Friday 15th May 2009
    , Frankfurt
    Maybachstrasse 24, 60433, Frankfurt am Main
    Tel: 069 / 9521 8410

    Saturday 16th May 2009
    , Bochum
    Prinz-Regent-Strasse 50 – 60, 44795, Bochum
    Tel: 0234 / 9772 317

    Sunday 17th May 2009
    , Hamburg
    Stresemannstrasse 163, 22769, Hamburg
    Tel: 040 / 4316 5138

    Tickets can be bought from

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    AW: Nik Kershaw

    Also mein Kumpel ist in Bukarest Event+Konzertmanager hat sein Handwerk in Holland gelernt und mir ausführlich die Konzerthintergründe und den Ticketpreis erklärt momentan steht er in Verhandlung mit Nik! Kershaw für Sibiu+Bukarest da würde der Preis bei 26-28€ liegen die Menschen dort verdienen monatlich ca.300-400€..bei uns ist der Ticketpreis 37€ monatsverdienst bei uns 1000-3000€ netto von da aus revidiere ich meine vorherige Aussage und halte den Preis für Branchenüblich!

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    AW: Nik Kershaw

    Ziemlich geile Instrumentals (in verschiedenen Mixen, zur Auswahl auf den ersten Button nach der CD-No. klicken) von Herrn Kershaw gibt's hier zum kostenlosen Anhören und kostenpflichtigen Runterladen:

    Meine Rangliste:

    1. Falling Backwards
    2. No Way Back
    3. Keep Talking
    4. Stacc City
    5. Uptown

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    AW: Nik Kershaw

    By popular demand.
    A little fella, sitting on a stool, playing a guitar and singing some songs…
    A solo acoustic album by Nik Kershaw.

    Nik is making a collection of studio recordings of the songs he has been performing
    at his solo acoustic shows.
    In addition to the ‘old favourites’, there may well be a couple of previously unheard songs as well!

    Watch this space for further news.

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    AW: Nik Kershaw

    Hatte ich hier noch gar nicht gepostet:

    Mittlerweile wurden Titel und Tracklisting der in Kürze erscheinenden CD bekanntgegeben:

    No Frills" - A solo acoustic album by Nik Kershaw

    No-frills or no frills; is a term used to describe any service or product for which the non-essential features have been removed.

    Running order:-

    1. Oh you beautiful thing
    2. Have a nice life
    3. Dancing girls
    4. Somebody loves you
    5. Lost in you
    6. The riddle
    7. Loud, confident & wrong
    8. Fiction
    9. Don Quixote
    10. Oxygen
    11. Wounded
    12. Wouldn't it be good
    13. Billy
    14. This broken man
    15. I won't let the sun go down on me.

    Passend dazu, dass zum anstehenden No Frills-Album Niks Website seit heute in neuem Glanz erstrahlt, hier noch die schon am 7. Januar veröffentlichten Ramblings!

    Viel Vergnügen beim Lesen:

    If I may begin with a rant. It's just taken my PC four and a half minutes to open Microsoft Word. I calculate that, by the time I reach my four score years and ten (bloody hell, that's only 18.5 years away) I will have spent 6.74 of them staring vacantly at a computer screen, waiting for the little hour glass icon to disappear.
    That's almost enough time to make an album! So if you're wondering where my next collection of ditties is, ask Bill Gates.

    Anyway, what have I been up to?

    Well, the year began with a couple of warm up solo acoustic gigs and a tour of Denmark. Anyone who's experienced one of my acoustic shows will know that there's a fair amount of mindless blathering involved and I was slightly concerned as to how the Danes were going to take to my banter, especially considering that the national tongue of the country is, in the main part, Danish.

    I need not have worried. The audience's grasp of English was significantly better than my own and they laughed in all the right places (and a few extra places for reasons still unknown to me). Indeed, it was a shame I had to interrupt proceedings occasionally whenever I felt the need to sing a song!

    In late March I joined my peers for a couple of 'Here & Now' gigs in Zurich and Dortmund. It was my first encounter with August Darnell (Kid Creole) and his delightful Coconuts. What an entertainer the man is, a true gentleman and professional (although I do question why he named his fine backing vocalists so? The Coconuts were not hard, hairy or difficult to get a drink out of!).

    Then round and around the M25* and up and down the M1* several times with my acoustic guitar and trusty faux leather stool. It was great to see everyone at these gigs and hope to see everyone else during 2010.

    * For those not resident in the UK, the M25 and M1 are two of the main motorways in the country. These picturesque thoroughfares are notable for their stunning display of cones throughout the year. Travellers often get the chance to linger a while in their stationary vehicles to take in the medicinal carbon monoxide fumes and watch the colourful natives in their Hi Vis jackets and hard hats eat bacon sandwiches.

    We managed to get away for a short break to Cyprus at Easter to visit Sarah's 47 cousins. I'd never been before and was surprised and delighted at how green and pleasant it was. (Just a small tip for anyone thinking of visiting this lovely Island. Look out for a substance called Zivaneer. It's a colourless liquid suitable for fuelling motor vehicles and removing paint from pine dressers. Bizarrely, the Cypriots seem to enjoy drinking the stuff.)

    May saw me in Germany. My last band gigs were in 2001, so I was really looking forward to revisiting old friends. It was a short and sweet adventure but highly enjoyable none the less. Sarah acquitted herself admirably on her first extended outing as 'tour manager'. Her recent experience in dealing with small children came in very handy. The band (Paul, Bob, Simon & Adam) and the crew (Biffa, Darren & Chris*) were in top form and tour bus shenanigans were much in evidence. The shenanigans were accompanied by infantile japes and mindless derring-do. Sometimes it's good to act your shoe size!

    * Chris was to leave my employ some weeks later citing the old 'I'm playing drums with Florence And The Machine' excuse.

    On the 20th June, I wedded my 'tour manager'. At Chelmsford Magistrates Court (Oh, the romance!) and in front of our nearest and dearest, our troth was well and truly plighted. Much feasting, supping, dancing, joy and merriment ensued. The result was a memory I will cherish forever. Posh and Becks sent their apologies (although they weren't invited).

    The summer months brought the festivals. Of note were the German date with Rod Stewart (I've never seen rain like it); 'Here & Now' at Ascot racecourse (I've never seen so many well dressed drunk people in one place).

    But the highlight of the summer (for me) was Fairport Convention's Cropredy Festival. I'd always thought that this festival was mainly patronized by persons of a folk music persuasion, and I was understandably reticent about how I would be received. I'd made the mistake (a couple of months earlier) of visiting the Cropredy forum and had noted some of the more negative contributions regarding my imminent appearance. I'm all for freedom of speech and believe that Mr Angry of Tonbridge Wells is entitled to his opinion, but I do feel that performing that particular act with a synthesizer would render it virtually unplayable.

    Armed with these thoughts, I entered the stage and threw myself upon 20,000 people's mercy. I was rewarded with the biggest group hug I've ever had. I haven't stopped smiling since. My thanks to Ric, Dave and all the Fairport Convention family.

    A quiet Autumn gave me time to concentrate on the solo acoustic album ('No Frills' - coming soon - I promise). I'm not sure which law it is (Murphy's, Sod's or Newton's) but the amount of work expands in order to fit the time available to do it, regardless of whether that's knocking a nail into a wall or building a ship. If you have a week to do a days work, it will take a week.

    So, in the absence of any A&R interference or marketing deadlines, an album that should have taken a few weeks, seemed to be taking forever. I decided, therefore, to set myself a date, after which something dreadful would happen if it were not all done and dusted. I determined that, if it wasn't finished by October 1st, my entire collection of celebrity toenails would spontaneously combust.

    Alas, the final mix wasn't completed until November 10th. So, although much of the collection remained in tact, British comedy actors from 1946-1965 was decimated (does anyone have a spare Norman Wisdom?).

    Having negotiated the hurdles, there was the final straight to deal with (mastering, cover design, pressing etc). As I've only been making records for 26 years, this caught me completely unawares and delays with artwork and the vagaries of MCPS licensing meant that the good people at ShortHouse Records were unable to get copies off to Santa in time for Christmas.

    Rest assured that 'No Frills' will be available early in the New Year, in time for somebody's birthday!

    Thank you (yet again) for your patience and have a great 2010.

    Happy New Year!
    Nik x

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    AW: Nik Kershaw

    Klasse - immer wieder sehr spassig zu lesen! Den Nik-Stuff immer schön weiter posten, musicola...

    Zitat Zitat von musicola Beitrag anzeigen
    If I may begin with a rant. It's just taken my PC four and a half minutes to open Microsoft Word. I calculate that, by the time I reach my four score years and ten (bloody hell, that's only 18.5 years away) I will have spent 6.74 of them staring vacantly at a computer screen, waiting for the little hour glass icon to disappear.


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    AW: Nik Kershaw

    Ca. 21 Jahre altes Interview:

    [ame=]YouTube - RAPIDO - Nik KERSHAW interview 1989 [German translation][/ame]

    Sehr interessant und vorausschauend übrigens Niks Ausführungen über die Musik-Industrie!

    Und hier noch ein Interview aus der Zeit des DUETS-Albums von Elton John:

    [ame=]YouTube - Duets ELTON JOHN feat Nik Kershaw {tv interview}[/ame]

    Nik mit Schnurrbart...

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    AW: Nik Kershaw

    No Frills ist ab sofort auf Niks Homepage erhältlich!

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    AW: Nik Kershaw

    Zitat Zitat von musicola Beitrag anzeigen

    No Frills ist ab sofort auf Niks Homepage erhältlich!
    Ich habe heute das Album geordert. Bin mal gespannt, wie einige
    Songs unplugged klingen.

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