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Sisters of Mercy

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    Die Zugaben wurden wohl gespielt als alle schon dachten sie würden nicht wiederkommen.Train und Gimme shelter sind von der Seite gefilmt,Louie Louie und Ghostrider aus dem Publikum.
    Beim Old grey whistle test(sowas wie John Peel im TV)wurden Marian und First&l&a gespielt.

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    Big Stevie postete
    repertoirewert ist höher, das stimmt, aber die clips fand ich schon geil, this corrosion v.a. und dominion, mr. eldritch im weißen (!) anzug
    denke auch mal dass das video zu this corrosion die länge vom single-edit hat, ebenso more, glaube einfach, die haben sich mit der zeitangabe vertan
    Lutz postete

    @Big Stevie


    Mein Lieblingsclip ist übrigens der zu Body And Soul... Sehr selten – lief aber Mitte der 80er häufig auf der englischen Musicbox. Damals als MusikTV noch ein echter Hingucker war – ich schätze mal die Stichworte "Off The Wall" oder "Ray Coksroom" sagen selbst hier niemandem was?
    Jaaaaa - ich habs wiedergefunden!

    Das Body And Soul Video!

    Für mich eine der schönsten Raritäten aus meiner 80er-Sammlung überhaupt!

    Na das ist doch ne Haarpracht (Wayne Hussey)!

    Da sieht Andrew auch noch etwas frischer aus.

    Ein wunderbares Düstervideo!

    Lutz "der jetzt erstmal die schwarze Brille aufsetzt und Floorshow auflegt" G

    P.S. Shriekback, melde Dich mal!

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    THE SISTERS OF MERCY - first and last and always RHINO VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 30.10.2006

    1985's 'First and Last and Always' remains unequaled in the genre, permanently granted top place on a pedestal from which it cannot be toppled. From the opening claustrophobia of "Black Planet" to the melancholy "No Time to Cry," Eldritch continually assured listeners that "everything's gonna be alright". Continuing with the bass-driven guitar gem "Possession" and the closing "Some Kind of Stranger," an untouchable epic that, clocking in at over seven minutes, is the best of its kind. "Some Kind of Stranger" not only became a 'love song' for the dressed in black crowd. Copied to death, its brilliance has never been replicated. The unknown story of this album is that ever since it has been availble on CD, and inferior 'copy' master was utilised. Remastered from the multitracks for the first time, it now sounds better than ever before and is augmented by six tracks, all non-album 'B' sides plus "Some Kind Of Stranger (Early)" a previously unissued track from the album sessions.

    01. Black Planet
    02. Walk Away
    03. No Time To Cry
    04. A Rock And A Hard Place
    05. Marian
    06. First And Last And Always
    07. Possession
    08. Nine While Nine
    09. Amphetamine Logic
    10. Some Kind Of Stranger


    11. Poison Door
    12. On The Wire
    13. Blood Money
    14. Bury Me Deep
    15. Long Train
    16. Some Kind Of Stranger (Early) - Previously unissued outtake


    While the goth scene in England was picking up commercial steam in the mid-'80s, the Sisters of Mercy may have seemed quiet, but they roared back with 1987's "Floodland". Opening with the driving two-part hymn "Dominion/Mother Russia," Sisters leader Andrew Eldritch (along with bassist Patricia Morrison) creates a black soundscape that is majestic and vast. While the earlier Sisters releases were noisy, sometimes harsh affairs, Floodland is filled with lush production (thanks to Meat Loaf writer/producer Jim Steinman and the New York Choral Society) and lyric imagery that is both scary and glorious. The slower tracks, like "Flood" and "1959," are some of the best ethereal sounds goth has to offer, and the downright regal "This Corrosion" is one of the best songs of the genre. A definite milestone, newly remastered and housed in a foldout digipack sleeve with new linernotes.

    01. Dominion/Mother Russia
    02. Flood (1)
    03. Lucretia My Reflection
    04. 1959
    05. This Corrosion
    06. Flood (2)
    07. Driven Like The Snow
    08. Never Land


    09. Torch
    10. Colours
    11. Never Land (Full Length) - previously unreleased
    12. Emma


    After scoring big time with Floodland, Sisters of Mercy frontman Andrew Eldritch changed direction once again, heading this time for a guitar-based techno-rock feel. The title track became a club hit, where the driving tempo and distorted guitars provided a perfect dancefloor atmosphere. On the single "Doctor Jeep" and "Detonation Boulevard," the template is further elaborated. The Jim Steinman-produced "More" and the clever "I Was Wrong" are the album's highlights. Again, newly remastered and bolstered with extended mixes and a couple of additional live tracks, housed in a foldout digipack sleeve with new linernotes.

    01. Vision thing
    02. Ribbons
    03. Detonation boulevard
    04. Something fast
    05. When you don't see me
    06. Doctor jeep
    07. More
    08. I was wrong
    09. You could be the one


    10. More (Extended Version)
    11. Doctor jeep (Extended Version)
    12. Ribbons (Live)
    13. Something fast (Live)

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    na ni schlecht.....thx für die Info

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