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Thompson Twins Deluxe 2 CD Set

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    THOMPSON TWINS - a product of... / set 2 CD EDSEL EDSD2026 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 20.10.2008

    Following the massive success of Edsel’s Deluxe 2 CD Editions of “Quick Step & Side Kicks”, “Into The Gap” and “Here’s To Future Days”, we now present the Thompson Twins’ first two albums, “A Product Of..” and “Set”, both bursting with bonus extra tracks, all making their first appearances on CD.

    “A Product Of…”, originally released in June 1981, was released on their own T Records label, when the group featured six members, led by founder Tom Bailey. Only ever briefly available on CD, this release feature eleven bonus tracks, including their earliest singles as well as non-album singles sides and 12” extended versions, on CD for the first time.

    Second album “Set” was issued in February 1982 with seven members in the lineup, which now included Joe Leeway and Alannah Currie. The album commenced with “In The Name Of Love”, which when released as a single, was an instant hit in the UK. In the US it went to # 1 in the Billboard dance charts, where it stayed for five weeks. This led to the band signing to the Arista label and the “Set” album being issued in the US with the title “In The Name Of Love”.

    Also only ever briefly available on CD, this release contains nine bonus tracks, including the original 12” version of “In The Name Of Love”, as well as the previously unreleased “Big Value” synthesizer remix, which Tom Bailey created as a template for the band’s future direction. The remainder of the tracks are the extended 12” mixes and the non-album b-sides (including two live recordings), on CD for the first time.

    The attractive booklet features comprehensive annotation and the 7” and 12” sleeves.

    CD 1:

    - a product of...

    1. When I See You
    2. Politics
    3. Slave Trade
    4. Could Be Her...Could Be You
    5. Make Believe (Let's Pretend)
    6. Don't Go Away
    7. The Price
    8. Oumma Aularesso (Animal Laugh)
    9. Anything Is Good Enough
    10. A Product Of...
    11. Perfect Game
    12. Vendredi Saint


    13. Squares And Triangles
    14. Could Be Her...Could Be You (Original Version)
    15. Weather Station (by TOM BAILEY)
    16. Modern Plumbing (by THE BLANKETS)
    17. She's In Love With Mystery
    18. Fast Food
    19. Food Style
    20. Oumma Aularesso (Animal Laugh) (Special Remixed Extended Version)
    21. A Dub Product
    22. Make Believe (Let's Pretend) (Extended Version)
    23. Lama Sabach Tani

    CD 2:

    - set

    1. In The Name Of Love
    2. Living In Europe
    3. Bouncing
    4. Tok Tok
    5. Good Gosh
    6. The Rowe
    7. Runaway
    8. Another Fantasy
    9. Fool's Gold
    10. Crazy Dog
    11. Blind


    12. In The Name Of Love (12" Dance Extension)
    13. In The Beginning
    14. Coastline
    15. Open Your Eye
    16. Runaway (Extended Mix)
    17. Bouncing (Extended Remix)
    18. In The Name Of Love (Big Value Version April 1982)
    19. Living In Europe (Live At Hammersmith Palais)

    18.09.2008 PLAYLIST:
    PAUL YOUNG - "no parlez" (2 CD), 49ERS - "49ers", V.A. - "i love disco 80's vol.3" (2 CD), RIGHEIRA -
    "righeira", BOBBYSOCKS - "bobbysocks", IRENE CARA - "what a feelin´", RED BOX - "the circle & the
    , CASSANDRA - "cassandra", DORIS D & THE PINS - "the very best of", O.M.D. - "the best of"
    (DVD-R), BLUE MERCEDES - "rich and famous", SILVER POZZOLI - "around my dream", ALASKA Y
    - "fan fatal (Edición Para Colleccionistas)" (2 CD), VICKY LARRAZ - "todas sus grabaciones
    en discos cbs (1986-1989)"
    (2 CD)


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    AW: Thompson Twins Deluxe 2 CD Set

    Bis vor kurzem hiess es im Thompson Twins-Forum noch, dass es keine Bonustracks geben würde.

    Edsel geht bei den Thompson Twins-Veröffentlichungen ja sehr akribisch vor.

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