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Neues VISION TALK Album "Distances" am 27.05.2011!

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    Neues VISION TALK Album "Distances" am 27.05.2011!


    hier mal Facbook News vom Label der genialen Synthie-Band aus Schweden:

    ello fans of conzoom Records,

    It is time for the next CD release of conzoom! On May 27th 2011 the limited edition of the brandnew album from swedish synthpopband VISION TALK "Distances" will be released.

    And once again we offer the possibility to you of getting named in the CD booklet of this great synthpop release.

    All you have to do therefore is to pre-order your copy until April 30th 2011.

    All information about VISION TALK "Distances":

    The sixth volume of the famnous "electropop." series - strictly limited to 500 copies. You can discover many new bands , fresh sounds and wonderful melodies, again!

    (Cover demo)

    01. Intro
    02. The Zone Of Silence
    03. Unlike
    04. Safe And Sound
    05. Promises
    06. The Machine
    07. Infrared Love
    08. The Loner
    09. Mj-12
    10. By My Side
    11. World In Motion
    exclusive bonustracks (only on limited edition):
    12. Unlike (Daybehavior Remix)
    13. The Loner (Parralox Remix)
    14. Promises (Extended Version)
    15. World In Motion (Extended Version)

    Please order your personal copy of VISION TALK "Distances (Limited Edition)" by following this link:
    Vision Talk "Distances"

    Everybody who pre-orders his/her copy will get the following tracks from the new digital VISION TALK single "Unlike" for free:
    - Unlike
    - Unlike (Parralox 'It's A Sinitta' Remix)

    Na, wenn das keine gute Gelegenheit ist :-)


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