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Christiane F. (Reportage+)

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    Christiane F. (Reportage+)


    I am in looking for some reportages about her. I have been searching ebay for years but they never appear... so I thought I try my luck here instead, hoppfully someone could point me out in the right direction

    This is what I am looking for in particularly;

    Wunderbar/Der Tod holt mich ein
    (Single, mit Alexander Hacke von Einstürzende Neubauten, 1982, Posh Boy Records/USA)
    Neonstadt (1981/82), Regie: Wolfgang Büld)**
    Christiane F. (Dokumentarfilm Radio Bremen 1983)
    Christiane F. (Dokumentarfilm Spiegel TV 1996)***

    *I am not sure about this one though. I have been in contact with the guy behind Posh boy and he claims that Gesundheit! was the only record they released with Christiane...
    IchWillSpass NDW-Titel-Datenbank: Suchergebnisse.
    - Record Price Guide

    **Apparently this movie only exists in 16mm film. I have seen several people on this forum searching for it and I understand that this movie is quite rare... but I am only asking for a copy (even if the 16mm film would've been great!). Note: I hope it's okay to ask for copys when we are talking about indepentent films.

    *** I think this reportage is from '95 and not '96... and not from the 80s..... Pardon me.

    Thanks in Advance!


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