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Uus viirus mingi?

Erstellt von PisikeMolly, 24.03.2009, 19:06 Uhr · 1 Antwort · 869 Aufrufe

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    Uus viirus mingi?

    Palju ei tea arvutitest ja netist, slp küsingi.
    Eile vaatasin youtuubes videod, siis tuli sõbranna. Kui tulin tagasi, arvutist tuli mingi kõne inglise keeles, nagu mingi reklaam,
    ja pidevalt kordus. Üks ja sama. Milles point? Kas mingi viirus on arvutis?

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    AW: Uus viirus mingi?

    Greetings, I'm having my doubts if anyone here speaks Estonian. And if so, probably only a small number of people. ( < 5 )

    By the way, your "nagu" has told me you must be speaking Estonian. Because there's a nice song, "Nagu Rockstaar" by Vanilla Ninja, which is also known all over Europe...

    [edit] Hey I love the modern times. Google even spat out some useful English stuff out of your text...

    It reads about:


    I don't know much about computers and online stuff.
    Yesterday, I was watching videos on Youtube, and when I came back, there was a voice talking from inside my computer---just as if some advertising malware was running on it---which kept on repeating one and the same phrase.
    Does my PC happen to be infected with a virus?