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Berlin 20-01-11 Das Ding & :Codes live

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    Berlin 20-01-11 Das Ding & :Codes live

    After their comeback at Nullzeit Rotterdam and their successful show at the OT301 during the ADE, we thought it was the right time to book Das Ding for a show abroad.
    Being active as a producer and label owner, Danny Bosten has done a lot for the minimal synth movement during the 80′s in the Netherlands. With his cassette label called “Tear Apart Tapes” he was releasing his own music, and from his friends. Almost 30 years later Minimal Wave re-released the Highly Sophisticated Technological Achievement cassette on vinyl, which caused a lot of positive feedback all over the globe.

    Before Das Ding hits the stage, :Codes will do a live set with his singer Najah. His tracks have been releases on the compilations “Festival Der Genialen Dissidenten” & “Radio Resistencia” from the dutch label Enfant Terrible. With his upcoming release on the french label “La forme Lente” he further evolved the :Coded sound into something what we would describe as synthesized cold dance music.
    Before, between and after the live performances the dj’s will be playing a mix of post-punk, minimal synth, cold wave, synth-pop, electro, italo and cosmic dance music till the early morning!

    10pm @ King Kong Klub
    Brunnenstrasse 173 10119
    U8 Rosenthaler Platz

    price: 7,-

    facebook event: Anmelden | Facebook
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