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Neue RE-RELEASES von 90er-Alben

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    KEIMZEIT - primeln & elefanten SONY BMG VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 10.04.2009

    Album von 1995!

    1. Mit dem Regen
    2. Gott will
    3. Die Achse
    4. 3/4 Mond
    5. Windstill
    6. Näher mein Herz
    7. Primeln und Elefanten
    8. Verlorengegangen
    9. Lisa
    10. Urwaldnashorn
    11. Tochter B.
    12. Bergholz - Bergholz
    13. Donau-Angler
    14. 83
    15. Comedy
    16. Schone nicht meine Nerven

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    BOYZ II MEN - cooleyhighharmony (Expanded Edition) 2 CD HIP-O SELECT VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 10.04.2009

    Album von 1991!

    CD 1:

    1. Please Don't Go
    2. Lonely Heart
    3. This Is My Heart
    4. Uhh Ahh
    5. It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday
    6. Motownphilly
    7. Under Pressure
    8. Sympin
    9. Little Things
    10. Your Love
    11. End Of The Road*
    12. In The Still Of The Night (Ill Remember)*
    13. Uhh Ahh (Sequel Version)*
    14. Motownphilly (Remix Radio Edit)*
    15. Sympin (Remix Radio Edit)*
    16. It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday (Radio Version)*
    17. Al Final Del Camino (End Of The Road, Spanish Mix)*

    * Bonus Tracks from November 1993 reissue

    CD 2:

    1. Just A Cover Up- previously unreleased
    2. Cant Be Liked- previously unreleased
    3. Motownphilly (12 Version)
    4. Motownphilly (12 Dub)
    5. Motownphilly (Quiet Storm Mix)
    6. Under Pressure (Groovy Remix)- previously unreleased in the U.S.
    7. Under Pressure (Extended Remix)- previously unreleased in the U.S.
    8. Sympin (Remix Version)
    9. Sympin (Remix Radio Edit Without Rap)
    10. Uhh Ahh (Remix Version)
    11. Uhh Ahh (Sequel Version w/French Girl)
    12. Uhh Ahh (Sequel Version Acappella)
    13. It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday (Gospel Version with Dedication)

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    KEIMZEIT - im elektromagnetischen feld SONY BMG VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 10.04.2009

    Album von 1998!

    1. Gebt der Avantgarde das Licht
    2. Comic-Helden
    3. Erzähl mir von Dir
    4. Getrennte Wege
    5. Salute
    6. B.H.
    7. Verliebt
    8. Die Halbmenschen
    9. Gestern
    10. Das Projektil
    11. Ich kapituliere
    12. Reprise

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    SINEAD O'CONNOR - i do not want what i haven't got 2 CD EMI VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 13.04.2009

    Album von 1990!

    CD 1:

    1. Feels So Different
    2. I Am Stretched On Your Grave
    3. Three Babies
    4. The Emperor's New Clothes
    5. Black Boys On Mopeds
    6. Nothing Compares 2 U
    7. Jump In The River
    8. You Cause As Much Sorrow
    9. Last Day Of Our Acquaintance
    10. I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got

    CD 2:

    1. Night Nurse (Previously unreleased)
    2. My Special Child
    3. Damn Your Eyes
    4. Silent Night (Long Version)
    5. You Do Something To Me
    6. Mind Games (Previously unreleased)
    7. What Do You Want
    8. I Am Stretched On Your Grave (Apple Brightness Mix)
    9. Troy (Live)
    10. I Want Your (Hands On Me) (BBC Radio One's ''In Concert'', The Hammersmith Odeon 25/5/90)

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    LENNY KRAVITZ - let love rule (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) 2 CD VIRGIN CDVUSX10 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 20.04.2009

    Album von 1989!

    CD 1:

    1. Sittin' On Top Of The World
    2. Let Love Rule
    3. Freedom Train
    4. My Precious Love
    5. I Build This Garden For Us
    6. Fear
    7. Does Anybody Out There Even Care
    8. Mr. Cab Driver
    9. Rosemary
    10. Be
    11. Blues For Sister Someone
    12. Empty Hands
    13. Flower Child


    14. Let Love Rule
    15. Rosemary - Previously Unreleased
    16. Fear - Previously Unreleased
    17. Let Love Rule - Previously Unreleased
    18. Cold Turkey
    19. Light Skin Girl From London

    CD 2

    - Live at the Paradise, Boston, 1990 and Paradiso, Amsterdam, 1989

    1. Flower Child
    2. Blues for Sister Someone
    3. Mr. Cab Driver
    4. Freedom Train
    5. Be
    6. My Precious Love
    7. Does Anybody Out There Even Care
    8. Let Love Rule
    9. Rosemary
    10. Fear
    11. My Flash On You
    12. If 6 Were 9

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    Ooriginally released in 1990 featuring a collection of indie style tracks of a subdued and understated nature, including 2 bonus recordings, previously available on the 'Heven Knows' single b-sides 'River' and 'Faith', complete with comprehensive sleevenotes by Classic Rock's Malcolm Dome.

    1. New Brighton
    2. Endless Holiday
    3. An Ordinary Life
    4. Heaven Knows
    5. In the Neighbourhood
    6. Missing
    7. Homecoming
    8. Summer Winds
    9. Life on the Hill
    10. Your Voice


    11. River
    12. Faith

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    13-track CD album, originally released on Hut Records in 1991 and one of the classic 'Shoegaze' records, full of youth and innocence but noisy and melodic in equal measures, featuring instant pop thrills such as 'Winona', rambling LSD influenced lo-fi epics such as 'Kick The Tragedy', indie pop gems such as 'Your Aquarium', with a cheeky and full blooded cover of Madonnas 'Angel plus 3 bonus recordings originally heard on the 'Your Aquarium' EP including a stunning and infectious version of the Barry Manilow 'Mandy'! Complete with booklet containing an interview with bass player Steve Zimmerman.

    1. Delaware
    2. Ease It Halen
    3. Winona
    4. Kick The Tragedy
    5. Baby Wonder's Gone
    6. Happen
    7. Reberrymemberer
    8. Angel
    9. My Aquarium
    10. Plus Fish Dream


    11. Nausea
    12. Movie
    13. Mandy
    14. My Aquarium (Second Time Around)

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    LEVEL 42 - guaranteed 2 CD EDSEL EDSD2037 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 04.05.2009

    Originally from the Isle of Wight, Brit-Funkers Level 42 racked up 230 weeks in the album charts throughout the 80s and early 90s alongside many fondly-remembered hit singles. With core members world-class bass-player (and vocalist) Mark King and Mike Lindup (keyboards), they had hit after hit with their distinctive mix of funky work-outs and plaintive ballads.

    After nine albums on the Polydor label, the band moved to RCA for “Guaranteed”, which was released in September 1991 and peaked at # 3 in the UK album charts. It was accompanied by three hit singles in “Guaranteed”, “Overtime” and “My Father’s Shoes”.

    Disc 1 of this Deluxe 2 CD Edition of the album features all the tracks from the LP, CD and cassette of the album.

    Disc 2 contains sixteen bonus tracks. These are all the tracks from all the formats (7”, 12” and CD single) of the three singles and includes extended remixes, non-album songs, single edits, and several live versions (including their classic “The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)”. The booklet contains lyrics and annotation.

    The band recently played at The Indigo2 in London and is set to announce more concerts later in 2009.

    CD 1:

    1. Guaranteed
    2. Overtime
    3. Her Big Day
    4. Seven Years
    5. Set Me Up
    6. Ape, The
    7. My Father's Shoes
    8. A Kinder Eye
    9. She Can't Help Herself
    10. If You Were Mine


    11. Lasso The Moon
    12. With A Little Love

    CD 2:

    1. Guaranteed [Single Edit]
    2. All She Wants
    3. Guaranteed [New Avengers Mix]
    4. Guaranteed [Wheel Spin Warrior Mix]
    5. Overtime [Edit]
    6. At This Great Distance
    7. Overtime [The 'Lorimer' Mix]
    8. Overtime [Hen Pecked Horns Mix]
    9. Overtime [King Mix Radio Version]
    10. Overtime [Live]
    11. Guaranteed [Live]
    12. If You Were Mine [Live]
    13. My Father's Shoes [single Version]
    14. As Years Go By
    15. Her Big Day [Live]
    16. The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) [Live]

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    TYPE O NEGATIVE - bloody kisses 2 CD ROADRUNNER RR79415 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 04.05.2009

    After burying Brooklyn under the dense power-dirge cacophony of 1991's 'Slow Deep And Hard', Type O Negative decided to get almost serious. Originally released on August 17th, 1993, 'Bloody Kisses' offered both a response to the controversy that had enveloped Type O's debut and an enhanced pop sensibility. Born in Alphabet City's long-gone goth clubs, the 73-minute opus featured infectious doom-pop epics ['Black No1', 'Christian Woman'], sarcastic hardcore screeds ['Kill All The White People', 'We Hate Everyone'], bizarre noise interludes ['Fay Wray Come Out And Play', 'Dark Side Of The Womb', '3.0.I.F.'] and a cover of Seals & Crofts' 'Summer Breeze' that somehow managed to be both lush and beefy. This reissue is expanded with 8 Bonus Recordings including alternate versions, remixes and the endlessly painful epic 'Suspended In Dusk'. Presented in a digipak picture sleeve complete with extensive sleevenotes featuring new interviews with all 4 band member.

    CD 1:

    1. Machine Screw
    2. Christian Woman
    3. Black No1 (Little Miss Scare-All)
    4. Fay Wray Come Out To Play
    5. Kill All The White People
    6. Summer Breeze
    7. Set Me On Fire
    8. Dark Side Of The Womb
    9. We Hate Everyone
    10. Bloody Kisses (A Death In The Family)
    11. 3.O.I.F.
    12. Too Late Frozen
    13. Blood & Fire
    14. Can't Lose You

    CD 2:

    1. Suspended In Dusk
    2. Black Sabbath
    3. Black Sabbath [From The Satanic Perspective]
    4. Christian Woman [Edit]
    5. Christian Woman - Butt-Kissing Sell-Out Version
    6. Black #1 [Edit]
    7. Blood & Fire - Out Of The Ashes Remix
    8. Summer Breeze - Rick Rubin Mix



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    MORRISSEY - southpaw grammar SONY BMG 88697332522 VERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 27.04.2009

    Originally released in 1995, 'Southpaw Grammar' was Morrissey's 5th solo album spawning the fans favourite singles 'Dagenham Dave' and 'Boy Racer'. This re-issue has become a very personal project to Morrissey, who himself requested that he be able to re-sequence the tracklisting, which has now also been expanded with 4 Previously Unreleased Recordings 'Honey, You Know Where To Find Me', 'Fantastic Bird', 'YouShould Have Been Nice To Me' & 'Nobody Loves Us'. Comes with a picture sleeve containing completely new artwork [he had come to despise the original cover] by Anthony Lui; and extensive personally written sleevenotes and previously unseen photographs by Linder Sterling.

    1. The Boy Racer
    2. Do Your Best And Don't Worry
    3. Reader Meet Author
    4. Honey, You Know Where To Find Me - New Recording
    5. Dagenham Dave
    6. Southpaw
    7. Best Friend On The Payroll
    8. Fantastic Bird - New Recording
    9. The Operation
    10. The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils
    11. You Should Have Been Nice To Me - New Recording
    12. Nobody Loves Us - New Recording

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