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Toyah (Willcox)

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    schon voll gespannt, bin auch erst spät auf sie aufmerksam geworden.Hab vor einiger Zeit auch zwei Bootleg DVD´s auf Ebay bekommen.Fantastisches Material.
    Auf die offizielle DVD bin ich mal sehr gespannt !!
    Kannte Toyah schon in den 80ern, hatte mich aber weiter nicht interssiert.

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    The tracklist for the long-awaited CD realease of 'Mayhem, released on Monday 14th November 2005,' has been confirmed by Cherry Red.
    This from Toyah's Offical e-news: "The CD includes the full 15 track album with three tracks only included on the original cassette version. In addition, this brand new expanded version of Mayhem includes further bonus tracks never before commercially released. The package will be rounded out with rare, archive images and comprehensive sleevenotes which finally reveal the origins of the songs in a track-by-track commentary."

    01. Clapham Junction
    02. Change of Scenery
    03. Problem Child
    04. You’re My Hero
    05. Cotton Vest
    06. Gaoler
    07. Guilty
    08. Three-Sided Face
    09. Paradise Child
    10. Israel
    11. Christmas Carol
    12. The Merchant & the Nubile
    13. Danced (Alternate version)
    14. I Believe in Father Christmas
    15. Island Race


    16. Love Me (Demo)
    17. Tribal Look (Demo)
    18. It’s A Mystery (Demo)
    19. Run Wild, Run Free [Demo]
    20. Rinaphobia

    Tracks 18 and 20 were originally only available on the Blood Donor album, and tracks 16, 17 and 19 were, as far as I'm aware, never available before.

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    TOYAH - toyah! toyah! toyah! CHERRY RED CDMRED 299 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 23.10.2006

    Originally released in 1980, Toyah! Toyah! Toyah! was the first live Toyah album and followed up two studio albums and a string of singles (Ieya, Victims of the Riddle, Bird in Flight - all included here) which charted well in the independent charts.

    ITV (then ATV) commisioned a documentary on Toyah in 1980 in which cameras followed her acting, presenting, recording and rehearsing. A concert in Wolverhampton was also filmed for inclusion and is where this live album hails from. The full concert was recorded but a pair of tracks were excluded and used as b-sides to the a single release of "Danced (live)".

    This special edition of the album - with expanded artwork - brings together all of these live tracks for the first time. In addition further live bonus tracks make their CD debut including songs recorded at the ICA, London recorded just before this line-up of the Toyah band disbanded forever. Four previously unreleased tracks from 1982's The Changeling Tour close the CD. Recorded in Glasgow, these include the uncut unexpurgated Dawn Chorus/War Boys suite.
    01. Victims of the Riddle
    02. Indecision
    03. Love Me
    04. Vision
    05. Tribal Look
    06. Bird in Flight
    07. Danced
    08. Insects
    09. Race Through Space
    10. Ieya


    11. Ghosts
    12. Neon Womb
    13. Love Me
    14. Waiting
    15. Street Creature
    16. Neon Womb
    17. Dawn Chorus
    18. War Boys

    26.10.06 PLAYLIST:
    MELISSA MANCHESTER - "ma+hema+hics" (vinyl), SCOTCH - "evolution" (vinyl), MADONNA - "confessions on a dance floor", PHILIP OAKEY & GIORGIO MORODER - "philip oakey & giorgio moroder", DOLLY DOTS - "gold", SANDRA - "mirrors", SONIA - "everybody knows", THE B-52´s - "bouncing of the satellites", AZUL Y NEGRO - "la noche" (vinyl), WOLFGANG PETRY - "zdf kultnacht" (DVD-R), ROSE LAURENS - "diamond collection", MARY ROOS - "heiss und kalt", CLIFF RICHARD - "stronger", DAVID CASSIDY - "romance", BONEY M. - "greatest hits of all times vol. 2 - Remix ´89",AMANDA LEAR - "the sphinx..." (3 CD) ---> P.

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    TOYAH - good morning universe / the very best of 2 CD MUSIC CLUB DELUXE MCDLX086 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 30.06.2008

    Toyah releases a new CD celebrating her recording career from 1979 to 2003 on 30th June 2008..
    This comprehensive collection provides the perfect introduction to the unique and colourful Toyah for casual fans, and will please diehards alike. Good Morning Universe spans Toyah’s early punk/indie recordings to the power pop of her 80’s run of hit singles through to more recent material.

    For the first time ever on one release, this retrospective brings together music from Toyah’s full recording career and includes 18 singles, key album tracks, live favourites, rare b-sides, collaborations and previously unreleased demos and remixes.

    Good Morning Universe – The Very Best of Toyah boasts 39 remastered recordings including twelve Top 50 charting singles, classic album cuts, previously unreleased material and tracks making their CD debut. Compilation and sleevenotes by Craig Astley.

    CD 1:

    1. Victims Of The Riddle
    2. Neon Womb
    3. Danced
    4. Race Though Space
    5. Bird In Flight
    6. Blue Meanings
    8. It’s A Mystery
    9. I Want To Be Free
    10. Jungles Of Jupiter
    11. Obsolete
    12. Pop Star
    13. Thunder In The Mountains
    14. Good Morning Universe
    15. Run Wild, Run Free
    16. Brave New World
    17. Angel & Me
    18. Ieya (1982)
    18. Be Proud, Be Loud (Be Heard)
    19. Rebel Run
    20. The Vow

    CD 2:

    1. Don’t Fall In Love (I Said)
    2. Soul Passing Through Soul
    3. World In Action
    4. Echo Beach
    5. Moonlight Dancing
    6. Sun Up (previously unavailable on CD)
    7. Revive The World
    8. Prostitute
    9. Wife
    10. Homeward
    11. Brilliant Day
    12. Ophelia’s Shadow
    13. Angel (Demo) (previously unreleased)
    14. Now I’m Running (Remix) (previously unreleased)
    15. Invisible Love
    16. God Ceases To Dream
    17. Symbiotic (Trey Gunn & Toyah) (previously unavailable on any Toyah release)
    18. Little Tears Of Love
    19. Velvet Lined Shell

    18.06.2008 PLAYLIST:
    TEARS FOR FEARS - "secret world" (CD & DVD), DEAD OR ALIVE - "the nansim! remixes" (CD-R), MATIA BAZAR -
    "one1 two2 three3 four4", HEAVEN 17 - "greatest hits" (CD & DVD), BOBBY "O" - "bobby "o" and his banana
    , DEAD OR ALIVE - "fan the flame (part I)", HOWARD JONES - "the 12" album", RUSS BALLARD - "russ
    , THINKMAN - "life is a full time occupation", SCOTCH - "best of", AMII STEWART - "amii" , BARBRA
    - "guilty pleasures" (DualDisc)

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    TOYAH - in the court of the crimson queen VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 12.09.2008

    das erste studio-album seit dreamchild (1994)!

    1. Sensational
    2. Latex Messiah (Viva La Rebel In You)
    3. Heal Ourselves
    4. Lesser God
    5. Angel In You
    6. Love Crazy
    7. Bad Man
    8. Hyperventilate
    9. Come
    10. Legacy

    04.09.2008 PLAYLIST:
    BONEY M. - "ultimate / long versions & rarities", ABC - "up", MODERN TALKING - "all the best/the
    definitive collection"
    (3 CD), LEIF GARRETT - "the collection", IREEN SHEER - "frei", SPANDAU BALLET
    - "gold/the best of" (CD & DVD), GOOMBAY DANCE BAND - "golden dreams of eldorado/die ultimative
    (3 CD), V.A. - "remix" (2 CD), MYLENE FARMER - "dance remixes" (2 CD), HONESTY 69 - "rich
    in paradise"
    (M-CD), STACEY Q - "better than heaven", SAMANTHA FOX - "samantha fox", SILICON
    - "time machine"


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