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Biete verschiedene Maxi-Singles!!

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    Hallo im Zuge meiner "Aufräumarbeiten",möchte ich mich noch von einigen
    Maxi Singles trennen.Hier also nun die Liste.Bei Interesse schreibt mir eine Mail
    mit jeweiligem Gebot unter NicFrank@t-online.de
    Erasure/Oh L`Amour Remix 1986
    Whitney Houston/So Emotional Extended Remix 1987 12 Inch
    Bananarama/I can´t help it Extended Club Mix 1987
    Jermaine Stewart/Get lucky Extended Remix 1988
    Herbert Grönemeyer/Halt mich 1988
    Peter Gabriel/Big Time/Extended Version 1987
    Rick Astley/Whenever you need somebody/Lonely Hearts Mix 1987
    Mike Mareen/Agent of liberty/1986
    Bee Gees/E.S.P/Limited Edition/Extra Sensory House Vocal 1987
    Nu Shooz/I can´t wait/Vocal Long Dutch Mix/1986
    Rickster/Night Moves Night House Mix by Steve Silk Hurley/1988
    Pat & Mick/Let´s all Chant/1988
    Imagination/Instinctual/Jack Leee Freak Mix/1987
    The Beatmasters/Burn it Up/Limited Remix/Yello Sunset Mix
    D Mob/C´mon and get my love/Spaghetti Western Mix/1989
    Phil Collins/Another day in paradise/1989
    Stevie B/In my Eyes
    B.V.S.M.P./Be gentle/European Club Mix mit Poster
    Phil Collins/In the air tonight/88erRemix-Extended Version 1988
    UB 40 /Red red Wine
    Jesus loves you/After the love/10 Glorious Years Edit/1989
    The Jacksons/Nothin that compares to you/The Mix/1989
    Delegation/The Mix/1989
    Soul II Soul/Keep on moving/Club Mix/1989
    Milli Vanilli/Girl I´m gonna miss you/Long Version/1989
    New Order/Touched by the hands of god/Factory Rough Trade/1987
    Climie Fischer/Rise to the occasion/Extended Mix/1987
    Geoffrey Williams/Blue/1989
    D-Mob/We call it acied/Living beat Remix/1988
    Richard Marx/Endless Summer Nights/1987
    Mandy/I just can´t wait/"12 Version"/1987
    In Deep/Last night a DJ saved my life
    Alexander O´Neal/Criticize/Special 12 Mixes/1987
    Rick Astley/When I fall in love-My arms keep missing you No L Mix/1987
    This years Blonde/Who´s that Mix(Madonna)Jack it up Mix/1987
    Fred Wesley/House Party
    Big Fun/Blame it on the boogie/PWL Mix/1989
    Disco Dance Classics-The Mix-Ben Liebrand Version remixed by Ricky Lee
    49ers/Don´t you love me/90´s Mix
    D-Mob/Is it time to get funky 1989
    Westbam/Hold me back
    Yazoo/Don´t go Re-mixes
    Depeche Mode/Enjoy the silence/"7" Version 1990
    Sidney Youngblood/Sit and wait/Stationary to Stationary Mix/1989
    Kool &the Gang/Stone love/Club Mix incl.The Throwdown Mix/1986
    Depeche Mode/Policy of truth/Beat Box/1990
    Rick Astley/Together forever/Lovers Leap Extended Remix/1988
    Mysterious Art/Karma/Vocal Clubmix/1989
    Dr Robert&Kim Mazelle/Wait/Long/1989
    F.L.A.Houseparty the Voice Tommi Piper/
    Hot Chocolate/No doubt about it/Tequila Mix
    Italo Boot Mix Vol.7/1986
    IceMc/Easy Extended Revolution Remix/1989
    Odyssey/Going back to my roots/Flim Flam Remix/Limited Edition
    In-Motion feat.Maxine/Ain´t nobody/The la Sound Club Mix
    Inner City/Ain´t nobody better/Duane Bradley´Detroit´s burning Mix 1989
    49ers/Touch me/5exual Version
    Charades/Gime the Funk/Dance Mix
    Kraze/The Party-Break 4 love/Club Mix-Spanish Mix/1988
    Mac Thornhill/It´s a cruel world-Who´s gonna ease/Club House Mix/1989
    Johnny Kemp/Just got paid/1988
    Phil Fearon/I can prove it/Full Version/1986
    Double Dee/Found love/Full Version
    Gregory Abbott/Shake you down/Extended Club Mix/1986
    Will Downing/A love surpreme/Jazz in the House Mix
    Steven Dante/Imagination/1988
    New Order/True Faith/1987
    Krush/House Arrest/The Beat is the law Mix/1987
    Genesis/Invisible Touch/Extended Version/1986
    Koto/Jabdah/Original ZYX Remix/1986
    Moti Special/Cold Days hot nights/Vinyl Maxi!!!/1984
    Cretu/Samurai/English Version/1985
    Go West/We close our eyes/Total overhang Club Mix/1985
    Spagna/Call me/1987
    Duran Duran/The Reflex/1984
    Frankie goes to Hollywood/Rage Hard/Slam Blam Version
    Depeche Mode/Strangelove/Maxi-Mix/1987
    Camouflage/The great Commandment/Extended Dance Mix/
    Rick Astley/Never gonna give you up/Cake Mix
    Rick Astley/Together forever/House of love Mix/1988
    Camouflage/Strangers Thoughts/longer/1988
    Belinda Carlisle/Circle in the sand/Beach Party Mix/1987
    Paul Hardcastle/19/Extended Version/1985
    Sinetta/GTO/Modinas Red Roaring Mix/1987
    Bananarama/Love in the first degree/Jailers Mix
    Erasure/Crackers International Part II/Re-Mixed/Stop/1988
    Erasure/A little respect/Extended Version/1988
    Erasure/Chains of love/Limited Edition/Truly in love with the Marx Broth.Mix.
    Erasure/Chains of love/The foghorn Mix/1988
    Kraftwerk/Musique non stop/1986
    Sinetta/Toy Boy/"12" Mix
    Alphaville/Universal Daddy/Aquarian Dance Mix


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