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    Habe heute von einem Bekannten seine Suchliste bekommen. Ich poste sie mal hier rein. Wenn jemand was für ihn hat, kann er sich bei mir melden. Ich kann dann seine eMail-Adresse weitergeben.

    Liebe Grüsse



    1000 Ohm ,, Don't you " + ,, You loose "
    A D Visser and Daniel Sahuleka ,,Giddy up a go go "

    Aida ,,No.1"
    Arpeggio ,,Love and Desire" ( 78´ ) Polydor inc.
    Art Fine ,,Dark Silence"
    Atrium ,, Dr. Jekyll "
    B.B.and Band ,,Wee Thee People" ( LP )
    Beat Boys ,,Space Dream"

    Bobby ,,O" ,,German Girl"
    Bodypower ,,Nothing"

    Boys Brigade ,,Into the Flow"
    Brand Image ,,Love in the Summernight"
    Casablanca ,, Wonderful Train "
    Cheaps ,,Moliendo Café"
    Chicago ,, If you leave me now "
    Christina M ,,Mirror of my Soul"

    Cijay ,,Love is like an itching in my Heart"
    Crystal and the Team ,,Won`t you dance with me"
    Cybotron ,,Enter" ( LP )
    D.D. Band ,,Mystery Woman"
    Daddy Dewdrop ,,The Real Thing" (TK Disco 79´ )
    Dario dell ` Aere ,,Eagles in the Night"
    Data ,,Opera Electronica" ( LP )
    Debbie Deb ,, I'm Searchin "
    Delia ,,Miracles"

    Doctor's Cat ,,Watch out" remix !!!
    Drinking Electricity ,,Good Times" Sur.rec.121 (82' )
    Dyva ,,I know"
    Ego on the Rocks ,, Acid in Wonderland " LP oder CD
    El Deux ,, Nur für Mädchen " LP
    Elton John ,,I guess that's why they call it the Blues"+,,Blue Eyes"
    Endgames ,, First last forevery th."Flip rec.UKFL801
    Exposé ,,Exposed to Love"
    Felli ,,Diamond in the Night"
    Fleetwood Mac ,,Gypsy"
    Foolish Mind ,,Trip to Africa" ( New Beat Cim rec.78653 )
    France Harlow ,,Dance the Night" ( Rams Horn 3298 )
    Furniture ,,Brilliant Mind "
    Future State ,,Future State" ( Eyes rec. Key 004 )
    Gee Crew ,, Freakenstein "
    Gerry Cott ,, Alphabet Town "
    Gina Desire ,,Breathless"
    Giorgio Moroder ,,Machines"
    Guerre Froide ,,Demain Berlin"
    Hashim ,,Primrose Path"
    High Tension ,,New Beat"
    Hohokam ,,Same ?" ( LP )
    Hot Dance Party 85` ,, ( LP ) Break rec. 851027
    Ideal ,,Blaue Augen"
    Iggy Pop ,,Candy"
    Interdance ,,Foxtroth"
    J. Geils Band ,,Centerfold"
    Jane Hill ,, Radio"

    Jennifer Rush ,, 25 Lover " + ,, Ave Maria " MX oder MCD
    Jody J. ,,Les Americains"
    Joe Cocker ,, You can leave your hat on "
    Joe Galoche ,,Walk don' t run"
    Jonny Chingas ,,I'm looking for an Automatic"
    Kirlian Camera ,,Communicate"
    Lars Falk ,,Lars Falk" ( LP ) 88'
    Legend ,,Don' t Cry"
    Lisa G. ,,Call my Name"
    M. Bow ,,Freak it out, freak it in"
    M.C.A.D.E. ,, Transformer " 87' 4/Sight rec.
    Man to Man ,,Hottest of the Hot"
    Melissa Etheridge ,,Like the Way I do"

    Mirage ,,Woman"
    Monitor ,, Same " LP
    Mono Band ,,Mr. Grusoe"
    Moon Birds ,,Cosmos No.1" ( LP )
    Mother F. ,,Menergy"
    Music Service ,,Another Song"
    Mylene Farmer ,,Douces" + ,, Libertine "
    Ned Profit ,,Bit" (LP)

    New Sin ,,Black Fantasy"
    Nicole ,,Don't you want my Love " 85'
    No Name ,,Hypnotic House"
    Nova ,,Sol"+,,Clear up"+,,Terra"+,,Feel it"
    OMD ,,Messages"
    Opossition ,,Innocent"
    P.L. ,,Funky Stompy"
    Pete ,,Wyoming" Bender ,,Born to be Indian" MX (?)
    Portion Control ,,Hit the Puls"
    Powermachine ,,Dont`t stop"

    Proxima ,,Living in another World"
    Rational Youth ,,I want to see the Light"
    Read Made ,, There goes the Winner " 89' ( Teutonic Beats )
    Recht Herzlich ,, Walpurgisnacht "
    Rek ,, Computer haben Herzschmerz "
    Rockets ,,Some other place, some other Time"
    Roxy Music ,,Oh Yeah"
    Secession ,,Radioland"
    Shy Rose ,,Cry for you"
    Siglo XXX ,,Dreams of Pleasure"
    Sinclair & Wilde ,, When she gone " 97 Maxi oder MCD

    Sioux ,,Tommerhawk" Maxi ?oder Single
    Skinny Puppy ,,Remission" ( LP )
    Some Bisarre ,,Don't be Afraid "
    Space Frog ,,Unit 94" Maxi oder Maxi-CD

    Stella Nova ,,Welly Noise"
    Strange Advance ,,Love Games" 82`
    Styx ,,Mr. Roboto"
    Sweat ,,The Mechanic"
    Synergy ,, Project 5 " Time Trax rec.83
    Tears for Fears ,,Suffer the Children"
    The Boomtown Rats ,,Drag me down"
    The Climak Orchestra ,,Interaction"
    The Dust of Basement ,,God`s own Fairytales" Maxi oder Maxi-CD
    The Fashion ,, Future Girl "
    This Mortal Coil ,,16 Days"
    Tommy Kerich ,, Speedy Life "
    Tony Caso ,,Love Attack"
    Tubeway Army ,,Down in the Park"
    Twice a Man ,,Across the Ocean"
    Vivien Vee ,,Blue Disease" (BMC rec.) Maxi?auf LP !!?
    Why Not ,,Space Trouble" ( BNS rec. 86` )
    X Mal Deutschland ,, Incubus Succubus"
    Xclusiv ,,Fools are Friendly"
    Z : Factor ,,Fast Cars"
    Ziggy ,,No Police"

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    Einiges von den Italo Disco Stücken gibt es als Maxi CD´s. Ich denke er sucht aber die Original Platten ...

    Ich habe leider im Moment nichts davon doppelt.

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    Hi Scheul, ja er möchte alles auf Vinyl haben. Gruss Meng

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    ich kann bei uns im Laden mal kucken nach Migraine Farmer, sollte in Frankreich ned soo schwer sein...

    Guerre Froide suchen wir selbst noch, aber die vierte die wir finden kann er haben


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