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    4AM International Space Operator
    Aida Cooper Stand Back
    Androids, The Dream Machine
    Atmosphere Swedish Scandal
    Bazooka Alive
    Capricorn I need love
    Clash, The Rock the Casbah (Digital Mix 6:34) - Hot Tracks: The Edge Quadrant 1 HT-ED-Q1
    David Zed Robot (erreobioti)
    Depeche Mode I just can't get enough (Disconet) Vol 4 nr. 12
    Duran Duran Girls On Film (Digital Mix 5:37) - Hot Tracks: The Edge Quadrant 2 HT-ED-Q2
    Expansives Life with you - Leader Records
    Galactic Life Force Loosing Control - Timeless Records TLR 1001
    John Foxx Burning Car (Mr No)
    K.I.D. Come and get it
    Kirlian Camera Communicate - Memory Records Memix 001
    Lio Amoureux Solitaire
    Metropolis Taking it straight
    Mr. Master A dog in the night - House of Music 1002
    Northend Tee's happy (tee scott club mix) - Emergency GS-512
    Peyton, Craig Be thankful for what you've got
    R.E.M. Computer Communication - XANADU
    Ragtyme Fix-it man
    Stopp I'm Hungry (Caramba Mix)
    Some Bizarre Don't be afraid - ART 1009
    Sun La Chan Catch
    Transvolta Disco Computer
    Voyage Souvenirs (Hot tracks mix)
    Wanexa The Man From Colours

    trade list:
    I.M.S. Nonline
    Klapto Mr. Game
    Advance Take me to the top
    Mr Flagio Take a chance
    Kano Another life
    Rock Steady Crew Hey you
    Passengers Hot leather
    Lime Your Love (Special Disco RMX / Instr.) Rams Horn
    RAMSH 12-3027 1981
    Micaela La Isla Bonita / La Colegiala High Fashion
    MS 243 1986
    Trilogy Not Love Il Disc ART
    1005 1982
    Player [1] Space Invaders WEA 70004
    Gino Soccio The Visitors / Dance To Dance Warner Bros
    DRCS 8860 1979
    Nitzer Ebb Join The Chant Mute 12mute64
    Motion Don't Stop Rams Horn
    RAMSH 12-3172 1983
    First Patrol Theme From Rambo Rush Records
    RR 12012 1985
    Neon Fade To Grey (Special Electric RMX) BCM Records
    BC12-2015-40 ????
    Martinelli Voice (In The Night) Il Disc ART
    1024 1983
    Paul Parker Right On Target (prod. by Patrick Cowley) Killroy
    119538 1982
    Giorgio Moroder Chase (13 min one sided version) Casablanca
    NBD 20146 1978
    Belle Epoque Balalama EMI
    Lisa Jump Shout Rams Horn
    RAMSH 12-3110 1982
    Miko Mission The World Is You Blow Up BU
    0039 1984
    Morgan Geist Crash Tracks Vol. 2 Metamatic
    met016 2001

    email: oraclestudy@hotmail.com


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