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Robert Heaton tot ex-dr New Model Army

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    Eben bekam ich folgende weitergeleitete Mail:
    gestern verstarb unerwartet Robert Heaton, der ehemalige Drummer und Co-Autor der Band New Model Army.
    Justin Sullivan und die anderen Mitglieder von NMA sind erschüttert. Justin hat uns gebeten, diese traurige Nachricht zu verbreiten und sein Management hat uns den nachstehenden Text geschickt, den wir genau so im Original weiterleiten.

    Robert Heaton, drummer and co-composer with rock band New Model Army from 1982 to 1998, died suddenly on Thursday November 4th.

    A multitalented instrumentalist and song-writer, Robert co-wrote and performed many of New Model Army's biggest hits during the late eighties and early nineties including "Poison St" for EMI and "Here Comes the War" for Sony and was responsible for all the music on their best loved anthem "Green & Grey". A consummate professional when it came to recording and performing, in public Robert was the powerhouse behind the rhythm driven sound of New Model Army. In the media and in private, he was always the perfect gentleman.

    Robert left NMA in 1998 having recovered from surgery to remove a brain tumour and since then has worked tirelessly to promote live music and original talent in his home town of Bradford in Yorkshire. His latest project, Fresh Milk, is such a scheme, encouraging young bands playing wholly original music, onto the live circuit by producing low cost, high quality, live recordings for them. He had also been working composing film scores for independent films as well as working on his own new material under the guise of Gardeners of Eden.

    An inquest has determined that Robert had been suffering with Pancreatic Cancer and it was that which caused his sudden and unexpected death.

    Robert's passing will be mourned by family, friends and fans around the world. He leaves a wife Robyn and young son Marlon.


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